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  1. A friend of mine did a review of the Garmin Catalyst, https://thesupplierblog.com/2021/03/08/track-records-galore-a-garmin-catalyst-review/. It sounds like a great tool with a lot of potential. One of the biggest negatives he listed was the lack of overlay on saved video. @333 Kinkle, were you able to accomplish this?
  2. My son and I also purchased Roux helmets (Composite) from Discovery Parts, last September. Love the fit and the internal comms work great.
  3. Will ChampCar be selling special masks that I can fit over my helmet? Asking for a friend.
  4. I made a fueling error, but in the opposite direction of most it seems. I had calculated I needed 7 gallons during my practicing, but just past halfway, I doubted that would be enough, so I changed to 9 gallons. Turns out I really only need 5 or 6 and at 5 seconds a gallon, I lost 20 seconds to the group I was with Still managed to move up from q32 to p21. On to Road America, with even longer straights and more super long braking zones.
  5. That's great that your son took part. Now I feel bad for the abuse that he was given over the mic (not by me). One thing is for sure, you're way faster in real life
  6. Thanks. I'll have to join the discord channel. Could be the update differences.
  7. Thanks for setting this up last night. It was a lot of fun. A question about the setup that was used. Was it the iRacing fixed setup or one that was modified to be used for everyone? If it was modified, can someone share it with me? I meant to save the setup, but forgot. It seemed better than what I've used in the past with the NC. - Mark
  8. Wow. How does that even happen in that section? It's not like you were a slow moving car...
  9. My dad finished 15th at the 1967 Daytona 24 hours in a Dodge Dart.
  10. I'm sure all the problems at Barber didn't help. It was painful to see you have to do so much work to get just a little track time. Hopefully the desire comes back!
  11. Our team and pit mates discussed this very thing too. After the incident is clear, wave the yellow, then pull the flags. You had to really be on alert the whole time if you weren't near the incident or if your team wasn't constantly updating you on the radio. We talked to one of the workers near us / pit in about it too, but he said it was up to the track as to how the flags were handled.
  12. The defroster that @jkruegerinstalled in the Boxster worked amazing. As soon as a bit of fogginess started, turning on the defroster for a few minutes cleared it right up.
  13. Our 940 Volvo was a turbo, before we LS-swapped it. It was fast, but we always had stupid issues that were mostly turbo related. When the motor decided to become holey at Pitt in 2019 we went to the LS. In general, I don't think running a turbo makes sense. You can get similar power and more reliability from other methods/points.
  14. That's funny. I heard there were just over 400 total votes. Pretty miserable turnout.
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