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  1. Looks like the fuel tank cover being re purposed.
  2. Clearview II Defroster, Model 1212-3450, Brand new in the box. $40
  3. What if the fenders are not on the car? Just curious .... 9.5.2. Each car entered must have a minimum of SIXTY PERCENT (60%) of the total ORIGINAL body work and panels on the car.
  4. We use this one. Works well. Only takes 4 pumps to get to full lift height. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rnr-5150085/overview/ 1 -1/2 ton model. https://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/ranger-products/product-line/ranger-1-1-2-ton-quick-jacks?autoview=SKU&ibanner=SREPD5
  5. Yep. He saw the Eclipse on the right and lifted to back out, but obviously not soon enough.
  6. Sandwich incident about an hour into the race. Resulted in a bent tie rod. Replaced it and the outer end, reset toe. Came back out in 75th and worked our way up to finish 22nd.
  7. ^^ Same experience here. Every time I passed this car it was the same. No awareness or regard for others on the track.
  8. We put in a digital clock gage. It powers on and off like the rest of the electronics. So you don't need to remember to reset a timer or turn anything on. When you turn your main power on, the clock starts at 12:00, and will show you the time of the stint. i.e. 1:50 Summit Racing SUM-G2987-1 - Summit Racing® Digital Gauges
  9. Here's a close call avoiding a stopped car on the track. Unfortunately, the car behind us (Treasure Coast ) hit it hard.
  10. If it's the white fule jug that we left by your truck, it belongs to Connolly(sp) who were in the pit beside us.
  11. Dunlop star spec direzza II $540 per set. 14hrs Sometimes we can run 2 races per set, maybe 1/3 of the time. 20% to 27% of race expenses
  12. It's quite the exit, that's for sure. I think they said that the fire was put out by the 2 fire systems on the car. I need to check. "Thankfully the fire systems, yes, two of them, were activated to suppress the fire both in and under the car before the car came to a stop (driver’s left) on the uphill front straight leading into turn 1."
  13. Good read about fire safety from NASA forum. Link to forum post and pictures of the car, showing areas of intrusion. A car "had an oil cooler line fitting fail (Aeroquip push-lock) which oiled down the complete underside of the car. The fire ignited on the exhaust and the heat from the undercar air feeding the fire was enough to breach the FuelSafe FIA FT-3 rated fuel cell." "It’s amazing how easily the fire vaporizes CCR legal “fire tape” which were covering only a few holes in the tub. Even the riveted aluminum patches showed signs of fire intrusion." http://nasaforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=132781
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