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  1. I know I'm an outlier, but having a car that is the most common circle track chassis in the country has it's benefits when it comes to CC's spring rule. Stock replacement front coils are readily available in 500 to 1400 pound rates in 50 pound increments. Rears are 100 to 400 in 25 pound increments.
  2. Like I said earlier, complaining about your speed at Road America is not really a great argument. 150hp cars really shouldn't be surprised they get smoked at a track with three long straights. Including one that is 4400' long. Uphill. eta-Surprised the CRX can do 2 hours at RA. Probably won't next year with the revised fuel rules.
  3. That is insane. Like you say, the BOD's job shouldn't be to argue over the rulebook 12 months out of the year.
  4. 454 is about 400 pounds lighter than the Dmax. The car is already weight challenged. hah
  5. While looking up something else I noticed that the 2016 Road America winner ran a 2:46.9 as it's fast lap. (Saturday. And that was not the FTD) The E30K's fast lap this year? 2:46.9
  6. Being different just to be different? The series can say what they want about attendance but the fall race at Road America 3 years ago had 75 cars take the green flag. 5 years ago? 77 This year? 44 at the green on Saturday. *Just to add something else, the 2016 winner ran a 2:46.9 best lap. Same as this year.
  7. Yep. And will take a 290hp/410 torque Gen 6 454 for 50 points.
  8. I've said it before and will again; The problem comes from expecting low powered, lightweight cars to challenge for fast time and wins on every track on the schedule. As an example, Miata teams expect the series to slow down the other guys so they can challenge for FTD and wins at Road America and Daytona, yet the cars that are good at those tracks get blown in the ditch at tracks like Harris Hill with no complaint. The K swap E30 is not outrageously fast at RA as the series has been in the 2:40's for close to 10 years. It's RA laptimes shouldn't be an issue. If it is notably quicker than other E30's on other tracks, and I'm guessing it is due to the low weight, that is where the issue should be. A high powered car should be the natural choice at big tracks like RA and Daytona just like a light and nimble car is the natural choice for more technical tracks. Fudging the weights to create "equality", as stated earlier in this tread, just creates more problems than it solves. It's up to the teams to chose the proper tool (car) for the job. The series shouldn't be trying to make a 260hp Altima and a Miata run similar lap times at a power track. Just like they DON'T try to make a Mustang competitive at Harris Hill.
  9. Stab an aluminum block 5.3 in there. If you can make the rear end live it'd be about like a '65 Cobra. Probably faster.
  10. That reminds me. I forgot to request the Delta 88 be put back on the list at the 75 points it was before being removed. 0 point car with an auto and 27+ gallons of gas. Guarantee it would smoke that minivan that was out there his weekend.
  11. I know there WAS a rule about no ballast. Always thought it odd in this series. No idea if it is still there.
  12. Wheels come off at impound so pick them up and see if they are filled with fluid. Check the cooler for lead colored ice. Etc. Somebody on pit road will notice if a team is slinging lead into the car. Give -50, or whatever number, under the "swap weight" as a margin for error since this isn't a pro series. If under by 51 they are DQ'd. They have 50 pounds to play with/miscalculate and be legal.
  13. Z4's show in the "VPI additions thread" Quoted from that thread; 2002 -2005 BMW Z4 M54B30 – Add at 530 M54B25 – Add at 475 2006 – 2009 BMW Z4 N52B30 Add at 550
  14. Build one for the Atlanta snow races. Guaranteed to never snow on that weekend again.
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