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  1. jakks

    Brake upgrades (E30)

    What pads are you using?
  2. jakks

    Brake upgrades (E30)

    6th place e30 at RA running stock brakes as well. PFC08's are our brake pad of choice. We've ran Valvoline DOT3 (I think....) brake fluid and have had no issues. Make sure you do something for cooling the fronts and see what braking style drivers are using before you think you need to upgrade brakes. PFC08's last anywhere from about 21-28 hours for us. RA seems to be the hardest on brakes of the tracks we race at.
  3. jakks

    Reground Camshafts

    Which seems to go against what tech told @Huggy.
  4. I don't think every team that uses race fuel is cheating. If a team is using it specifically to gain a HP advantage then shouldn't it be like any other HP adder? "It's for people like you that have always wanted to go road racing without all the hassles or huge rulebooks or obscene expense. The simplest path to real road racing."-quoted from home page. Road Atlanta entries 72-2019 84-2018 81-2017 108-2016 I understand that they didn't have a limit in 2016. This is more along the limit was 90 this year and there were 72 that took the green flag. I'm willing to bet you'll see our numbers keep falling and a main reason is the obscene expense that this series is taking. This isn't cheap man racing when you see multiple teams showing up with 55 gal drums of racing fuel. People look at that and see "They're spending upwards of 3x what I'm spending in fuel". Leave that to AER where they are racing ex-Conti cars and such.
  5. It’s only my opinion. We all have them.......
  6. I missed the green font. Our team doesn’t use race fuel. Actually I’m against teams being allowed to use it except certain rotary powered vehicles.
  7. But our .040 over build can’t handle anything but 110!!! Guess this eliminates all the blue fueled people. “I have to run race fuel”
  8. jakks

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    No, the late model is expanded out towards the frame and also is deeper. If you look on the early model cars they have an pump and fuel filter mounted between the tank and the frame, righ near the rear subframe mounting bolt. The extra 2 gallons came from this expansion. Sending unit for the drivers side is completely different than the passenger side because it doesn't have a fuel pickup.
  9. jakks

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    The passenger side of the tank did not change. The late models came with the drivers side expanded and the crossover tube was eliminated from the bottom of tank. Late model also had another sending unit incorporated which is why they became 120 ohm gauges.
  10. That corner you have to be committed with the throttle. He was on and off throttle quite heavily, which likely upset the car.
  11. jakks

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    It was what Jackie had to pick up off the track during the red flag caused by the oil left from RBanks from T1-T5.
  12. For Running Bulls Racing the 14-hour Road Atlanta ChampCar event was almost more about the time before the event than the race. After a crash at Barber in the rain-soaked event in December, we were not even sure if the current e30 chassis could be repaired. We sent it to David Walsh, an e30 crash specialist that did a great job to straighten and repair the damage along with parts we got from a local donor. But even after getting the car back to our shop in mid-January it was still a big push for the team. Engine and transmission were out, suspension replacement, complete front end aero of splitter and air dam needed to be fabricated again, just everything we looked at needed work. But we made it and even had a few hours to dress up the livery a bit. On test day Friday there were some sketchy impressions of the car, but it looks like much of that was related to an older set of tires, gusty winds playing with the car on some corners and a way too large replacement steering wheel. But at the end of the day on new tires, we thought all was good until our last practice session claimed the newly installed windshield that had not survived a day! So, a quick trip to Strictly German for a replacement and by 6:00 it was all installed and ready. The next morning pre-race we swapped the steering wheel back to a proper size and the car was back to what we knew. We started the race 46th, Andrew Sides starting and made steady progress moving up. Our strategy was for 1:45 stints with 4 drivers. But with things going well we made a change to try to get full 2 hours stints early to get us “ahead” on the strategy and then maybe work with some yellow flag stops. Mike Merrill took 2nd stint, continued to move up but got called in for a black flag for contact, but we had none. ChampCar did get us right back out and gave us back 1 lap to cover the drive through. David Boring was in for stint 3 and moved up with a good clean stint, then to Michael Bulls for another good full 2-hour stint. By this time, we saw our position was strong and had to make the call on the rest of the race and we decided to only run three more stints and continue with the full 2-hour stints for strategy since fuel had not been an issue. Mike Merrill did stint #5, only issue was the engine getting hot during the red flag stop. Then Andrew Sides picked up stint 6 and all was well until about 45 minutes left when he commented that 4th gear was starting to not want to play! He nursed it with different shifting and then handed it off to David Boring for the final stint. David was left with the worst transmission but found a way to just drive most of the track, or at times, the entire track with the car in 4th gear and still maintain good lap times. At the end, we were eyeing that top 5 spot and were watching the battle with Tuttle and McKibbins at the end thinking if either got too aggressive and even had a lengthy spin it might be enough to elevate us out of 6th to 5th but it wasn’t in the cards. Regardless it was a fantastic finish for Running Bulls with a 6th place in this strong field of cars especially with a car that was all but destroyed 8 weeks prior. Good team work and consistent error free driving helped us to this finishing position. It was especially nice to hear from teams recognizing our good finish and complimenting us on the race, it means a lot when your competitors say you have done well! Special thanks to all that supported us. David Bulls and his buddy Zach were a great team of fueler and fire bottle man! SooZee Merrill also was over the wall on every stop to help with driver and car. James Brooks Automotive as always helps with all our tire mounting and other items. It was a ton of work for the team but a great finish. Photo Credit: Bill Land
  13. Yup, commented Sunday that I've got to get a seat insert made. My torso area was so freakin sore and I know its from not having any support other than the back of the seat.
  14. I talked to the 1st stint driver later in the day. He and I battled for a good hour and he helped me set the team FTD of the weekend with a 1:45.2.
  15. jakks

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    So he is effectively eliminating the weight portion of the swap calculator himself?