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  1. Hello I’m owner and builder of the subliminal racing c4. I have had quite a few teams reach out to me for info on a build like mine. Message me if your would like to hear about the problems and solutions with the platform.
  2. I’m in the process of building one for the Vette to save points. What a PITA! Your is looking good.
  3. It was good talking to you guys this weekend! Glad we got to put next to you!
  4. Did anyone hear anything else about the practice day I saw mentioned on FB? Seemed like a long shot.
  5. Surprised about the 39 entries at this point! Hoping for some last minute entries so this race will stay on the schedule!!!
  6. Great job Ed!! Seems like Daytona is hard in engines!! Were some of you who popped engines loosing pressure on the bank?
  7. I know of a cayman in wrl running them.
  8. We also had wear on the inside and outside. We were already running more pressure than Barber to try and help with shoulder wear.
  9. There is one in indy. They do a good job and can wind it to the lower amp setting of that alternator(less heat). If you send me your alternator I can take it over there and then ship it back. Or I can get one here, have it gone thru and then send it out to you.
  10. We had a rough weekend overall. Practice went well, we were fast with the new mods. Saturday lap 1 a corner light flew off of a e36 bmw and went thru our radiator. Sunday we had a weird fuel system issue. Even thru all that it was still good to see everyone and we look forward to seeing you all at Autobahn.
  11. We ran a soft tire. I didn’t think anything if it until other teams made the comments about the tire wear was worse than other tracks. We made a lot of changes to our car since barber and not sure if our increased wear is due to the track or the changes.
  12. Who all that attended NCM felt that the tire wear was abnormal? I spoke with a few teams that felt the same way.
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