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  1. Running Bulls will be registering soon most likely after Charlotte so long as the car has no issues. I wouldn't worry about it being cancelled based on that low number. Charlotte had 20 or so cars registered at the early pay deadline. It's now at 36.
  2. If it was CC level you were exceeding then you need a full exhaust all the time, no?
  3. Running Bulls chased issues all weekend. Where did you get the gas from? RBR issues didn't pop up until after the first pitstop.
  4. Trying to do some research on the benefits of mounting shoulder belts closer to the seat versus farther away. It's recommended to have the seat back no more than 8" from the shoulder belt harness mounting, however multiple harness manufacturers provide charts on at what distance you have to cross them and what distance they need to be separated by. Based on rough calculations I'm seeing the stress is less on the belts if the area of the belts is greater. People seem to think they stretch more if the initial length is longer. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me since
  5. They are printed before the end of the race and put on the car in impound. They are not viewable online at this time.
  6. Phantomgrip or similar are a waste of your time and money. To add LSD you’re looking $1800 or so through diffsonline. You’re going to add 25 points that way. Another option is the 3.62 rear end out of the M3, but you’re going to need to go to the 6 speed trans most likely. Less money but you’re going to assessed more points.
  7. Except Jay no longer works for ChampCar. If NASCAR allows driver to be able to stick their hands out no more than their wrists then intent of the rule needs to be that. Don't take away our ability to point people by or to adjust the drivers side mirror.
  8. Why? Just why? Unless the trans has an LSD in it, why does it matter? Under this what I see as a silly rule change, you could say without creating another possible e30 specific rule that an e30 325i can't run an e30 325e trans without claiming it with what I assume as a point add. Even though they are the same ratio, they are different part numbers and different housings, but easily used with no part changes. Speaking of e46 differences. What are the viable performance enhancing differences between them? Nothing.... If someone wanted to run the pretty much inferior 330 6 speed tran
  9. https://driveshaftservices.com/ https://driveshaftrepair-norcross.com/ Are used a lot in Atlanta.
  10. Chisek, Tiffany, and Chris Huggins. Was announced Saturday morning on FB somewhere.
  11. What wheels are you using? Trying to find some 9’s that work. Found some but not sure on quality
  12. Spacers is dependent on too many factors. Offset and strut tube straightness to name two. 225 on Tire Rack C1 8” wheel is unlikely to need one if you haven’t done any crazy things with alignment. 10” wheels from JB will need spacers. Use an offset calculator to give you an idea
  13. Basis of that VPi is of Single Cab RWD version. Under 4,200 lbs
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