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  1. What types of issues have you all had with endurance racing a SBC. Don’t expect people to give up the secrets on the fix but just curious of problems.
  2. We changed over to wilwood stuff from ate or srf. Bleed after every race day. We don’t bleed much thru, just a few pumps per wheel.
  3. We raced with them twice this year and they were clowns at both events. They dive bomb every chance they get and just expect you to move out of the way. They seem to think that driving like a bag of di$ks is “skill”.
  4. We went from a 24’ loaded out trailer to a bare bones 20’. The 24’ haulmark was falling apart/frame breaking so it was not by choice. Other than the structure issue we miss the extra space and storage of the 24’ fwiw
  5. Yea it was close but just ran into a few last min issues with tuning.
  6. What are the details on your c4? Feel free to pm if you would Prefer that.
  7. A c4 before this year with the zf trans was 530 points starting out. Now the same car is 450. Radiator/oil cooler/ accusump takes care of a lot of the issues the cars have on the track. With them starting out with penalty laps no one was going to invest in making one competitive. Side note. We are not new to chump. We have not raced much in the last 2 years but we currently have/race a competitive e30 with several top 5 finishes and one win.
  8. I think the c4’s will be a contender. 495 points with reliability mods. Not too heavy, a ton of tire options and a large fuel tank.
  9. New castle is a great track!! Had a garage out there and raced shifter karts for a bit.
  10. I was right behind that wreck and thru out the weekend was almost taken out by that bmw. They were clowns.
  11. Thanks for the info. I have not heard much about the nt05. Anyone with experience with that tire? Still amazed that no one has been able to make a tire that matches the kumho.
  12. We always liked try star spec but they don’t make it in our new size.
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