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  1. Is there a reason you use the battery pack, instead of having the camera powered by the car? Is this so it provides constant power, even when the car is off during fueling?
  2. I used coach cross country and track in college and had a lot of athletes win road races after college. I'm very familiar with the scenario you've described. I never really liked it much. I feel it was always confusing. If I had 3 women in the 20-29 age group go 1-2-3 in a 5k race, then they get the overall 1-2-3 awards. However, the 4th place girl in that age group is the 20-29 age group winner? How does that make since at all? That girl could have been 200th overall and still won her age group, just because she had the top 3 overall in her age group. The way ChampCar does it makes way more logical sense. Award those who do well, even if they take home multiple awards. This isn't a participation league.
  3. @Bill Strong Is there a published amount of credits that can be earned? I might be interested in volunteering for the 24-hours at Nelson or maybe the 12-hours at Thompson. Thanks.
  4. We have 2 cars, the RX7 you posted and a Volvo. The Volvo is the one we race in the Northeast area and the one that has the fixed post. We use just a plastic roll bar mount in the RX7 and can't get it to the spot I'd prefer (like yo mentioned) due to other wires in the way along the roll bar. Here is a video of that car (and me) at Pittsburgh. It has a much better point of view. You can see the cars behind, due to the wink mirror. (Of course I can't get the video to imbed, so below is the link - Yes, I know the sound is off....silly GoPro) https://youtu.be/g1GQXKTuugU
  5. We needed around 5-6 inches to get the desired camera location, so we opted to weld a piece of roll bar tubing with a flat surface. I used a regular GoPro flat-surface sticky thing-a-ma-bob to mount the camera. Does a great job and was basically free.
  6. I have no idea how effective they are, but I see a notation about A pillar Gurney Flaps in the SuperMiata race series rule set. It states the flap may extend no more than 1".
  7. I've started and stopped typing a response several times in the original thread. My team has an EC car that we run in the Northeast races, mainly WGI and Pittsburgh. When we started in ChampCar in 2014, we just used what we had and what we knew, which were Volvo's. We had a 1994 940 turbo and a second parts car already, so that's what we went with. It started out at 450 points, then add 100 points for the turbo. We were already taking points for a slow turbo brick sedan from Sweden. We did run the first race in class, and took like 27 laps each day. We figured, the car wasn't going to get any better and we so far behind already, that we would just build the platform the best we could and go to EC. We were 1st in EC at Pittsburgh in 2015, but haven't been pushing the limit of speed or lap times at any race. I do not like the minus 100 lap suggestion. This only discourages other EC teams from coming. I know were not "in the race", but our car is still out there racing and we are still proud of our finishes, regardless of how others feel about EC cars. Like was mentioned, the West Coast already has a hard time filling fields. I do not like placing a delayed entry on EC cars. We are local to WGI (less than 90 minutes) and if we told we had to wait and possibly go on a wait list, that's just stupid. We pay the same entry fee as everyone else and just want to race. I do not like limiting the EC field to X% of the so called "premier" field. If a change is inevitable, what I do propose is to just have all EC cars claim all the laps their build would have in class and just go with that. If our Volvo takes 42 laps, so be it I guess. It's better than taking 100 laps and still being grouped in with a Porsche Cayman.
  8. The Little Speed Shop has a space at the end of the garage. I have no idea if they would do this, but it would be worth asking. There main location is in Rochester -> https://www.thelittlespeedshop.com/
  9. I think Aaron Bluestone is and he's located in Rochester, NY. I think his name on here is "The blue" or something similar, but it's not coming up when I try to tag him.
  10. And come out of no where from behind.
  11. Pictures are always a good idea. We like pictures.
  12. My friend has found what he's looking for. Thanks for your suggestions!
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