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  1. MIke, I am with you 100% on this. We have certain teams we know have "issues" on track. We try to avoid them and do watch to see who all is entered at events before we go. At Indy that car came to pit road and looked like a $10k used car....after the first day I don't think it had a panel on it that wasn't damaged. Pair that with having to tell them multiple times to put down visors, wear gloves, etc as a pit marshal, only to have them b!@Ch me out after a stop for costing them time, I have no sympathy. Play by the rules, or get parked. I seriously like the idea of scannable tags on helmets and logging incidents for cars/drivers at events. Indy was crazy on Sunday with stupid, yes stupid, contact. This one is inexcusable and I think if I was in charge I might have just cut the driver band and said "see ya", had that system been in place. And, yes I'm ranting, this is the guy that was talking crap about the series when he came here and spouting credentials, paying a mechanic $15k and a place to live to win a freaking metal sculpture. Maybe I'm a simple minded Midwesterner, but as they say in the South, bless your heart sir, you earned it....
  2. Don't "need" either, that is for the tuner crowd that doesn't want to do any work. Outside of the cost of the kit and the donor motor, this swap is less than $1500 by quite a bit. Well, at least before all the Tarrif BS....
  3. Drew, we get it, you are someone that wants to build to and around any written rule to how you interpret it. A lot of other people will do this too. That said, it appears a lot of the people here understand the "intent" of the rule as written and do not want to go that far beyond it. I have seen three different occasions of stock tanks being dragged behind cars when they have been ballooned and broken the stock straps, one was even a neon at Road America that dragged the tank from turn 14 all the way up the front straight until it died just after the start/finish line when the line feeding the fuel rail finally ripped out. Most appear to assume if you run the stock tank, you only get to play with pieces after the stock fittings that come on the tank from the factory, no moving to other spots to engineer a vent, no moving the filler, no modifying how the tank mounts. In my opinion that is the only way the series can justify allowing teams to use stock tanks. The manufacturers test them in their stock location under different situations. Once you decide to modify anything from how they were tested how can you expect them to hold up to the standards that are followed by the factory? Not saying that some of us cannot build a safe system with a stock set up, but most of us cannot do it to the levels that an OEM can. A cell and how it is to be installed is spelled out well and seems to be scrutinized by tech. Jay and Ray have seen our setup a few times, and I swear they spend more time making sure the cell is mounted safely than caring about anything else on the whole car.
  4. With the hot exhaust pipe running less than 3" from the bottom of the tank, and a big front airdam/splitter combo, I would guess the temps on the tank were closer to 140-150 degrees. I only guess that from what we learned with our car and temps we measured on our cell when our exhaust ran in the stock location. We also boiled diff oil and burnt up pinoin seals that were rated at 450 degrees. One time in St. Louis we measured a pinion temp of 600 degrees....
  5. We were standing together at Indy when the Red Mercedes shot a stream of hot, pressurized fuel all over the team and the pits from this very issue. Someone could have been hurt really bad, it was a lot of fuel, and luckily for once, the guy had his visor down otherwise we would have had to deal with that issue. "Stock" tank too...
  6. I agree with this 100%, we run billstiens and modified our NA hats when we first built the car, we claim material for what was added to them.
  7. I can follow the line of thinking in that the NB hats that are "required"(if you don't want to spend a day or so modifying the NA hats) are part of the coilover kit, and these particular pieces are fixed in their camber/caster adjustablility. The ones I saw were not fixed and had adjustments built into them. Therefore I felt those should be points as they were above and beyond the minimum to make the coil over package work.
  8. Tire wear is going to be up on the left front as stated above. There are three substantial brake zones, but nothing crazy. Haven't been back since we were still the 1.6 but we did the whole weekend on a set of hawk pads back then on 1.8 rotors and calipers. Track is really flat, might see an increase in bearing fatigue, but I would doubt it. Beware the giant rut on the exit of turn 3?(end of the kink), you do not want to drop a tire off there. One of the guys that drives with us occasionally was there for the WRL race and did it, sent the car across the track and into the armco hard! Also there is a scary section after turn 12? last left hander before the combo corner to the front straight, the track has a bit of a wave here out by the rumble, our car ended up getting loose here and into the tires drivers left. Also, according to George(track owner) the day before our race a guy in a Z06 vette did the same thing, only difference was the vette was totaled and we finish the rest of the 14hr race.
  9. I'm aware, also, these weren't the NB hats that a team was running, they were an aftermarket piece I had never seen. Yes, we have had the pleasure of modifying the stock hats, not fun, but it is doable. The rubber is the biggest pain of it all.
  10. Coilover includes the mounting perch/adjuster and the spring. Shock is separate and if over 2x incurs additional points. The penskes require you to use a non-stock perch therefore you do take the 10pts. per corner for coilovers if you decide to go that route. Still feel they should be additional pts. but that opinion is not popular with those that make the rules, kinda like uber $$ brake kits, so I doubt that ever changes.
  11. One would have to assume as much. I do not agree with this interpretation due to the can of worms it opens up, but I also am just a lonely member of the series so my feeling don't matter.....
  12. After impound at NCM, we were informed that tech deems the hats included in the 2x cost and doesn't care that you have to run later model units to make them work, I personally called out a team running a non matching top hat and was told this....also, to their credit, that was not necessarily something the agreed with, but were told how it was going to be... you run a coil over with a clamp on perch, no real option there.
  13. Sucks Eagles Canyon backed out on the series this year...we were going to make the trek down from Iowa to race it. Hoping to give it a shot next year... Sucks Eagles Canyon backed out on the series this year...we were going to make the trek down from Iowa to race it. Hoping to give it a shot next year...
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