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  1. I was driving the Bulldog e30 car when the incident happened under red and I’d like to shed some light from my perspective: After Saturday's race, we moved the flagtronics unit from the right with the other warning lights, to dead center, next to the shift lights to be more visible. We were not always noticing it go yellow. We also turned the brightness up. As I'm coming down the front straight I see the flagtronics go red. With the changes we made, it was like it was yelling at me "RED FLAG" when it came on. When I see this, I look at the start finish stand and see the flagger pulling out the red flag. It's not fully out and unfurled but I see them pulling the red flag out which makes sense to me since I see red flag on the flagtronics. So as I look down the straight to turn one (and start slowing down), I see the red flag there too. This is my 3rd indication that we are under a red flag. As I’m slowing down I’m thinking that I don't want to be "that guy" that gets called out for rolling past multiple stations, as had been talked about in the drivers meeting. And so I intended to stop in front of the flag station at turn one. It was a hard lesson learned, and as some have already said: Stop Off Line under the red flag. We should probably ask champcar to specifically mention this point in the drivers meetings, especially during this time period as we transition into fully using flagtronics.
  2. That is a great idea! A simple contact switch or optical sensor so the corner worker wouldn't have to think about it.
  3. That was INCREDIBLY fun!!! Best wheel to wheel racing in a long time! We were setting fast lap after fast lap chasing each other. I think we set 4 (team) fast laps during this time. Thanks for the good clean racing. Hope to see you at future races. (Nelson ledges is our (BULLDOG RACING) next target.) Sean
  4. Cooper tires won at NCM this past weekend on a miata. The car ran a 2:20
  5. Anyone know if the Snack shack will be open for the race weekend? And/or friday?
  6. No kidding!!!! Crazy to roll a car when hitting a tire wall..uh..pile at 20mph
  7. It was me trying to avoid hitting 2 cars in front of me that hit the brakes more than expected. We did remove the windshield, ziptied the bumper back on and finished the day 13th.
  8. FYI, my father lives close to Nelson Ledges and from the news stories he described to me about the drug related murders and crime in Warren, it sounds similar to downtown Baltimore (near where i live) so I would go west (toward Streetsboro/Kent) not east from nelson ledges for food and hotels.
  9. My sister's. Nelson Ledges state park is just a few miles down the road and has camping.
  10. Anyone know how good the Verizon or AT&T cell service is at Nelson Ledges? I usually try to live stream from our car and watch the live feed in the pits.
  11. I would think a spec tire would level the playing field and save money if done right. But if we will never be a spec tire series then I agree with SonsOfIrony that something needs to be done about these 'cheety' tires (like the RE71R) that are winning races but can't even finish an 8hr race on small light weight cars. It's definitely costing alot more to do that than running one set of RS4s for a weekend or more. We know money buys speed. In the area of tires that's what the 180 treadwear rule was supposed to help limit but it's not working anymore.
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