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  1. https://shop.chemsol.com/products/chemsol-navy-g Pretty sure this is the stuff i’ve seen spec’d out for aerospace access platforms. You would not want to kneel on this stuff. Looked like broken glass mixed with truck bed liner material.
  2. That must have had a mismatch of parts. I made 200 whp back in the day with a 305 TBI (170 hp OEM crank rated), stock heads and OEM 350 TPI cam, 5 spd trans. Ran 14.5 at 96 mph in a full weight ‘91 Firebird (est. 3400 lbs w/ driver?). I’m sure it’s pretty easy to add 100 HP to a stock SBC, with stock (ported) heads, plus cam, intake, exhaust.
  3. These “free swap” items need to be points or need to be free for everyone. I use it for a small crank pulley to make the accessories work and think it’s lame. Maybe 5-10pts any non-OEM exhaust manifold from VPI list, vs 25 pts whatever headers/manifold you want except titanium/inconel. Same for intake manifolds (thought that loop hole got closed years ago?). 10-15 pts for any non-OEM from VPI list and 25 for aftermarket.
  4. They have the same fuel as a NA neon and those are tight on fuel as it is. No points either.
  5. I’ve had cheap aftermarket/Chinese axles get stuck due to the retaining clip/ring they use, (not a good taper/chamfer and too big). Sometimes I spend the time to swap that “good” clip from a bad axle to new axle. Never an issue with 20 yr old OEM stuff. They sell a slide hammer, fork attachment for axles, if you have a little extra money/schedule. Screw driver from the other side once one axle is out.
  6. I’m not a fan of spec tires unless they are included in the entry fee as part of the cost. Pick your tire at 205/50R15, it’s $90-130 per tire. Some last 2-3 races, some last 3/4 of a race. Still cheaper than a big, heavy car and cheaper/easier than redesigning the suspension for better wear. Not my fault your car is heavy and has big brakes. I also have a car on 285s and they are $275 a tire. I think a limit on max tire width would help go in the right direction. Maybe 295 max width. I’d hate to see a POS car masking geometry issues with $130 each tires vs other cars running $300+
  7. I’m quite sure I have this on video. Looks like you guys had a bit more power than we did this race and a lot more wet tire grip. Only took a couple laps to pass me back in that afternoon session.
  8. This casting aluminum, looks so interesting. Backyard foundry, some hot coals from the BBQ or yard debris fire, a large cookie pan or oil drip pan and maybe even exhaust from the race car if the environment needs less oxygen. Free aluminum sheet materials!
  9. Since 2015, 26 race weekends or about 70-80 hrs, no previous race experience. All FWD, 18 as an owner in a neon. First 10 races, finishing seemed easy, lately not so much. Personally, not one scratch with another car, I’m sure that will change one day. Maybe one top 20, I still don’t know how to pass, but I’m not asking for a point by.
  10. I’ll probably start with a large oil cooler, but looking for future options to get those additional laps back. How about diff temps. I’ve seen 300F in less than 30 min on track. I now have a 400F Gauge to see how high it’s going.
  11. At some point I hope to be racing against you guys. You don’t need anymore data/practice right before the green flag drops. Haha!
  12. That sounds a lot like qualifying. Won’t help the “green” driver much at all. We seem to do a good enough job of crashing into each other on test days w/o it being a immediate pre-race practice/qualifying setting. Definitely don’t do anything to increase the costs of racing, hardest barrier I’ve seen so far for the noob/green driver. Have the rich, green driver do some more HPDE’s or racing schools. If the “experienced” driver can’t figure out how to go around the track in a few laps while driving well off the car’s best race pace (+5-10 sec), maybe they’re pushing it w
  13. I’ve been using Anker brand 20000 mAh battery packs with success, 2 of those and a lot of zip ties. They don’t like direct water spray/filling the USB ports. GoPro5 at 720p 30 FPS and 400 GB SDcard gets at least 20 hrs of continuous recording. Many races at 15+ hrs recording.
  14. Anyone else run oil temps at 300F (or 300+F) with success for 14-24hrs multiple times, changing oil each race? Engine in question is a VQ35HR. My gut instinct seems to hover around 280F.
  15. Same amount of trophies as currently given out. —0-312 pts, (encourages cheap/mostly stock cars, allows for 200-250pt modest swap cars) —313-450 pts, —450+ pts races for overall only 1st-3rd —EC w/5+ Cars, —FWD w/5+ cars, —V8s w/5+ cars, —“slow Eddie” (highest finisher with slowest “best lap”, needs to take the checker flag) —toss up based on entrants/finishes, (best American/Asian/European)
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