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  1. They do not align with my viewpoints, and I do not align with theirs. I own nothing from them, and I plan to keep it that way.
  2. Alot of BMW guys like to run the Mobile 1 0W-40. It what I run in my '99 M Roadster.
  3. Unfortunately pain is the only motivator that companies understand. Develop a strategy to cause pain (legal recourse) for insurance and tire shop...then get results.
  4. Those sensors are what I have done for the last 10 years. Small magnet turning over a small PCB. There isn't much too them. At $15, you still paid 3x what Ford paid.
  5. We also went with Ford Grey. It makes a nice neutral off-white look. I'm pretty sure we sprayed hvlp. The tractor paint is better than the regular stuff.
  6. ...so i am cruising down the autobahn today in a Volvo S90 rental and fly by a Lada. It made me smile.
  7. another thing that gets me is the drivers... at the 50 second mark, you can see the car cut in half and standing still. It takes several seconds for the flagger at start/finish to realize a flag is needed...then you have corner workers furiously waving the red flag for cars to stop. All the cars ignore the red flags and keep running at full speed, right up until 1 of them almost hits the ambulance that came on track to respond more than a minute later. The amount of dumbassery is just mid boggling.
  8. Just to clarify... I was saying "country boys" as more of a cultural reference. I wasn't referring to anything about driver skill, car comparisons, talent portability, intelligence, etc
  9. If he went to NASCAR, he would likely end up with multiple bloody noses. Those circle track country boys don't take kindly to affluenza.
  10. Any accusation must be corroborated by a 3rd party or a confession. Otherwise, there is no grounds for discipline.
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