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  1. Does anyone here race in any of the numerous Assetto Corsa leagues? Although not as abundant or centrally managed as iRacing (obviously) there are many racing leagues with competitive and varied racing. If there's any interest I could look into organizing something fun for ChampCar racers.
  2. “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.” Cheater debate aside I commend Mike's calm, cool, and collected demeanor, and delivering a message free from vitriol. Touch of class indeed.
  3. This looks like a great race car for a team starting out. Bump for a great guy and what appears to be an honest raced up Miata.
  4. Just saw the announcement on the FaceFriend, great news on the Mosport June dates! Simply need to find a ride now
  5. Co-worker wants to dive deeper into a topic, "let's flush this out". Even after explaining the difference between "flesh out" vs "flush out" he still gets it wrong. Gah!
  6. Best way to keep Ecotecs together is not to race them ;)
  7. My intention was to do the same on my Lexan rear window and after this little test I decided against it. Really inadvisable, visibility is compromised and in a race situation you don't want to be second guessing what you're seeing.
  8. I tried the covering a piece of polycarbonate with 3M clear paint protection film, for a Miata quarter window. The result was not good. The PPF isn't optically clear and the view through it is wavy and blurry.
  9. @E. Tyler Pedersen after watching your YouTube post-processed videos I'm impressed with the quality of that Gitup G3 camera in terms of audio quality. The image quality is nearly or close to a GoPro (good spot metering) but the audio quality is surprisingly good without clipping at high-volume and wind-noise. If I'm critical it looks a little far forward, I like to see about half of the driver to get a sense of their body language. The Yi 4K camera isn't as impressive. Aside from the steaming ability, which is cool to steam live, but I'm not impressed with the image or audio quality. The RAM mounts are super solid. What are you using for the post-processing overlay? Race Renderer? Did you pay for it?
  10. I just removed a windshield using a tool like this. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002SRDR8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_YWVcDbZE35RF4 Although it's slow going and challenges your perception of suffering, it gets the job done.
  11. A post in this thread that provides RAM mount part links for a rollcage mounted GoPro mount. Rock solid, repositionable for perfect framing, and portable (great for a renter bringing their own GoPro equipment). RAM rollbar ball mount Arkon swivel ball for GoPro RAM 3" double socket arm
  12. Agreed, this looks great. If I had to nitpick I'd say that it's a little bit low and moving it a touch to the right would give a view of your footwork, as well as the left mirror as mentioned. Otherwise a very watchable in-car video. Final Cut Pro would make short work of fixing the audio issue.
  13. I don't disagree with you, but isn't this proposed 2 class system meant to have 500pt 2 minute full speed-creep cars compete with 2:30 low-prep cars? I'm not seeing how that's helping from a safety perspective.
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