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  1. I'm no set up expert, but 225 on a 7 inch rim is pretty pinched. I'd expect to see that on autocross cars, but for the track, 205 would be more appropriate on a 7 inch. But as others have said, a tire that small is going to get hot faster and wear faster too. If money were only a small issue, 245 on a 9+ inch would make a huge difference.
  2. More to be added. What venues are still be worked on is a better question
  3. Not affliated, but saw his craigslist post, https://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/d/canandaigua-1991-spec-miata-race-car/7009349543.html The 1991 SM is a 1.6.
  4. A spot meter would fix it, but I've found the quick fix is to make sure the very center of the video is shooting out the windshield. The very center of your video is set at the very top of your dash, so that focus is great and just above it (with a lot more light) is washed out. Still some great race footage. EDIT: To be critical, the camera could be a couple inches lower and then pointed "up" a little more too in order to capture more of the front facing action. But I don't know your set up and how feasible that is.
  5. Yea, I understand. Wishful thinking I guess. I don't mind racing in bad weather. Heck, we had ice on the track at WGI for my first event. Thanks Bill.
  6. I think the more important Road America question is this; Will we ever be able to get a date at Road America when there isn't a chance of snow? I'd love to go there, but April is a high chance of snow and October has a chance too, albeit a lot less.
  7. Are the SD cards too big / not supported? I know the GoPro I have only supports a limited number of 128gb cards, so maybe that's the reason?
  8. I'd run 255 on an 8" rim for autocross, and 275 on an 8.5" rim, but never for track stuff. Like mender said, get wider rims.
  9. I had a similar copyright claim made by the NASCAR Media Group from an in-car video from 5 years ago at a HPDE at Watkins Glen. I filed the appeal and it was released within a week.
  10. We had some issues at WGI and decided to scrap the 4-cylinder turbo for a LS. Lots of updating has happened, so we'll be at Pittsburgh next.
  11. I emailed Mike C and this was his response: "We issue $100 in credit per 8 hour race or $10/hr in cash. For Nelson Ledges, you wouldn't be able to work the entire event so we assume a max of 16 hours on the clock with a sleep break in the middle. That means for Saturday and Sunday you would earn $200 in race credit." I only asked about Nelson.
  12. Is there a reason you use the battery pack, instead of having the camera powered by the car? Is this so it provides constant power, even when the car is off during fueling?
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