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  1. Is the 2020 schedule complete or will more dates be added?
  2. FYI the easiest way to test ignition is to use the test mode in the program, you can select the frequency etc and just ground a plug and check it out. Following that working you should indeed check it out with the starter cranking.
  3. If none of the basics fix it, check your ignition timing at start, could be too advanced. The car did not run megasquirt before? What output on the megasquirt are you using to fire the coils?
  4. I believe you are less likely to flatspot the tires; yes because the brakes are easier to modulate but also I swear that when you lockup and lift they release quicker. This could be a tire thing too, as I notice if you lockup an RS4 it flatspots, toyos, both yokohamas, and Z3s do not flatspot easily. Interested to see if anyone else has found the same with manual brakes.
  5. I run a wilwood Tm1 in our bmw and made a bracket to bolt it to the firewall. I agree do not run a single, don't think cars have done that since the early 50s.
  6. Believe me, it's the unreal price of the Pistons more than anything. Parts cars have always been our best source. Miles shouldn't scare you away, the block in our car has 250,000 miles and then was oil starved and spun a rod bearing. Cylinders were still straight enough to re-hone and run stock pistons with file fit 10 over rings.
  7. I have plenty of shortblocks for cheap! You would need to source yourself a head. All of these blocks would need to go 20 over, cannot get away with a hone and ring. Syracuse new York
  8. I am not seeing adjustable cam gears in the rules anymore. Are they lumped in with the 50pt camshaft/valvetrain value?
  9. Thank-You Very much! That is the kind of endorsement I was looking for.
  10. HDEO is 'Heavy Duty Engine Oil', most call it diesel oil, but many are rated for both gas and diesel. Common products are Shell Rotella, Chevron Delo, etc.
  11. Just what we need! another oil thread! I am looking for a poll of people that have run an HDEO oil in any weight or any brand (for example Rotella, 10W30, 5W40, 15W40) in their race car(s) for long periods and had success. I currently run a racing oil; availability and cost of a common HDEO just cannot be beaten. The point of contention I hear is that HDEOs have lots of detergents and not as many AW additives compared to a race oil. Has anyone run 100+ race hours on any HDEO, happy with performance on teardown?
  12. At the Nelson 24 we tried the Dunlop ziii which was the 7th type of tire on our E30. After only a few stints in became clear that 8 dunlops would not be enough (5 lefts and 3 rights). We ended up finishing the race without dipping into our continental rain tires but this was only make possible by some time off the track repairing the car and by flipping tires around front back left right all over the place. Other than that the tires were great and by that I mean probably about as fast as an RS4. They were very flat spot resistant however with multiple lockups but no thumping all weekend. Earlier this year we ran the Yokohama A052 at Watkins Glen. These have been the fastest tire we have run yet. They seem to be re71r performance but never overheat. Watkins Glen is very easy on tires for us so this may not be accurate but I feel these tires last 10-20% longer than an re71r. They are very expensive. Our favorite driving tire has been the Yokohama aD08R, this tire lasts long, gives consistent performance, and is easy to drive. I estimate its life is 75% to equal to that of the RS4 but with better braking and excellent rain performance. This tire is also expensive. The continental extreme contact is surprisingly good and not that far off the pace from 200tw tires. We have not had the chance to run them in rain conditions that would really give them an advantage. They did not last for is because they chunked at tht shoulder (after 8 hours at mosport) The Toyo R1R has very unique driving characteriscs that a lot of us enjoyed. It is great under the brakes, not as strong at multitasking. It feels sloppy but puts down great laptimes. It has an odd reputation of being fast wearing but in our experience, if you are willing to run them bald they last as long as most other tires but furthermore endure abrassive tracks very well. These have been our best wearing tire at calabogie. I hope my humble opinion can help some others choose to or not to run a tire. Thanks
  13. Realistically I agree with you guys, safety is progress. My greater concern is for those that have not raced there, I don't want them to be scared away. The track is working too hard for people to not show up and enjoy it. That and even as a young guy it holds a genuine and nolstagic place in my heart for racing, like going to the grubby drag races with my dad and getting fries and spraying vinegar on them with a spray bottle.
  14. I personally see Nelson as a bucket list track. It is a badge of honor that only Amateur racers wear. These magazine snippets show some big names racing there but when they raced at Nelson they were coming into OUR arena. I would like to believe that when they left they had a real good time. In the world of glamorous, clean, and private race tracks Nelson is in some ways a breath of fresh air or maybe more of a hazing ritual to be in our sport. Whatever it is, I love it.
  15. 191 Correlates more with the performance I saw from the car. Changing 200tw tires every pit stop fits in the rules; a 274hp boxster does not. Confidence restored! We too were switching tires around nearly every pit stop; trying to make 8 Dunlop Z3's go 24 hours.
  16. I think Nelson hit it out of the park. $3 fuel... Which was available 24hrs are some of the first things that come to mind.
  17. Saw the pull but was not looking at screen and asked someone else looking at it, high enough that I was hesitant to share, maybe a Dyno issue? I was more curious why it happened, now I am curious if that number is real.
  18. I only saw 1 of the cars get dynoed. Math did not add up for me. But not for me to judge.
  19. What was up with the Dyno following impound? Was it a protest?
  20. What weight oil do most of you guys run in your smallblocks for endurance racing?
  21. A machinest friend if mine swears by align honing the cam bearings for power and reliability. Cannot speak for it myself but his knowledge and experience has always been right. Just pointing it out because this is something you will not find in a crate motor.
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