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  1. @RapidoSorry to bug you, but I was getting set up for tonight and noticed there wasn't a session showing up for tonight. Usually it's already there. Thanks!
  2. It was fun. All of us tried out best to not be in the led with mostly little mistakes here and there. I just lasted longer and never had a big off. That was my first real effort in the dark and I loved it. I can't really count racing with CC at Daytona at 10 pm as night racing. It's so well lit it might as well be day by VIR standards. You really had to focus and once the sun came up, driving was easy.
  3. @Rapido Will the practice round tonight also follow the above time schedule (6:30 practice, 7:30 qualifying and 8:30 race [2 hours])? Thanks!
  4. Live in California and have a tune on your car, get ready to fail SMOG. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a37022836/california-ecu-tune-during-smog-checks/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_rdt&utm_medium=email&date=071421&utm_campaign=nl24386482&utm_term=AAA -- High Minus Dormant and 90 Day Non Openers
  5. That mount looks great, and cheap too. I may have to grab a couple.
  6. I have this roll bar mount for a 1" ball. I have a variety of arms, 3", 6" and a flexible one. with a 1" ball for the GoPro mount (like this one). I also have the same set up for an old phone running Harry's LapTimer with this phone holder. The holder works fine for the phone displaying data, but it's not steady enough to use it for video. I agree the website is difficult to find roll bar stuff, but Amazon has everything and usually easier to find if you search around.
  7. I'm sure one of the new tracks is Ozarks International Raceway in Missouri.
  8. Yea, I waited for the flag to be pulled. This is the in car of it. You can hear my radio when he says it's going to go green, then you see flagtronics turn green. It's hard to see the flagger from the video until it gets closer, but then you can see it was still double yellow. Also, I need to have it in 2nd for restarts...3rd is no good. Must remember that next time.
  9. Here is the video from our car, he splits between a cone and the yellow water barrels.
  10. Our camera caught a little mayhem in the bus stop about 45 minutes into the race on Saturday, several cars were involved, but also looks like damage was minimal due to the slow speeds.
  11. I'm curious if ChampCar did anything to your team when your 2nd driver did the very late pull into pit road during the very long caution? He missed the "commitment cone", but I know we're not NASCAR. Not trying to start trouble, just curious.
  12. I looked back at the 2018, 2019 and 2021 results to compare fast laps. Below are the number of sub 2:20 fast laps with the fastest lap in (). EC cars in []. 2021 Sun - 22 [7] (2:10.803 Tuttle #108) -- 86 with times 2021 Sat - 17 [5] (2:13.317 Sahlen's Mustard #943) -- 72 with times 2019 Sat - 17 [6] (2:11.526 Sahlen's Salt /Cayman - EC/ #945) -- 105 with times === 2:14.044 Tuttle #108 2019 Sun - 21 [7] (2:11.974 Sahlen's Salt /Cayman - EC/ #945) -- 97 with times === 2:13.864 GWR #991 2018 Sat - 24 [5] (2:15.279 GWR #991) -- 101 with times 2018 Sun - 2 [0] (2:17.600 RBank #981) -- 89 with times --- weather? Maybe 2:20 was "too slow" to compare, but the sub 2:20 times are fairly consistent. However, there were more sub 2:15 times this year than in previous years. Edit: Checked sub 2:15 times for the last 3 editions: 2021 - Sat - 6, Sun - 9 2019 - Sat - 4, Sun - 6 2018 - Sat - 0, Sun - 0
  13. We also had one in our blue Volvo and thought it worked well. Only once did I have a contradiction, but that was the fault of the turn 10 flagger holding out the double yellow while my crew chief and flagtronics were green. We shared a garage with the Flagtronics team and they were telling us some of the other potential features. I hope they can follow through on them, because if they do, the $150 price point will be "ChumpChange" for the things it can do.
  14. Any update on the event restrictions? CDC and even NYS have loosened their restrictions, but will WGI (NASCAR)? How about pit & garage assignments? @Bill Strong
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