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  1. The BCCR on HANS hasn't changed. I'm not sure where the mumblings came from or what the deal is. If your HANS has some sort of SFI or FIA certification on it, I would expect it to be allowed in champcar. Any suggestion otherwise is in direct violation of our BCCR.
  2. Hey, thanks for the expression of interest. I am still hard at work on this. Still looking at the end of Q1 although that might get pushed back a few weeks. For that timing I'd need to be ready to place my order by the end of the month, which isn't going to happen. My 2nd prototype is finished today, this one corrects for the tie rod end clearance and I am attempting to gain a touch more radial clearance for wheel fitment. I will get the results out asap and report back. Website is nearing completion as well, where I should be able to route the orders thro
  3. Yes, please do. I'm quite sure they are tired of me submitting those things.
  4. This was done 2 years ago, amongst some varying opinions. So it was partially done. “weight” refers to the ChampCar Swap Performance Value of that make and model, as determined by ChampCar.
  5. Can you post the question you asked to tech and the complete answer you received?
  6. White-Rodgers 586-903 (15v) is the coil for this diagram. http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/190320.pdf You can also use a 586-902 (12v) or a 586-911 (12v, SPDT) which will allow installation of the resistor at the coil instead of at the switch. For the manual kind, this is the diagram which comes with it and its quite good. The issue with the manual switches is the vast, vast number of knockoff devices. Your really GOTTA buy this from a reputable source, and expect it to cost ~$75. Pegasus Racing is a good source and where I get mine f
  7. Still working on this dudes. From what I can tell nothing malicious is going on here. There's no underlying scheme to give swap miatas extra points. I believe we have put ourselves into an "error trap" as we call it at work. We (champcar) have multiple systems of record for these values (VPI and SPV) VPI = .pdf sheets (x2) and the website lookup tool (which uses a lookup table of some sort) SPV = .csv downloadable and marked as "reference only" and the website swap calculator (which uses a lookup table of some sort also) These records all have to m
  8. Jebuz. Figured I would do something friendly and post up a helpful diagram. Didn't know it was gonna start a poop ton of drama. The diagram as drawn works safely and meets the rules. Use it if you like. Add a breaker on the wire labeled "keep this short" if you want. Or don't use it. whatever. Its not my fault if a buncha people wired their car wrong and need to fix it. My petition wasn't even about wiring. This forum really is crap.
  9. No email that I recall. Its here on the website https://champcar.org/web/bod.php
  10. Fire away: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe6a6aMT6_KWLSdK-hSWPHwdR0J5vmz83ObSOvzqWQeHhUGwQ/viewform Last day to submit 28Feb
  11. While that will pass the champcar tech "test" of killing the car if you interrupt the correct ignition wire, it isn't technically correct. Its really no different than not having a solenoid and just having a switch on the dash that kills power to the ECU or something. The battery is supposed to be completely isolated from the car when the kill switch is activated. If your wire from the alternator got smushed the kill switch would not stop it from arcing.
  12. I'm writing a petition on kill switches right now and came across this diagram I made for wiring in a kill switch using the white-rodgers solenoid. Figured I would share incase it helps any teams doing this also. Hopefully I'm not reposting myself.
  13. Never used those, but I have had good luck with my local hydraulic shop (what caters to the construction guys fixing bobcats and track hoes and such) making me all sorts of custom lines and fittings for very affordable prices. I'd be concerned buying anything marketed as "race hose" - I just read that as "normal hose with a 50% markup"
  14. That was discussed at the BOD meeting and was an unintentional issue resolving from the way the CSV files work in the backend of the website. It should be resolved now - if it is not please email me and I will work to correct it. We are also working to understand why this system keeps resulting in accidental errors. We want to improve the process going forward. Sorry for the confusion Chris
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