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  1. a friend of mine recently decided that he wants to build a Chumpcar out of a totalled 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage that he used as a parts car for another one.. it has 5000 miles on it, 3 cylinders, and a cvt transmission. i was shocked- shocked- that i couldn't find any sort of a valuation for a 6 month old economy car on the list... we don't care about penalty laps, we don't care if we win anything.. but we agree that with that few miles it should be at least reliable enough to get thru 14 hours of racing at Brainerd. he and one other guy have dirt circle track experience, and the other 2 of us have no racing experience at all so it should be an entertaining adventure if nothing else.. oh, yeah... the technical question: how well will the cvt hold up? the engine has all of 80hp and the car weighed just over 2000 pounds before it was stripped, so i think durability should be a non issue. it will just be boring to drive..
  2. maybe instead of changing their numbers, give them a number panel with gold leaf around the edge or something to help feed their egos?
  3. i don't think i have any pics, but i got the stock column in my 95 Neon to look like something that belongs in a race car... it involved breaking all the useless stuff off.. then i found out that the bearing at the end of the shaft is supported by the lock assembly so i wrapped some thin steel around the end of the column, welded it in place, then banged it into shape around the bearing on the shaft... it turned out better than it should have, cost me nothing but some time and a piece of scrap steel, and i can point at it and tell myself "I made that", because no one else will care.. this is the best pic i have of it, and you can barely kind of see the end of the column in the background.. i have since painted the column white to match the custom floorpan paint, so it stands out better... but i never took a pic...
  4. my mom's '08 Uplander minivan has the 3900 in it- it was the first one i had ever seen, and i thought it looked a lot like the old 3100 based on what little i could see under the hood... google confirmed my suspicion, and i found pages with people putting them in place of 2.8s in Fieros with 5 speeds from later Cavaliers.. i haven't priced one out, but they can't be too expensive given the different vehicles they came in..
  5. the 3900 is the ultimate grown up version of the 60 degree 2.8 V6 that came out in the early 80's... there are pages on the net that show what you need to change to put it in something older that had something like a 3.1 in it...
  6. which GM V6? 60 degree or 90 degree? OHV or DOHC? fwd or rwd? some had superchargers, a couple had turbochargers, and they range from 2.8 liters up to 4.2 liters...
  7. long expensive cable? i bought a 20 foot roll of 1/0 gage battery cable for like $25 and another $5 worth of terminals.. made me a handy crimping tool and had cables run from the battery located where the passenger rear seat used to be, to the kill switch in the middle of the dash, and out to the starter.. if you don't want to do the work, head to a junkyard and get a battery cable out of something like an Olds Aurora or Pontiac Bonneville that had the battery mounted under the rear seat from the factory..
  8. you guys missed the part where i said that Cavaliers and Neons are all over in the yards around here, with things like Hondas and other Saturns being a rarity, right?
  9. my new daily beater (and maybe future Chumper) is a 99 SL1.. it's actually a fun little car to drive, but there's just something about 4 lug wheels that doesn't sit right with me... so is there a Chumpy junkyard way to put 5 lug wheels on it that doesn't involve fabrication? 5 lug nuts just look cooler, and wheel selection really opens up because the yards around here are full of Cavaliers and Neons and what not that have 5X100 wheels... plus, i've got a set of 5X100/5X114 17" wheels in my basement that i should find a use for...
  10. i bought one of the regular ones a few years ago at Mills Fleet Farm... that was the first place i had ever seen them... now they are in every hardware store and even a few convenience stores around here..
  11. is it considered a "modified" oem tank if you add AN fittings to a removable sending unit?
  12. THIS ^^^ !!! While some Chumps keep complaining about a certain car, at least SOMEONE recognizes what we did when we booked the Donnybrooke course! You may not get another chance to run that course again. BIR has a very profitable drag racing program that typically prevents anyone from using "The Old Course" on weekends. I really wanted ChumpCar to run this configuration and have for the past 3 years. The problem was we could not get the track to drop their drag racing dates. But, as fate and luck shall both prevail, some paving work and track infrastructure requirements opened Donnybrooke up for ONE day... and I had Mike Morrison grab it. If you made this event, you're very fortunate. If you missed it, think of Torrey Pines, Palm Springs, Continental Divide, Riverside, Pensacola, DuPage, Independence... the list is long and well-storied. i don't know if they ever run drags the weekend before the NHRA Nationals.. how many teams showed up? i wanted to come up and spectate, but one by one everyone that said they were super duper excited to go with me dropped out and i didn't feel like driving over 100 miles each way all by myself..
  13. late 90's Suburbans have a redLED light bar on the roof for the third brake light that would work good for this kind of thing.. it's about a foot long and bolts to the roof.. the 2001 Blazer that i just picked up yesterday also has something similar.. either of these vehicles should be pretty common in any junkyard in the country..
  14. there's gotta be some sort of a conversion from Canadian to American... what is the exchange rate these days?
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