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  1. Sorry just saw your message. The car is in Raleigh, North Carolina. Yes I'm sure a passenger seat could be added. There is a currently a cool suit cooler there now and the fire extinguisher which could be moved.
  2. Hi All, For sale is a 1996 miata asking $7500. This was a family project and we worked from a stock miata to make it chump ready. We did a few track days down in Florida as well as competed in both the Sebring 2015 event ( As Black Flag Racing) and the Charlotte 2016 event (As Infernal Machine). We completed about 11 hours at Sebring (due to being hit and losing our lights) and finished the full 14 hours at Charlotte. We had hopes to do VIR this December but a combination of financial needs and family events are causing us to sell for now. The car is completely ready for ChumpCar and Lemons with harnesses and fire suppression still within date. The car comes with several extras (2nd set of wheels and new tires, gas cans, barrels, fire extinguisher, as well as some spare parts). The car has a relatively fresh engine as well (about 60000 miles) and an aluminum radiator. Its a great car and it would be perfect for a new team looking to get into racing. Price: $7500 Location: Raleigh, NC
  3. Hey all! Black Flag Racing #900 red miata here. We had a great first chump car event. Thanks to all the staff and fellow drivers. Wanted to get on to see if any of you might have some info. We were knocked into the turn 17 tire wall a little over 4 hours in by a yellow car of some sort. We were able to rejoin after some minor repairs but no one ever came over to our garage to say anything. Wondering if any of you out there has an idea of who it was or have a cool video of the crash. Thanks!
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