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  1. Yep redundant relays and no fuses at all. Very simple, super reliable and so easy to diagnose a problem a cave man could do it! Probably have 325 in it. I spent extra on good eyelets and the connector I used. It’s should last forever.
  2. Those are pretty awesome but if I remember correctly they are $$$$$.
  3. Yea that would make sense forsure but I don’t want to run headers.
  4. Pow!! If so that’s nuts. I don’t think they should be the same as headers.
  5. Agree. Looking for how many points they would be.
  6. The are but it’s a different small block and that car is more points.
  7. I sent a question to Tech but has anyone ever swapped to a different year of exhaust manifold? Curious what kind of points that would be vs the 25 point header charge.
  8. Tried to send you a message but it would not go thru. What kind of issues with the sbc have you had? We have been running champ for awhile but are coming from an e30. Thanks. 


  9. I did send it to them as well. I agree that you would think that they would have more than enough oil but would rather be safe than sorry.
  10. Well known issue on the sbc with stamped steel non roller rockers for the ball socket/cup to wear out quickly. The stock valve covers have a drip rail in them but it’s not super effective. There are a few people that make a big rocker nut/poly lock that makes oil drip right on the socket reducing wear dramatically. It offers zero performance gain. It’s main function is the rocker nut. Does that make sense for it to be under the free faster rule?
  11. Yea I’m not following it either.
  12. Subliminal racing might be selling our competitive e30. We are building a new car. We were planning on keeping it just to make sure our new idea/car was going to Exceed the e30 but it’s getting old moving it around.
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