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  1. They are all over NCE30 for ~4-500 bucks. For a fee I could build you one if you want. How fa$$t do you want to go?
  2. Yep, pretty much. As a strategist who runs a 2-hr car, odd-hour races are still fun because it gives you a much bigger window to play with for calling strategy. I don't mind throwing the fuel-limited cars a bone. As a car owner, the 15min/stint is a bigger deal, because in a 7 hour race I can sell 2 stints and if the 2-hr plan goes into affect I will get to drive an extra hour, maybe more. In a 9 hour race, I can sell 3 stints and still get to drive maybe an extra hour or more. I have not sold any stints that were potentially "short" and have always made the effort to get my renter's a full "stint" Perhaps I am doing it wrong though, and I should sell that 3rd stint at a 7 hr race and make a bit of extra profit.
  3. Interesting - Not the response I was expecting. All the other costs are the same - Tires, Brakes, Fuel, Travel, Lodging, etc. Why not ask for that extra hour (or 2)? I mean, your not wrong, its only 15min/driver if it gets broken up equally, but seat time is seat time. Its also never going to get broken up equally.
  4. We prefer to avoid 7 hour races because you cant sell that extra stint. Im all for the occasional odd-hour race, but it would be cool to "add" an hour instead of take one away.
  5. This. Please. Tire rules in AER have caused more problems than they solved. Teams now have to start each race of a 2 race weekend with stickers, just to ensure they make the distance. I just won a 24 hour race on 4 used tires. They will be raced again in December. No way I would risk either if I couldn't do a 2 tire stop if needed. Side note. I do like the (4 NEW tires max per weekend) but enforcement of that gets really sticky.
  6. Not many people run E24's in champ. I know of two really - @Jim and a team in florida with an M6. Spring rates are specific to chassis, not car brand, because each vehicle has different motion ratios, suspension designs, etc. Spring rates are also different depending on tracks raced at. They can be dependent on Aero, Tires, Bushings, Brakes, etc. They are very dependent on vehicle weight, so how much stuff are you stripping out of the car? Lastly, they can be dependent on driving style. So, honestly, everyone has their own truth because everyone actually has their own truth. For street cars or HPDE work, or for a "for fun" champcar, almost any spring rate will be good enough. If you are looking to be super competitive, your team will need to do some experimenting to determine your optimal spring/shock package with your build.
  7. No, from tire rack as per hankook's customer representative(s) i spoke with, TR has the exclusive rights to the 245/40/15 tire and therefore are the only source for said tire. I spent weeks calling around and was unable to find another source for the tires at any price from basically January through April this year.
  8. Hankook distribution is always questionable on RS4's. They didn't get my tires in stock until JULY 2019. None available to buy from late 18 through then. It would be awesome if tire rack would help us out with that issue.
  9. How long will the races be? Can it be a 10+10 to add another stint to help offset the towing costs for the east coast teams? Is that even possible in californiastan?
  10. Huggy

    COTA fuel usage

    Is there a price yet?
  11. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the way this situation was handled. It needed much more explanation prior to being placed in the rules. The way I understand it, this has been in the works for multiple years. After my discussion with Mike C., I understand the concept better and see that the project has admirable goals that can benefit the club and the sport as a whole if successful. If it works, It could potentially save us some cash down the road. IMO, it would have greased the wheels quite a bit if Mike had had the same conversation with everyone. A Red-Flag video would be great (still), or Bill could go on-location at Ballenger Motorsports and do a piece on the gadget. Instead of placing it in the rules first and as a basic *surprise*, a Red-Flag video, a email presentation, or some other avenue of club-wide communication could have been used just before the rules release to explain WHY it was happening. I am sure I still don't know all of the details, as I imagine some are confidential and proprietary and need to be held tightly to make the business portion of the venture financially possible, but this communication didn't have to give away much more than the rules do in order to ease over fears/concerns that we all had in the flagtronics thread. I am pretty sure the flagtronics thing kinda took on a life of its own as the "straw that broke the camel's back" after many of the other recent cost-mandates in the rules that have marginal impact on reality (Fire bottles aging out 6/10, Window nets expiring at 2 years, socks). Taken from post 1 of this thread: I want to continue the steps the current BOD has taken to improving transparency and communication with club members. I still believe that communication with the membership should be a higher priority. @Jer has been making monumental efforts in this area, but I still see room for improvement. Your question 1 being a great example. I do believe that the petition/review process should include all changes proposed for the following year, allowing the membership to have the chance to voice opinions on each one. The BOD may or may not agree with the "majority" opinion, but the process would give members a chance to speak. *However*, there must be an avenue for "emergency" changes as deemed necessary by the BOD. It would be shooting ourselves in the foot to mandate that changes can only be made through the annual cycle, as sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that mandate an immediate change. **But, this avenue should have a high cost of admission and only be used sparingly.
  12. I must look up and wonder what the BOD is up to. I dont want any more random things falling from the skies on us Surely they can understand and see why these things are frowned upon.
  13. Yes. If I receive 5 nominations, I would like the job. I still have time and motivation to dedicate to this, and I believe I can do a good job for the club.
  14. Ray. Clarification is your reason for edit. Really? The original post said "AP2 S2000" Just so everyone knows, for 2020 the AP2 is now 520points and the AP1 stays at 500 points. Both are mind boggling to me, but not as boggling as the 475 point boxter.
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