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  1. E46 seats are not much bigger if any at all than an e36 seat. I find the e46 sport seaters better than the e36. Even better if you can lumbar and heated...
  2. Contact is called in by the track staff. ChampCar black flags the cars the corner workers say were involved. If the corner worker can’t determine who was at fault then both parties are called in and it’s figured out then. To place all the blame on the ChampCar staff of today is asinine.
  3. I’m looking at in on my phone so hard to resize. Rewinding it and looking it appears to be some sort of shadow cast on the Armco, but an initial look it looked like it was a very quick point by.
  4. If you’re not modifying the tank itself then I would go to town adding and strengthening the straps. Safety is your friend in this case
  5. @Bill Strong is still sleeping and hasn’t posted an official one, so this post will have to do for now. @dogtired which car were you in? I don’t remember any incidents at turn 10 other than my own where I was turned by NLS. Really no harm and no damage. He came over and apologized.
  6. Sounds like offset e30 strut mounts as well should be included. Yeah, free camber!!
  7. Sorry @mcoppola, I deleted a comment. Posted and immediately thought it was irrelevant to the conversation.
  8. On an e30, water pressure switch will give you an indication the accessory belt has come off. Yes it will turn the charge light on as well but at least you can drive around to the pits or even finish a race (minutes left) if it’s just the alternator dead. If water pressure light comes on you’d better find a place to pull off quickly.
  9. Maybe it’s the car? I ran first stint Saturday and then 3rd stint Sunday. Improved by .5 second Sunday with the steering wheel upside down and 3/16” toe out due to contact.
  10. First one at RRR in Sept is 2 hrs as a test then they will be 8 hours after that.
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