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  1. We have the airplane style unit that has a rod that measures resistance as the level drops to move the gauge. It kinda works....
  2. Pretty sure we have been top 5 every RA race we didn't break! Including pre ecotech swap
  3. Road America with our without the Kink is still fun, but to be honest I just feel burnt out there. Would like to see one date replaced with Autobahn or even the new Gateway config. to spice it up a bit. I get that we get a decent rate on both event dates, but to me it isn't that "fun" of a track to race at. I get a lot of corners require a big pair to get through fast and the overall speed is up there, but the track is not that technical. Now, the local eateries, track history, and beautiful spring and fall weather make for a great weekend, I guess we are just spoiled having raced it so many times. Now we work it at least once a year so that is nice. I know our team has talked about running in CA if a date pops up in June or July, just have to embrace the 13 hr. tow plus possible fun at the border(yes I've crossed many times with a fishing boat)!
  4. And this is just flat out wrong.....
  5. 100% agree! We are the team using a stock manifold on our car. We also have the polaris header. We dyno'd both and have seen how they perform. We will continue to use the stock manifold after seeing the results on an actual dyno. The other 4-2-1 header should be points, I agree with you Jer and hope tech can asses it the same as I believe it is worth a substantial gain in hp. Also, to stay on track, I support Doc in his bid for reelection.
  6. We did, they sucked. Will trade left overs for beer....but would probably be Schlitz or worse worthy for us to not feel like we cheated you!🤣
  7. Yes, and it only works on the 1.6 Miatas. Gives them about 2hp and 10 ft. lbs of torque. To go along with their 114hp and 105 total ft/lbs and stock 11.9 gallons of fuel. Not saying it is right, but seeing how some teams get a swap weight 400lbs over the actual weight of their car, I'm not that pissed off about it
  8. 1. Miata's get 12.7 max stock value if they swap or run 1.8's, and that is at a measly 14.85/1 pwr to weight. 2. You cannot balloon takns so there goes the honda argument. 3. Fox chassis does not make a Mustang equal to a Cougar via this series. Buy the frame and put the body work on and suspension/drivetrain for one and take the points. We cannot say our Miata shares a chassis with a 16.4 gallon Mazda 6, they are both Mazdas and are similar?. I have run against SOA, are they cheating? Or can no one else build as good of a car as them?
  9. I hate the MR2 not being addressed, that said, have you built a winless TBird yet and proved how terrible it is to justify getting the value lowered? How many teams actually were damaged by the VPI increase, right or wrong, I'm genuinely curious. If we are honest, the MR2, while completely under valued, has been built by what, 2 teams that have had success?(sorry bill). One of which, was consitently finishing roughly 50% of the races it entered? Yes, I am very familiar with a mid-west team that built that platform to its potential without cutting it up like swiss chesse, doesn't get close to two hours on fuel, and is full of guys that an drive the crap out of that car. It also took them 3-4 years of development to get it there. Again, I disagree with its value, but I support the guys that built it and drive it 100%. Build the TBrid, not the hodgepodge fbody that has been spouted here. Dominate, or fail, then argue your point. We can all sit here and speculate lap times and competitiveness of a platform on then internet, but until we actually see it, it is nothing more than speculation. Can we at least all agree that BMW sucks and e30's should get adjusted up?😉
  10. Thanks dad! It has been a blast! Also, you should really get behind the wheel!
  11. OK, 1 Week out! We will be bringing the weber grill and some meats(brats, burgers, and dogs) Bring anything else along to share! Sounds like a decent amount of folks plan to camp so could be a decent time in the paddock! Lets make this small entry event a lot of fun both on and off the track!
  12. Can you model it with the rear bumper cover removed?
  13. Seeing how most races out west fair for entries, I would guess you will be just fine......Doubt a great many make the tow.
  14. It's not until November, but I highly suggest going to the Barber event. For one, you will get to have some awesome access to a great track, and second this event will have a lot of experienced teams from all around the country racing there so you can really feel a lot of people out.
  15. Good topic to discuss, I think @red0 can share pics of his impact at Road America and how well his cell held up with the entire rear of the car pushed forward. Ours are in the "Option A" area as you state. We have had two hard impacts to the rear/side that could have compromised the cell and did not.
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