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  1. This is the first fall race in the last 5 years we are racing and not working the pit lane. I hope the karma we bring from standing out in the aforementioned weather will make it a beautiful weekend for everybody and maybe help us finish towards the front😉
  2. Riley car I believe. I get the abstract approach. Makes for interesting breaks from reality.
  3. It's not like that car hasn't been raced in the series for what, 8,9,10 years??? And since this is technically a "safety" thing, tech very well should be addressing it 100%, no excuses.
  4. From experience, pit marshalls are usually told to go to the teams box and advise them to call if the driver misses the black flag. Might be dependent on regions though, but in the Central where we tend to volunteer thats how it is handled. We all get lists of pit assignments so we can communicate among ourselves to make it easier. General PSA: If you have the chance, work a race, you really get an understanding of how everything behind the scenes works all while getting to observe some of the better teams, as well as some of the bonehead things that happen on the pit lane. Some of which are waaaaayyyyy more idiotic than some of the driving shown in videos.
  5. Yep, I was working that one too, lots of contact there as well...
  6. Having been a pit marshal and having teams come up to me and tell about getting passed under yellow, the response is always the same. It has to come from a corner worker. Champcar isn't the ones spotting Yellows. I have seen where teams have taken video up and penalties have been assessed that way. Also, if it is super busy with incidents, they might get flagged hours after the event happened. At Road America on Saturday last fall, we were handing out PUY Penalties up until 45 minutes to go in the race for incidents that happened before lunch. I had a lot of teams coming up and yelling about why they got the penalty, they didn't understand that we couldn't put 40 cars into Black Flag
  7. NA8 gets the 12.7 gallon tank, which from what I know, maybe not much, is the same as the NB....
  8. Wait what??? NA6/8 are a platform, NB is a separate one.... I would beleive that you would start at 300(NA8) plus the pts for the swap, and then get to remain as an NA8 platform, with a swap....doesn't matter if you swapped a later Mazda engine in or not. Those models are not the same platfrom, ie: e30 m50, doesn't have to become an e36 when they swap that motor in....
  9. That and the pic of Pauls altima with the glowing brakes makes me feel like we go just as hard as the IMSA boys, but with a 1/16th or less of a budget. Great race to all that competed!
  10. I read it the way you present it in the second explanation. The question is can the same then be expected to be applied to a rear subframe with the same possible point value. Yes, I know, ask tech desk.
  11. K member, but it says "subframe/K-member" Since some cars have rear subframes, one would assume the same would apply? I believe that is the ? being presented.
  12. I remember when he ran his first race at VIR and was butthurt about being in EC and whined all over FB about how low quality the series was and how he was such a superior driver/team owner and that they would be winning races in no time...that was enough for me to know there was going to be an issue...
  13. Time to go back to the old way of differentiating between engine and trans and not just lumping things in a "generation" together.
  14. With their history on track.....park'em. I believe after Indy there was a probationary period for them....must have expired.
  15. Remember that car from INDY last year.....Came in like a showroom car, left without a straight panel on it.
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