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  1. My dad finished 15th at the 1967 Daytona 24 hours in a Dodge Dart.
  2. I'm sure all the problems at Barber didn't help. It was painful to see you have to do so much work to get just a little track time. Hopefully the desire comes back!
  3. Our team and pit mates discussed this very thing too. After the incident is clear, wave the yellow, then pull the flags. You had to really be on alert the whole time if you weren't near the incident or if your team wasn't constantly updating you on the radio. We talked to one of the workers near us / pit in about it too, but he said it was up to the track as to how the flags were handled.
  4. The defroster that @jkruegerinstalled in the Boxster worked amazing. As soon as a bit of fogginess started, turning on the defroster for a few minutes cleared it right up.
  5. Our 940 Volvo was a turbo, before we LS-swapped it. It was fast, but we always had stupid issues that were mostly turbo related. When the motor decided to become holey at Pitt in 2019 we went to the LS. In general, I don't think running a turbo makes sense. You can get similar power and more reliability from other methods/points.
  6. That's funny. I heard there were just over 400 total votes. Pretty miserable turnout.
  7. Two years ago, I drove the car over from the tech lot to paddock, as did everyone else. I don't know if that changed last year.
  8. Not endurance racing, but GridLife does a weight penalty for subsequent races during the weekend.
  9. I wonder if Discovery Parts will be on site at Barber? If they were there on Friday, maybe you could try on a variety of suits before the race. I know it's not ideal to have to wait that long, but at least you might be able to find the right fit.
  10. Looking for video.... Mark here from Krueger Tuned Racing, the blue #940 Volvo with the LS. We've been looking forward to racing at Pittsburgh for SO long. Our team had rolled over our entry for 2-3 races, after blowing up our 4-cylinder turbo at PittRace in 2018 and going through a different LS motor before getting the current one set up. Our team started in 2014 with a mixture of family members, my Uncle Walt, oldest brother Chuck, my cousin JC and myself (all Kruegers), mixed in with a few family friends over the years. But this race was the first time we only had Kruegers r
  11. I shared some pictures I took on the ChampCar Garage facebook group,
  12. And video proof to further cement the embarrassment.
  13. I'm not sure what it is at the track, but there is a gas station with 93 a quarter mile down the road from the track entrance (take a right out of the track).
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