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  1. LAMR2

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    What Mender said is correct. You're removing air that would otherwise be flowing underneath the car, and instead turning it upwards. There's a reaction force component and a reduction of pressure underneath the front of the car.
  2. LAMR2

    Stolen Gear - SoCal Area

    I'll keep an eye out.
  3. It's pretty hard to ever want to put blame on the safety truck driver, but with the trajectory the truck was on I think the Miata would have had to somehow stop to avoid him.
  4. Wait, how was your fire suppression system plumbed? Did you just have aluminum tubing running from the extinguisher that necked down and then opened up?
  5. LAMR2

    New Team, New Car

    Is this for the rear windows? Rear window replacement with Lexan is free, so if that's what you're counting you can remove another 30 points.
  6. They had said before that the original video was not how they were going to measure and that it applied the rule improperly. You may want to clarify with someone before you do too much work.
  7. I think he was talking about using that as his metal tube to enclose his lines, not as the actual fuel line itself.
  8. LAMR2

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Instead of having to go through a ton of work creating a common swap table and adding even more confusion, why not just change "weight" to "swap weight + modifier". Use the current formula that works pretty well, and adjust the "weight" on slight outliers to get them where the board wants them? You still have the same tools and no added lists. I supposed you'd have to make a note in the VPI table that there was an adjustment to that vehicle's swap weight, but a simple asterisk would do.
  9. LAMR2

    Rolling miata fenders

    It's for safety, but its purpose is to make sure that performance modifications are done in a safe way. Making flares free would be like allowing a tube frame because your unibody twisting from a V8 swap is unsafe.
  10. LAMR2

    Entry for Indy Race

    IMO, selling of spots to a race with a waitlist shouldn't be allowed.
  11. LAMR2

    2019 Official Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    I don't know, this method seemed to be a lot less work for him, and he still got the answer. Maybe you're the VT grad, Bill.
  12. Track config? There aren't really any options with Big Willow, so does that mean CC is running Streets?
  13. LAMR2

    Spin = Two Feet In?

    I would say that you drive for the situation. Going two feet in any time you get out of balance is very predictable, but cars stopped on track are not necessarily safe. It's good, reliable advice for someone who hasn't been on a track before, but it isn't the ideal outcome for someone who at least somewhat knows what they're doing. My first response is to save the spin, as long as saving it doesn't mean I'm going to hit another car. Being on the line and at race pace is the easiest way to not get hit, so I'd rather keep going than stopping if I can. If I can't save the spin, then I do as much as I can to avoid other cars and give them a chance to miss me. Sometimes while in a tight pack, that would mean going two feet in. Sometimes it means not braking and just driving off the track. If I'm not in traffic, ending up off-line or off-track is the goal. A car off-line and moving off track is easier to miss than one sitting on the line, assuming other cars are actually driving where they're supposed to be. It's all judgement. Once you screw up, your number one goal should be doing what keeps everyone safe.
  14. This was posted a couple months back. His location is listed as San Diego, so not that far for you guys.
  15. LAMR2

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Something official sounding, like maybe Chisek himself saying it on video? It's funny to me how every new rule or set of leadership comes with the promise of rules stability, but the rate of change never lessens.