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  1. Indysupra

    ISO Competitive Champcar.

    Subliminal racing might be selling our competitive e30. We are building a new car. We were planning on keeping it just to make sure our new idea/car was going to Exceed the e30 but it’s getting old moving it around.
  2. What was being said in the paddock and by who? Most of what I ever hear is “he is cheating because he is fast” or no way “car x can run that lap time”.
  3. Agree. What was the issue/item in question?
  4. Holy crap the rabbit hole goes deep on this one. If to inforce the current rules means all the top teams get torn down then I think they will need to open up the rules alittle bit to make some of the internal engine mods legal. Pumping engines would be a good start. Would keep the Long strokes on the e30’s out. With a total tear down in Tech you could have 4-5 makes/models/engines torn down. But if camshafts and a few other small items were open that would almost negate the reason to ever tear one all the way down.
  5. I am interested it what caused the fires. Sucks that it happened but good info to pass along to other teams.
  6. Indysupra

    Alternates to RS4??

    Pretty bummed they discontinued th 305 and 315 in the 18”.
  7. Indysupra

    Quickcar switch panel

    https://quartermax.com/shop-all-departments/electrical-ignition-racepak/switch-panels-wiring-supplies/switch-panels/ can get these with milspec switches. They are expensive but the best.
  8. There are some cheap ones out there. I got this one for less than most running e30’s go for. Put the plug wires on correctly the next day and it was a totally different car from when purchased. We have had great reliability will both of the champ cars that we have built/ran. We are going thru this one from top to bottom like we have in the past and hope for the same reliability.
  9. Totally different trans that is in the later l98 cars. They were running a doug Nash 4+3 and yes that trans is beyond terrible. The later ones have a German zf that is the predecessor to the t-56. Perry stout transmissions.
  10. We feel like the c4 has huge potential. 22 gallon cell. 285 to 315 tires that fit pretty well with inexpensive wheels, simple suspension that works well with little mods that is sprung pretty decent from the factory. The engine gets a bad rap due to the shitty intake but there are some champ friendly mods that help get some rpm out of it.
  11. We are building a 91 c4 vette.
  12. Anyone building a new car due to the change in some of the point values? We are about 1/3 way completed with our new build! We are alittle nervous about stepping away from a winning/competitive e30 but think we are headed in the right direction.
  13. Indysupra

    Polish crankshaft journals

    With all the time and money spent on one of these race weekends I would never skimp on something like this. I would rather pay a machine shop to make it perfect than possibly have an issue due to it and end up on the trailer on Saturday. First e30 engine we refreshed one team member didn’t want to spring for new stock rockers. I should have stood my ground and just replaced them all. So at a test day a rocker snapped, the part still left on the rocker shaft got wedged against the retainer holding the valve open. This all transpired at 6k. Never again will I not replace something gay I know should be replaced. As a result we have had pretty good reliability as a team.