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  1. Bringing back the dead. We tried though.... Do we still have to use #27???
  2. Seat available. As well as other events.. Email me directly Ken@junctionautosport.com
  3. Last 3 events.... just saying.
  4. Infiniti and Beyond

    The LED shark fin was very cool to see at Road Atlanta.
  5. That would explain my smashed headlights. My whole house was past out by 11pm. .. Saturday was a different story... many empty bottles and a broken chair. Don't even know how it all happenned without me waking up when I was sleeping right there.
  6. It's all about having fun.. Pretty cool idea to have the name plates on the dash for the video
  7. reception was the usual for us.. had some individual issues. brakes seemed to be working with 80% left after we changed to a non HAWK compounds. (Was not pleased with the Hawk rep at PRI who basically said "so" when I said we were burning up our Hawk brakes in 6hrs)
  8. I've had some hairy moments into T2... side ways with an NSX behind me. I bet his pants were about as brown as mine. GO Racing said he just touched the inside curb and it upset the car and that was it. I'm so glad for neck restraints mandates.
  9. I'm still laughing.. It'll be one of many great stories to tell.. along with our brakes bending... and watching P2 slip away with 20mins to go.......and my call to hit our own car... LOL bondie things can be arranged.... muuuuaahahahhaa
  10. Does anyone have a comparison with Mosport? Perhaps turn 2? I haven't been on Road Atlanta... so I have no comparison @miatainium???
  11. Yup.. We blew up a new engine... and didn't bring a spare... frantically searched and found one 2hrs away.. 4.5hr round trip... dropped it in and got it going for the next day.... and then popped that one later on sunday. Watkins was not kind to the Hondas. 3 teams... 6 motors.
  12. That's for the "get it done" part.... You'd be surprised... I had someone come up at Watkins and ask if they could drive with us.... when the bay was empty... I said.. come back in the morning when we got the engine back in. LOL
  13. With class wins and top 10 finishes in our last 3 events. We now got our sights set on the high banks of Daytona. Seats available. Fun team that gets the job done. PM me or email directly Ken@junctionautosport.com