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  1. Friday October 18th was my 50th birthday and clearly I was rewarded all weekend with good weather, great racing, great camaraderie and Team Udder Chaos #55 Dodge Neon finally stayed on track and turned enough laps to take home some class B hardware. As Saturday progressed for B class it was looking like Two Brothers was putting an insurmountable gap between us and Noble Gas Racing (another neon). But by the end of Saturday both Noble Gas and Two Brothers both were caught up in some on track contact (separate incidents) which paved the way to our first post race impound. Not exactly how you want to pick up your first hardware, but we have put in a enough time and effort that we were all smiles. On Sunday we put our fastest driver in first stint since the random draw had us starting near the front. As the day progressed it looked again like the contenders would be the same three and then Two Brothers had some issues putting themselves a couple laps back and Noble Gas lost a transmission sending them to the garage. In the early afternoon I think we got to a about a 7 lap lead on Two Brothers and then they seemed to get their issues sorted out and we started struggling with our brakes. Still trying to diagnose the exact cause but we had to drop well off our pace to preserve the brakes which was all Two Brothers needed to see to turn into sharks in blood infested waters. As they turned great laps we continued to struggle and then during our last drivers stint we completely lost the front right brake pads. A quick pit stop to put on some spare used pads and we were back out and able to get back to a better pace and I think we only lost 3 of our 6 lap lead. Just as we started to relax a little bit, in we came for a mechanical black flag for a dangling tailpipe. After pulling off a hanger and figuring out the one orientation and angle that the tailpipe could thread out from above the rear control arms without jacking up the car, the tailpipe was tossed over the pit wall and out we went. By the time we got back on pace we had given all but 1 lap back on our gap to Two Brothers which kept the last 30 minutes of the race pretty exciting for us. Fortunately we were able to maintain the lead and found ourselves in impound again. I know everyone has different opinions on the class racing aspects of Champcar, but for three guys that show up with a beat up old neon that can't run two hours on fuel, we sure appreciate the opportunity to race a race within the race. Thanks to all the Champcar and RA staff for another awesome event.
  2. If I am remember a previous post correctly, @red0 weren't you a proponent of not putting the cell in the trunk based on what your car looked like after this incident?
  3. With the recent changes to the rules regarding bulkhead requirements, I imagine more than a few folks would have installed their fuel cell a bit differently. We are at the very beginning stages of a build so we have a clean slate. From scouring the forums from previous posts, it would seam like there are two schools of thought. One would be that the cell can be dropped in the trunk where the spare tire usually is, surrounded by a steel tube frame. I will call that option A. The other viewpoint being that you should not put it there in the event of hard rear impact, but instead push forward (and upward) between the rear towers. I will call that option B. A somewhat unscientific listing of the pro's and con's of each approach: Option A - Completely within the trunk, deep within the spare tire well. Easy to accommodate the bulkhead rule - Pro Weight down low (CG) - Pro Weight farther back as compared to stock tank - Pro or Con? If you are willing to pop the trunk lid for refueling, probably pretty easy to still use clear tubing for inlet to aid fueling without spilling - Pro Cell location more susceptible to impacts that could cause deformation / damage to the fuel cell - Con Option B - Between the rear towers, up higher for differential clearance, pulled to back side of seat tray. Accommodating the bulkhead rule would likely require fab for tunnel for fuel filler inlet - Con Weight would be higher (CG) - Con Weight would be farther forward closer to stock tank location - Pro or Con? Cell location may be less susceptible to impacts that could cause deformation / damage to the tank. - Pro My fairly short list of pro's and con's would seem to suggest that if you trust a FIA cell can withstand any type of impact likely to be seen in Champcar you may be best to go with Option A. Ready, set, debate............. Extra points for pictures (I'm a visual learner)
  4. While waiting for new clutch fork to arrive I got distracted by our pit cart. It needed some bigger casters with a bigger footprint on a piece of plywood, a fold away shelf, and pocket for aerosol cans, and a pocket for gallon oil jugs. #lowbudgetpitcart
  5. Bumping this thread back to life. Going to go sit in a OMP HTE-R 400 tomorrow, perhaps bring it home. Any other 5' 10" 240 #'ers racing in one of those? How about tall drivers, Have a team mate that is like 6' 5" I think. Thanks!
  6. Do you mean a 3" straight through like a glasspak or a one of their turbo mufflers with 3" inlet and outlet. We have a 3" glasspak style (knock off) on our 2.4 liter 4 cyl and it is too loud for my liking,
  7. Pulled transmission and found why we lost ability shift Sunday afternoon at Gingerman. Cracked clutch release fork.
  8. Udder Chaos - #55 Dodge Neon race recap Wow - couldn't ask for better weather for all three days. Thanks to all the staff, volunteers and fellow racers. Our Friday test day properly highlighted the fact that we didn't quite have our valve cover gasket leak fixed and our alternator woes from April Road America were not behind us. While we were able to take care of the valve cover gasket on Friday our alternator issues followed us into Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to our fellow Neon racers of @Plum crazy and Rooster Racing for providing some spare parts. Just before the quiet hour on Sunday we appeared to get the charging issues resolved and were looking forward to finishing out the day with some good solid stints. Unfortunately just at the end of my stint the car stopped shifting, which upon investigation with a cheap usb boroscope tonight looks like our clutch fork pivot ball came off the stud. Yep, a $12 part you can't easily reach without pulling the trans. It is hard not to be disappointed when you spend time off track fixing things, but at least when our neon was running, it was turning some of the fastest laps we have mustered at Gingerman. Hope to see you all at Road America in October.
  9. Just a follow up and thank you to the forum fleas for being helpful and sharing wisdom. Took a while, but after watching the used market for a good 3 months finally pulled the trigger on a used 8.5 by 24' Haulmark this morning. Needs a more thorough inspection, tires and some roof caulking for sure, but I think I can get it road trip ready in time for Gingerman.
  10. And always willing to share those important details..... class act
  11. Silly question, never had to worry about it before. I am adding a radio kit to my helmet and I was assuming I would want it terminating on the left side in the event someone was reaching in to help make sure everything was in order in a pit stop etc. And then for the car, I know they make panel mounts for plug in receptacles, but based on the relatively short length of coil cord coming from my helmet kit it almost seems like it would be ideal to plug in towards the top of the roll bar by the drivers side window versus forward towards and instrument panel etc???? What are all those lessons learned from getting connected to your radio? Any pictures? I am a visual learner 🙂
  12. Just when I thought we had all the sensors we could ever hope to monitor, this thread pops up..............
  13. Well I am glad I asked, they are off the list.
  14. Any experiences good or bad with these retention style hood pins? https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=776
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