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  1. Anyone going to Castrol that needs a driver? I am a reasonably experienced (8 various chumpcar races and trackdays) racer looking for a bit of seat time at Castrol. Not an idiot that will over-rev your engine, burn up your clutch, or piss off your team. Even one stint is fine, as I will be there anyways. Let me know, thanks!
  2. Thanks to all.
  3. We are running a first gen Rx7, which is inherently prone to snap oversteer. We manage it by not trailbraking, and being cautious with throttle liftoff in high speed sweepers. We have acquired a set of wider (225) tire/wheels, and they have an offset which pushes the wheels out quite a bit (we will have to flare the fenders). We have a large inventory of narrower (205) wheels and tires to work through as well. Additionally we are putting a wing on the back. So the question is, how would our handling change under a few scenarios: 1. We run the wider wheels and wider offset wheels all around 2. Wider wheels up front 3 wider wheels in the rear. Our car currently handles pretty well under most circumstances (aside from noted snap oversteer), and brakes very well. We are concerned about possible extra stress on the rear bearings (is this worthy of concern?). Will the snap oversteer be wildly exaggerated if we run the wider wheels up front? Will the wider wheels in the rear help the twitchy handling at all? We prefer to run the wider wheels in pairs for now rather than all 4 so we can keep the handling consistent over a whole race even when we change tires. We will be going to 225s all around once we have worked through the 205s. Thanks in advance!
  4. Darin

    2018 Schedule

    Yup, same here. The more race hours the better. We typically have to drive very far for a race, and our primary criteria is race hours vs. travel hours. I would love 3 race days. If a team is close by, they can choose their 2 days if they prefer. We would come and do all 3.
  5. Great weekend. We didn't finish due to a blown seal or two in our engine (411 - rx7), but a great time was had. Congrats to the winners, and we will see you next year. Many thanks to Sal and Wendy and their crew! The race organization seems to get better each time, and they really have done a great job.
  6. All pictures, info, write-ups, etc are appreciated, as our team is pursuing the same idea. Keep up the good work, and tell us everything you go through!
  7. Darin

    24 Hour Races

    Speaking for those who have to travel long distances to get to a race, we are VERY disappointed by the lack of longer races. The ratio of hours travelled vs. hours raced is not very good for the short races. Since we have the track anyways why not do 24s, 12+12s, etc.? It is a huge waste of resources for us to go and not get as much racing in as we can. I get that some of the closer teams don't neccesarily want to do the long races, but for us it is the key element we use to determine where we race - Chumpcar or not.
  8. I would fix the sentence referring to the point values assigned to cars - unless it was intended to be humorous/sarcastic. This is the sentence: "Vehicles are listed with arbitrary point calculations assigned to each model year." And here is the definition of arbitrary. So...either good joke, or needs fixing. ar·bi·trar·y [ˈärbəˌtrerē] ADJECTIVE based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system: "his mealtimes were entirely arbitrary" synonyms: capricious · whimsical · random · chance · unpredictable · [more] casual · wanton · unmotivated · motiveless · unreasoned · unsupported · irrational · illogical · groundless · unjustified · personal · discretionary · subjective antonyms: reasoned · rational (of power or a ruling body) unrestrained and autocratic in the use of authority: "arbitrary rule by King and bishops has been made impossible" synonyms: autocratic · dictatorial · autarchic · undemocratic · [more]
  9. Darin

    2017 dates

    Time for us to start planning, so I really hoe the schedule comes out soon. That Bimmer is awesome looking. Did you make the front splitter yourself, and if so, what did you use for the turnbuckle/adjusters?
  10. Troy, i appreciate the time and effort put into your post. I do not agree with a lot of the ideas though. The series needs to encourage growth. It needs be easy to start up in and be competitive in with less time, effort, money, and for a wider range of cheap vehicles than the route you propose would allow.I am sorry that your aero'd, mid engined, swapped car is found to be too quick, but really, do you think it is truly in line with the intent of the series? Do you think teams looking to enter their first race would think they can pull it off, or will they simply turn to lemons or others where they can get classed and be competitive? Swaps should be allowed, absolutely. But...with the intent of offering a way for less competitive cars to reach the podium, not for competitive cars to become dominant and exclude the majority of potential teams from attempting the series in other makes. To keep with the intent of your topic - I would like to suggest a rule change. Hypothetical, not thought out, and likely has problems I am not considering...but i think it is in line with my thoughts above, and it has the advantage of allowing more cars into the series, and allowing others out of EC. What do you think of a ballast system to counteract the swap penalty points? since your mr2 has 1000+ points, would you be ok with adding weight to get you below the 500 point level? if you could show (stamped gym weights, well secured, not in the cockpit?) you added weight, you could add that weight to your cars calculated swap weight, and keep you out of EC. That's all I have, as I think the chump team is doing a great thing with the new rules.
  11. Sorry guys, but if you are worried about the Edmunds situation being too inconsistent for you, but want to go to as raced weights, you are crazy. Even WRL has a clause saying that if you are killing it in your class, you get bumped up - in other words, we acknowledge that there might be 200lbs of lead ballast you hid in your car to get through tech, but removed before the race. And it doesn't even begin to address the differences between different teams - "why does their e30 only get 25 extra points but ours gets 50? - oh because we did a better job of reducing our as raced weight...seems fair".
  12. It should be like a hierarchy, Edmunds if available, then X, then Y, then....
  13. Fair, but I never said 20%. Perhaps Caprices could get 30%. Perhaps miatas can only do 8%. I don't know. But...the MPV/AIV/whatever it is called now should be able to balance this out. It is simply a good way to get teams evenly handicapped to the point where their build/prep/skill can take them the rest of the way.
  14. Thats fine, just not Wikipedia!! As long as there is consistency and accuracy. I guess it might be useful to discuss what the stock weights actually are. What trim level? Fuelled? A/C? Wheels/tire combo? I like this idea, but I imagine that since the exponential kickoff point is quite sensitive, a few pounds might really matter. So, lets get it right and be consistent.
  15. The idea of taking 10% off the Edmunds/official stock weight seems OK to me. Yes, certain cars (heavy ones) might actually be able to take more than 10% off, and other cars (light ones) might struggle to get there. But, it is a decent approximation (just like the MPV, Mod points, etc) and should work very well. Until the time comes when the podiums are filled with Caprices, Crown Vics etc. that are the recipients of the benefits of heavy car "loophole", lets accept that this is a very nice solution that is consistent, easy to institute, easy to understand and predict, and addresses so many of the concerns that the old swap formula created. I