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  1. So...what should have been a quick 2ish hour load up and discussion over beer and pizza turned into quite the experience....6 hours later we have both cars loaded in one trailer, and the spares in the other. All I can say is I am really glad we have a couple drivers coming from Tire Rack to bring some parts to get the old car out on track.......Can't wait to see everyone and have a great event!
  2. Just don't trust them to get it shipped to you in a timely fashion, even when you call and are assured it is going out that day......a week after they created the shipping label. Not real impressed in the customer service department.
  3. Up here in the north and the land of salty winter roads, yes. Almost anything from that era seems to suffer, or they get bought up and become entry level dirt cars or demo cars.
  4. Come to Road America, there are usually 4-6 that race that event. Sometimes even 10! Never seen that many on the streets even.
  5. That and the Scca has no problem tearing down engines they suspect of cheating.
  6. We will be down later Thursday afternoon, swing by the trailer and I'll show you on our cars what I mean too. Love the build btw.
  7. I think in all the years(7+) I have been going to Chump/Champ races there, I can count the number of full course cautions on 1 hand....and that includes 1 red flag too.
  8. I was always on board with open up the ecus due to us being stuck with a crappy obd1 that had very little options and just wanted to do a DIY Megasquirt like was run on our autocross cars. Never was I in the camp of letting in the AEM, Motec, Haltech, etc ECUS. Similar to how we tell teams so sad that your adjustable shocks fall into the 2x rule, they are adjustable and outside the intent of the rule.....maybe it should have and needs to be done in this way?
  9. Looks very similar to ours, the only thing I might have done different is space it out a bit more from the cell so if an impact happens it has some room to move before making contact with the cell itself. Also, good on Jay for stepping in and getting in touch with you. That is the type of thing that makes this series great.
  10. We leave Eastern Iowa at 6 am. Should put us in sometime between 3:30 and 4 if all goes well. We will be happy to swing over and say hi!
  11. Interesting that for repurposed material you have to provide documentation as in video or photo of you actually re purposing said material....might be difficult for some folks that did this 3-4 years ago...
  12. I agree with you on this. I feel more and more that the series as a whole has a problem with the word NO! As in, No, you cannot bring your GT4 Porsche and race regardless if you are paying the entry fee because it doesn't and will never be in our rules to allow it. No more "wait and see" approaches. There are rules written as you have shown that state the procedure of assessing the values to an EC car, they need to be adhere'd too. I question if this would be a protestable offense? Meaning, could I protest the fact that these cars do not meet the rules as written and have the car taken out of the event?
  13. We were able to run our 1.6 against m20 cars just fine before someone convinced the board that it was "cheaper" to allow teams to have free suspension and bushing kits....as they couldn't afford them points wise previously. 1.8 Miatas vs. a m20 car will be a great matchup
  14. Said it in the other thread, "The Donneybrooke" Pits are terrible, front straight is dangerous in the rain from the drag strip grip compound, BORING to drive in cars of our speed level, cannot seem to get over 30 cars ever, decently hard on consumables. Only real perk is the onsite condos and bar. Now, the competition course is another story, that is a good time!
  15. That spot on top of the hill is awesome! Two years ago my wife and sister in-law were up there acting as spotters during my stint at the end of the race on Sunday where I was working to catch the Tire Rack car for 5th, wouldn't you know it I made the pass going into seven and they have a pretty cool video of it happening. Love that track, if only we can get it without rain both days!
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