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  1. Yep, if you had a magical pump that you could run as fast as you wanted without cavitation, you could get the engine to near ambient temps. The more massflow through the radiator, the higher average temp difference you'll maintain and the better cooling you'll have.
  2. LAMR2

    Non OE pulley clarification.

    Why can't you just run a shorter belt? Routing problems? Gutting the compressor and smog pump and just using them as idler pulleys is always an option.
  3. LAMR2

    Kill switches?

    As an alternative to having two cutoff switches and running thick battery cable everywhere, you can have the switch near the driver and just run a cable pull to a second location. One switch, but two ways to flip it.
  4. It's a safety concern generated by people trying to improve the performance of their cars. This is a way of not limiting tire size, but making sure cars are still safe when making improvements. What you're suggesting is like allowing someone to swap in a 400hp engine, then giving them a new diff for free because it isn't safe for them to break it and lose power on track.
  5. One person in a string of dozens of comments mentions wanting a sequential and it's deemed necessary to start a troll thread on the forums. This guy is so beneficial to the community.
  6. It looks an awful lot like a Champ number panel.
  7. Is someone actually running active aero or are the mounts just flimsy?
  8. Here I thought being good at something should give you an advantage rather than a handicap.
  9. The reason there isn't a consensus is because this series has been around for a decade, and the rule was one way for all of that except the last month.
  10. Real Racing - Real Tracks - Real Cheap Cars
  11. LAMR2

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    You hardly need master fab skills to bend the back end of a trunk upwards. Anyone with a grinder and a crescent wrench can do that. Can anyone give me one example of a shop with professional fabricators reusing stock material to make some part that most people in the series couldn't replicate?
  12. LAMR2

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    There is no advantage to it now. It used to be that if you were smart enough to cut and bend your body panels into a better aero shape you would save points to use somewhere else. Now the only benefit is saving a few dollars on raw metal cost, and you get to work with recycled material instead of a shiny new stuff as a delightful bonus. As an example: @Alchemy Autosport's car used to (might still) have a wing that they made out of thin wood for material cost. Instead of paying a bunch of points for material or commercial wing mounts, they repurposed the window mechanisms to make an adjustable wing mount for 0 points. Time and creativity saved them points and money that they were able to use in other areas. Stuff like that was what made this series so affordable and unique 2+ years ago.
  13. LAMR2

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    I miss when the people with the best cars in this series were the ones with fab and engineering skills that used creativity to wring every bit of performance out of their cars by modifying and reusing stock components. Goodbye creative building, hello checkbook racing.
  14. Look at the base of the windshield, for example. There is going to be a positive Cp there, so the air is pushing the body panels in. The reactionary force would be outwards.