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  1. Some reason my ride to the track has to be there at 7am. Good thing Jackie, kids and I are already tucked in at the hotel.
  2. The weak link is the cellular capability of the area. You still have to use cell data to transmit from the car to the pits. Even data logging has its hang ups from time to time.
  3. Only so much sheet metal you can remove from the field until the overall quality of the field looks like poo.
  4. It didn’t transfer. It just ingested the glitter and replicated.
  5. I'd be surprised if it didn't exceed 96dB IAW the rules. Have you had it tested? It was loud at Road Atlanta too.
  6. My understanding is the fender rule and the fuel lines/bulkhead was from Tech, not TAC
  7. Sounds like sugar in the gas tank internal team issue.................
  8. Road Atlanta back straight is .75 mile and you’re not in 5th for much of it. I’d say 4.10 won’t ring out around Charlotte..
  9. That’s BS and you know it!!
  10. @Doc/Brewe Krewe is scheduled to be going to Daytona and Charlotte
  11. Isn't there a stipulation that the airdam can't extend above the front bumper? If it does then it is extra points for material?
  12. 1/2" metal Conduit. I made the sign out of just a piece of ABS plastic found at Home Depot. Drilled a hole in it and used a plastic bushing, bolt and washers with a wing nut so it's very mobile. That one was double-sided with the car colors before old 80 was demo'ed at Sebring a few years ago. It has the old Spyker colors on the other side with JAS symbol. I'd recommend not attaching to the tent. Tends to turn when the wind blows and its a nuisance to other teams when you keep it up.
  13. Oh, it's possible in the SE. When I was on JAS we had pulled the T-stats out chasing an issue at one point. Stock radiator and cooling system. We ran 140 degrees at RA. Granted it was below 40 degrees ambient temp. LOL
  14. "Had" was in my post. I think it is too late to limit teams on tire sizes, however some are wanting to reduce speed creep by going backwards on springs, camber devices and other "free" stuff. You can only run so fast if you're limited on tire size.......
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