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  1. I have many 195/60/14 falken azenis some are used some are unused but all are old. (They are not the new compound) They are mounted on stock VW Jetta 1991 wheels that are 4x100. Make an offer Ill post pictures later tonight when I get to where the tires are, Thinning down the spares from the last couple of cars that I no longer need or own.
  2. Just did a quick google search and here is what I found k4r specs are:15X84X10035mm offset12.1 lbs storm s1 specs are: * 15x8 4x100* +25 offset* 11+ lbs
  3. Sell pending on the used RS4's and the RS3's
  4. Grey wheels are 15x8 K4R Black wheels are 15x8 Storm S1
  5. Used rival s Used rival s marks on rim
  6. used RS3's (Sale Pending)
  7. These are the Sticker RS4's (note the wheels nor tires have ever been on a car.)
  8. These two Pics are the used RS4's They actually look almost new don't mind the dust or foot prints (Sale Pending)
  9. I ordered them all from tire using a 1994 Miata to get the proper spacing for my car as they were not offered for my VW jetta of golf. I’ll take a picture this afternoon I just did not have time to get by there last night to get some pictures.
  10. I have changed to 245/40/15 tires and have my old 225/45/15 tires and wheels ready to find a new home. I have 2 sticker rs4's mounted on new wheels never used and have other rs4's that look like they might have a few laps. I will get pictures and post later. PM If interested. Not really sure how much they are worth so no price listed. located in Cary NC. Will be at VIR in March could send with a friend to Road Atlanta that will be at the test day. Also have a couple of rs3's and a few rival s (not 1.5) tires as well but they are older and look well used. Thanks
  11. Triangle42

    Alternates to RS4??

    I have some 225/45/15 rs4’s I know one is still a sticker an possibly a hole set of stickers I’ll look tomorrow for you. They are mounted on 4x100 15x8’s though. I switched to 245’s this year and kept the 225 Incase I had issues with the 245’s.
  12. Triangle42

    The 8's at VIR.....

    Turbo TATR had its issues this past weekend but ended up having a lot of fun despite our setbacks. Saturday we worked our way up to first place before I mis judged another cars speed in Hog pin and had to mash the brake after the car was loaded and tuned in. The end result was looping it around and falling back to 4th. We worked our way back up to second before missing the timing on the yellow red pit stop window that cost us 11 spots on track and a few laps. (Guess I need to buy a scanner) We slowly pick off cars making our way up to 7th with some excellent driving by our second stint driver until we had to come into pits earlier than planned with a Fuel starvation issue 19 min before our planned stop. #turbolife This put us in 14th and we were no more than on the track and a unnamed BMW decided to split the baby in the kink and lost it… The result was him getting a black flag and us out for the day. Spending the next 3 hours and 59 min busting my you know what trying to get the car pieced back together I fired her up just before the checkers and could not get the driver in the car and on track quick enough to turn the last lap. So we tested and prepped for Sunday am turning the boost down to try and save on fuel. Sunday we started in 31st position and we quickly learned that the mismatched struts up front made the left hand corners very difficult in the rain. Tripodding does not make very good grip. After a few laps learning the new handling characteristics I made quick work of picking cars off to get us up to 5th before coming to the first pit stop. I however made the mistake of passing under yellow on my in lap and the guy would not take it back. The result was a 2 min black flag for passing under yellow. #2 driver did his job going from 21st to 4th before the fuel starvation hit again. He limped it for 7 laps dropping us to 5th. At this point we were still a few min shy of being in our pit window so we sat on pit road engine off for 2 extra min to get us back on schedule so we did not have to make another 5 min stop later in the day. We came out of pits in 13th. Driver #3 was told to save fuel for 10 laps at the start and then he could go to town. And go to town he did… 13th to 4th and no fuel starvation! (We got lucky with the heavy rain and all the code 35’s) Driver #4 Picked up where driver 3 left off and starting in 4th and catching 3rd until he ran into the back of a car with no brake lights and got black flagged… That hurt and put us back in 6th and half a lap behind 5th. The driver calmed down and started to catch 5th. The light rain that came and went really helped us catch the RWD 5th place car. Coming to 6 to go he passes the 5th place car but not for long he comes back around in 6th. At 1 to go they cross the stripe side by side and it is anyone’s guess who will be in front next time by as they are within a tenth of each other each lap in the semi dry track conditions. We end up about 3 car lengths ahead at the start finish line and take 5th place. This also gives up First in class. Great weekend to all and Everyone was very considerate on the track especially when it was raining. I saw more drifting in one stint then you see at a drifting event.