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  1. And your car is manual? What kind of car is it? Do you know if they are moly coated bronze syncros or fiber?
  2. I have to run hygard in automatics. Your car is manual? Improvement over atf or just cheaper?
  3. This is in not intended to be critical of tech. I have experienced different interpretations of rules even at the same race. Again this is not meant to be critical of tech, our rules are in general meant to be self enforced. I suppose all I am saying is in my eyes based on experience it is legal. If you podium with an M42 you are not going to get a protest from me but a pat on the back.
  4. This is not correct, internet specifications do not work. By the end of production BMW was using whatever tank was laying around, M42 cars have been seen with the 16 gallon tank. I cannot speak for the M10 318, although unless you are running a turbo I do not see an M10 needing that kind of fuel.
  5. Pennzoil GT performance 25w50 Shell helix 70w80 gl4 in transmission Pennzoil 75w90 EP synthetic in diff
  6. I thought it was great to see so many EC cars such as the Cayman and the minis. It is great seeing cars like these run with us as they typically might run in a series like AER. Awesome to see how some extreme builds of older cars like the GWR E30, parts badger Miata, and viceral 944 can run towards the front with former pro series cars.
  7. What about rotaries, preferring 87 octane. Diesels? Typically someone would run race gas because of higher compression or high levels of boost. High compression is handled through component rules, high boost is somewhat regulated through reliability. I think there are bigger fish to fry than this one.
  8. I am curious about the troubles you have had with megasquirt. I am a jeweler but yet I was able to get it working on my BMW. PM me with the problems and maybe I can help -wes
  9. Unswapped, but prepared to spec Miata quality Miata of any generation. I do not mean spec Miata parts per see but that quality of preparation a podium car would have.
  10. The next car I build will not have an adjustable seat, but adjustable pedals and wheel. Figure that and midget shims should cover it all.
  11. Do you consider that with these changes they become as efficient as a naturally aspirated piston engine?
  12. Right, for example a 12a is going to have similar power to a 1.6 Miata but is thirstier. Thank you for the help.
  13. Rotaries are far less thirsty than I thought. My M20 e30 burns around 8.5-9/hr.
  14. The s4 motor was the 4 port 145hp motor? Or 6 port 160hp?
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