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  1. I may have done this, but just not remember. We also have a power cord for the GoPro that we use with a 128gb card. However, I have the skeleton case, that I didn't need to drill any holes in, with an open back. It helps reduce the wind noise too. May sure you adhere to the amp charge max rate, or you might fry your GoPro Hero 4 Black. Ask me how I know.
  2. I've had that issue before as well, also on a Hero 3 Silver+. Another time I had a situation where the sound and video were not in sync, by roughly 1 second. I didn't do anything to try to fix it, but it's been over a year since it's done it and it hasn't happened again.
  3. Is your fuel man wearing a hooded sweatshirt under his suit or is that part of the suit? If it's a sweatshirt, I'd recommend against having it be exposed outside of the fire suit. You wouldn't want a fire to jump to the hood and have instant access to the inside of the suit, ie skin.
  4. Ram Mount makes very solid mounts for a wide variety of tablet sizes. https://www.rammount.com/
  5. I passed this info on to a friend who is might need a room. His name is Mel, if he calls.
  6. CoachMK21

    New member cards - please read

    And this is why Bill needs to get in the habit of locking threads after he makes them.
  7. CoachMK21

    Tried to Live Stream at Daytona

    We used an iPhone5 (I think), plugged in and streamed to Facebook Live. It ran for nearly 2 hours to start the race, then stopped for no reason. We put it back in later in the day, but it only ran for an hour or so I think then stopped again. I think the biggest reason is the apps just crash. They might not like the continuous running for hours and hours. Or in the case of Facebook, maybe there is a set duration limit?
  8. I'm just a driver who does what they are told, usually I can let our captain know about your offer. As for the multiplier, I hadn't even thought of it and I'm sure our captain didn't either. We've only run 8 hours or less the past couple years, so it probably just slipped by us. No one else through registration made any mention of it.
  9. You are correct, but we aren't in EC. We are in C, with 522 points, so gave up 3 laps. Even so, we ended up 24th and 13th in class. We have discussed how to lose 30 points and then have some points for a spoiler. EDIT: I see I still have EC listed in my signature. I think we were EC for the first race we did, then got ourselves straightened out to be closer to 500.
  10. Our driver drove past the parked Saab, before the incident. From what I can tell, the caution was not out, but the car is clearly stopped. Video starts as our car exits turn 1.
  11. I'm curious if it's still Spec Miata legal?
  12. Showers have always been available in one of the newer buildings "down the road" from the garages. At least whenever I've wanted to shower in the last 4 years they've been available.
  13. Thank you so much for posting this. I forgot I need to sew up a seam on my shoes!
  14. CoachMK21

    Official 2018 - Marathon Coach Daytona Beach Enduro

    You might end up with 300 guys following you around.
  15. CoachMK21

    2018 Events are now open for registration

    If I recall, ChampCar's limit is 33 cars per mile, which equals 117.4 cars. So 117 regular cars and 1 Yugo.