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  1. The dirty neon had a pretty good start to 2019. 2018 had 3 broken clutches in 4 races and axles and overheating issues in the Dec Sebring race. We started off practice with replacing a brand new redline re-greased axle after few laps, I knew it was bad on the 1st RH turn, then suddenly the shifter became notchy and refused 1st gear. Replaced the axle and found the shifter cables missing their clips, about 15 min of work with a grinder, drill and safety wire fixed that! I also found out that Cool-It Thermo Tec brand acoustical/heat barrier tar mat isn't as good as mopar OEM (that had wore off) and burns/smokes from the heat on the firewall/tunnel area, its also a major pain to remove by the way. A late decision on practice day to disconnect the big rear sway bar, wasn't the best in hindsight as the car lost a ton of traction exiting slow corners, but it was fun doing 3rd gear burnouts on T7 and 10B exits. Most of the race was dealing with oil consumption issues in the catch can and an intermittent electrical short that acts like fuel starve on high G turns with certain drivers , but was remedied after a few min of troubleshooting. Overall we finished 24th and 2nd in class due to attrition mostly and received the sportsman trophy for having a driver from a crashed car in practice race, (and I'll add for helping repair Ed @Team Infiniti personal car after we made it back to FL and he decided to break it leaving my neighborhood with another 100+ miles to go, after a few hrs we made a solid repair with random stuff lying around my house). I haven't looked at much video yet, but figured I'd post up the in car from the dirty white neon (and a few laps earlier) between the PartsBadger miata and the purple miata. Not sure why my driver was following the purple miata being that far off pace, but maybe he was a little overwhelmed himself, first time at Road Atlanta and didn't realize that they switched drivers as it was much faster earlier in his stint. I probably would have attempted the same pass on those two cars.
  2. BeastZ06

    Daytona Testing Opportunity... April 2019

    Are there minimum Champcar vehicle appearance/speed requirements? Asking for a friend.
  3. It's about 10-11 hrs in the RV, I'll be leaving mid-morning on Thursday from Palm Bay, FL, hopefully.
  4. I live 2 miles off I95 exit 173. I can take you to somewhere near Chummy's or you can ride in the "Turtle" RV 454 BBC Winnebago, driving it makes me more anxious/focused than actually racing, I can't imagine what it's like from the passenger seat!
  5. I currently have 2 spots (4 stints) available to go racing in the #234 dirty white neon at Road Atlanta on Feb 8-9th? $900 for 2 stints and practice on Fri., about 4 hrs of track time. Some food/drinks and a place to sleep in an old RV/travel is included. I almost always have a live feed streaming in car for the race. The car has a Traqmate dash and digital radios for communication. Along with a XL cobra seat on sliders. This will be the neon's 15th Champcar race, it's not fast, but it's relatively cheap and reliable except for 2018. Clutches will get replaced like tires this year. Over 9,000 racing miles in the last 3.5 yrs, not including testing days. Even won B-class at Road Atlanta 2017!
  6. BeastZ06

    Sebring today

    I do my best! Glad to not end my 2018 season in the #234 dirty white neon with a 4th clutch failure. Still had overheating, axle (x3) and then fuel pump issues this past weekend, but it was fun! heres a restart and getting passed by the entire field in about 7 min. Good parts at 2:25 and 5:10 https://youtu.be/9hilPL0CeuM
  7. BeastZ06

    Sebring December

    BTW way one of those Junker neons is a SRT4 daily. Can't wait to see how that thing does, Sebring eats brakes!! I've passed by at least 5 Pt cruiser GT's running between $600-1500 in FL the last 6 months. Not too many 5 spds though.
  8. BeastZ06

    Sebring December

    NASA FL, 2 weeks earlier. You can leave your trailer in my front yard (2 hrs away). It will be with 6 other neons and 1 PT cruiser.
  9. So, am I the only one looking at Chrysler crossfires right now?
  10. I have one (or two) stints available to go racing at the Champcar Sebring 14 hr race on Sat Sept 22nd. $450 each for approx. 1 hr 45 min each stint, a place to stay in my old RV and a ride to the track (from my house), most food and beer included. contact me through PM or cell phone. Jon Artman 321-720-5085
  11. No, my videos are under "BeastZ06" on YouTube.
  12. Feel free to contact me (before 8pm preferably), PM me for contact info, but I think you have it already. I didn't do anything other than be the first person your brother talked to and then ushered him to the approaching corner workers first and then to the ambulance. I'm glad he put himself out, my initial plan was just to pat him out once I got there. In retrospect I almost feel like putting my arms around him may not have been the best idea as he was burned pretty bad, I hope that wasn't a bad idea. My live feed video is posted already on my YouTube, let me know if you want it removed?, I have some slightly more detailed video with some of our audio, I can upload if you guys want or not, it doesn't show much, I haven't really looked at it a lot of times either. Hope your brother heals up well. Jon
  13. BeastZ06

    Falcon RT615+'s compared to RE71's

    All your drivers will be sad on Sunday.