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  1. NC is now 435. How will that effect your build?
  2. @mostmintSpot on with your lack of reaction at the start. I think it was my first time starting behind you, so I can't comment on other races, but in this one, you were very delayed. I didn't want to go 3-4 wide on the start, so I kinda hung back, but that might have caused a big mess behind us as several cars got together.
  3. Most above have said Spec Miata would be fine. Since we just raced at PittRace, to compare times, the A class winner had a best lap of 2:05.4. The Hoosier Super Tour race at the end of April had qualifying laps from 2:01.5 to 2:04.1 for the top 10. I would guess the time difference from Hoosier SM7.5 to 180TW would be 2-3 seconds, so fairly comparable. Maybe more, considering a Spec Miata weighs a minimum 2275 for the 1.6s, 2400 for 1.8s and 2425 for 1.8 VVTs. Also for Spec Miata, fire systems are not mandatory, so there is a tech item to be clear on. Also, SM must run OEM hardtop and rear glass. The points on a SM build for ChampCar would be well below 500, so you'd want to specifically assign a 500 point value to SM, like mentioned above.
  4. Thank you Jerry! Always a pleasure to catch up with you at the track. Hope you get back on your feet soon!
  5. Hey Troy. If Alex doesn't buy it, I will. I'll be at PIRC too.
  6. I just watched that section with me and Andrew. At least the commentators didn't just openly say I was in the way. Just that I took a defensive line....a lot. As for the Doritos comment, they are the best...my favorite!
  7. I feel like I was a rolling road block last night. I qualified way higher than I deserved to be. I had a pretty solid lap with a draft from Gregg and the field was SO tight in qualifying. I know I was holding up several guys behind me. I just couldn't get in a good rhythm and drove way too defensively, which of course made me slow. Some really good close racing overall and I can't be too upset with a top 10.
  8. As sad as it sounds, last night was my first time taking laps at Mid-Ohio in iRacing. I did have 3 pace laps 6 years ago in my 350z. It took me up until the last lap of qualifying to feel like I knew what I was doing. And even then, I kept messing up the keyhole. I loved the close racing with Andrew, Gregg, Nick and Ian (for a short time). It's so hard to pass with a car that has terrible power and even worse torque. Especially when you're not aggressive. It appeared I made the correct pit strategy call when I leap frogged Gregg and Andrew, but then proceeded to drive like crap for 2-3 laps and then blow the keyhole and let them both by. Looking forward to next Wednesday.
  9. @Hugh Jass You can give them to one of the guys on the Ztek team, #253 Honda Accord - David, Jay or Gregg.
  10. I won't be at Mid-Ohio, but I will have local friends that will be. I'll make sure they'll be there and can accept on my behalf. Thanks!
  11. I really enjoyed this car and track. It was my first time at Mosport at the first practice session and the track is just awesome. I couldn't believe how far back I qualified with a 1:48.9 (16th). Moved up a few spots in the first 3 laps, then messed up my breaking into turn 8 and got some grass on the outside and spun in front of 2 others. Luckily, they avoided me. Lost like 4 spots from that. Then on lap 8 I was overaggressive into 2 and went wide again, but this time made it to the wall. Decided to just come to the pits for my fast repair, since I didn't want the potential of an overheating issue. Managed to move up from 20th after pitting to 13th, but somehow I ended up 11th at the finish. It was fun (at least for me) to be racing around the 3rd-7th most of the race, as I came out just behind the top 3 after my pitstop.
  12. I doubt ChampCar adjusts there credits with inflation, so I'd bet it's still $100 for 8 hours.
  13. It was pretty frustrating for me as well. Started P8 after not being able to put out a lap any better than 1.3 seconds off my best. I'm always cautious at the start, so I lost a couple spots pretty quick, then had an off that landed me back in 13th or so. I pitted on the same lap as Alex and had moved up to 2nd/3rd before rejoining in 9th. Moved up to 8th after Andrew's off he described above, but then I went off the next lap in the same spot, but had enough damage that I had to pit and get fixed up and rejoined in 12th, I think. Managed to get back to 10th overall. I didn't drive very well during the night, like I did on the practice night. I probably averaged 1-1.5 seconds slower a lap last night than before and I think the track conditions were pretty similar. Got down to a 2:14.0 after the sun came back up trying to chase down Clinton. Oh well, it was really fun and I agree the longer 2-hour races are great. I wish the field was larger, since I spent a lot of laps all by myself. Thanks for putting these on Team Hugh Jass!
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