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  1. Stock is defined as within OEM specs. You could overbore within factory rebuild specs and you're still "stock". I don't think you'd need one to allow it since how it's written it's currently legal, but I guess clarification isn't bad.
  2. So just like a flat plate spoiler or any angled surface on the back of the car. You saying no to @wvumtnbkr made that confusing. His statement was correct, as a racecar wing is just an upside-down airplane wing. Flying it in reverse wouldn't generate more lift that a fixed spoiler of similar size or open bumper cover would. If you have a crazy F1-style airfoil you'll increase your projected area a decent amount, but something like the Elan airfoils people are buying are pretty thin comparatively.
  3. An elevator in the front of a plane is a canard. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying. If I read that right, you're saying that the "front elevator" on the Wright Flyer is a conventional airfoil turned around, so what would normally be the trailing edge is now the leading edge?
  4. Huh? A canard is just a smaller wing in front of the center of gravity of the plane. It's not flying backwards, it just is a different profile and at a different AoA.
  5. The 2017 financials showed the income from memberships was ~$186k. At $50 each, that's ~3720 people.
  6. @Racer7x The original video from the CEO himself. If the timestamp doesn't work, start at 3:08. If stock manifolds don't fit, aftermarket headers have always been allowed to make it fit. Go ahead and petition if you want that to be changed, but people need to stop trying to reinterpret rules that have been established and applied a certain way for years. @QuaTTro Wiring and ECU changes are not required. You can make a stock harness work with hours of depinning, repinning, and splicing. You could (with time) use the stock wiring harness and an open aftermarket ECU to make the swap work, so a wiring is harness is not required to make a swap work. It does, however, save a ton of time. Since wiring is open, it's also free to save this time, and as it's not required, doesn't need to be in the swap math.
  7. I would assume by "too wide and slow" for a line he means that you aren't going fast enough to warrant that type of corner. If you aren't running out to the edge of the track upon exit, you didn't need to be that wide. Like in the video vtjballeng posted above, you had a lane and a half of room to your left as you exited the corner, so you really didn't need to make the turn that wide at your speed. You'd be doing yourself a favor to cut that corner a little shorter and use up the outside edge of the track.
  8. Yeah, definitely needs something to physically separate or at least make the ones that are required appear differently.
  9. I sold my piece of the team and "retired". I think @Bluto has been pretty busy lately, but you might be able to convince him since it's 2 months notice.
  10. This was in 2016 when the series was still newer, so it's possible they've loosened up a bit. Perhaps they had been having issues at the time or something and wanted to crack down, but I was surprised how strict they were.
  11. LAMR2

    More brake cooling questions...

    My response was going to be the same thing as Mender's. You're always going to have a temperature differential at some point, so why would it matter? The unsupported face is something I hadn't thought about, though. It would be interesting to see an FEA comparison of the two situations.
  12. The thing that always gets me with incidents like this is they aren't even close. It's not like he hit something with the trailer right back by the axle on a short trailer or caught something with the outside corner of a long trailer when it swung wide. To hit something that far in front of the front axle means he wasn't even in the neighborhood of being ok. I just don't understand how you can have your head that far up your ass and still reach adulthood.
  13. Please just buy it and run the swap.
  14. LAMR2

    More brake cooling questions...

    Have you ever seen this cause an issue? We ran brakes like that and I've seen plenty of other internet frankenstein setups with an unused band at the bottom of the rotor. I've never seen or heard of it being a problem.
  15. LAMR2

    Wing suspension setup

    Pointing out that bad aero is bad isn't wrong. Your statement is correct. There were people that actually said aerodynamic devices wouldn't have a measurable impact at our speeds, since apparently at 40mph a Cessna can fly but racecar wings can't produce downforce. Those are the people we like to poke at.