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  1. Outside GBU the fastest guys are 2:45 at RA now. We have a way to go.
  2. Probably. We only ran a 2:51 at Road America. I think there is more in it for April.
  3. 10 hrs on these front re71s.
  4. On RS4s my rears will go 24hrs. My fronts about 16. RE71s my rears will go about 16 hours. My fronts lasted just over 10 hrs. My data is based on 3 different tracks.; I ran one champcar race then ran the used RE71s on two other race tracks for more data. I suspect the difference of opinion is 3 things. 1. I run wide tires for my car. I am closer to "over-tired" then "under-tired". 2. I am comparing new tires to new tires. New RE71s are 2 seconds faster than heat cycled RS4s. 3. I struggle for camber so my wear isn't perfect. I often have some treat
  5. 255-40-17 are 185 at tire rack. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Bridgestone&tireModel=Potenza+RE-71R&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=54WR7RE71RXL&tab=Sizes I run the same tire size. I've found the RS4 and RE71 to be almost the same price. Tire rack is out of that size so I'm going to use the same price for my comparison. My heavy fwd car, heavy tire wear for champ car will use 6 RE71 tires on a 8+7. 4 fronts and 2 rears. So that is $1110 for the weekend. If I run RS4s I will use 4 tires. 1 rotate rears to fronts for the second
  6. What size tires do you run? Your tire cost numbers seem very high.
  7. Continental ExtremeContact Sport or Potenza S-04 Pole Position are fast tires in monsoons. They were 5+s faster at RA one particularly rainy race. RE71 may be faster in just wet weather.
  8. Lemons and Lucky Dog run in that area. WCMA (Mid-Western Canada) has a few race Endurance championship every year with 20+ cars pulling from a population area of only 5 million (Same as Colorado). It is growing larger every year. I was at the Lucky Dog Area27 race this October. It had 50 cars from just western Canada; pulled from a population area of only 10 million people over 3 provinces. Speaking of Area27 you should see about getting that venue. It is like a combination of the best parts of High Plains and NCM. In any case the cars are there. I'm not
  9. I definitely don't think that is the case; there are other series running events in that circle. That said I fully understand why Champcar isn't running those events in these troubling times. My point was NOT a shot at Champcar, it was a rebuttal to MoparBoyy saying we should limit Championship cars to those running 5 [3 race weekends] or more races. I fully support the new direction of 2 race weekends. It is a reasonable accommodation.
  10. I'm not making any assumptions. I am not disagreeing with what occurred last year. I'm suggesting what should occur based on our rules. 1.The rules actual specifies a [single] race for the championship. re: 1.5.2 b. 2.The rules don't specify that MOV is only applicable to non championship weekends. re: 5.6. There is nothing in the rule book that suggests a single race is made up of two separate race days. It has been done in the past (once or maybe twice), but only via race supplemental documents.
  11. Your right. 2021 is worse then 2020 which was what I put up. I think Laguna will show up eventually, but we are still just talking 4 races for the other 2/3s of the US and all in the south west. 5 races [3 events/weekends] isn't reasonable for anyone in the Central or Western regions. I'm 12 hours north west of you, so I feel your pain. Fortunately the rule book has gone back to 2 [events/weekends]. Assuming the border opens I'm planning on 3 Champcar events next year, but in 2 different cars. VIR, [April] RA, & Auto Bahn Club.
  12. Then if it is two races there should be a MOV. To repeat, you are arguing it is one race against the idea of parc ferme. Then arguing it is two races against the idea of MOV. It is one or the other; not both.
  13. You also wouldn't stop a 14+hour race for maintenance time. I think you are arguing two things at the same time. The championship is two races so no parc ferme. It is also not two races so no MOV.
  14. I'd support this if Champcar ran races all over. I try to run every endurance race within a 20 hr drive. Unfortunately the schedule is significantly less regionally diverse then when it launched. Take a look at the event Map. There are 5 (with Harris Hill run twice) events west of Elkhart Lake (Road America). None outside California or Texas. None in the red circle.
  15. I travel half way around the country for every race. You east coasters are too soft. This is supposed to be endurance racing...
  16. I've run a parc ferme at Road America. I am sure other folks here have as well. IMO Parc ferme is like a 24hr race without the fatigue danger. I'd actually like to see a parc ferme 12+12. It is the penultimate endurance race. As an aside I also think the parc ferme will dull the edges of the bleeding edge of the speed curve. There are a handful of cars I can't compete on with pace (mid 2:40 cars). eg GBU, Tuttle, swapped MR2, BBY Altima, your mustang. Parc ferme levels the field a bit for the upper mid pack and mid pack cars.
  17. On Board Fire Suppression Systems shall be inspected for recertification at least every two years after the date of original certification or as specified by the certifying manufacturer. When a unit is determined to be acceptable for continued service, a new conformance label marked with the inspection date shall be used. In-field recertification is permitted, but ONLY by the original manufacturer or its authorized agent. Mailing of certification labels to customers is strictly prohibited. Systems shall have a maximum field service life of 6 years (SFI) or 10 years (FIA) from the origi
  18. Ya, there is a serious problem with the 5 race requirement. Looks to be resolved in the new rule book for 2021. Hopefully they make the rule retroactive for you. If not come and try to be a spoiler like I plan to. I'd love to see the top 3 cars being ones that didn't qualify.
  19. I'm also a fan of Parc Ferme. Note: You can't work on your car during the evening under Parc Ferme; it is like a "gentlemen's" 24hr. Nice dinner and a good night sleep. You didn't note working on the car, but someone else in this thread did. The 5 race requirement is a disaster if you are not on the east coast. 2021 is obviously a rough year for racing, but Champcar isn't running any North Central or North Western races, and few south western races next year. As a canadian car the border closure has been a disaster for us, but next year with the cancellations there ar
  20. Mike, thank you for the years of service to the membership! You had a hard and often thankless job. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
  21. I like that idea. Similar to NASA sprint rule modifier for power to weight for tires. The question is will the board be ok with that and who would determine what tire gets what penalty.
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