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  1. Thanks. No podiums, The Last race we ran we finished 33rd overall and 5th in class. We had a couple of tires separated on us that put us behind but after we got sorted out the car ran good. Fast lap I turned 2:47 without pushing it. Could easily run low 2:40’s
  2. Yes the car is still for sale. We just raced the Sebring double 7s
  3. Great post. This really captures all of the excitement and chaos that happens at every race
  4. Not by all. You’re good in our teams book 👍 Look forward to racing with you guys at the next one
  5. What made it worse for us was the grease ruined the alternator too
  6. Except for a freak incident at Daytona where something came up off the track and cut the boot. It slung all of the grease out before we caught it. We should be good to go now. Hope you guys are done with your axle issues as well
  7. Sorry to hear about the axle issue. With our Integra this was the first race we “didn’t” break one. Finally have the nose high enough
  8. We were thrilled that we survived the race without breaking an axle. That was a first
  9. Yep. That’s why the 24hr of Lemon teams race the 12hr. If it can last 12 at Sebring then 24 at Lemon is fine. Still my favorite track
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