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  1. Ross, sorry I didn't get to apologize at the track. We shouldn't have tried that - easier and safer to just wait until the back straight.
  2. We used to run the illegal blue stuff. Now we run the legal typ200 stuff. Its like $12/liter. E30 brakes get pretty dang hot and we don't have issues. We will bleed them before a race weekend. Then run a few DE's with no issues and no bleeding. https://www.amazon.com/ATE-706202-Original-Racing-Quality/dp/B018GGV28S?th=1
  3. This has got to top the list of "petty". LMAO
  4. Thanks for the party and the food! Good to hear that we brought in some cash for Antman's cause. Thanks for the above picture, Solid cameo of my dog drinking from the keg cooler while waiting for someone else to drip Scotch Ale on the bumper
  5. Two videos of bang up driving within the last 30 minutes of the race. The White e36 really pissed me off, almost wadded up two cars for no reason. Keep your eyes on the rear view mirror. Thanks to Arjun being a really heads up driver here.
  6. order two, its hard to get it right on the first try. I recommend using about 40% for each ear and having 20% left over, but that obviously varies by your ear's size. I just molded it with the ear bud in my ear. Formed into a ball and placed into the ear with the wire coming out properly positioned. Then cut the small tube that comes out of the earbud speaker so it fits right
  7. Will the penske upper spherical mount cup even fit the NA top hats? IIRC, the NB top hats give you about 1" more spring travel, which can be important with our lowered cars.
  8. The shock itself is not threaded. It comes with a threaded sleeve that sits on the shock body with a snap ring and o-ring to hold it up. It uses the same threaded sleeve/collar that the old bilsteins used. (just installed a set on a miata last week, and test-fit to an e30 in the process)
  9. You can't. they are too short in the front. The miata fronts will FIT in the rear, but the valving is wrong and it isnt revalveable - by design. How does that work? When you pay the 10 points per corner for coil overs, is that just for the perch and adjuster or does that include shocks/springs at the same time?
  10. How do they work with stock springs and spring perches?
  11. Call the track. Ask for Clayton, he is heading it up IIRC
  12. 2x ABS is a thing right, it is a critical part of the braking system
  13. You can bring your own fuel to VIR. there is a racetrac in Danville which usually has the cheapest price, use gas buddy to confirm or just drive the strip once and look
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