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  1. We used Ford Gray tractor paint from Tractor Supply and applied it with foam brushes and cheap paint brushes. Worked great and looks good. And it easily duplicated. Any TSC will have Ford Gray forever.
  2. I seem to remember seeing some data that someone compiled of all the results for each type of car make and models for a year in ChampCar Endurance races. Would someone point me to that spreadsheet or that information?
  3. We all are looking at new helmets for this weekend..........
  4. On one robot the kids had stacked about eight, 1/4" lock washers as a spacer on a 10-24 panhead bolt with a 10-24 star nut. Believe it or not, it wouldn't stay tight. On the flip side, I saw one of the girls on the team use a ziptie to cinch up her ponytail when she used the drill press. So maybe the is hope for the future.
  5. 4.4. NON FIXED POINT VALUE PARTS 4.4.1. ALL non-stock components, parts, assemblies, or systems MUST be declared to Tech Inspection, noted in the vehicle Log Book, and declared and accounted for in the total points Could race fuel be classified as "non-stock"?
  6. True. But there seems to be no passion or real interest in the mechanical aspect of it. Most of these kids don't even know what a "fastener" is....much less what 10-32s or Nyloks or 1/4"-20s are. And they don't care. They typically will try to use two needle nose pliers to tighten the various styles of fasteners they scrounge around to find. They really like double sided tape and zip ties because no skill is involved in their application. Then they can't understand why the stuff vibrates itself loose in a short time. But I'm mentoring to try my best to help them learn. On the flip side, I don't have a clue on the coding involved in controlling the robot. But no one will paint sweet azz murals of "code" like they did of Bowties and Roadrunners.
  7. Nothing done on race truck but.... I attended my son's Robotics meeting. The Robotics playfield occupies the old auto shop garage at his High School. I privately lamented the fact that none of the kids seem have any skills or knowledge or interest any in mechanical thingies. There are murals on the wall from auto shop kids from bygone days.
  8. As an engineer myself, I've discovered that most non-engineers usually believe the word "douchebag" and the word "engineer" are synonymous.
  9. Fonzie did. You can't trust your life to non-waxed skies.
  10. Chumpcar allowed us to finally race something W2W that we built on a "working man's" budget...and we've had a blast doing it. However, at a recent race, we only counted maybe four open trailers. Also, a team close to us on Pit Road actually paid a crew of guys to fuel their car for them. More and more guys are looking to buy fully built race cars from other series to bring to ChampCar. I hope Chumps are always able to run in ChampCar and the car count is always high....but I'm afraid we'll be gone soon from the series...if we aren't already. I recently overheard someone say, "Chumpcar is dead...the future is ChampCar with REAL race cars." Fonzie is waxing his skiis.
  11. From somewhere in my past, I seem to recall in some state that if a vehicle had a pin hitch on it, then it didn't need to be registered at all? Or maybe the driver didn't need to be licensed? The purpose being to allow farm kids to drive beater trucks from field to field to pull feed wagons. Put a pin hitch on your racecar and your good to go!
  12. Yeah, we aren't blisteringly fast anyway. I'd say if we removed the much fan none of us would be able to tell the difference performance wise. Our fan is not why we don't Podium. 😀 However, our fan is not weightless...and it's way far forward. And I know it most likely impedes air flow through the radiator at speed FWIW. The biggest advantage I could see for us to remove it would be that it would dramatically "clean up" the front of our engine compartment. Working around a mechanical fan blows....(get it). We may go to a small e-fan in the future on a t-stat. I'll put in a Work Request to out team's Electrical Department. Maybe they'll get around to it by Christmas 2018. 😄
  13. We have the viscous stock clutch fan. I've read a Circle Track article stating that our type of fan is great for cooling without robbing as much powah as a direct coupled fan. We probably won't change it as we prefer simple and don't want to rely on someone forgetting to turn on an electric fan if temps get too high. I'm just genuinely curious as to how many of you guys DON'T run a fan of any kind.
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