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  1. The part coming up here especially is a riot, even in our not so fast car with this not so fast driver in it.
  2. Road America - because Eggers from the gearbox. Real talk though, because it has turn 7 and the carousel and if you're not having fun in those you're doing it wrong. It's also so hard on consumables and fuel, and punishing when you get it wrong that it really feels like endurance racing. It doesn't hurt that its a beautiful place to be either. (I might be biased on this, home base is 10mins from the track) Gingerman - Nice, low key track that has a good mix of places for handling and power to shine. And the back section is a hell of a rollercoaster. Nelson Ledges - 2mile track. Brake twice. Enough said.
  3. I apologize if my post came across wrong, I'm not trying to say that I think Champ should change away from single class racing or the points system. All you have to look at is all the series calendar's to recognize that Champ is the biggest and best. I was just trying to say that since the sample size of cars that are not built that way but are interested in pseudo-amateur endurance racing increases, so will the number of teams wishing to give Champ a go in EC. Most of the time they aren't any faster than the fast champcars, and many are right in mid pack from what I personally have seen at the races we've done. But the outliers are scary fast, and thats a problem for both results and safety IMO. Not to mention I'm going to have to invest in better ear protection if the silver Cayman comes back to Road America, that mother****** was loud!
  4. Our team is all for the single class racing, to the point that we ran for 3 races with 16 penalty laps rather than going EC, so don't take this as a criticism of that. But if Champcar is going to continue to focus on single class racing when so far as I can see from their rule books all of the other options in this market have class racing based on performance then I think Champ needs to get comfortable with increasing numbers of EC cars, because it is inevitable. I think the limit on what can be run in EC needs visiting, because honestly the Caymans and 370z's of the world make a bit of a joke out of the rest of us, and present a safety risk. Super cool to have a 40+mph closing speed difference with a gt4 spec Cayman when you're in a 170hp bmw. /s I think if the intent is just to make EC cars that are way off the mark not show up at the top of timing and scoring, then adding the even 100/1000 laps to all EC cars would solve that but it should be done right at the end of the race. That way, the EC cars that do close to fit the pace still get to have the fun during the race of knowing where they are in comparison to who they are on track with, but the moment the race ends the EC cars are all demoted.
  5. I think it would be, yes. Not as powerful as the 330, but no penalty laps so thats a ++++ We get about 1hr20 out of 12.5gal because we are having some pump out issues with our cell, so I think if you could get all 16.5gal or more with a cell out, you'd definitely make 2hrs. 17*8.5 et40 with 245/40/17's currently, but 255/40/17's on a 9" will fit. Theres a little bit of wiring in the headlining area thats a pain, but for the most part easy. Bilsteins We have not run into any issues with Brake performance, but would advise against using parts store rebuilt calipers. Every one we tried ending up leaking past the seals. BMW factory seals are not expensive from the dealer.
  6. Our air dam overlaps the bumper where it is riveted on and wasn't charged 2 extra points for doing so by Jay at Road America.
  7. Some things we have learned from a reliability standpoint. Can't really talk about competitive, because we're not (yet) - Buy quality front control arms. Meyle sets have been good to us. - 330 brakes will fit all e46's and are incredible. - The rear sub frame mounting points are a weak point, and there are reinforcement kits readily available. - There is a module that ties the ECU/anti-theft/key together so that the key has to be matched to the ECU. Its worthwhile getting this feature removed from the ECU. There are companies that will do it for a couple hundred bucks, and if you want put a slight performance tune on it. - keep a few spare rear camber arms and control arms around, they seem to bend easy. - The drive shaft center bearing is worth the few bucks to carry a spare. - The coolant expansion tank is worth carrying a spare, they are prone to explode. All in all though, ours has been pretty bulletproof. Our car has the 323 engine, so is definitely a little down on power to the fast cars, but the motor had 186,000 when we bought it and just passed its 3000th race mile with nothing more than oil changes and a set of spark plugs. Parts wise we've found it easy to find whole parts cars for sale with something silly like that ECU/Key relationship failed where mechanically they are sound but have some electrical repair that is cost prohibitive in the $400-1000, which is a great source of mechanical spares. New parts also seem cheap, assuming due to the sheer number of e46's that were made. I think you would ideally either want a 325 or 330 from a competitive standpoint, we just have a 323 because it was cheap and haven't changed it because the engine refuses to die. Strengths: Cheap, readily available cars and parts. Strong drivetrain. Brakes Handling. Fast and easy to drive. Work. Once all the non essentials are removed, actually pretty easy to work on. Really nice side mirrors. Can fit 255's under the fenders with a roll. Good looking. Weakness: No factory LSD available. Not a huge amount of room points wise. Rear subframe mounts, but this is easily prevented or remedied. So. Many. Cars. Are. Silver. https://imgur.com/cgU4sY7
  8. E46 - as mentioned in the other thread, cars, parts, and parts cars are all dirt cheap and readily available at the moment
  9. Low Farm Racing had our best race yet! We built our car two years ago with our primary concern being cost and having some fun performance more than really concentrating on points, and ended up with a lot of penalty points for the last two seasons. This year we changed a ton on the car and got it to be right on 500 points and faster than before to boot! The change from ebay coilovers to Bilsteins and springs made the car a bit more lively to drive, so we all had a bit of a learning curve Friday morning but by the end of our stints had it figured out. We ended up all running consistently 3:02-3:06 lap times which is the fastest the car has yet to go. We Our biggest issue now is fuel, since we only have a 15gal tank we were stopping at 1h20ish, but still managed our best finish yet on Friday coming in 15th overall! A great time was had by all. Saturday we were on track for a similar finish but had to withdraw early with two failed drive shaft center bearings back to back, but had a great race prior to that. Thank you to Champcar and Road America staff and volunteers for another fantastic race event as always. We definitely had this happen a few years ago too in our first car. We even got talked to in our pit stall that we could pass the tow truck, and got a laugh from Mike when we told them it was more of a horsepower problem than a desire problem 🤣
  10. Looks like we will be taking 10 extra points for our front splitter at RA because it has a small vertical part. It was ruled one piece last year, so we figured it would stay the same. It will only mean 1 penalty lap for us so not the end of the world, but it is annoying that it is not well documented in the 2019 bccr that this ruling was changed. FWIW in the last two days of perusing the forum I've found out about 3 different things we need to change in our car before road America that are not published in the bccr, which is a little frustrating.
  11. We were pitted with them at that race, and I'm 99% sure the tires they were running in the rain were continental DWS's which are even higher than 300, more like 540 I think! And loads of rain is a bit of an understatement for that event, was like racing in a bathtub lol
  12. To be clear on this, if we still have the horizontal number panels but with the tire rack sponsor part on it, these need to be changed before we can race?
  13. Thank you to Champcar for another terrific event. Our race started out with a bang, as we blew a head gasket and expansion tank in the first half hour of Saturday on our M54. We managed to get a new expansion tank from a nearby dealer, and borrowed a hoist from the team running the blue FB rx7. Big thank you to the team for loaning us the hoist, as we were able to swap in our old m52tub25 Saturday afternoon so that we could run Sunday. Sunday, we kept our old engine together for the entire day, and had some great times running with many of you. We made it almost to the finish, and then one of our sway bar links rotated on the strut, and cut a tire on the last lap.
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