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  1. On the “normal” fill plate the vents are -6. If you do an atl quick fill the vent is 1.5”.
  2. We can dump 5 gallons out of a hunsaker in 6 seconds no dry break. ATL discriminator with no neck down and a 2.5" filler neck.
  3. It’s mine. Blue and silver missing one of the handles. We used it to swing the back of the car around to put it on the trailer.
  4. Forecast is starting to take a turn. Still too early to tell. We had two botched race attempts this year so we may have to go to amp to try and make it count as far as weather goes. The c4 could run good at RA. Kinda bummed.
  5. I have always thought this to be the case. No different that a team 100 laps down blocking another car so someone can gain ground/position.
  6. Great job on Saturday!! Impressive for first time out with the new e fine combo. Any idea what happened to the engine?
  7. C5 front brakes and rotors are the easy button for sure. We have them on our c4 and they do more than fine. Cheap rotor blanks and easily found pads in any compound you can imagine.
  8. This is a good rule. We got punted on a yellow flag back in the lemons days by a car that had cage tubing slid in the frame rails. Our back bumper support was in front of the right rear caliper.
  9. Our very first endurance race was summit point in 2010. I think you guys where there with that car. Possibly won overall?
  10. I’m sure he has done the math on the point of no return for the economy. Say what you want about him but I’m going to trust his math.
  11. You could have just about any machine shop pin it with dowels like the factory and then no issues at all. My guess would be $100 ish to do it.
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