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  1. Just talked to him. He stopped short of saying "yeah it could definitely do that", but there are no issues that would prevent it. Obviously you know old cars are old and new things can fail along the way when you're talking about a trip of that length. I also tried to nail him down on the price some more. I think if you offered him something close to $1k and took it from his driveway, he'd have no problem with it. He knows he could get a little more money somewhere else, but likes the idea of the car going somewhere it'll live on for a while.
  2. Nobody? I thought for sure someone would need a clean shell. I'll give it a couple more days before telling him to get rid of it.
  3. I have a coworker with a 1993 BMW 325is that he's looking to get rid of. I'm posting here because he's tired of smogging it and just wants to get rid of it. He mentioned making a choice between scrapping it, donating it, or calling one of those "we buy any car" guys to come get it. I told him to hold off for a bit, because I know some people that are always looking for pristine shells. Am I right in thinking that some people here would have interest? I can organize getting some pictures if necessary, but I figured I'd gauge interest first before going through the work. 1993 325is
  4. Does your car originally come with rotor hats? If not, then yes.
  5. A few questions about the analysis: Was the road stationary or setup as a moving wall? How was the grid made? Automated in Fusion360? Do you know what the y+ is for the grid? Target/average/whatever Euler or full Navier-Stokes?
  6. Fab it yourself, like the series was built on
  7. Didn't know not allowing aftermarket performance upgrades for free in a budget series meant you're in cahoots with someone.
  8. That's exactly what they're supposed to do. Sometimes you end up with happy accidents from unintended consequences, but VGs are definitely not designed to "kick the air up and off the car".
  9. Thunk-thunk thunk-thunk thunk-thunk just on and on and on. That road is flat and straight with no crazy weather to contend with. I don't understand how it's that bad.
  10. If you DQ for anything over OEM capacity, I don't know if there will be a car left in the field. Filling until it runs out the filler is already more than the factory spec, and that's without modifying vents.
  11. Like ETR said, 225s on 9s is a very common setup. That's what we ran on the MR2 and what a ton of Miata teams run. Just a tiny bit of stretch makes the tires perform really well.
  12. I'd just like to request that no one tries the second part of this statement. It's a very bad gun safety practice.
  13. One more: A couple months after buying his new bull, the darn thing went cross-eyed and was having a hard time seeing the cows. So, Ole called up the vet and had him come out to the ranch. The vet took one look at the bull and knew what to do. He went back to his pickup and grabbed a piece of hose. "Okay Ole, I'm going to put this hose up the bull's rear, and when I blow into it, his eyes will straighten. I need you to go up front and tell me when they're straight so we don't go too far." This sounded pretty weird to Ole, but sure enough the vet gave
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