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  1. No cords are needed. It works off a USB Mini. This is a good deal!
  2. I sure was missing my E30 around that time. One of these days we will get a chance to go head-to-head e30 style
  3. Whats your Location? What do you mean "grenaded" - how bad is it?
  4. Where’d you get the shims? Did you do the input shaft bearings?
  5. The bearing is off there. Did you replace the bearings and re-shim it yourself?
  6. Rodgers car 🤣🤣
  7. M20 thermostat housing is notorious for being the highest point- and any leaks causes air to get onto the sensor giving you a false LOW reading. You can put a gauge in the back of the block at the outlet where coolant used to go to the throttle body. There is also the return for that coolant into the bottom of the throttle body, which can be tapped. This will give a reading around 160f when the engine is operating normally (80c = 176f) The best place to put it is honestly the lower radiator hose, because that will give you the highest temp. Not really long enough to put a temp sensor insert though. My temp sensor is still in the thermostat, with an adapter. it works fine. A pressure sensor is right next to it, to alert if there is any potential air trapped up there.
  8. You run a Dual rear wheel gasser right? You know what your gross/tongue weight is lol, I have enough stuff to fix already. Ill just keep inviting you to races
  9. Anyone bumper-pull something >28 foot? I feel like I'm at the limit of my truck already...
  10. yeah but its a practice for the weekly event, not the enduro. NC miata
  11. My Cars VIR 24 VIR N Barber Other Cars Charlotte Looking to add something else if I can trade for a ride somewhere.
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