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  1. Yep. Got a stack of rotors that look EXACTLY like that. I was able to improve the major cracks when I switched to Centric high carbon rotors. I now get 2 races on the rears but the smaller cracks are all over the place up front after a 14 hour and must be replaced. I'm paying about double on rotors than you are currently but to have less fear of a complete split in the rotor is worth it to me. Not saying it won't happen but I haven't had a one split like that in about 3 years now, but then this year was an anomaly as we only ran snowpocolypse and the recent tropical storm (thanks Covid).
  2. So what i experienced on Sunday when I ran the DE at Sebring, they took our temps to get into the track. We then had to get out of our vehicles as there were a list of something like 10 questions we had to answer. Once done, we had to sign two waivers. All of this was at the main gate before even getting into the track. Not saying it'll be the same next weekend, but I didn't pay the extra $20 because I had an open trailer. I have seen all kinds of pit vehicles there. Given that added distance we now have to cover with fuel jugs, I'm bringing my old Polaris to help with setup a
  3. Unfortunately I will be of no help as I'm in Central Florida (Sebring area). A quick question to an acquaintance of mine said Performance Welding in Jacksonville would be his first choice in that area.
  4. Florida is kinda a loooonnnggg state. There are teams all over Florida that could help you with a little more information.
  5. We have an e30 that I put a surge on. I just bought a hyperfuel surge from summit for my system. I ended up pulling the stock pump and rigging up some hydramat on the other end and put in a second similar setup on the other side saddle (e30 thing). I put in 2 Carter low volume external pumps in the trunk, where the surge is too. The internal pump pressure was in the 90s and my engine wouldn't keep the flame lit over 60 psi so I put in an adjustable regulator too (stock one was overwhelmed). It is all plumbed with twist lock hoses and fittings from Summit. I do use bulkhead fittings as we
  6. Too far away or I'd come over and talk E30s until you wanted to kick me back to Avon Park.
  7. Thanks guys. I have a set of the new compound Maxxis still on the car from the snowpocalypse in Atlanta. I may try to run a day on those since they have limited wear and get a new set of RS4s as well. It sounds like wear will be similar to Barber in that the sweeper can easily cause overheating if pushed hard but the surface isn't really abrasive.
  8. Things have to be kept in perspective here. Remember it is very possible that some people might have been seeing their first snowfall, ever. I drove in the dry and I dont know where the offs were and at what time but I can say that it's very realistic that a Florida driver could easily be coming down the hill into 10A and think they are good until they hit some slush and lock it up (if no abs). Their experience in snow may be nil and they dont realize letting off the brakes is the right thing to do. I'm sure many of us remember a professional that hit a jet dryer duri
  9. Seriously considering this race. How is this track on tires? Think I'm going to have to get to a track day there in the next couple of months, for sure.
  10. Very true about the final drive as well. While I am a Ford guy, I love the move towards the all aluminum as it seems to add a couple hundred pounds to the overall payload capacity over a steel equivalent. Well, not really add per say, but the reduced body weight is now available as cargo weight.
  11. Usually the only way a 1500 4or crew is going to tow 10K is if it's a stripped down work truck with the "big" engine. Half ton payload capacities just aren't very high. Sure it'll tow it but for how long? And if you get into an accident towing overweight.... not good. Just because the towing guide says 10K doesn't mean that truck can tow 10K. If it's a Laramie, all of those options eat away at what the GCVWR has left over. The safe bet is to assume 15% of trailer capacity is on the tongue and deduct that from the actual payload weight. Whatever you have remaining must accoun
  12. Ed learned me my something new today. After seeing his response I went out and checked on consumables. They are different, for sure. The electrodes, tips, and shields for most if not all varying brands appear to be pretty much what they want them to be and not standardized.
  13. I do believe they are. I haven't tried putting in tips that I haven't bought from Norther Tool but then I've only needed to replace one. I bought a bunch when I bought my plasma cutter knowing I was a noob.
  14. I have a cheap Clutch plasma cutter (110V) that I love. I can tell you that I'm no artist so I can't cut a straight line with the plasma without some kind of guide for the torch to run against. I'm way more accurate with my nibbler. But cutting time with a plasma is just awesome. And yes, I can run my plasma off a pancake compressor and yes, I HAVE taken it and used it at the track.
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