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  1. Hmmm, 2 1.6 motors 6 1.6 diffs a broken spring random fuel issues from our exhaust super heating the cell one rear axel that was also destroyed because of our exhaust one hub sheared off and sent a wheel flying across the fields at Gingerman from a prior wheel to wheel contact in the race 1 transmission had an internal failure, was out of a car with 180k on it, plus a few thousand race miles.
  2. No problem, we have just been looking at numbers and $$'s as it relates to our team and options going forward so this has been on our radar for a while.
  3. From Miata.net on this specific motor from an engine builder. "150whp is bolt-ons and a good tune. Above that you need to go into the motor. 160-165whp is just a little bowl work and compression. 170whp requires more substantial head work or mild cams or lots of compression, pick one. 185whp requires mild cams (still streetable in a VVT), compression, porting. Pick two. 195whp full head work, lots of compression and mild to medium race cams. 205whp+ is pretty much a full race engine with cams that would probably never idle for street use. 225whp+ so and the life expectancy begins to shorten. Perhaps 15-30 race hrs and you're looking at a $15-20K long block." That's were I'm coming from, and also in talking with them on their dyno results. Recipe for results: "vvt or 00-01 head pistons from late model NB megasquirt or equivalent RB header & free flow exhaust flat top manifold 949 recipe air intake BP5A Cam Should land you close to 150 hp. maybe even a little more with the late NB pistons. " Also, our 1.6 was able to make 112 to the wheels on the dyno with a basic set of bolt ons, a megasquirt and tuning.....
  4. No worries, just quoting the wiki numbers on the motor, so that only reinforces my point that you guys walked them on the back straight in a 13.93:1 car(2300lb/165), and both were running times relatively close to each other for most of the race.
  5. I can give some insight into this cars amazing pace....if you take the weight of the car, which at Road America was 1920, full of fuel, and with a full sized aluminum jack, 4 jack stands, 2 sets of driver gear, and tools in the car, and divide that by the hp, assume 150-160 for that particular motor, yes I have talked to the team and this is a solid dyno number. you get a car that is 12:1 pwr fully loaded, maybe less because I don't know the difference in weight between the drivers and the amount of crap they had in the car when it hit the scale. My only question is how long they could go on fuel running that hard on a stock, unmodified 11.9 gallon tank, and the safety concerns since the took out all of the crumple zone behind the fuel tank and replaced it with hard steel bars... Did you watch much of the live streams, not just the Champcar one, but some of the others? We did. In the Huggins video, we saw multiple times going from 1-7 where that car would not slow down for corners or traffic, just flying through, only to come to the back straight and watch the Huggins car(M54B25, I believe? So, 189hp in a car that I would assume weighs in the 2300lb range so 12.16:1) walk past it by 10a. Guess what, both cars were running 1:43's, just doing it in different ways. The car was very well setup and "well" albeit aggressively driven the entire day. I would love to see the in car if they have it, it will tell a lot more than just looking at lap times. Also, from private conversation, one of the drivers is very accomplished in the SM world.
  6. hotchkis23

    Best bang for the buck

    Depends on the event director, I know there was a talking to at an event for a few teams doing it. Still pretty sweet pic!
  7. hotchkis23

    Miata Tires

    No, just a miata! We also have found we get a fair amount more time out of the go fast tires due to overall weight of the car.
  8. hotchkis23

    Best bang for the buck

    Thanks, I just drive, so point values for parts aren't my forte. I wonder how much of Mazda recognizing the series has to do with the series allowing in spec cars and the rules they play by?
  9. hotchkis23

    Good deal? 2000 F350

    Up here that truck would probably sell for close to $11k or more if some young kid was willing to pay for it to "roll coal", there is a large demand for those 7.3's. Great truck and a good deal!
  10. hotchkis23

    Best bang for the buck

    Technically they are single adjustable so I would see them as being the 10pts. per shock. This was a point of contention at Road America this last fall when a lot of Hondas and Acuras came through with Ground Control Shocks, which are essentially whatever shock body you want, matched to the settings you want and paired with a spring rate, then the adjustable nut is welded to make them nonadjustable. This was such an issue that Mike C. had to come down to the tech shed and explain that even though Ground Control advertised them as acceptable as nonadjustable shocks in CC, that was in no way true and he considered them to be adjustable as they were at one time, regardless of if they were no longer. I beleive 4 different teams ended up moving to ec as a result of taking the 75pt. per shock hit as they were valued last season. I hope that the rule is treated the same for the Penskes, as I agree we will only open up a giant slope of B.S. and back room agreements from teams. I can imagine some of the more well off teams creating all kinds of adjustable combinations and merely welding the adjuster once they dial in where they want to be. To the point that during a Friday practice day you might see it. Also, 10pts. per for adjustable shocks isn't that bad of a pts hit, as long as it is regulated to the low end ones and not the $4k sets....
  11. hotchkis23

    Best bang for the buck

    Sweet! Then you can put down legal dyno numbers like the e30 that won the National Event......
  12. hotchkis23

    Best bang for the buck

    I am strongly against this FYI, and no we have not bought them nor are we planning to.
  13. hotchkis23

    Best bang for the buck

    I know when I looked at a lot of the aftermarket miata springs when this rule was put in place, almost all of the easy to find "bolt on" ones that were sold did not meet the technical spec as called out in the rule book...
  14. hotchkis23

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Doc, I am in no way trying to come across as rude when I ask this, however in my professional life my company belongs to a professional membership organization that we pay dues to as affiliated member business. This group has meetings that discuss those things as well, as it pertains to all the members of the organization, as a result they are required to make the meeting notes available to all dues paying members as part of the organizations by-laws for transparencys sake. That is what I know in my world, and part of me expected/hoped the same level of transparency was available here. I appreciate all that the board does as volunteers while trying to maintain their own personal commitments. Look forward to seeing what you are allowed to actually put out.
  15. hotchkis23

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Thanks Jer, appreciate the honest communication you do a great job at keeping us all informed. Any chance the actual board decisions and discussion can be made public? Only asking as it is nice to know the reasons and how board members feel towards certain issues, as you guys are the ones we have elected to keep the series going in the right direction and it helps come re-election time.