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  1. wd6681

    Differentials Learn Me!

    Before going to an lsd you might want to consider trying an open diff with either stiffer front springs or a bigger bar. LSDs are a good thing but can be a bandaid. Going to an open diff the car will feel much looser because there will be significantly less rolling resistance on turn in.
  2. One might want to consider the alternative before bashing the rules system. It's kind of like the capitalism, not perfect but the best we have. Personally I consider all of the other index based series socialism... A $70,000 car is a fraction compared to some teams tow rigs and equipment and those teams know just as well as anyone that someone can show up with a car on a single axle trailer and a van full of spares and take the overall. -that is racing-
  3. wd6681

    Megasquirt help: I'm sooo close

    Apologies, I think I had a brainfart, mapdot and speed density refer to the same thing. For my M20 I just hand entererd basically a stock ignition table and fuel I just let megasquirt figure it out itself based off enginep peramiters I do have a wideband and do allow it to 'learn'. At the Dyno nearly all the power increase came from leaning the car out. I guess my point is that once running your car should run reasonably well, maybe not idle but it should run and sound healthty.
  4. wd6681

    Megasquirt help: I'm sooo close

    What are you running, MAPdot, speed density, alpha-n, or a hybrid?
  5. wd6681

    Megasquirt help: I'm sooo close

    Ditto on logging your trigger signals and adjusting your pots accordingly. My M20 takes a lot of cranking to start since megasquirt, but it does so I have not looked into it greatly. A Canadian racer whom is aarine mechanic said this usually comes from too much ignition advance or too much voltage drop from the starter. He suggested running a jumper from the starter wire to the ignition/coils. Are you running a bip373? Where on the board?
  6. wd6681

    Most comfortable seat for racing?

    Not a ton of experience here but compared to a few sparcos and OMPs I and a few other drivers like our ultrashield spec Miata seat (in a bmw). It is very small and snug, I think 14in. The seat is comfortable for 2 reasosns, it's positioning in the car (angle etc) and the fact that the seat holds the body at the hips and torso likr a kar seat would such that the harnesses are for safety only. I also like how easy an aluminum seat is to work with in terms of relatively flexible design in terms of mounting
  7. wd6681

    FIRE & FUEL. Read

    Sounds like this is a decision up to the person running the event. If there have been a string of events with a bad record then put the expected standard in the sups. If an event starts to go south then it is the person running the event that can make the most sound decisions of when to start dropping penalties. It's like Mike Rowe says it 'safety third'. Everyone knows that the top priorities are to get the car fueled and out as fast as possible. It is the routiness of a rulebook that will make fueling dangerous as people over time will become lax. This all comes down to judgement, the series wants us to practice good judgement. Rules regarding safety are for minimum standards of materials for things like fire suits and roll cages.
  8. This is a joke. I have declared the 4.10 in my e30 from day 1. If you dont see running an automatic ratio in a 5 speed car as a diff swap then you better consider changing your profession to politics. It is a performance benefit.
  9. Congrats to Chumpcar Canada for staging a great weekend at Shannonville. The weekend went smoothly even without power for most of Saturday! I felt the driving by everyone was very good. Always enjoy driving in Canada!
  10. wd6681

    289 crank in an explorer 302

    Still disagree. Efficient engines are not a product of their slow engine speed. Slow engine speed is a typical byproduct of an efficient engine. Egreed the the small difference in displacement will make a difference.
  11. wd6681

    289 crank in an explorer 302

    The 289 would have lower friction because of a higher rod to stroke ratio. Larger bores are usually less fuel efficient because of flame front control. Furthermore I think large bores are less efficient in low loads beacuse of the diameter of the combustion chamber. In racing we run the motor in high load all the time achieving the highest efficiency. The only way to make a 302 less thirsty is to produce less power. Other changes will either make it produce more power from the same amount of fuel (better thermal and or mechanical efficiency) or increase air flow which will produce a greater fuel requirement.
  12. wd6681

    No slider - different drivers

    Yes, I second double locking seat sliders. I would also mention it is good to have your seat sliders connected to the cage rather than the floor. Mine connects to the lower door sill bar and a large 3/16 plate welded to the driveshaft hump.
  13. wd6681

    2018 Tire News?

    Do you by chance remember if the tires were imprinted made in Japan? Or elsewhere. Toyo owns Nitto but also has manufacturing in China so the Nitto might likely be a cheaper import. The R1R has some unique performance attributes; as in I find Hot pressures below 30psi are best. However the section widths and load rating are different between the 205/50R15 Nitto and Toyo so I believe they are a different carcass. Do they drive like an R1R which feel mushy like a bias ply but with a ton of grip?
  14. wd6681

    2018 Tire News?

    Rs4s seem to be the best of all world's in terms of wear and speed. My limited experience has found they are delicate like rs3s. Specifically they love to flat spot. Compared to toyos yokohamas and bridgesones , a lock up event always creates a flat spot and as a result always gets bigger. Have others found this?