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  1. We had a great weekend besides our mechanical issues that put us out of contention early. Thank you to Chumpcar staff for hosting the event. https://www.facebook.com/ken.wong.7777019
  2. It might be sunny and melted by Saturday... BUT
  3. Definitely a good call on RA's part... 4 miles of track worth of snow to plow... creating launching ramps. If they were to pile it somewhere else.. it would be quite the task. Track temps would rival rally cross. That pic says enough really.
  4. VIR FTD Dec. 2. ... until Higgins fixed their car.. LOL
  5. KSRD

    AMB Transponder

    Is it a non hard wire rechargeable unit? Preferrence goes to the hard wired unit.. install it and forget about it.
  6. KSRD

    AMB Transponder

    @thewheelerZ.. I have a spare one if you need to use for next event..
  7. Bringing back the dead. We tried though.... Do we still have to use #27???
  8. Seat available. As well as other events.. Email me directly Ken@junctionautosport.com
  9. Last 3 events.... just saying.
  10. KSRD

    Infiniti and Beyond

    The LED shark fin was very cool to see at Road Atlanta.
  11. That would explain my smashed headlights. My whole house was past out by 11pm. .. Saturday was a different story... many empty bottles and a broken chair. Don't even know how it all happenned without me waking up when I was sleeping right there.
  12. It's all about having fun.. Pretty cool idea to have the name plates on the dash for the video
  13. reception was the usual for us.. had some individual issues. brakes seemed to be working with 80% left after we changed to a non HAWK compounds. (Was not pleased with the Hawk rep at PRI who basically said "so" when I said we were burning up our Hawk brakes in 6hrs)