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  1. Ha, gotta love the multipost, but in all honesty, it was pretty awesome.
  2. I have been a huge proponent of weighing cars at as many tracks that have scales. I personally did it for Champcar at the 2018 fall Road America race. I know it was done again this year in the spring as well. Not sure on the fall this year as we didn't get there to volunteer until Saturday morning. Having had the opportunity to do it though, e30's were on average, right around 2300-2350lbs. Some of those still had all the door hardware and a dash pad. The one mr2 that came across had a full interior in the car and a stock engine set up and was 100lbs less than the weight used in the calculator. Miatas all came in between 2050-2200lbs, depending on if they were former spec cars or champ cars. All teams were asked to guess how much fuel they had in the car and it was noted on the forms. I know some teams in the spring added weight to the cars in tech, from leaving tools in the car, a large plastic tub said to hold the cars "radios" that a team member struggled to carry, all the way to hiding brake rotors under the seat pads. That car still weighted in at what would be considered the top 5% of lightest models of that car raced and weighed. In the end, I feel weights should be an average, but need to also look at things like % of interior removed, cage tubing size and amount of actual bars, etc. The only reason I don't say you use the lightest number found is because there are certain teams that have taken so much out of there cars that if you were to bump into walking by in the paddock you might break it. I had a long debate with Mike C. at that RA race regarding the e30 M50 and got his take. It was simply saying swap the motor or go all aero and he felt the cars would be considered equal at that point. However, I believe there are teams that are running the M52/54 engines that can have a higher performance when tuned than the m50 which was not accounted for.(I could be wrong here and if I am I apologize.) Should not of happened how it did, but as has been stated, it was done behind the eyes of the BOD and as far as I know they were pretty frustrated. I will come out and admit Tyler is someone I consider a close friend and as close to family as you can get without actually being related. He has been the one working behind the scenes to get us the sponsors that we have and working with others that haven't come on board yet. His experience in the financial world has shown through in how he understands how a business needs to be run to be successful. Even though he runs an e30, he has shown no bias in making exceptions for that car in the series. His work as the TAC liaison is something that needs to be considered as well. What he has done in the year that he has been on this board I would say has been close to the most valuable of any other member and I think it is a shame he is one of the first to be up for reelection. He has my vote and I urge you all to reach out via PM and talk through things with him to really get to know who he is, not only as a BOD member, but as a person.
  3. I think he means the poster in the back...
  4. Gotta love a good ole WOB thread.... Want of Bees vs. wannabees.....
  5. Can't wait to watch walking up that crazy long pit lane in hopefully not 90+ degree wearther! Can't wait to watch walking up that crazy long pit lane in hopefully not 90+ degree wearther! Can't wait to watch walking up that crazy long pit lane in hopefully not 90+ degree wearther!
  6. Rob is quite correct, the Tire Rack deal is a multi-year deal and a lot of money..... I hate that the first two guys up for relection are these two, because they both have done a lot for the series. To answer the OP, at least for Tyler, he works in the world of finance. For a world wide banking firm and has a lot of experience in that world. He also appears to be the only person on the BOD, or staff, that is actively working effectively towards sponsor relationships. Full disclosure, he is someone I consider a close friend and am biased, but he is also the one person that has actively sought out companies to sponsor this series and closed those deals. In the short year that he has had the opportunity to serve our membership on the BOD, he has exceeded the effort of almost all other BOD members in his results. Outside of a potential bias on his young age, I do not see how anyone can not vote for him to retain his seat.
  7. We don't run a header on ours..... After dynoing between a stock manifold and the "header" it is a disadvantage to run the header vs. the labor to make a stock manifold work. You can't tell me that the dyno proven difference of an s2 motor isn't worth making a team take the s2 point value.... Sorry for the thread derail....
  8. I'm just glad to see they were able to baby it long enough to get it running at full tilt on a dyno this time, instead of developing a miss right after the checkered flag from the toils of a cool down lap.....
  9. I would guess we could pull 25-30 cars to this, if it was scheduled for a date the didn't have a big race 2 weeks before or after it.....What would it take to break even or make a bit of money for the series to run it? Also, just run the comp course for two days, no need to do the Donneybrooke(IMHO), from an ease of use standpoint. We love BIR, staying at the Condos and hanging out with everyone is a blast, the comp course is a lot of fun, only downside is the bird sized mosquitoes that come out as soon as the sun starts to set! We could commit two cars... maybe get another 23 to commit and we could get the staff to arrange something??
  10. Solid setup, have used it as a renter. Price is more than fair!
  11. This is why you don't brake too early! Causes issues with the following car.... Side note, at Hastings with the massive 7 car field, Mike C, told me that our two cars could bump draft without penalty! Knowing full well out 150 car was DOA and still on the trailer.....
  12. So 917 finally made it to a dyno without a miraculous misfire??
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