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  1. Thanks ... I was in the smoke waiting for the pearly gates to show up. Ya know
  2. Anyone have images of Laps of Honor silver corvette blowing up the transmission going into 5 Sat morning?
  3. And put a gear reduction starter in front of them ... it keeps them calm. Or so I've heard. i kid i kid
  4. I was getting nervous at 87 entries but 94 this morning ... daymmmm this is gonna be fun and busy !! Do wish they'd put a column in the entry list for class.
  5. Thank you scribe . It was a question brought up by a team member and I didn't have a answer for him. Not trying to stir any pot was just wondering. Thanks again.
  6. Has it ever been discussed/considered giving laps to cars that are under the 500 point threshold? Say a 300 and under car gets 10 laps and up to 400 gets 5 or 6. This option allows teams a chance to remain somewhat competitive and keeping the spirit of the series intact. I know there are variables involved but the idea is to reward teams for trying to keep the costs down. That's all have a good morning.
  7. Well it's really snowing today. So far the racers are handling the conditions quite well. I'm sure there'll be pics... Visibility dropped to about 1/4 mile at one point.
  8. Correction Bill ... It's ummmmmmmno. And it's a heck of a bad time to not run this year .... grrrrrrrrr
  9. Quit working, it only gets in the way of the waiting. S.McQueen in LeMans (paraphrased)
  10. So I could put that 302 into a 1st gen Bronco II ... hmmmmm Serious popcorn fodder ...
  11. The 410 is easier to work on... just say'n. I guess the name will settle in, but I know our car will always be fondly referred to as "the chumper"...
  12. I suppose you want a throttle that goes to eleven also ...
  13. It's that super trick independently adjustable camber thingy. All the fast teams are runnin'em. You should have known.
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