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  1. I'm old school and have something prove. 😎
  2. Core shift is a big deal when boring Olds diesel blocks for max cubes. 454 inches available out of a 350. Now, back to the discussion. 😄
  3. Good to know aftermarket is good. G boss have the entire body available.
  4. 8k for a nice 5 speed doesn't sound bad actually. But yes, nice 6 speed 4th gens still pull some money. Well, they are fast. And much faster for not a lot if it's an LS.
  5. Yeah, the small primaries are great for throttle control mid corner. The semi vacuum secondaries take some work on exit. That's why I went this way...
  6. Door is easy. Set screw then just put a little more pressure on it. Ie tighten it up and see what happens. A bog is usually a lean condition. Unfortunately it's tough to get a good shot on the secondaries. Val had mine running like fuel injection. 950 dollars later. Easily the best Qjet I have ever driven and I can tune to a point. His point was much higher...
  7. Ohhhhhhh, forgot about the ZF. I hope you don't break that thing. Great trans, but... yeah
  8. EC unless I figure I can make up the 15 laps.😎 Fuel is an issue. Edit-chuckle. Been a long day.
  9. Same junk in Wi is asking 800 to 1000. Did come across a manual CTS for 850 the other day though. Didn't run of course.
  10. What are you trying to tune out of it? Didn't notice a bog in your vid but haven't watched in some time.
  11. Well you can Mr. NASCAR race shop. 😁 Not gonna try it with a Milwaukee lion. Edit Would make the Vortec's invisible to most though... 😄
  12. @mender my Vortec air gap was 130. 😎 Not seeing a Vortec spread bore there. Yeah, I went cheap. Just holds the carb anyway....
  13. The anti slosh plastic insert makes the bowl even smaller. The one deficiency with that carb. Ebrock making new ones was a godsend as one didn't have to scrounge the boneyards for rods and hangers.
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