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  1. @vtjballeng I've been curious how this progressed since you hinted at this system 4 or 5 years ago it seams. I understand that jacking into the network at this point on your own isn't going to happen. No worries if it has can output. I'm curious if the box knows the flag status at each flag station at all times. Also with the gps, will it be used in conjunction with the status to flip the light. I'm curious as that data would be useful in a live map of flag station status for the pits and in car to warn drivers before they get the the yellow zone.
  2. So, in the past there was a cheeky recommendation to make wheel spacers that just so happened to also have adequate mounting for the rotor. That way the spacer acts like the rotor hat as well. Now if that gets thru without a protest...... that's another matter.
  3. The racecapture equipment has a cell phone sim card but you would need to step up to the pro version to get that. It's then independent of your dash. So even if the dash goes down for whatever reason, the racecapture is able to stream data back while it has cell coverage. The pro is much more flexible in terms of inputs and has an SD card that captures the data so if the cell coverage goes out, you get the data. I think you would be better served bucking up for the pro version honestly in this case. The Racecapture equipment can use the 2nd CANBUS to send data to a dash such as an aim or another unit that takes CANBUS or odb2 data. Brett is on the forums and definitely will help spec out what you need and how to hook up any of the racecapture units.
  4. If you can manually change laps, can you manual change the position to EC or NC. Basically DQ them but change the position from DQ to NC or EC. Do the DQ after the checkered and the teams last lap. So lap count correct and position goes after all other finishers.
  5. Did the historical records change when rule changes were implemented? Did we wash the 400sx Dinoco car results from the books after the swap rules changed? Question: Is it possible to change the EC cars from the position they finished to NC post race but before uploading the results? NC for not classified. So the lap count is correct for the EC cars but they don't have finishing positions?
  6. We already beaten the horse to death that we currently can't tell who is EC and who is not right? If so, the Cayman - 100 lap would appear off track for 3hrs? As a renter why contact a team that looks to be off the track 3 hrs. Fix the classification, stop the negative lap count.
  7. So if an EC car is 100 laps or 97 down at the end of a race, how will that look to potential renters or possibly sponsors? Instead of showing you completed the same amount of laps as the classified winner, you completed 100 (or 97 in the case of the Cayman) less. How will potential renters view that when picking which team to rent from based off the results page? You think renters will not see it as a car off track and less seat time available? That 100 lap penalty really is kicking them. 2nd if they get dropped from the race after signups for classified car. how do they explain that to the renters. Some of those renters, teams, may have already purchased flights to the race and a hotel. Trout at a t-ball game, really? I'm failing to see where these Mike Trout like cars are in champs. Are there Lamborghinis and Ferraris running all of a sudden stomping the field as your example suggested like Trout? Or Toyota bring the TS050 to the Glen like Mike Trout at a t-ball game? Champ isn't going to let some super car in and spoil things. Never did in the past why would they now? Again a result page with a way to filter them out better would go a long way. 1st it does not cast the EC guys into a 100 lap hole to explain away to renters or sponsors. 2nd it would give a way for the classified teams to filter the EC out to show overall classified results. 3rd a way to filter to results by class. And filter at the nationals with who is in the championship and who is not eligible but running (EC or some classified class). Simply -100 laps on the EC results has ramifications to the EC guys more than just the top page of the results.
  8. Don't run an EC car, may in the future, may rent a seat in one at some time if I'm fortunate enough. Who knows. JD, are the non EC owners/drivers/teams too thin skinned to let EC cars on their results..... Or are just EC guys thin skinned. This cuts both ways guys. Putting the EC down 100 laps or more will effect the perception of them, from the owners of EC cars, drivers, renters, potential renters, and sponsors. Currently there are mostly non EC guys fanning the flames from their view of the situation. And it's pretty much a kick at the EC guys without much care about how it may effect them. Try to think how the EC guys would take this: drivers, owners, renters, sponsors...... Or are the EC folks don't matter as much? The classification sheet is something that I agree is a royal pain in the arse to decipher who won what and placed where in the overall results and class results. It's not extremely user friendly on speedhive or the Excel files sometimes posted.
  9. So let's stick it to them for playing us and drive them away! Grab the pitch forks boys. Green font......
  10. Add a column on the speed hive or brodcast with the class each car is in. Does that not solve the broadcast problem of who is leading what category and the race????? Now take the exact statement about qualified cars and replace it the EC car that now starts 100 laps down. They go to sponsors and try to explain to sponsors or friends why they are 97 laps or more behind... Same outcome no? Or do we not care about EC class or are they now lesser members?
  11. So now if you rented a seat in that Cayman, explain how you finished 97 laps behind the Maxima while the car did not have any unexplained stops? It's awkward for them too. Or is the sediment by the masses really who cares about EC? The focus of the posters here is personal interest from non EC guys. Think those EC teams and renters will find other areas to go if they are placed 100 laps down? If anything it shows that maybe just maybe some of those cars should have a value and not 600+ points as they are not running away with the results...... This really smacks of the e36 point hike a few years ago that had a few teams leave for other series. And some haven't come back once the points came back down. Running off EC cars will open some spots in the full races, but hurt revenue, numbers, and opportunity for teams to compete and convert to champ. Sorry but some of the lemons cars as Jamie said will have another reason not to convert or compete in champ. As for EC cars locking out non EC at races. Again, open the EC signups after the classified car signups. If the classified non EC teams can't get off the fence until late, that shouldn't stop EC teams from getting to signup or kicked for a late entey. Have the EC signup open say a month after the main signup. If your are looking at the website, you probably see those cars are also not in the rules. If you read the rules (or does that not matter) it's clear they are EC. Or it should be clear, but I guess with some cars having points assigned that are no where in the rules or website it could be assumed that the cayman has some point value like a cobra that has won as a non ec car .... Fun results page fix: publish the points on the results as a column. EC points read EC.......
  12. We have folks wringing there hands over 1 lap for non EC cars and we want the EC to add 100? Seams like most of the discussion has been from non EC teams, but I wonder what the EC guys would do if you put them 100 laps down at the start. Wonder if it would effect their participation in future events. Not just the big events but all events. As for asking them to just get their act together and take points, what will we do with a Caymen? Or the JCW mini, E46 m3? They are there to show the potential of the car/driver/team as well, some of them to learn and grow. 100 laps or more down to start they may just find somewhere else to go.if they are semi reasonable no issues. Sign up with a 911 gt3 or something absurd, yeah I think champcar already reserves the right to say no to the entry. As for booting EC cars once the max limit of cars is reach for non EC, that's a tough pill for EC owners with renters to swallow..... Now maybe EC signups open a set number of weeks after signups for non EC so either get in before the EC signups or risk a spot.
  13. How much do they weigh at that spec? EDIT: see not listed.... Meh that's not so cheap compared to 949 wheels: http://949racing.com/15x8-6UL.aspx
  14. Where? Road American, Daytona, AMP, WG, Gingerman? If either the supercharged or turbo models could go 1:55 everywhere, they would be more than 250pt cars (a lot more). The tank is quoted at 13.2 or 50L, and that's purely the tank, not factoring in filler capacity or expansion volumn per Mini. I think 1:30+ is within reason at most tracks with +2 gal and a surge to get there, but i think the speed potential makes up for it. 1 extra stop per 6hrs would be the target fuel consumption and lap at a ~2% better pace than the tankers to work out against them. Now is it faster than a swapped mr2? Idk.
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