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  1. I know our weight changed for 2021....got a nice unexpected 9 point bump...
  2. Sad, and I realize we both benefited from it, but it is wrong...
  3. Let me ask this, the series is an endurance series. Therefore the goal is to make it to the end of the time allotted for the race, correct? We allow for all most any make and model to compete and assign a value that is expected to be compared to that make and models ability to compete. Therefore, I would be one to assume that any piece of equipment that allows you an advantage to complete those laps in that time frame should be allowed at an expense of points.... Seriously, e30 rotors can be had for less than $30 a piece(i own one), also, I have stated we use a blank that can be
  4. Did you miss the part where I said we took points to run them??? They are now Free.....and if we played the dealership games from before we could have run them for free...but felt that was a disgrace to the spirit of the series... I agree, hubs should be 10 pts. each IMHO...
  5. To be clear, we run Wilwood dynalite(~$140 each) calipers and take(took) 10 pts. the same that everyone else could, not the "big brake kit". The rotors are brembo blanks, $52 each and we turn them occasionally(heaven forbid), so not big expensive two piece sets. Pads are ST43's, but lets be honest, everyone runs a "race"pad. Oh one more thing, the rears, those are 100% stock NA8's....so maybe take a closer look before calling someone out for running a "racing" setup. Heck, we could spend 5 pts. and $1200 to get the amazing everlasting hubs that got a low value so cars didn't have hubs expl
  6. Its ok because areo'd out e30's now don't have to buy pads and rotors after a weekend, so it makes the series more affordable....since there wasn't a common 2x option available for them and they didn't want to take points or drive a bit slower to not burn them up....smdh.....
  7. Sad thing is $1k wings can be had for 10 points, but now $4k brake kits are free......
  8. Is that the same thing as saying your mullet is a Kentucky Waterfall vs. an Ape Drape?
  9. +1 on this! Used it on both cars, that and a good sawzall in tandem gets a lot done.
  10. He's in Florida for the winter....picking up on the local speak
  11. Sounds like that is going to be changing after the one showed up to VIR and did so well.....I know of 3 teams planning on building them now. I will admit the guys that built it know what they are doing, but it did truly show off the potential of a well executed build. I could see with continued entries and data, the VPI going up to match the e30, even possibly the e36. 2000ish lbs, 170ish hp, but only ~15 gallons with a cell.
  12. At Road America tech is done in the scale barn....
  13. Mine as well. Swap rule states "stock induction system" as one of the components allowed in the swap. There for if it is a turbo or supercharged engine, all that matters is the factory hp same as an NA car.
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