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  1. tneker

    Teach me about leak down tests

    I have had good luck with this OTC leak down tester https://www.amazon.com/OTC-5609-Cylinder-Leakage-Tester/dp/B0030EVL60/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1FKXJV09XGKXL&keywords=otc+leak+down+tester&qid=1550581508&s=gateway&sprefix=otc+leak+down%2Caps%2C243&sr=8-1 Instructions right under lid of carrying case.
  2. I think I finally got the new wiring diagram for transition to megasquirt to the 95+% done state.
  3. tneker

    Best bang for the buck

    What? The stuff you learn about from these forum posts.....
  4. tneker

    Borescope rec.

    Not sure if you were talking cheap engine diagnostic borescope or the even cheaper usb camera borescopes, which is what I have. I have this one and have used it to peak at top of piston and cylinder walls via spark plug hole. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JERRES6/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The image quality is ok, the biggest issue is it is not like a typical diagnostic borescope that is a bit easier to manipulate. I think you could likely attach it to something more rigid that would allow manipulation, but I was always a little hesitant as I didn't want to get the "head" trapped or wedged on the wrong side of spark plug hole. here are some images I was able to capture with it
  5. tneker

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Sorry for the naive question if the answer is obvious, it could be just that I am getting old and can't recall, (and too lazy to search old posts) What is the rule of thumb for the weight typically used in the swap calculator? I thought it was some X% less than found in literature to account for some pulling of weight out of the car, but not necessarily race weight....
  6. So this is a new kill switch we were thinking of transitioning to so perhaps I picked the wrong style or interpreted its function incorrectly. Based on the wiring diagram they provided my assumption is that when you throw the switch you kill battery power by breaking the connection on the big lugs and you kill the motor (ignition) by breaking connection on two of the smaller spade terminals. Engine dies, and alternator no longer turns, no more voltage potential available from the alternator. It also has two additional spades that create a circuit when killed that allows you to use a resistor to ground to handle any alternator voltage spike. Does that pass the sniff test?
  7. @turbogrill Below is a draft of what I am planning for a new harness for transition from OE ECU to megasquirt. Plan to have one sensor ground wire thru firewall, and splice in engine bay. If we end up needing any pull up resistors for temp sensors or similar, I would put those all in one spot in a 3D printed box adjacent to ECU in cockpit.
  8. Last harness I did utilized weather pack connectors and I was able to get everything from Del City. https://www.delcity.net/ Weather Pack has a 22 pin bulkhead connector that helped allow ECU placement in cockpit and have a simplified engine harness that allows for quicker engine removal. Have seen many recommendations for Deutsch connectors, have not personally used.
  9. Working on conversion to megasquirt after OE ECU fried at Road America last fall. Wondering what the general consensus is around utilizing an oil pressure sensor safety switch to kill fuel injectors and try to save motor. We don't typically have oil starvation issues so while intrigued about the approach, don't want to create a problem trying to solve a problem we haven't had. Thoughts?
  10. tneker

    Polish crankshaft journals

    I have used crocus cloth and lubricant to polish crank journals before. https://www.mcmaster.com/crocus-cloth i believe the experts run that in a thin belt sander and have the crank chucked up so it can rotate while they polish. By hand it is tedious and you probably need to convince yourself it is super important in order to have the patience to make a difference.
  11. tneker

    Sebring today

    Not being an LSD expert....... I was wondering if instead of doing a dry burnout if someone from impound would have poured their beer in front of one of the rear tires before the burn out if that would have helped demonstrate the differential was legal without pulling the cover. Maybe that theory is just flawed since no one would want to waste their beer.😁
  12. Picked the MS3 Pro mainly based on the recommendation of Matt Cramer at diyautotune, but influencing factors were sequentially fuel injection capabilities, rugged case with sealing, and naturally the appeal of latest and greatest. Quite confident this will outlast the current car it was purchased for, which is a Dodge Neon.
  13. I am surprised no one has scooped yours up yet! Actually considered it, but I wanted (needed) the diyautotune help line access and we are NGC so would have had to mod your masterpiece of a wiring harness anyways. Now that ours is out of the tamper evident bubble wrap, we are committed. I would buy you a case of beer if you showed me your spark table though 🙂
  14. OEM ECU fried at Road America + Black Friday deal at DIYautotune.com = Megasquirt for 2019