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  1. I ogle over the Z every time I see it. Build quality is far superb over anything else I’ve seen in CC. Yes, I was commenting on the 5 series with the wing that ran at Indy in EC class. 😕
  2. Facepalm..... back to acknowledging EC cars.
  3. The 204 they put down is in line with what other cars are doing at the wheels compared to same car factory numbers at the crank. The dyno procedure or lack there of needs work if it ever is to be anything other than “data collection”. “Only one pull because my car will overheat” is not a valid excuse nor is not going to very close to redline.
  4. Is it 10 years old? Im thinking you meant to say the “affordable and good”. Cheap and fire suppression is dirty when put together
  5. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/group.asp?GroupID=FIREREFILL http://www.spatechnique.com/contact/
  6. Yup, most of the 200tw are 32-34 hot. We run 32# 225 RS-4’s on 8”. 15” wheel though. RS-4’s tend to have a lot of squeal before they actually break away from what I’ve learned. Also, if you’re seriously thinking of moving up, I’d consider buying 9” wheels and running 245’s on them first. You might be able to find some used ARC-8’s for a decent price. Fanboys are starting to lose interest in them....
  7. The first two items will help you not need to do the third. I’d be very surprised if 255’s will help you all that much over a 245. What pressures? Rim width? What tires?
  8. Are you running an M20? Most teams are able to make real close to 2 hrs so a fuel cell is unneeded. It also adds a real big headache getting it to vent/work correctly.
  9. We use RaceCapture. We get at least 2 people every race come look at our pit/pit cart setup. We’ve done a small update to the pitcart where 2 screens are now landscape and we see more of the running order without scrolling and the RC screen is larger. The lower dash screen is our RaceCapture and the upper is now an AiM Solo for laptimer
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