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  1. Invest the time once, and not worry about it at the races, where time is much more valuable.
  2. You could jack the car up before fueling. Nothing in the rules prohibits that.
  3. Ed’s got it figured out. It’s awesome to see them run well and put a hurting on the high dollar teams. And always fun to race with. I stopped watching somewhere during the impound interviews, and was a bit surprised looking at the results this morning. Had to double check in Speedhive (not the official results) and it confirmed what I thought I had seen at the end of the race. Can’t wait to hear the official ruling.
  4. How about getting a crash deposit from him. Something substantial $20K. Costs incurred taken out before any money is refunded. Might not cover everything, but it would make them think twice.
  5. Clearview II Defroster, Model 1212-3450, Brand new in the box. $40
  6. We use this one. Works well. Only takes 4 pumps to get to full lift height. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rnr-5150085/overview/ 1 -1/2 ton model. https://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/ranger-products/product-line/ranger-1-1-2-ton-quick-jacks?autoview=SKU&ibanner=SREPD5
  7. Yep. He saw the Eclipse on the right and lifted to back out, but obviously not soon enough.
  8. Sandwich incident about an hour into the race. Resulted in a bent tie rod. Replaced it and the outer end, reset toe. Came back out in 75th and worked our way up to finish 22nd.
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