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  1. Why? Just why? Unless the trans has an LSD in it, why does it matter? Under this what I see as a silly rule change, you could say without creating another possible e30 specific rule that an e30 325i can't run an e30 325e trans without claiming it with what I assume as a point add. Even though they are the same ratio, they are different part numbers and different housings, but easily used with no part changes. Speaking of e46 differences. What are the viable performance enhancing differences between them? Nothing.... If someone wanted to run the pretty much inferior 330 6 speed tran
  2. https://driveshaftservices.com/ https://driveshaftrepair-norcross.com/ Are used a lot in Atlanta.
  3. Chisek, Tiffany, and Chris Huggins. Was announced Saturday morning on FB somewhere.
  4. What wheels are you using? Trying to find some 9’s that work. Found some but not sure on quality
  5. Spacers is dependent on too many factors. Offset and strut tube straightness to name two. 225 on Tire Rack C1 8” wheel is unlikely to need one if you haven’t done any crazy things with alignment. 10” wheels from JB will need spacers. Use an offset calculator to give you an idea
  6. Basis of that VPi is of Single Cab RWD version. Under 4,200 lbs
  7. For wiring I would look up Kevin Tulay on the SpecE46 Facebook group. He does a lot of the harnesses and his price seems very reasonable if you account for how much time it would take you to do the same thing. Damsun Racing runs a 323 and won the Championship in 2019 with it. Good car, great drivers.
  8. Back in the day it wasn’t Tech’s job to tally a car’s point value. Tech was merely a safety check and glance over the car. Maybe we need to go back to that? Put the onus back on protest of cars in impound and not ask tech to spend WAY too much time on cars in Tech. Road Atlanta and other early races would go so much smoother if teams didn’t spend HOURS in the tech line because teams can’t value their own cars.
  9. Pretty sure @frankrehnelt had similar issues
  10. @frankrehnelt, I’m sure you could do something like this.... throw in that M54 you just got.
  11. The given data shows 2/3. If the chart didn’t have hidden sections, maybe I’d know it was actually 3/3.
  12. I was behind you for that I believe. I remember going “WTF just happened here?”
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