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  1. I used the same wire, some bussman relay boxes and weatherpak connectors which some would say aren't good enough but you have to stop the bleeding of money somewhere.
  2. @Snorman are you happy with your brand of 255 lph external pump? Brand?
  3. our solution: https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=1464
  4. Anyone have any first hand experience with these folks?
  5. Mustered up the courage to buy a 20 ton Harbor Freight shop press, no more driving an hour and half round trip to work to mess with bearings and bushings.
  6. Did I miss an email on pit assignments etc.? Or are we still awaiting the official word?
  7. Dang it Drew, now you are making me think about this... If you were to class based on actual fast lap of the day, then you would be classing based on a combination of capability of the car and capability of a teams fastest driver. If we assumed for a second that folks were truly focused on getting a class win, a team would be motivated to be super consistent and have everyone run very similar laps. That would in theory get you the most laps with the lowest lap time class rank. Not sure if it accomplishes what folks are looking for as a basis for class racing, but if you are a team owner a
  8. @Black Magic I'm not sure to tell you truth. I certainly like the idea of transmissions lasting and getting 2 hours on a OEM tank. What you are proposing makes sense for the Neon platform to have what feels like an equatable spot in the series. I'm not sure we are going to see a neon do what @Mopar 4 Lifewas able to with their history of podiums given the speed creep in recent years. I personally believe the Neon platform is probably at a tipping point. With the silly intake ruling for a 2.4 swap, small gas tank and frail transmission, I think it is still a great platform to cut your teet
  9. I will share a potentially wacky non-starter of an idea that I don't know if it has ever been talked about or if it really accomplishes anything. Been kind of a long week so instead of challenging my brain to think about it, I will just throw out there for giggles. What if the classes were not set ahead of time, but they were literately calculated during the event based on fastest lap. The fastest lap of the day sets the top of the heap, and then you create 4 classes that are all segregated by any particular car's fastest lap of the day. Class A - 95 to 100% of fastest lap Class B
  10. Prepping for Gingerman weekend: Finished installing new fire suppression system after last one aged out Bleached out the cool suit cooler Pads and rotors organized the trailer Just need to finish changing the oil and should be good to pack and go.
  11. After waiting until probably the last possible minute, registered for Gingerman so it is probably time to go get the neon out of storage and prep the brakes and order some tires. So looking forward to it.
  12. I am picturing it was an older volvo or saab but I honestly I just don't remember for sure
  13. Back while we were still resisting buying an enclosed trailer and we showed up at Road America towing a uhaul trailer with my wife's front wheel drive Acadia, a team pulled up next to us in the paddock and they had flat pulled their car with a tow bar. We were envious because we wanted to be the scrappiest team there. We have since fallen prey to the money pit that is racing and have bought a used enclosed trailer and a 20 year tow vehicle, but we still hold the scrappiest of teams in high regard.
  14. 24' Trailer - 5,000 axles, weight distribution hitch 14.5' car 8' built in shelving Car in backwards to pull a little weight off the hitch
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