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  1. From an engineering standpoint I would discourage bending the main hoop as you describe in the original post then. I would put the feet in the back corners and lean the whole thing forward slightly so it fits in the top corners. The main hoop should be in a single plane for maximum strength. Note: This is not a requirement in the rules, but based on my engineering background and is a suggestion What you have pictured in the blue truck looks like very nice work, and accomplishes generally the same thing you are trying to do right (move the driver seat as far b
  2. Do you have a picture of what you propose to do? I'm having a hard time following your words
  3. Look like AO52 clones. Gonna be the new RE71 perhaps https://www.facebook.com/258097394991518/posts/522279311906657/
  4. I should mention. The guys at Konig Wheel USA are super helpful. They spent over an hour on the phone with me trying to get my brake kit to fit inside one of their wheels. Didn't work out, but the effort was A+
  5. Even if you call tire rack, they aren't useful for shopping for wheels. Its real disappointing. Discount Tire has sold me wheels before, they have a good selection and let you shop by size. Otherwise I generally google "Wheel Fitment MY CAR HERE" and see what comes up, then go to a wheel manufacturer's website and try to find a retailer from there.
  6. I can report back with some more information. The BOD did vote on the ban for MCM (This was before my time, but we discussed it in January via email once I came onboard, and the position had not changed), but the CEO felt that a Champcar "Death Penalty" with no path for reconciliation was too extreme. I understand that the CEO and MCM had a lengthy phone conversation and MCM was judged to say the correct things in order to open the door to a return pathway. MCM is supposed to be working on a publication or presentation (I'm not sure of the specifics), and I
  7. Nothing to see here, just another thing thats "not changing" NCM's sound limit is 106, but for some reason champcar decided to enforce 96? I assume this was taken away from all walls and buildings, with the cars by themselves on that section of track? Damn, lots of teams racing this weekend with no mufflers. Just put a muffler on the car. Oh wait, Belittling customers might be a bad thing.
  8. This is how I do them, 2 continuous tubes with the rotation under compression trying to push them into each other and the gussets used to keep them from separating.
  9. Yall hold up for a bit before lighting the fires on your pitchforks. Questions have been asked internally. With the staff all at NCM, the answer won't likely come until next week. WGI is usually a sellout. Selling to MCM doesn't get Champcar more $ than selling to someone else. I don't know what happened yet, but i'd think it unlikely "the almighty dollar" ($3000 in this case) is involved. Can we pause the speculation until I can get an answer? Thanks Chris
  10. I seem to have missed these in the BCCR.
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