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  1. Best way to keep Ecotecs together is not to race them ;)
  2. My intention was to do the same on my Lexan rear window and after this little test I decided against it. Really inadvisable, visibility is compromised and in a race situation you don't want to be second guessing what you're seeing.
  3. I tried the covering a piece of polycarbonate with 3M clear paint protection film, for a Miata quarter window. The result was not good. The PPF isn't optically clear and the view through it is wavy and blurry.
  4. @E. Tyler Pedersen after watching your YouTube post-processed videos I'm impressed with the quality of that Gitup G3 camera in terms of audio quality. The image quality is nearly or close to a GoPro (good spot metering) but the audio quality is surprisingly good without clipping at high-volume and wind-noise. If I'm critical it looks a little far forward, I like to see about half of the driver to get a sense of their body language. The Yi 4K camera isn't as impressive. Aside from the steaming ability, which is cool to steam live, but I'm not impressed with the image or audio quality. The RAM mounts are super solid. What are you using for the post-processing overlay? Race Renderer? Did you pay for it?
  5. Is Gingerman Raceway available in any sim?
  6. I just removed a windshield using a tool like this. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002SRDR8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_YWVcDbZE35RF4 Although it's slow going and challenges your perception of suffering, it gets the job done.
  7. A post in this thread that provides RAM mount part links for a rollcage mounted GoPro mount. Rock solid, repositionable for perfect framing, and portable (great for a renter bringing their own GoPro equipment). RAM rollbar ball mount Arkon swivel ball for GoPro RAM 3" double socket arm
  8. Agreed, this looks great. If I had to nitpick I'd say that it's a little bit low and moving it a touch to the right would give a view of your footwork, as well as the left mirror as mentioned. Otherwise a very watchable in-car video. Final Cut Pro would make short work of fixing the audio issue.
  9. I don't disagree with you, but isn't this proposed 2 class system meant to have 500pt 2 minute full speed-creep cars compete with 2:30 low-prep cars? I'm not seeing how that's helping from a safety perspective.
  10. Of course we want to encourage new teams to enter. But take a step back and consider what we're asking of them ... build a car that needs 100s of hours of work and $1000s to race at premium tracks for 14 to 24 hours. That's something potential customers need to literally buy in to, before they spend $1 to register for a race. There are many grass-roots racing options that compete with ChampCar for racer dollars that don't require that kind of commitment ... local auto-cross clubs, gentlemen "race" series, regional racing SCCA/CASC, etc. Before considering making changes to a company's foundational brand-identity wise leadership spends lots of money on market research to make sure these changes will be embraced by the current clientele and draw in new customers. Anyone remember New Coke?
  11. My personal preference from viewing your latest video is that the camera position is up a little too high and too far on the right. I prefer the windshield in the centre of the frame and the cam positioned right of centre, so the direction of motion is almost down the centre-line of the car. It feels more natural to me. Point being, welding a flat surface for the camera mount is great for stability and simplicity, but trades off flexibility for repositioning the camera to taste. Sample Krueger video - camera positioned far-right, action out the window to in the top half of frame. Sample Junction video - action in centre of frame, camera positioned right of centre
  12. An innovative idea but what's the problem we're trying to solve here? More entries? The ChampCar brand-identity is "single-class racing", it's foundational to the series and makes CCES unique among its competitors. For the initiated we know there's A, B, C, D, EC class 1st place awards, but for neophytes we simply race for 1st place. There's better ways to encourage entries than rewriting the core tenants of what makes ChampCar ChampCar. That said Jeff, I think the idea of a "limited prep stock" series with lower cost, less prep time, less "speed" seems to hold water ... but that's under the assumption that there's critical mass of such people in a racing market that's already saturated with enduro-series choices.
  13. That was a bad day at Road America. Little story behind that, on Friday practice the transmission adapter bolts sheered off. Metric bolts weren't available locally so imperial it was and helicoils in the crank. Not ideal especially eyeballing it lying on your back under the car in the RA paddock. Presumably there was a slight imbalance and everything rotating in the tranny broke, splitting the bellhousing spectacularly. Ya, that was a bad day.
  14. The 2:12 was Misha's FTD in traffic ... which may still be the WGI ChampCar lap record for a classed car? I ran a 2:14 that day so even in the hamfists of a mortal trying hard not to break it was quick. Considering you're down about 50+ hp on the Ecotec your 2:14.9 was very impressive @LuckyKid. Imagine what you would do with 180-190hp! Yes, 2.2 with cam. The engine was solid, but broke valve springs. One major issue was the unfortunate use of ethanol-rated fuel lines that weren't. After a few failed races, found they were puking internal goo and plugging injectors. New properly rated lines later and it ran strong. The next issue was transmissions, the 5spds kept breaking. So the failures weren't engine or swap related. No it's not running anymore, that car got crashed hard a couple times in Canadian regional racing at Mosport and has since been scrapped.
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