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  1. I think for this engine it is a little much. My fresh engines burn no oil at all. As time increases on the engine, oil consumption increases. But with that being said, this car will win races as is no issues; you just need to maintain oil level through the race. Also the engine being a little lean, endurance wise, is a good thing for fuel consumption.
  2. Probably rings. Yes new clutch and flywheel. Ya a little lean maybe, but car ran fine. It tends to move around a little due to temperature changes. It was Dyno tuned.
  3. Vehicle is back for sale due to issues with buyer team agreement. Deleted a post accidentally, reposting it. I can vouch for thecanes01 (Craig). He is quick, always there willing to help out, and positive. All of the races we have needed people he has been there. He is very quick in this chassis as I would assume he would be in most anything. Would recommend him as a great renter and racing companion. bumpity bump
  4. it does take some work the make 2 hours but it can be done. if you have one yellow going flat out is totally possible due to the fuel savings. strategy is everything in endurance racing thank you for the kind words also at the end of the race this car had the 2nd fastest lap (verified) of the race 2.14.4. i personally think it has the ability to do a 2.13 flat but dont think gas would last at all doing flyers. the dry break system is a cheap and simple system we have been using in chump for over 6 years with no issues (we also have never been protested for it, this is not a gt3 cup car dry break system, it utilizes garden hose connections....) . other teams have been using the same system with no issues also. as for the fuel tank, no it is not "oversized"; its ability to be filled to over OE capacity is between me and the new owner (this also includes its ability to do so within the ruleset). as for other races it has done, it has done no other races other then the 24 hours of VIR. as for the classes it falls in NASA: ST4 or ST5/ SCCA STU, ST. im sure it would do well in AER and WRL also.
  5. yes this car has a stock fuel tank but can hold 15.5 gal of fuel. i think it comes out to right at 475 points. still some points to play with.
  6. Sadly I have to part ways with this car due to taking a break from racing. This car was build early 2018 and has only done one race (the 24 hours of VIR), sadly we did have issues early on with a fuel pump that held us back from solid finish. This car was build due to the previous #116 chassis meeting the wall at the Glen due to a backed off oil filter (yes i don't understand how that happened either). All the parts from that chassis were swapped into this chassis including the cage. Original investment into the build was around $25,000 not including labor and fabricated parts. This is a solid, extremely fast, comfortable car to drive. The cage was professionally built and is SCCA/NASA legal. All the safety equipment is up to date and of good quality. This chassis has not taken a win but I have a garage full of ChampCar trophies to back this build and its potential. Asking $7,500 for car as is; for includes AIM SOLO and coolsuit system. spare package can be discussed with buyer. This is a dam good deal for a team or individual looking for a front running, super competitive build that had a initial large investment. Delivery can be arranged. Car location: Durham North Carolina Owner: Aaron DeLong Contact info: The Car: Acura Integra 1992 LS Engine: Fully rebuilt engine B18A with approximately 150 hours run time (Brian Crower stage NA cams with supporting hardware, oil cooler, dc header, rebuilt head, blueprinted bottom end, cleaned and flow tested injectors, all new distributor, except for break in exclusive use of redline racing 40w oil, fully dyno tuned/redline set to 7700RPM, new belts/hoses/alt/starter/every gasket) engine makes great power but does burn about .5> quart every 2 hours depending on load and driver in the car. Transmission: Rebuilt transmission same run time as engine but refreshed about 30 hours ago. Shifts perfect with zero issues. paired with a set of RAXLES AXLES (the only ones that i would ever run on this chassis due to there amazing life span and reliability), LSD diff installed, was purchased from Syncrotech and is of good quality, all shift forks replaced plus bearing and syncros, all parts worn or in question replaced. Chassis Chassis has with very little rust and is straight. some body damage from the 24 but nothing that can not be fixed. damage does not affect its ability. Suspension: All the suspension bushings have been replaced with poly, all the shocks have been replaced Bilstein and KYB GR2, the ride height is coilover adjustable, everything that can be done within the ruleset to the suspension has been done to make this car as quick as possible. All new Ball Joints and front upper control arms. Interior: Gauges: Wideband o2, oil temp, coolant temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure, battery voltage Seat: Ractech halo, picture of model and date below. this seat fits everyone and is comfortable Belts: schroth hans 2 inch taper. picture below for date Comforts: coolsuit and helmet forced air installed and functional. NRG quick release hub window heat grid installed Brakes: front brakes swapped from integra type r or acura legend (have 2 different calipers to choose from). rotors from mini cooper. the brakes are extremely good in this car. All new hard lines and braided lines. This chassis has a custom 4 wheel ABS system that make helps this chassis be the rocket ship it is. Modulator and computer mounted in car for weight and ease of repair. The system has its own OBD connector for live data and diagnostics. Various: vehicle has functional aerodynamics. front splitter and rear wing. rear wing is a functional and tested airfoil. dry break fueling system mod for quick and safe fueling other things i think of or that are missed will be added. car will do 2 hours on fuel if not driven flat out. The Bad: It does have some body damage on the passenger side affecting the front fender door and the lower door sill. nothing that can not be fixed and depending on the level of care could just be driven as is with zero issues. The windshield will need to be replace due to a rock hitting it during the race. This also affects the heating grid on the glass but is cheap to buy and not hard to replace. The Spares: I have a huge amount of spares. way to much to list so I will compress this list: 5 sets of wheels and tires. most tires are new or have good tread left. Dunlop starspec v2, hankook RS3, Hankook RS4. OEM reman axles repacked with redline cv2 grease spare ABS parts electrical parts all kinds distributer parts engine parts and new gaskets verious hard suspension parts all kinds spare brake calipers, different kinds for different tracks spare brake pads, new and used/Raybestos and Hawk DTC Fuel jugs 8 to 10. spare engine b18b spare transmission (known good having driven) spare body parts of all kinds full rear car clip plus many more things spare package can be decided with buyer.
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