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  1. Sounds like you need to increase the size of the piping to the intercooler. Even a 350gph should be enough.
  2. Bolts came out. Something we had checked early on due to noise in first stint but didn’t see anything wrong.
  3. Pulled the rear subframe out to address our 3/16” toe-out and more importantly repairing our CV axle coming off the output shaft. Had my son tear down our spare motor to be rebuilt.
  4. That means we’d have to mount them at exhaust exit level because of some the Go karts our there..... I mean Miatas
  5. Yup, has done nothing for safety of cars touching tires. Made the cars look hideous with winglets and sharp edges.
  6. Seemed overall the cars were quieter. There were a few outliers, but overall I think it moved in the right direction
  7. Discovery doesn’t have their track schedule up yet on their site, but they were there last year. I’d call them and ask. 706-344-1235
  8. Calling for 3-4” of rain in ATL area on Wed-Thur. Might need pontoons to get thru 10a on Friday.
  9. He’s a VT grad. They aren’t expected to count.
  10. Best just to cut everything out at the C101, cut the fuse box out so you can leave all the ABS wires that pass-thru and then wire everything back in that needs to be. Edit: I think I’m up to 5 e30’s and an e23 doing it that way.
  11. You might need to get clarification on the lighting. A team at VIR had to fix theirs for a break in the lighting similar to the one second from the left. This came down from the race director, “If the light pattern looks like two lights then it’s two lights.”
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