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  1. What do you use to stay under the sound requirements? (m20) Also What size exhaust seems to be the sweet spot? I'm new to the BMW seen. Thanks in advanced
  2. Which hydramat shape and size are yall using in the e30's?
  3. From some one who races a VW 1.8t in champ... Once you figure out how to keep them cool, how to keep the turbo to manifold gasket from blowing out, how to regulate low end boost so renters do not destroy the car, what the proper pit stop looks like not to melt the car coming in from full boost to engine off, and how to make it two hours on fuel (still do not have this one completely figured out) the engine is great and reliable. It makes plenty of power for champ and has more potential if you had more fuel. Its biggest down fall is the chassis that it is in. Now that I have that all figur
  4. Does anyone have a m20b25 tune they would like to share? I am installing a microsquirt in a street e30 and need a base tune to start the car before doing the actual tuning. If you want to share the real tune that’s even better (less work for me) ;) thanks in advance.
  5. Well the CMP incident was my fault. I came into turn one and saw the car moving back to the track and missed my turn in point which is very late and when right at him. I never even came off the brakes from initial braking point al the way to contact. Not much more I can say but I’m sorry for ruining your weekend. Thanks for keeping your cool when I came to talk to you after. Time stamp of my dumba$$ move is 7hour 31 sec.
  6. Turbo TATR is looking for 1 or 2 drivers for VIR South. looking to run the race with 2 or 3 total drivers. Car is dialed in and ready to go. We were in second at Road Atlanta just before a gravel Pit excursion put us many laps down. Message me for details. nine one nine 740 five seven nine eight
  7. Is there a link to pictures from the weekend that I just don’t see? TURBO TATR #442 Our weekend was ruined by a mysterious ball bearing that found its way between the clutch disk and the flywheel. The car was running great until bad luck struck... The bad part is I can’t find where it came from and the only place it fits in the disk is between the springs and you really have to push for it to pass through the gap. Thanks to champ staff and everyone who stopped by To offer word of encouragement as we fought to get the car back out on the track.
  8. I’ll have to look and see how much treat are not the ones that have been run but some have full tread as they have never been put on the car. Tires are in Cary nc
  9. I have two stints up for grabs for Charlotte PM me if interested. Car is very quick and should do very well. #Turbolife
  10. Here is mine going back through the thread now to hit the ones on on champcar garage. Thanks for the help. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCczJJbStg585ZmrOJ-d05-g ADAM Just finished if I missed you let me know.
  11. I have many 195/60/14 falken azenis some are used some are unused but all are old. (They are not the new compound) They are mounted on stock VW Jetta 1991 wheels that are 4x100. Make an offer Ill post pictures later tonight when I get to where the tires are, Thinning down the spares from the last couple of cars that I no longer need or own.
  12. Just did a quick google search and here is what I found k4r specs are:15X84X10035mm offset12.1 lbs storm s1 specs are: * 15x8 4x100* +25 offset* 11+ lbs
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