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  1. Thank you to Champcar for another terrific event. Our race started out with a bang, as we blew a head gasket and expansion tank in the first half hour of Saturday on our M54. We managed to get a new expansion tank from a nearby dealer, and borrowed a hoist from the team running the blue FB rx7. Big thank you to the team for loaning us the hoist, as we were able to swap in our old m52tub25 Saturday afternoon so that we could run Sunday. Sunday, we kept our old engine together for the entire day, and had some great times running with many of you. We made it almost to the finish, and then one of our sway bar links rotated on the strut, and cut a tire on the last lap.
  2. Johnpickard79

    Nelson Ledges Race Recap & Videos

    Finally going through our GoPro, figured out where we picked up our mystery windshield damage! Couldn't our driver have dodged a little faster... https://www.facebook.com/Lowfarmracing/videos/856800721181377/
  3. Johnpickard79

    Nelson Ledges Race Recap & Videos

    Low Farm Racing had an eventful race, and a great fun weekend. Friday practice- We tested the car three weeks before at Road America, and all was fine. We blasted it up and down our road once before loading it on the trailer, and all was fine. We drove the car to tech inspection and the Throttle body failed on the way. 😥Couldn't get it to rev to the 3k needed to confirm cut off switch, but tech let us go with killing it at 2500rpm. Took it back to the trailer, tinkered around a bit, and found that the throttle plate was stuck closed with some kind of moisture/gunk build up. Spare part was installed, and we got some testing in so we could all see the track. Saturday/Sunday- Our race went smooth for the first 8 hours. We were running steady, keeping our pace deliberately between 1:25-1:30 to conserve fuel and the car since our main goal for the weekend was just to finish. 8 hours in and things started to go wrong. First breakdown - Ball joint failed on the front left side. Not bad enough to crash or lose the wheel or anything, but bad enough it needed fixing. Luckily, we brought plenty of spare control arms. During the fix however, one of our team left the nut loose on the other side control arm. 4 laps later and... Second breakdown - Had to get towed in when the left balljoint fell out due to either an untightened or uninstalled nut. Checked balljoint, replaced nut, straightened brake duct, and headed back out. Unfortunately we think the shock of it being pulled apart when the hub came off the control arm broke the steering rack leading to ... Third break down - Steering rack must have stripped a tooth, as we all of a sudden had a random, but huge dead spot in the steering. Changed the rack in the middle of the night and went back out. Fourth break down - Something broke in the rear end going into turn 3 and our driver lost control. After this, we of course gave him the poop about binning it and trying to blame a broken car, but in his defense the GoPro proved he wasn't just covering himself lol. Replaced all left rear suspension, drive shaft, and spring. After all this, we did manage to get out around 6:30 am and race to the finish. Honestly, what an amazing event at an amazing track. We all agreed as a team that we will be back at any event Champ chooses to host at NL, what an amazing place!
  4. Johnpickard79

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    That would be us, first 24 and first time at Nelson. Only one way to learn. One of our drivers has many hours of overnight rallying experience, but for the rest of us it will be a total new experience. Edit: Not saying we are legitimate contenders, just copping to being the newbies lol
  5. Johnpickard79

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    I must have scrolled past that a thousand times. Thank you.
  6. Johnpickard79

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    I see a Champcar test/tune listed on Nelson's website for the 29th, but I'm having a bit of trouble finding where to enter it either on their site or the Champcar site/supplementals? Does anyone know if this is still happening and whether it is entered through Champcar or through the track?
  7. Johnpickard79

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    Got the car ready for Nelson Ledges in a few weeks. Fixed a broken trans mount, replaced the brakes, made a better transponder mount, repaired a trans mount thread that was dodgy, and made a front splitter. Fixed an issue with a sway bar mount.
  8. Johnpickard79

    Fuel supplement formula

    E46 with m54b30
  9. Johnpickard79

    LandJaeger Cup

    Low Farm Racing will be there, if the platform swap is complete with our e46, if not with our older, slower blue-er aw11 mr2.
  10. And probably the biggest thing for them, the slicks
  11. This. I know for ours, getting a chipped ECU is easy, and well worth the costs. But the relatively small gain from the ZHP cams isn't worth the time, money, or cheatiness to even consider. Much more we could gain from other investments.
  12. Johnpickard79


    No problem, I ordered it over the phone so hard to say. Over the weekend I went ahead and ordered 20ft of the SFI rated padding like you linked from them. As for the dash bar, we looked hard at that over the weekend and are going to remove it and only have the higher one, because you are right, when I sat in it it would be easy to contact it shin first. Its padded, but that probably wouldn't help in an accident much. I apologize if I seemed combative as well, we welcome any and all feedback on the car, especially if something looks unsafe.
  13. Johnpickard79


    Theres a second bar higher than that, behind the dash, and yes the factory dash bar is still there. The design/tubing was supplied to us by a cage builder, so we went with what was specced. The "pool noodles" are roll bar padding bought from Pegasus. Yes, we have the factory dash bar still in for mounting purposes.
  14. Johnpickard79


    We are running the 330i brakes already, and holy crap yes, they are amazing! We were at 2970 on the scale beginning of this season, but a good chunk of weight will be coming out this winter. This year it was more about getting the car on track for the season than getting it fast.
  15. Johnpickard79


    We will be converting our 323 now that it's legal to do so. For us, it's all about fun, and even if we end up finishing in the same positions because of the extra penalty laps, 220hp and 3000lbs will be a lot more fun than 168hp and 3000lbs