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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I forgot I need to sew up a seam on my shoes!
  2. Official 2018 - Marathon Coach Daytona Beach Enduro

    You might end up with 300 guys following you around.
  3. 2018 Events are now open for registration

    If I recall, ChampCar's limit is 33 cars per mile, which equals 117.4 cars. So 117 regular cars and 1 Yugo.
  4. Mark Krueger Motorsports - a sub-division of Krueger Tuned Racing. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC13NCN8uvXnUePop_6kKCNA
  5. Daytona 2018...

    Are their showers at the track? We'll be in a motorhome that has a shower, but would prefer to not have to use it. Thanks.
  6. Daytona 2018...

    It's not a test day, but a tech and registration day.
  7. Website and Member Card update

    Mine says expired as well. Welcome, Mark (CC010125)!
  8. Daytona tips and suggestions WANTED

    As shown in a couple videos here, be patient. If you're stuck behind someone, make sure you have a clear path. No one needs to spin at 140 mph. Spinning at less is bad too.
  9. Daytona tips and suggestions WANTED

    You'll be fine. It can't be much worse than my teams first race there in 2016. It was wet, the car wouldn't go faster than 110 mph and two of us had never been on the track (I had done some sim racing on it). It took us about 6 hours to figure our what the issue was with the speed limiter. After that it was awesome!
  10. Daytona tips and suggestions WANTED

    Additionally, at slower speeds I was fascinated by the fact that you have to turn the wheel to the right to hold your line on the banking. Daytona is such a great experience. I've heard others complain that it's not a great track, but the nostalgia and history of the place can not be denied.
  11. Daytona tips and suggestions WANTED

    I usually refer to the WGI Chicane as the bus stop, but a lot of old timers refer to it as the inner loop. But those are the same people who have raced there when there wasn't a chicane and you just went flat out down the straight into the outer loop. A few too many brake failures and the inner loop was born.
  12. We know that's a 370z, which is a Z34. The 350z / Z33 was available in 2009, but only as a convertible.
  13. Bill - Can you post the names here too for those like me who have Google Docs blocked at work? Or a link to the YouTube video. Surprisingly, YT isn't blocked.
  14. Learning Moment - Crash damage

    In my first DE years ago, the instructor told us to pretend you're a "turtle" on impact. Meaning, grab the belts, like you mentioned and bring your legs off the floor - do not brace them on the floor to resist the impact. You're right that it's not first instinct to do this, but as silly as it sounds, I've practiced this on my sim to work it into my brain. Thankfully, I haven't had to test it in real life. Glad your driver was okay and hope to see you out there again next season!
  15. iRacing Alternatives

    Before I started racing with ChampCar, I only had Gran Turismo 6. I really like Gran Turismo Sport, but the major downside is a lack of tracks. I.E., None that we race on. So, it's useful to practice driving/racing, but not useful to learn tracks.