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  1. A bunch of 150 point cars throwing down. Note the camber these things need. (A glance through the rules shows they are essentially old school 1967-72 Trans Am) Some old 911's in there is well just like original Trans Am. Announcer comment about the Porshhhh's; "He might want a turbo on there..."
  2. Yes, but you cannot use the 24 gallon stock fuel tank of the late cars. 68-70 were 20 gallon, and if a manual would have to change to a Muncie versus the Borg Warner. Little if any performance difference but someone would raise hell because Vette. Platform swap requires parts effecting performance to change. Body doesn't matter. That's the point of the platform swap rule; You don't need to find a specific car to make a particular model. All 82 and earlier Vettes are 300 points. *I thought all C3's prior to '78 were 18 gallon. Not so. Learned something new.
  3. TIG is overkill, but at least you should be getting a good cage after the previous fiascos. Good luck. *Nascar cages are mig.
  4. To add, a 435 hp '68 Vette (Probably around 370 in todays net HP) is 300 points just like a 205hp '82. Someone has to build one....
  5. Leftovers from the Condren era. If a car hasn't been run, or requested a VPI change, it is too much bother to fix obviously screwed up values. Many were simply removed completely. Meanwhile 2019 ATS's have a value. Grand Nationals used to have an insane number as well because Condren didn't want anyone destroying one to make a race car. 928's are overvalued as well as I recall. A couple are racing in citrus but apparently they are a threat here.
  6. 76 minutes per stint works at tracks where the pointy end cars can't make 2 hours as long as you are a few seconds faster per lap. Assuming no FCY to complicate things. Had to take my shoes off for that, but should be close.
  7. Yep. "I'll just fix these little things." turns into 5-10 years with this coming out in the end.
  8. Do well with it and someone will scream about the import brace.
  9. And today everyone wants the Camaros. It seem 90% of Pro Touring cars are first gens.
  10. Drive that around enough and you will have some guys offering to buy. I find it so cool to see a totally unrestored driver 68 Camaro.
  11. That fluid looks a little dark... Probably smells nice too. Looks like third took some abuse in those fast late laps.
  12. A lot of it comes down to what you want to do with it and if you plan to keep it, which it seems is the case. If no plans to sell then I wouldn't worry too much about maximizing the value and just do what you prefer. I just thought of that as I know a guy with a '67 427/390hp Vette that he is the second owner of. He bought it in '69. The car is original paint except for some work done in the 80's along the top of the windshield due to some minor stress cracks. Can't even tell it's had anything done and presents very well. It's cool that you have this car and the history
  13. He asked about '82. Not forgetting mileage at all. However, a 305 putting out similar HP to a 5.3 will burn just as much gas. A typical 5.3 is around 350 gross HP at the crank. But concerning mileage, it's getting a 170 net HP (stock) 400 SBC. 50 point swap before "changes". While this may seem to be even more of a gas guzzler, a 305 will have to spin a lot more rpm, which burns lots of gas, to make the same HP and will never churn out torque like a 400. 5500rpm max with over 500 lb ft of torque with 2.73 gears will do ok on mileage. As I reca
  14. Has it ever been repainted? If original, I'd try to save as much as possible. May be difficult or impossible depending on fading, but I'd look into it. Adds value even if a fresh repaint would be higher quality.
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