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  1. Thank you scribe . It was a question brought up by a team member and I didn't have a answer for him. Not trying to stir any pot was just wondering. Thanks again.
  2. Has it ever been discussed/considered giving laps to cars that are under the 500 point threshold? Say a 300 and under car gets 10 laps and up to 400 gets 5 or 6. This option allows teams a chance to remain somewhat competitive and keeping the spirit of the series intact. I know there are variables involved but the idea is to reward teams for trying to keep the costs down. That's all have a good morning.
  3. Well it's really snowing today.😨 So far the racers are handling the conditions quite well. I'm sure there'll be pics... Visibility dropped to about 1/4 mile at one point.
  4. Correction Bill ... It's ummmmmmmno. 😎 And it's a heck of a bad time to not run this year .... grrrrrrrrr 😠
  5. Quit working, it only gets in the way of the waiting. S.McQueen in LeMans (paraphrased)
  6. So I could put that 302 into a 1st gen Bronco II ... hmmmmm Serious popcorn fodder ...
  7. The 410 is easier to work on... just say'n. I guess the name will settle in, but I know our car will always be fondly referred to as "the chumper"...
  8. I suppose you want a throttle that goes to eleven also ...
  9. It's that super trick independently adjustable camber thingy. All the fast teams are runnin'em. You should have known.
  10. Does anybody have an actual clue as to the name? I really don't give a poop, but I figured it would be announced by now. CarsHavingUnlimitedMechanicalPossibilities seems bout right considering this years value processing scheme.
  11. Blend lines... If you're a newb or an experienced racer at a new facility. Go for a walk! Take a long look at pit exit. Look at the sightlines, see how far that line goes down track. Lookup track, imagine how that will look in your mirror, where the racing line is as it relates to the blend line. Finally, WATCH a car or ten at pit exit early in the day so you can see how it works.
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