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  1. Most of the imsa and lemans racers near the end of h patter gearboxes that I am aware of used synchros for longevity. I think that most found that dog rings became too rounded or damaged in endurance races. Could be wrong though!!
  2. When sitting in a chair are you able to roll on the ball of your right foot (big toe to little toe and back) but by spreading your right leg from your left? Even with legs that have limited movement I feel cannot do this is more a function of car than driver (for example many cars, the throttle is just way too deep relative to the brake). I do not 'heel & toe', I press the throttle while I brake by whatever means, usually by using the right half of the brake pedal pad and 'spreading my leg' to push throttle with the right hand ball of my foot. Revmatching with downshifts will save a lot of drivetrain damage. Please revote a lot of time to the pedals in your car before concluding you can't. Consider the following changes -Make throttle and brake level in dept in resting position -widen throttle to bring closer to brake pedal -narrow brake pedal (if you want to press on the middle of the pedal but still easily be able to roll the ball of your foot) In conclusion I feel there is no technique to the misleading name of 'heel & toe' the goal is the ability to apply the throttle while braking when you want Good luck!
  3. I too am interested in people's experience with a lightweight steel vs aluminum flywheel. A clutch expert told me that they have found several aluminum flywheels that flex (cup) from the pressure plate. In chasing down clutch issues in an E30 (m20) one of the things we did was change from an alloy flywheel to a stock iron one, the pedal felt approximately 10-20% firmer. This did not resolve our clutch issues however as it was related to oiling. I do notice that all the high end stuff is steel rather than aluminum. Experience everyone?
  4. Does anyone know how much the 93 octane is at the track? Or based on years past pricing relative to public pumps. Thanks
  5. Google for a stock timing table and manually put in those numbers. My finding was not much more timing was required. Make sure your trigger angle offset is correct or else no one's input is relevant. You only need to focus on the top highest kpa rows for racing.
  6. Classes based on displacement are ambiguous. A cars point value already has a handicap based on various metrics much as power to weight. The classes would be less ambiguous If they were broken into points thresholds.
  7. With classing by points more people might be interested in chasing for class wins. It also could work on both ends of the field, prevent people from leaving champcar that feel unrepresented at the bottom and bring in new customers at the top from series like AER and WRL. Just a thought but who's to say the top class caps at 500 points? It seems like 3 classes would be the magic number. Giving space for basic na miatas, Japanese, American, and European econoboxes on the bottom. BMWs, newer cars basic cars, and modified cars from below, and the top class consisting of newer sports cars and more extreme builds from lower classes. Naturally you keep the same rules just that's about how they would be filtered
  8. https://www.syracuse.com/business-news/2018/01/ny_taxpayers_built_90m_factory_in_dewitt_for_firm_that_walked_away_didnt_create.html No he doesn't inflate gas tanks, just connected bank accounts
  9. Makes tire strategy more interesting...
  10. FYI falkens website is listing 205/50r15 225/45r15 245/40r15
  11. I have had good luck with turbo or chambered mufflers. Probably nuter some power but I usually step up the diameter at the muffler compared to the rest of the pipe. Interestingly they are noisy in the pits at idle then quiet on track.
  12. FYI we like the R4 because of its smooth application and release for trail braking. The other E30 I have driven has boosted brakes and ABS, brake setup is meant to use ABS with lots of bite with pads like hawk HT-10s. You might want to consider a similar route with lots of bite then just vary the front rear pad based on balance.
  13. Manual or boosted brakes? They don't last as long as pfcs but I love the feel of porterfield R4. This was on an E30 with manual brakes.
  14. Do you remember what your hot pressure was?
  15. 15x8 for all. All tires were 205/50r15 other than rs4s and R1Rs. I would run the 205/50R15 R1R next time and expect the speed to be equal or maybe faster due to lower weight.
  16. Maybe if you paced it. 169whp bmw M20 burns 9-9.5gph track depending. Pretty sure a 250hp rotary could surpass 10gph...
  17. What about making protests 2 stages? Normal protest is $50 and internal engine protest is more? Say $200. Cover the price of head gaskets and bolts.
  18. Has the Canadian schedule been finalized with Calabogie & Mosport (CTMP) being the only dates? Or are further negotiations going on with more dates?
  19. Dunno, been to races in Canada where the leader was kicked out on its way to impound. My vibe was everyone agreed. Sometimes you need to be a hole to be a hero.
  20. Hazing is so 2019. Totally down for it. I call protesting lug nuts.
  21. Don't worry. Big dollar teams that cheat always end with contact between teamates, especially if one is an overated rookie.
  22. These things and Springs only count on e30s. Especially if it's not swapped and has no aero.
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