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  1. Literally just got home an hour ago from our VIR 24hr misadventure. Started off with one of our one tow vehicle breaking down 12hrs away from home...and 3.5hrs away from VIR. Fortunately one of our guys were the track with a suitable truck to come up and pick up race car/trailer to continue down. We were able to repair a busted high pressure oil line enough to limp to the rest area a mile away and just left the truck there for the weekend. Drove the rest of the way arriving at the track around 5:30am saturday...already being awake 24hrs...and now to get ready for practice and race for 24hrs. UGH. Too much to type. I made an instgram video post. If you're curious...click the links.
  2. seats are filling up. One car's full already.
  3. Typical reason is that's around the 4th of July weekend... So people are usually busy. That's our Home track... so we'll see you there....hopefully not working on the car all day again. LOL
  4. Team Junction/NEO are headed back to the VIR24. This time with 2 cars. We're looking for drivers for our 2 car team. If you think you have what it takes, to drive in total darkness from 10pm-5am, managing traffic going 200km/h or torrential down pour from 2am-4am flying up the back straight following tail lights. Apply within. Limited seats available. If interested, please email me directly ken@junctionautosport.com TechPro Auto & Tools Ltd.BR TuningNEO MotorsportFunky Munky CafeEXEDY USABedlam Threadz Chumpcar VIR 24 Lifeline Classic Maciej's Stint 8am-10am
  5. 2am?? We've been falling apart since Friday practice lately. LOL
  6. Yes... after the switch... that's what I meant... brain fart didn't type it in.
  7. Good on you to be aware and thinking ahead.. Need more of that out there.
  8. I only noticed the mirror folded as I skipped along the video... and had to back track to find it.... That has to be one of the lightest taps ever... there wasn't even a scratch on the mirror. Yes... wire it direct.. I made the mistake of running it after the fuse panel and blew the main a couple times. Also... if you buy direct from Frost Fighter it'll be way cheaper than Bimmer world. Made that mistake the first time I bought them
  9. Get the defrost strips.. best money spent. I saw the weather forecast on thursday and spent the day installing the the defrost system into our second car. no fan needed and it works perfectly other than having to turn t on and off every couple laps. 10min timer.
  10. We've definitely had better weekends, but none the less it was still fun. 2 engines and a checker flag drive back on the trailer isn't too bad I guess... time to rebuild and onto next event in the great white north... MOSPORT
  11. This was VIR North Dec. 17... we're still chasing the elusive 24hrs.
  12. We had a great weekend besides our mechanical issues that put us out of contention early. Thank you to Chumpcar staff for hosting the event. https://www.facebook.com/ken.wong.7777019
  13. It might be sunny and melted by Saturday... BUT
  14. Definitely a good call on RA's part... 4 miles of track worth of snow to plow... creating launching ramps. If they were to pile it somewhere else.. it would be quite the task. Track temps would rival rally cross. That pic says enough really.