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  1. What math? The numbers posted apply to the wing, regardless of what car it's on. As for mounting it on the roof, you would get good performance out of the wing, but the downforce is going to be distributed between the front and rear wheels. Generally wings are used to increase downforce on just the rear.
  2. It's exportable in a Zeemap-only format for free, but to maintain the latitude and longitude data in a CSV you have to be an Executive member, which is $1k/yr, or $100/mo. So I guess CC/we could pay for a month and export it, then immediately cancel the subscription. You should be able to import the data into a custom Google Map, but I believe you need a google account to edit or add to the map. That's kind of a barrier to entry, but to stay free it might have to happen.
  3. Damn. That's a shame. If Champ wants to keep it going and feels it worth it to pay the yearly subscription cost, I'll happily hand the admin details over and @Bill Strong can manage it.
  4. LAMR2

    New Unicorn builds

    92 points instead of 80, so you'd be at 512 and taking laps.
  5. LAMR2

    New Unicorn builds

    The 148hp 1.8T is right at the knee point. A 180hp swap would be 863 points.
  6. LAMR2

    New Unicorn builds

    I had a thought this weekend. MkII VW Golf build VPI 200 1.8T swap 80 O2A trans 25 K04 turbo 100 FMIC 25 coilover kit 40 Wing/Splitter/Undertray 30 The turbo, intercooler, and all the stuff that goes with it well get you to 240-250hp. Stock fuel capacity is 14.5gal(55l), so you get 17 with a cell and surge, not including the oversized filler games you can play. Forums say Mk2s with stock engines are strippable to ~1825lbs. Add in cage, swap, and aero, but take out bumpers and extra sheet metal, and we'll say 1950lbs to be conservative. You end up with 500pts 240+hp (~8 PWR) 17+ gallons (sub-115 FWR) Full aero and stiffened springs/dampers The big downside is that it's FWD, but I think that's manageable with all the other numbers.
  7. LAMR2

    Decal Requirements

    "This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love ChampCar.live."
  8. Haha don't worry, I'm pretty familiar with that equation. I spend 1/2 my waking hours in front of a computer determining the Cd part. I just tend to trust an actual model and the numbers coming out simulations or a tunnel a bit more than a quoted magazine number.
  9. Now you need an aero model to build a lookup table for drag numbers.
  10. LAMR2

    What is an alumimum radiator

    Are you running your OE or equivalent radiator? No? Then it's points.
  11. LAMR2

    Fuel supplement formula

    That's what lowering the MR2 VPI did at the exact same time, yet poor Troy never hears the end of it. Sorry, a bit off topic, but had to point that out.
  12. LAMR2

    Electric Water Pumps

    That chart is in Celsius and 1x10^5 Pascals (essentially atmospheres), so the right edge of that chart is at ~3300psi. Here's the correct one. It's a logarithmic scale, so be careful when visually interpolating. There's a calculator on the same page that the chart was pulled from. A 25psi cap gets you to 240.1 degF.
  13. The "what happened" thread got replaced with a new one. Lots of forums have rules on how many pages a thread can have in an effort to keep things organized and reduce server load. It's probably a combination of those two. As for the protests thread, yeah, that seems like someone screwed up and caused an uproar, so they decided to quiet the masses while they work on a fix.
  14. LAMR2

    1st Gen RX7 subframe swap points?

    Hubs are under 2X now?
  15. LAMR2


    Bill has nothing to do with the rules. I don't know where your obsession with blaming this on him comes from.