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  1. We run a top mounted bar that latches to mounts on the rollcage at the bottom. We have no problem changing this if it is deemed unsafe, and if a rule is published to reflect that. I am 100% against statements being made that any given thing will "Fail Tech" with absolutely no published rule or rule interpretation that says so, especially for items such as this where I know we are not the only team to have passed tech just fine for years with what we have. So now, i am drafting a tech desk question in hopes that it is clarified before we are in a tech line.
  2. We just mounted ours based on the instructions with the kit, but looking at it it probably does make more sense to be reversed and drop down when unlatched. It is not a big deal to change for us, so we will. It is still disconcerting that we have been through tech 3 times and passed, and now apparently we will not, without warning. I checked the BCCR, and it is not mentioned in there, and I cannot find any communication of this change in policy in any emails from Champcar. What other surprises can we expect when we roll up to the tech line..
  3. Our car has passed tech 3 years in a row with a window net that latches at the bottom. I guess one more change to make before the season starts never hurt anyone, right.
  4. Nope, they should just do what we did on our e46 (because we assumed it was the only zero-point option) and cut the cats open, gut them, and weld them shut.
  5. We spent $800 on H&R's and Billy's to shed the 40 points we were taking for using smaller ID springs, and the car got slower. We're a fairly low budget team, so it will be very disheartening if it turns out we did that for no reason.
  6. rs-4's on 8.5" wheels. We used to run them at 35-36psi hot and brought them down to 33 hot this weekend based on what we have heard from other people, and they definitely felt better at that pressure.
  7. Low Farm Racing had a good weekend, or as good as can be. This weekend for us was run as a tribute, as one of our long time friends and drivers unfortunately lost his battle with cancer early last week. He has been at almost every Champ/Chump race we've done, and driven with us for most of them so we knew he'd want us to run, and have a strong finish. We ran deliberately a little easy on the car to try our best to make sure we got finishes on both days, and we did. On to the more positive things. Some changes we made meant we could finally approach 2hrs on fuel stops, so we had to relearn our whole routine around pit stops and driver stints etc. We got caught out by a full course caution happening right after we pitted in on Sunday, but other than that this was on track to make a huge difference for us. Had a great time running with so many cars that I don't quite remember them all, but one I do remember is an e30 team with stars painted on the quarter panels that I enjoyed running with for 5 or 6 laps. Things we learned: - We need to duct our brakes. - We need to go on a diet and lose some more weight where we can. - We may want to go to 255's instead of 245's. Thank you to the entire Champcar organization, the volunteers, and the competitors for another terrific event.
  8. I followed them through Canada a few times. They were using about 3-4 bus widths of extra track through there, but it was working. Absolute mad lads. Walking up the hill to 5 always puts it in perspective why you barely need to brake for 6.
  9. The part coming up here especially is a riot, even in our not so fast car with this not so fast driver in it.
  10. Road America - because Eggers from the gearbox. Real talk though, because it has turn 7 and the carousel and if you're not having fun in those you're doing it wrong. It's also so hard on consumables and fuel, and punishing when you get it wrong that it really feels like endurance racing. It doesn't hurt that its a beautiful place to be either. (I might be biased on this, home base is 10mins from the track) Gingerman - Nice, low key track that has a good mix of places for handling and power to shine. And the back section is a hell of a rollercoaster. Nelson Ledges - 2mile track. Brake twice. Enough said.
  11. I apologize if my post came across wrong, I'm not trying to say that I think Champ should change away from single class racing or the points system. All you have to look at is all the series calendar's to recognize that Champ is the biggest and best. I was just trying to say that since the sample size of cars that are not built that way but are interested in pseudo-amateur endurance racing increases, so will the number of teams wishing to give Champ a go in EC. Most of the time they aren't any faster than the fast champcars, and many are right in mid pack from what I personally have seen at the races we've done. But the outliers are scary fast, and thats a problem for both results and safety IMO. Not to mention I'm going to have to invest in better ear protection if the silver Cayman comes back to Road America, that mother****** was loud!
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