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  1. Running Bulls will have two sets of wheels for sale at the track. Find us at pit stall #2. We don't really want to take these back to the garage First set is TRMotorsports C1's. Been used for 2-3 seasons. 15"x8" 25 offset. Normal e30 fitment. $300 obo. Next set is some NLA Felgenworks 15"x9" 0 offset. No idea how many events on these. We acquired them but don't fit our needs. There are some mix-matched tires on them. $350 obo
  2. So we are 6 days away from the polls opening and no official post on who cleared nominations. I know of one who got enough nominations but has yet to be contacted.
  3. Hasn't been done in a couple years. Not promoted by the city/track like it was for RA this past weekend.
  4. A 350 point E36 with "horrible" rear suspension allowed to swap in an M52 and be under normal E36 points............. Sounds like the 944 S2 shenanigans, except CC got the E36/5 right.
  5. E46 gains diff ratios but not LSD. Z3 is not same chassis as e36.
  6. There is also one that runs at VIR alot. Its fast and is the best looking CC car in my opinion.
  7. Go to a slightly wider wheel to stiffen up the sidewalls. We went from an 8” wheel to a 9” wheel with 225 RS-4’s. Same track, Warmer temps on 9” wheels and each driver picked up between 1.8 and 2 seconds. All in cornering speeds. Some upwards of 5mph. I contribute 0.5 or so of that to knowing the track better, but each driver said the car drove totally different.
  8. Pit lane speeding is one of the least of our worries as an organization. Those that are egregiously speeding are spoken to. We don't need to give up resources on it. Most races do not have enough volunteers much less staff to give up a body for it.
  9. Troy, As a member that has volunteered a lot and Jackie works pit out, we don’t have the staff to sit and radar each car going down pit road. A long pit road would probably require 2 staff and 2 guns. Those who look like they are speeding or caught with the gun when it’s used have a stern talking to at pit road which is of in itself a penalty, at least enough to take back what they gained. We see a lot less speeding on pit road since Dana went to 20mph at every race. With Flagtronics coming about there may be more enforcement, but we don’t need a set in stone penalty.
  10. Unless you made any safety changes then you just go to registration. Make any safety changes then you go through tech and then registration. if you make any point changes then you do another digital tech sheet, then go to registration.
  11. For bmw’s at least, As explained to me by a BMW master. The light bulb provides a voltage drop which causes the alternator to increase voltage because it sees a reference that is lower than the output voltage. If you just direct power the alternator signal or an LED bulb it will only output about 12.7 volts. Having the light causes the alternator to output 13.2 or higher.
  12. It’s not in the rules but it’s the RD’s discretion.
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