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  1. LAMR2

    Wing suspension setup

    Pointing out that bad aero is bad isn't wrong. Your statement is correct. There were people that actually said aerodynamic devices wouldn't have a measurable impact at our speeds, since apparently at 40mph a Cessna can fly but racecar wings can't produce downforce. Those are the people we like to poke at.
  2. LAMR2

    Wing suspension setup

    He's being sarcastic. Until about a year ago there was a pretty vocal subset on the forum that claimed we don't drive fast enough for aero to be effective. Tyler likes to make fun of them.
  3. Your Fiero drives a little different than the MR2 then. Obviously letting off completely or braking results in an immediate spin, but the MR2 is well-mannered enough that you can let off just a tish to get the rear to come around. It's walking a thin line, though, for sure.
  4. You're from Florida. You should know it's the Southern way to turn your flashers on in the rain despite any laws against it.
  5. It's a lot of fun to decide you want some more rotation mid-corner, let off the gas a bit, wait for the rear to come around, and then get back on it.
  6. LDRL does do well. I've raced with them and enjoyed it, but prefer Champ. I don't enjoy seeing cars come off track for a talking to because they overcooked a corner and put a couple wheels in the dirt. That could be an uncommon occurrence and not indicative of the current series, though, since it's been a couple years. Regardless, that's a separate discussion. The convenience comment stems just from the reactions I regularly see on here. I don't keep a running tally, but I remember a lot more people in the PNW saying a race won't be full because X series is having a race at Y track three weeks earlier and it's just too short of a turnaround, while most of teams in the East will say 'it's gonna be tough but we'll throw it together. Can't miss this." Maybe that happens more because there is more direct competition here, naybe the people who skip races in the East just don't speak up about it, or maybe it's just confirmation bias and doesn't happen at all. As I said, that's just the impression I've gathered from reading comments.
  7. Just an observation over the past 4 years, but it's always seemed to me like the East really wants to race, and the PNW really wants to race when it's convenient. Chumpcar made mistakes, but other areas of the country seem to have forgiven Champcar, while much of the West coast still thinks it's a crashfest with John running the show.
  8. Slightly stretched is the way to go. I'd have to dig for the Spec Miata test data I read when we decided on wheels years ago, but IIRC 225s were 1s quicker per ~90s lap on 8" rims compared to 7", and another 1s on 9" compared to 8".
  9. The wing is always going to have drag, but adding an airdam to the front might improve the aero enough to offset the addition of the wing.
  10. LAMR2

    Strut Bar PSA

    More than one rule can apply to the same thing, guys. Ten points weren't added because he was over the maximum value roll cage. Ten points were added because it was determined to be a strut reinforcement bar. 4.3.2. Fixed Point Value List •shock/strut-tower reinforcement bar (commercial or homemade): 10 pts each What other reason would there be for having a horizontal cage tube in that spot? It doesn't add cage stiffness since it isn't triangulated. It's there solely to increase the chassis's ability to maintain a consistent distance between its strut towers. What's a bolt-in strut bar do? Oh, right.
  11. Whether it works or not, I'd hesitate to use it. I'm sure Bill has the limit where it's at for a reason. You pay for hosting by bandwidth and storage space. The more pictures hosted by the forum, the more it costs to run. If, as a group, we're nowhere near the amount already paid for, then it's not a big deal.
  12. LAMR2

    Strut Bar PSA

    That has always been my interpretation of it and I believe Phil's forum opinion of it. Sounds like you were just able to get Phil to think it was not worth the trouble of arguing in person and make an exception.
  13. Drive down, race, fly home, fly back, race, drive home. Two races for the tow of one!
  14. LAMR2

    Rad Ducting behind air dam -> additional points?

    Yep, everything in aero is about tradeoffs. Tapering the rear end down to a point is objectively better for drag than a Kammback, but the problem is that people actually have to use the cars.