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  1. Around 53:00 in the video. Overall the AMP track workers were great, multiple hot pulls pulled off without a hitch. I think I could have slowed more to assess the situation a little better but the blocking truck wasn’t even moving and the towing truck shot across the track. All ended well just a dirty pair of boxers
  2. Yeah I saw that, but I found out there is a small shop in one of the garages that have tire changing equip and they will be there this weekend! Thanks
  3. Is there anywhere close to the track that will mount tires this weekend.
  4. Second the main at summit point and the pits r better. NLS would sign up in a heart beat.
  5. We dropped the car off at the frame shop today!
  6. After every race, Monday especially I call it the racing hangover. So sad it’s done and always trying to find a way to do it for a living.
  7. I’m glad I gave you that one. In my frustration I killed the rest of the beer, passed out, was force fed by my wife and Elon from Eracing. This brought me back so I could poke the car with a stick for a while longer found the problem passed out again woke up 4 hours later and started the race! What a weekend I am really looking forward to giving Road Atlanta a second shot that track is ridiculous.
  8. Huggins just provided us with one!!! Thanks for the offer.
  9. Just in need of a welder and we can have a little fun with everyone today.
  10. Finally found the problem the y pipe had melted together. Dear lord baby Jesus find me y pipe that will work.
  11. Does anybody have a engine hoist we r diagnosing a lack of power and it might be the engine letting go? NLS RACING
  12. 240sx with 3 liter swap. We currently run 245s on 9 inch of rim and we r happy with the feel but I really like the rs4s they seem to have a more positive feel to them over the d3s.
  13. Do Charlotte I want to run u guys without running into u guys
  14. Thinking of going with 255s what is everyone’s opinion on putting them on 9 inch wheels.
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