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  1. https://www.freshwatersystems.com/products/apcd17006sh-valved-in-line-hose-barb-coupling-body-with-shroud-3-8-id-barb
  2. I bring a fully loaded rear subframe for a E30. 7 bolts plus brake lines and shes out. Way easier than changing a bearing. if the E30s brake lines werent attached to the trailing arms it would be even easier. Id love to get some dry brake fittings, but they are like $300/set and you need 4 sets
  3. Amp is 100% worse for bathrooms than CMP. Sure the bathroom is nicer, but there are 2 stalls and 1 urinal for EVERY male participant there...
  4. The Waiver wants a witness signature. Is that anyone or a specific person?
  5. Smartycam is 100% reliable and no-stress. A Solo-DL + smartycam would be $2k+ though...
  6. Tested tonight. Works fine with hydramat. as long as a corner stays in the fuel, it sucks it up the matt just fine. Check valve works fine too. took it up to 120psi, it bled down to 60 and held. Takes 3.4 amps with no restriction on outlet, pumping fuel. Walbro takes only 1.8 with no restriction.
  7. Enterprise rents 2500 and 3500's no sweat. Rented a 3500 6.7L ford to tow a horse trailer to GA and back to NC before. Couple hundred bucks for the weekend means it makes a TON of sense for long haul tows if you dont have a nice tow vehicle already (or an old unreliable one)
  8. https://www.deatschwerks.com/sites/www.deatschwerks.com/files/DWMicro Low Pressure Lift Pump.pdf The check valve doesnt hold well if I try to blow through it backwards. Not sure if it will be better with fuel. Ill be at the shop later today and give it a go
  9. When are you coming to VIR
  10. Good luck This is such a non-issue in the big scheme of things that its irrelevant. The 5 hp gained by porting/polishing isn't taking a mid pack team and putting them on the podium. We need to focus our efforts on big picture things instead...
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