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  1. If I remember correctly, maybe 3 or 4 years ago there was a petition or a discussion about if you did an engine swap you were not allowed to do any mods to the swapped in engine to raise the power over its "stock" output. I liked that idea, but the majority of people complained. That is one way that would help to close the loophole that you are pointing out.
  2. Pretty much every gas station from the border to RA will have it for sale.
  3. Well since it is you, request to be tech'd at your race shop and get 0 points! Serious note, could see it as 10 pts. or 5 pts. depending on the tech person..
  4. So......2 bars maximum in front of the firewall.....does not say that more will be added points... or assessed by tech....it says maximum...am i wrong in this interpretation/literal reading of the rule that any lay man tech inspector should be able to interpret?
  5. 3.2.10. Roll-cages MAY contain a maximum of 2 tubes inside the front engine or storage compartment and each tube MUST terminate prior to the centerline of the front axle. So in that picture there are four bars that are beyond the firewall, on set to the frame, and one set to the strut tower, and then the apparently tech interpreted "strut brace" that in no way ties the two strut towers together.. The wording of this rule to me means that teams can, if they choose, have 2 bars MAXIMUM inside the engine compartment...I don't see that as a grey area, but maybe I'm too lite
  6. So, after seeing the Tuttle question on the ole' Facebook that now alternators are free, brackets are free, starters are free, and apparently aluminum expansion tanks are now free and are being written into the BCCR as free items without any BOD discussion is disheartening. What are the general thoughts into rules or exceptions being added without an actual vote by the membership or BOD?
  7. I'm sure we'd be in if you are serious! We will even try to leave the snow up North this year.
  8. I've witnessed this exact type of behavior at events as well from officials..it's sad. Hopefully the BOD is in discussion behind the scenes on not only the GBU debacle, but also the unprofessional way some folks have been acting in their roles as representatives of the series.
  9. He can spend the remaining $3k on oil for those motors! In all seriousness, we budgeted ~$4500 to build our second car...that didn't include the $500 we paid for the shell. We could build a whole fleet of hairdresser cars with what they spend on tires in a weekend!
  10. Sad to have come from Gingerman where a protest about the internals of a motor was checked, found to be out of compliance, and the team pushed to ec, but at one of the biggest events of the year, with a car that has multiple rule violations, they are given a free pass...
  11. Again, that is not in the BCCR, it is on the tech desk.. Which begs the question, what is the applicable ruling, the BCCR, or a tech interpretation that you may then find out has also been relayed to 4 or 5 other teams all with different values...
  12. Difference in what you posted vs. the tech desk ruling is the tech desk says OE bodywork not to include fender flares...The BCCR, does not specify that you have to use OE bodywork, it just says bodywork. Therefore, if going by that, one could assume you can take the additional width into consideration. I get your point and agree with it, however the BCCR does not specify it in the way we are thinking it should.
  13. The bar that wrapped around the front of the motor was something that is 100% not allowed per the BCCR, I believe Huggy even pointed out the exact rule on that thread too. That is one that really bugs me as you can't say tech missed it.
  14. Praying for snow...helped us be in P1 after first Saturday stint....Cannot wait to come back to this track!
  15. For anyone that ever made it to Hastings and had the chance to ride the bus with George the track owner, it was a good time and beneficial to everyone. He requested/required new drivers to go for the ride. He also let us drive our street vehicles around the tack one year the night before the race as much as we wanted. I doubt many of the big tracks would allow that to happen, but it was helpful. Logistically I think this could be an issue, but if it could be made to happen it is a great idea!
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