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  1. Just seeing this during WEC recovery hours. We are over in 16 camp site 1. We have a tenancy to walk the track but with the forecasted rain I'm betting we stay put most of the day.
  2. Money Pit is in turn 16 enjoying the show.
  3. I use the race ramps mender has in his post as my trailer was bought initially to haul a lifted jeep. I understand not wanting to pay $600 for ramps but if you are lazy, like me, the race ramps page has great instructions on determining what length and rise you need for the appropriate approach angle for your trailer.
  4. No harm no foul, we all have our moments. Hell later in the stint I was overzealous in 3 and ended up in the wall. I might owe a fresh pair of undies to whoever that was behind me...
  5. And here I was thinking that was who I was racing for position. I do apologize for the miss-information. Early on EC was shaping up to be a fun fight. Then the E46 blew up, followed by our clutch and the RVA M3 then was done....
  6. I stand corrected. I only knew of the red one in EC. We are an EC car and I know we were racing with them as we were close in pace.
  7. 2nd gen red with the top cut off This same car decided to attempt a dive bomb in 10a right after the yellow came out around the 2 hour mark. He locked it up and ended up in the kitty litter. Scared the hell out of me.
  8. Attrition seemed bad this year. We fell out in hour five with a trail of hydraulic fluid coming from the clutch slave. Turns out the throw out bearing came apart and the plastic bits sort of melted on the input shaft. The metal parts just scattered everywhere.
  9. Looks like March 17 per the website. Already looking into it. 👍
  10. I might have to try and make this one. It's only 1 hour away and it's been a while since I have seen some good smash em ups.
  11. Unless you run Sebring. We finish well everywhere else but can't get past the 5 hour mark at our home track. Hell I'm tickled when the car let's me finish a DE there with no issues. ☹️
  12. Rear bearings aren't bad and dont fail often. Always keep spare front hubs. For good measure, I always have both masters and all 4 calipers too. And extra caliper sliders and bolts. Every now and then they seem to like to back out once the thread locker wears off and the crew forgets to put more on. My car is EC with an M52 swap. I can tell you that the brakes are sufficient. I just buy centric rotors from tire rack, but you will want to vent them with what you are doing or else it's new brakes and hubs after every race.
  13. It never hurts to have all 4 corners set up and ready to bolt on if you have the space to tote them. Why struggle with a rear wheel bearing when you can change out the whole corner quicker....
  14. The whole damn car. I've been looking for a decent priced parts car here in central Fla for a couple of months now with no luck. Spare body and suspension parts!
  15. Is the drivers side fender any good? I might be interested depending on cost. We will be racing at Rd Atlanta, car 197.
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