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  1. Utah Motorsports Campus is a great facility, and the Salt Lake City has great restaurants and hotels, and Utah offers lots of sports, recreation, and some of the most spectacular National Parks in the country that create "extended vacation opportunities". Utah was hands down our most enjoyable, most fun event last year (even though our race results don't reflect that!!) and we were looking forward to going back. The (one day) tow home to Southern California only took 11 hours, so for us, it's really no different that going to Sonoma, Thunderhill, or Laguna Seca. I hope 2021 allows us to put UMS back on the calendar. Or maybe Spring Mountain.
  2. Bring it by my shop. We'll stick the 2.4 motor in it. More horsepower for speed and the extra pounds will give you more "road hugging weight" (that's a reference back to a Ford Pinto commercial that compared their car to the Chevy Vega-you can tell how old I am!!)
  3. We went to COTA the first year Champcar ran there with the old car and finished sixth the first day after leading and getting caught out by a early pit stop/red/yellow flag snafu. We loved it although it was oppressively hot and humid (for us lightweight Californian's). I would love to go back, and considered it this year, but Willow Springs is a week later and we felt is was more important to support the West Coast. Your recipe for the 280zx is spot on....just shed as much weight as you can.
  4. Actually, we built a new car (a 280Z) which finished second on Saturday at this years National Championship at Sonoma (we broke an oil pump drive on Sunday) and was featured on Jay Leno's Garage the other night. I gave the body shell of my first car-a 240Z- to the Flyin Hawaiians after they totaled their car in the rain in February of 2019. They added some red to the sides and it looks great. They were on the Leno show also with Adam Carolla driving. If there is a re-run of the episode its worth checking out. The listing will probably highlight Blake Shelton, who was one of the story lines (he drove one of Elvis' old pickups).
  5. Aircraft Spruce & Specialty sells what they call "Lexan". It is really made by Bayer (in America) and their "lexan polycarbonite sheet" is called Makrolon. Aircraft Spruce has warehouses on the west coast and east coast. Next build in not another Z.......
  6. Lexan is interesting stuff. When we made the lexan inserts for the rear hatch on our Z car, we were able to find someone with a programmable oven. Why? If you read the manufacturers literature, lexan is hydroscopic (absorbs water). They recommend you heat it at a lower temperature for a period of time (to get the moisture out), bring it up to "yield temperature" (we formed it over the factory glass), and then cool it down in specific stages (to avoid bubbles). To me learning about all the different engineering technologies that are used in our sport (ie: combustion theory, aerodynamic theories, strength of materials, welding) is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our sport. Unfortunately, my buddy's oven won't do the size rear window we need for our next build (and the curve on both ends is pretty extreme), so I will be using factory glass and safety film!
  7. I am avoiding scanning the previous 13 pages of posts out of laziness. I respect @NineLivesJohnny's expertise and opinion a lot. For those who like falling asleep reading books instead of iPad screens, and are looking for other resources, there is a British author names Simon McBeath who authored a book called Competition Car Aerodynamics (it's not cheap) now in its Third Edition and updated in 2015. It does a pretty deep dive into the effects of increasing/decreasing downforce at the front and rear through various measures (splitters, diffusers, wings), along with the effects of splitter and wing heights. I for one, will be ordering one of NineLivesRacing's Wangs (maybe two different chords) for my next build, and look forward to balancing high and low downforce packages with front splitters, S ducts, and diffusers.
  8. I do apologize and you should know I'm kidding. And that driver isn't in the car now. If we come to willow it will be fun and clean. Absolutely no hard feelings. There are lots of different levels of driving skill. Your driver reeled us in and was looking to get by. Handling and Brakes vs. horsepower. It's a drama (tragedy? comedy?) that plays out at every racetrack in every race. Even Lando Norris and Simon Pagenaud discovered that in iRacing recently!
  9. I sent out a group email over the weekend to alert past West Coast participants to the reduction in the entry fee. Whatever we can do to contact our fellow racers and increase car count will add to the fun!
  10. I'm betting it will be the drivers side door this time. I can feel a "dive bomb" coming into Turn 3 (the left-hander up the hill) <smile>
  11. Just another reminder I'm not as smart as I thought I was ?<lol> How about making driver changes subject to the same 3:45 to 4:00 ? (I'll bet I get lots of boos and hisses for that one!!)
  12. I hate to admit it, but I like this line of thinking better than my own "fuel capacity based on engine displacement" approach....3:45 to 4:00 pit stops could still be completed with proper safety procedures and would help address the inequity Mr. Truglio brought up in his petition.
  13. I have seen lots of feedback on tires and the 2X rule, but I haven't seen much discussion of Petition #48, in which Troy Truglio raises and interesting point with regard to fuel capacity of newer cars that have been added in recent years. He states "Now we have opened up the books and have more modern cars with much much larger tanks than before and since we opened the rule book for modern cars we need to also need to open the rule book for fuel capacity to keep it fair. " Since I have 60's and 70's vintage cars, I clearly have a bias toward re-visiting fuel capacity. In don't believe the "we didn't pick your car" line of reasoning applies because "We" DID pick those newer cars as appropriate for our series. Five other petitions also make some attempt to adjust fuel capacity so there must be some concern among our fellow competitors. Just to give everyone a target to shoot at....how about revising the fuel capacity rule something to effect..."cars are allowed to run their stock fuel tanks or fuel cells not to exceed 16 gallons for Class A, 18 gallons for Class B, 20 gallons for class C, or 24 gallons for class D." This effectively allows fuel capacity based on engine displacement. I will stand blindfolded against the wall now and let you take some shots <smile>
  14. I will try and get some of Jamie's drive from sixth to fourth. Been watching video chasing reason for crooked steering wheel. Nichols got hit by Ergolab Miata in right rear which created tow in in right rear (found that footage), then Jamie "curb hopped" chasing down the Tuttle car and bent the lower front control arm-creating toe out in right front (still looking). I'll keep you posted.
  15. Like FlorahDorah, I didn't want to just "like" this quote. This, along with PJT's prior post, reflects a great deal of insight and wisdom (and patience with the wristband debacle-I too spend a great deal of time making sure my drivers have their "jewelry" on). If his car wasn't so dang fast, I might even learn to like him.
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