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  1. Anyone know if the Snack shack will be open for the race weekend? And/or friday?
  2. No kidding!!!! Crazy to roll a car when hitting a tire wall..uh..pile at 20mph
  3. It was me trying to avoid hitting 2 cars in front of me that hit the brakes more than expected. We did remove the windshield, ziptied the bumper back on and finished the day 13th.
  4. FYI, my father lives close to Nelson Ledges and from the news stories he described to me about the drug related murders and crime in Warren, it sounds similar to downtown Baltimore (near where i live) so I would go west (toward Streetsboro/Kent) not east from nelson ledges for food and hotels.
  5. Whats the name of the place? I grew up in the area.
  6. My sister's. Nelson Ledges state park is just a few miles down the road and has camping.
  7. Anyone know how good the Verizon or AT&T cell service is at Nelson Ledges? I usually try to live stream from our car and watch the live feed in the pits.
  8. I would think a spec tire would level the playing field and save money if done right. But if we will never be a spec tire series then I agree with SonsOfIrony that something needs to be done about these 'cheety' tires (like the RE71R) that are winning races but can't even finish an 8hr race on small light weight cars. It's definitely costing alot more to do that than running one set of RS4s for a weekend or more. We know money buys speed. In the area of tires that's what the 180 treadwear rule was supposed to help limit but it's not working anymore.
  9. So this weekend at Watkins Glen I tried using the YouStream app on my android phone mounted in the car on the roll cage to live stream to my YouTube account. It was connected to an unlimited data wifi hotspot in the car and it seemed to work pretty well most of the weekend. It did stop once or twice but I attribute that to the fact that the android phone being used was my regular personal phone and has all kinds of notifications and pop ups through out the day so they probably caused the YouStream app to kick out at some point. (I did try to disable notifications before each race) It'd be n
  10. YouStream isn't available on iphone. I had issues with Cameleon and Wirecast Go so I used Streamlabs. In testing it seemed to work well including a 8.5 hour test overnight. But I tried using it this past weekend at the Road America race and it ran for 3hrs and 40mins then stopped saying "lost connection" which I don't understand. That was somewhere in the middle of the 2nd 2hr stint. Maybe I'll need to use YouStream on an Android device and have it wifi connected to my iPhone (which is where my unlimited data plan is) since someone said it reconnected automatically well.
  11. tried that on the my iPhone 7 and the auto-lock choices are between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.
  12. I tried the cameleon live on my iPhone 7 and it seemed to work fine except it won't stop the phone from going to sleep! My screen time out is set for 30 seconds so Cameleon live streams for 30 seconds then stops when the screen goes black. I've looked through the settings and don't see anything to fix it in the app and the phone doesn't have a 'never' setting for the screen time out/screen saver. Any ideas how to fix this?
  13. Heres the video. I was 2 cars behind the car fire in Oak tree turn saturday afternoon. We were under yellow coming up through the turn before oak tree when I see the E36 coming to a stop and leaking quite a bit of what turned out to be fuel. Just as we got near the car the fuel caught fire. I hit the throttle to get clear of the car and the green flag came out at the same time. I took off down the back straight into the yellow then red flag. With how big I saw the fire become in my rear view mirror I was very surprised to see that car turning laps the next morning. GP040100_001ss.mp4
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