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  1. Denny for the win yet again! Ya'll better be nice to him at pit out this weekend!
  2. Still think it should have been Parc Ferme....would have made this a lot simpler for all involved.
  3. Also, Top Gear stated that running at top speed tires would be degraded in something like 15-20 minutes, and with all the complaints about using too many tires during an event, this may become an issue...
  4. I thought the swap weights in the calculator were the only thing that did that? I do see some positives in limiting tires put on per stop/race. However, I also think if we are going to start outlawing tires and regulating how many can be changed, might as well go all the way and make a spec tire like LD.
  5. Register sooner? We tend to have our races picked within a week of the dates being announced. I get it, $$ can be an issue, but if I wait until the day before a big time ticket event in any other realm, especially knowing it is going to sell out, I do not expect to score a ticket if I wait around. This is a nation wide business, as much as we want it to be a "club", not everyone gets to play all the time. Plus a sell out at the Glen with the return of MCM makes me glad I'm not there. I can only imagine the coming carnage from that race.
  6. Dude, brakes are free now, why don't you ask Bill Riley for a set of his IMSA Mercedes setups? Serious note, I know more teams that have tried them and gone back than have stuck with them.
  7. So if a team like ours, due to being in the series for 8 years and due to drivers having conflicts during that time, has built a solid driver pool of 6-7 drivers and decides to build a second car so we can all come have fun as a group is that an issue? Or are you more worried about a team that builds 3 cars and holds arrive and drives taking up spots from teams that are more aligned to the spirit of the rules?
  8. T3 could work too, but being in the sweet spot that I pointed out, you would have 3 separate opportunities to really get a good reading on a car that might be borderline. Think of it more as a range of motion that you could move between to get the best readings. Basically anywhere in that area that you want to choose should work and give an accurate reading. Another spot would be on the inside of nascar 3 and 4, but you would want a mic on a boom about 10-15ft. in the air, 50 ft. from the wall to measure the sound. Or just put Bill in a scissor lift...
  9. If you are going to actually try and get accurate readings of individual cars, Instead of pit lane, set up between turn 2/4/6 50ft from the track... Pit lane does not allow for any isolation of other factors that should be considered when measuring sound. FYI, this is part of my real world job...I'm sure @55mini could give a lot of advice as he has 45+ years in the field of acoustics and acoustical measurements....
  10. What a joke...however, make them pay 10X the entry fee and kick them out after the first PUY and collect the $$$
  11. All of these things are now issues, but we still cannot tech the platform rule correctly.....
  12. yep. have a similar net now too. doubt it passes. common sense needs to be applied. heck, how many rollover incidents have happened in the series in the last 11 years? I would think the data could back it up.
  13. From the recent marketing/media postings, I feel like we are IMSA lite on how we deal with "safety"... we still let teams rung cars from the 19** with their stock fuel tanks and dont mandate FIA/SFI fuel cells, but dang you cant let your hands be exposed.... Anybody running a 70's pinto with a stock tank want to guess what might be more dangerous?
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