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  1. I've used the Stilo helmet with air, ear cuffs, mic and integrated water bottle bite valve for 10 years now without issues. Performance much better than earbuds IMO and way easier and comfortable to use. I have to order up a new SA2020 helmet and will be ordering the Stilo ST5 with the same setup. It's the ideal thing for endurance racing, comms, air and drink! The air keeps the helmet much cooler in summer and defogs the lens in wet weather. Since every race I go to it rains/pours, it's been a great addition.
  2. Bill, Thanks for the info. The Tech note said that we had to have a current receipt for the ESS bottle and it would be weighed and that would count for valid SFI. It was weighed and met the target. The difference was the tech person said we had to send it back to ESS for recert and the Tech bulletin said that we didn't as long as we had a current receipt and made weight.
  3. Soon but not soon enough for Barber does us no good. Thanks for Responding, Bill
  4. Looking for resolution. We had a tech question from Road America and are signed up for Barber race. Two weeks with no response so we are running out of time. Put in a new one today incase there was a problem with the previous one. Looked up the old one and it's still in there but not actioned.
  5. Has the tech desk stopped answering tech questions? We posted two weeks ago with no response. Should we email someone directly?
  6. Garages are sold out. Would like to share a garage with any teams that have space. Have Surly. Thanks.
  7. Hey Paul, we can go in on a garage with you. Pm me if interested
  8. Looking to share a garage if anyone is looking for a team.
  9. Everything is sold! Race ready engine sold quickly after the Spring races when folks blew up what they had.
  10. How about a "if you don't do something stupid you should be on the podium" warranty. The fine print would say a six pack of Surly if you don't.
  11. Tyler why do you have what looks like a down syndrome man as your Avatar?
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