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  1. I guess im confused, because if you take out the cat's from the BMW manifold it looks just like the Mazda one. BMW one is 3-2-2 because its a 6 and because it runs duals all the way to the back Mazda one is 2-2-1 because its a 4 This is the next part after the manifolds
  2. I'm not 100% sure I agree with you here. Going back to the catalytic converter manifold idea, is your opinion still that the "flange" is the end of the manifold (aka the converter is part of the un-modifiable exhaust)?
  3. You guys also need to remember that the current owner of the tech desk does not intend to and thus far has not posted all questions/articles to the knowledge base. Only select issues are chosen to be posted for all to see.
  4. He wrote that petition last year if I am not mistaken..
  5. The other thing to think about. The cost to you is not just the cost of rental. You have 1. Travel expenses 2. Lodging expenses 3. Food and Beverage 4. DAMAGE Liability- If you hurt the car, you will be responsible for paying to fix it.
  6. I use a top mounted spring-loaded bar. Net is permanently attached to the door bars at the bottom.
  7. Says who? This needs to go into the BCCR if it is the case. Until then, it should not be enforced, or if it is, adequate communication needs to be issued.
  8. H20T is my AIM coolant temp sensor that has failed. Its burried under the intake so, its not getting changed. ECT is the stock canbus sensor that works fine. The idea was redundancy, but i dont feel like 5 hours of work to change a stupid sensor. 😎
  9. I use the same clocks. ICstation was the brand, NLA on amazon. Removing the battery makes it reset when the kill switch is flipped, which works awesome for a stint timer. AIM dash, with stock cluster behind it for backup.
  10. Tuttle won the race. Visceral in the lead with 30 minutes to go. Something happens, car on track and wont refire. RVA in P3, moves to P2 with 94 lexus hot on their tail 30 seconds back. Whoever finishes ahead (94 or RVA) wins the championship. E30 wins!
  11. I had no idea that was you all weekend. That’s the back of my head to the left...
  12. As germans we do not have zis problem, ze charging port werkz all ze time
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