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  1. Hoping to do a non-cage, full weight 350Z test day at Road Atlanta in a month, just tires, brakes, off the shelf shocks and “oem” springs.
  2. Unfortunately, there’s no chance of you fitting with the current cage in my neon. The seat is on sliders, but even removed would likely need the floor cut and lowered. 6’2” is the tallest that have been in the car and they don’t really fit.
  3. Can you be a little more specific on what you are lookin for? Price? Spares? Ect.? $3k-8k depending on spares, like electronics/data logging/digital dash, 12 spare wheels and tires, 6 running engines, 10 trans in different states, 2-3 extra running cars... Current 2019 tech, raced at Road Atlanta and Daytona with minimal issues, 90+% track time overall, about 16 races with Champcar over the last 4-5 years.
  4. 200+ HP is possible for sure, the stock 305 TBI cam is absolutely tiny, maybe a generic stock replacement cam has a little more nowadays? I made about 200 WHP (+50-60HP) with a stock head TBI engine (not sure of the mods at the time), just basic stuff and a stock TPI cam about 15-20 yrs ago. It went mid-14s at 96 mph in a full weight street car Firebird on Walmart type tires. About 2 secs and 9 mph faster than stock. I think it picked up something like .5 sec and 4 mph just from headers/exhaust. Might be some ancient info on the turdgen.org TBI section forums under “Beast5spdgta”. I just so happen to still have the TBI Craig moates custom chip adapter stuff for custom DIY tunes and the whole car/engine in my yard! It’s been pretty chewed up by rats, dogs and who knows what else.
  5. It “should” be pretty simple to apply a -50 lap penalty (plus multipliers per the rules for longer races) w/o any consequences as it’s already stated in the rules and has been for a while (4-5 years?). EC car requests tech to put more effort into checking their cheaty/lazy tech form car, keep adding laps until they beg for mercy.
  6. Glad I’m not the only one thinking this way. Yesterday, I was going to post a screenshot of the Champcar rules and one of the definition of “exhibition”, but the rules say “exception” class. I like the wording “exhibition” in this case for classes. I’m also fully agreeing with any EC car taking negative 1,367 laps through tech instead of -100 laps b/c you are too lazy or don’t want to fill out the swap/tech sheet. I think the ABCD classes are silly (different topic), but I smile wide when I get one anyways. And should be kept, along with EC class trophies.
  7. +1 for 100 laps on EC cars. Simple to implement, gets them out of the leader board and above the cars that don’t start, might even get them above me, but that’s OK too. I don’t think EC cars should be limited on entrees. 1st come, 1st serve, if it’s important to you, you’ll make the time/effort to register. If it gets to the point of being grandfathered in from previous years, then the EC entrees should be looked at. I’m not sure an inexperienced EC car/driver is a much worse(less safe) than an inexperienced classed car/driver. I drive one of those slow, cannon fodder cars that was actually purchased for $500 and over 20 races has averaged in the top half of overall finishers including EC cars FWIW.
  8. The best devil’s advocate I can come up with for the yellow prelude. Joyous fist pump for finally pulling the bmw up the hill and then torque steer due to the massive power and self inflicted pit maneuver. “Green font”
  9. An (expensive) dry-sump assembly is 100 pts, same as a cam and springs, so the value is probably good or too low. (currently 2 dry sump cars in my garage/yard and would like more!). Without looking into 944 oiling system issues, if an extensive windage tray/scrapper/oil pan isn't working, I would think a "dry-sump assembly" would have to include a scavenge pump and storage tank. Maybe a more Chumpie way would be an excessively large 2 gal "oil catch can"/oil sump (rules say min 1 qt) that gets it's oil supply from cylinder head drains and the oil pan/block, but still uses the OEM oil pump with a modified pick up, just need a bit of ground clearance and baffles/check valve(s) to help the gravity flow?
  10. The dirty neon had a pretty good start to 2019. 2018 had 3 broken clutches in 4 races and axles and overheating issues in the Dec Sebring race. We started off practice with replacing a brand new redline re-greased axle after few laps, I knew it was bad on the 1st RH turn, then suddenly the shifter became notchy and refused 1st gear. Replaced the axle and found the shifter cables missing their clips, about 15 min of work with a grinder, drill and safety wire fixed that! I also found out that Cool-It Thermo Tec brand acoustical/heat barrier tar mat isn't as good as mopar OEM (that had wore off) and burns/smokes from the heat on the firewall/tunnel area, its also a major pain to remove by the way. A late decision on practice day to disconnect the big rear sway bar, wasn't the best in hindsight as the car lost a ton of traction exiting slow corners, but it was fun doing 3rd gear burnouts on T7 and 10B exits. Most of the race was dealing with oil consumption issues in the catch can and an intermittent electrical short that acts like fuel starve on high G turns with certain drivers , but was remedied after a few min of troubleshooting. Overall we finished 24th and 2nd in class due to attrition mostly and received the sportsman trophy for having a driver from a crashed car in practice race, (and I'll add for helping repair Ed @Team Infiniti personal car after we made it back to FL and he decided to break it leaving my neighborhood with another 100+ miles to go, after a few hrs we made a solid repair with random stuff lying around my house). I haven't looked at much video yet, but figured I'd post up the in car from the dirty white neon (and a few laps earlier) between the PartsBadger miata and the purple miata. Not sure why my driver was following the purple miata being that far off pace, but maybe he was a little overwhelmed himself, first time at Road Atlanta and didn't realize that they switched drivers as it was much faster earlier in his stint. I probably would have attempted the same pass on those two cars.
  11. Are there minimum Champcar vehicle appearance/speed requirements? Asking for a friend.
  12. It's about 10-11 hrs in the RV, I'll be leaving mid-morning on Thursday from Palm Bay, FL, hopefully.
  13. I live 2 miles off I95 exit 173. I can take you to somewhere near Chummy's or you can ride in the "Turtle" RV 454 BBC Winnebago, driving it makes me more anxious/focused than actually racing, I can't imagine what it's like from the passenger seat!
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