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  1. The neglected Neon sits pushed to the corner of the garage needing a new alternator and valve cover gasket before Gingerman. The new to me tow vehicle with 200k miles takes center stage in the garage and the maintenance items being addressed make the mailman, fedex, and UPS man wonder what and the hell is going on in the garage. It's an AZ truck so rust and seized bolts haven't been an issue, but the power steering fluid and engine oil that has leaked out and collect AZ dust makes for quite the mess. rebuilding front suspension and steering new steering gear and power steering pump, hoses wheel bearings all around shocks all around plugs and wires oil pump and oil pan gasket front engine cover gaskets water pump valve cover gaskets all fluids and filters belts A project that truly feels like pulling a thread on a sweater....
  2. look up Chuck Gregory on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008125245960
  3. Redline 30wt race oil and MT90 trans
  4. I believe what Steve was referring to is how to adjust shift cables. I have seen both transmissions that already have the hole and the 1/4 drill bit is just a proxy for an alignment pin, and other times a hole would need to be drilled first. Admittedly when there was no hole, I eyeball instead of drill. Perhaps that is a mistake? CROSSOVER CABLE NOTE: Only crossover cable is adjustable. Selector cable is not adjustable.1.Remove shift console. Loosen crossover cable adjustment screw at shift lever. See Fig. 1 . Using a 1/4" drill bit, pin transaxle crossover lever in 3-4 neutral position. Align hole in crossover lever with hole in boss on transaxle case. Ensure drill bit goes at least 1/2" into transaxle case. See Fig. 2 . 2.Allow shifter to rest in neutral position (shifter is spring-loaded and self-centering). Tighten adjustment screw to 70 INCH lbs. (8 N.m). Remove drill bit. Ensure shift lever shifts into all gears. Install shift console
  5. I am probably biased but I think that the Neon is a great platform for a Champcar, especially if you enjoy the research and development aspects of fielding a race car. You get to start with a low point car and then debate / decide / experiment with where you spend your points. The Neon is super easy to drive, primarily I think because out of the box you will likely be heavily biased to understeer, and then as you improve driving craft and car setup you push the limits to actually get a more neutral car in which you can get some rear end rotation. While donor vehicles are getting a little more scarce, the PT Cruiser platform which is a source for 2.4 engines, big brake upgrades, 350HD transmissions (2001 in particular), and axles is still in abundance. @Mopar4life and @BlackMagic (and I am sure others) have proven it has been a podium worthy platform. For 6 or 8 hr races fuel capacity is probably biggest challenge??? If the starting VPI was lowered by 50 points I think it would be a little bit less of the bringing a knife to a gun fight with the higher VPI cars. I believe there was a petition to this effect, haven't seen the ruling yet. I will add two key nuggets I didn't see above - weight reduction and brake cooling. The latter takes a bit of ingenuity given available space and FWD. In addition to Modern Performance (https://www.modernperformance.com/category/95-05-neon) mentioned above, here are some other resources: www.neons.org is a source of tremendous knowledge (intermingled with a bunch of BS) that naturally has less participation now that the platform is getting older. https://www.kinnettickreations.com/ - custom wiring harnesses As seen from the fact this thread exists, I have also enjoyed the comradery with other Neon teams. Lots of information sharing, spare parts sharing, and friendly competition. Kent - #55 Udder Chaos 1996 Dodge Neon
  6. At the risk of being accused of bargain hunting for a fairly important aspect of a race car, (the wheels), I did run across a wheel that struck me as "cost effective". Anyone have any experience with Vors wheels? They claim they are manufactured to meet or exceed JWL/VIA standards (whatever that means). They don't have any weights listed so that isn't confidence inspiring either https://www.vorswheels.com/products/tr4 A related question, what is the practical application of the 2X rule for wheels? None of the nationally recognized auto part chain stores offer a stock replacement wheel for our car (or probably any others for that matter).
  7. A little off topic, it isn't what happened to the race car today, it is that I am finally getting a worthy tow vehicle. Dealer accepted my offer, just need to get it from Phoenix to Wisconsin. AZ truck, lots of miles, 8.1 Vortec with Allison trans. One step closer to an enclosed trailer I hope.
  8. #55 Udder Chaos neon team had a fun weekend despite having our share of issues. This was the first outing after going to megasquirt and we had some sync issues appear mid-day Friday. Changed the voltage to crank sensor from 5 to 12v and issue went away. Saturday morning we discovered the alternator was shot as we went to move the car to grid. Got the alternator changed and out on the track to catch the back of the field just prior to track going green. Had a strong first stint and then we struggled with the alternator again and then fried a clutch. So again after spending the middle of the race in the paddock changing the clutch we got back out to get some laps for all the drivers and see the checkered flag. We were happy with the lack of rain on Fri and Sat, setting some new fast lap times for our car at RA, and once again for the camaraderie of the teams in the paddock near us. Looking forward to Gingerman, seams way too far away!
  9. Well this sucks, 1000 subscribers is a lot. So I tried to make this easier to subscribe to each other. This link is to a google sheet with all of the team and links I could find on this thread. follow this link to google sheet and make sure you are on the list and then make sure you are subscribed to everyone on the list. Pass it around. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kQQjwEkPn5cRGceihh0lbXpsFtZW0mdvY5076C8wBAE/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I'm sure I am just overlooking something obvious, but when are our comments due by?
  11. No EGR on this particular version of the Chrysler 2.4 engine. Typically don't tear down after only 24 hours, so maybe just a perception thing.
  12. 2.4 DOHC out of a PT Cruiser. No EGR, and crankcase vent is one line to a catch can. Will look at also using the other valve cover port that is currently just plugged.
  13. I'm still at the wiring diagram phase so can't confirm the correct approach. My understanding is what is important is that the wideband and the ECU share the same ground.
  14. Now that I have already cleaned up some carbon build up on pistons and in exhaust ports from what was less than about 24 race hours I can't take any pictures to make my question more meaningful. Long story short, I was surprised by the amount of carbon build up after less then 24 hours of racing on a fresh build. We run about 12.8 AFR at WOT and idle may be around 13.5 on a port injection dual overhead cam 4 cylinder. What are your experiences, is that typical given the conservative AFR? Is WOT or idle a bigger contributor to build up?
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