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  1. Do you consider that with these changes they become as efficient as a naturally aspirated piston engine?
  2. Right, for example a 12a is going to have similar power to a 1.6 Miata but is thirstier. Thank you for the help.
  3. Rotaries are far less thirsty than I thought. My M20 e30 burns around 8.5-9/hr.
  4. The s4 motor was the 4 port 145hp motor? Or 6 port 160hp?
  5. Can any of you running a rotary share what your gallons/hr rate is? Please share your high end numbers such as a fast driver at a fast track. If you would also share what motor it is and injected or carbed. I am really looking for naturally aspirated motors. Also if willing please share the octane of gasoline you prefer to run. Thank you
  6. You are looking for Mostmint. They run the fastest Saturn I know of. Also have provided me with some knowledge about the motors and gearboxess.
  7. It has to do with temperature. Probably the biggest factor being less tread squirm and deformation. There are probably other factors too.
  8. Apologies that this is a vent of frustration, but this is getting out if hand. Most of us race cars with plenty of access to new and used parts, infact it may be a large reason we chose that car. Suppose through your own choice, you choose an obscure car with no access to good condition used parts and your camshaft is pitted, damaged, gouged. Yes have the base circle turned down and the cam reground to stock specs. Do this so as I said you can sleep at night. More expensive than buying a cam for a more generic car? Yes, but you made your choice and it is you responsibility to own it. Want to cheat? Yeah do it and you will probably get away with it. If you are fortunate enough to win as a cheater just remember this. For 100 years in the amateur level of tennis you rely on the HONESTY of the calls of your opponent. You want to cheat? Sure get your glory, then see how no one wants to play with you.
  9. Here comes the scca rulebook... And the series having to buy scales, mics, and an assortment of other tools. Raising prices and cutting into racing time. Simple interpretation of champcar rules- can you sleep at night?
  10. Did not realize pine view was open to something like this for non members.
  11. Before going to an lsd you might want to consider trying an open diff with either stiffer front springs or a bigger bar. LSDs are a good thing but can be a bandaid. Going to an open diff the car will feel much looser because there will be significantly less rolling resistance on turn in.
  12. One might want to consider the alternative before bashing the rules system. It's kind of like the capitalism, not perfect but the best we have. Personally I consider all of the other index based series socialism... A $70,000 car is a fraction compared to some teams tow rigs and equipment and those teams know just as well as anyone that someone can show up with a car on a single axle trailer and a van full of spares and take the overall. -that is racing-
  13. Apologies, I think I had a brainfart, mapdot and speed density refer to the same thing. For my M20 I just hand entererd basically a stock ignition table and fuel I just let megasquirt figure it out itself based off enginep peramiters I do have a wideband and do allow it to 'learn'. At the Dyno nearly all the power increase came from leaning the car out. I guess my point is that once running your car should run reasonably well, maybe not idle but it should run and sound healthty.
  14. What are you running, MAPdot, speed density, alpha-n, or a hybrid?
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