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  1. Absolutely love the name of your team. Assume it's named after that none talked about but very important muscle, lol.
  2. Did your front camber have anything to do with that? I thought it looked a little aggressive :-) Also, your car sounded so bad a$$ coming out of Turn 4, especially after half the cars had tanked in that crazy heat.
  3. Wife and I are headed to Abu Dhabi on Sunday for the F1 race. Since it will be our first time there I thought I would ask for some last minute suggestions. We plan on doing: Grand Mosque, Falcon Hospital, Ferrari World, desert tour with dinner. Day trip to Dubai (maybe rent a car), Al Ain, and ???????? We are there 7 full days with the GP stuff Fri, Sat, Sun (and Thursday pit lane walk). Any recommendations, thoughts, or advice welcome. Thanks
  4. Are Michelin tires allowed at Indy? Some of you may remember that 2005 F1 debacle they called a Grand Prix. 6 cars racing, lol.
  5. Charlotte local driver looking for a ride at Charlotte Motor Speedway Spring '18. Drove there two August's ago and had the fastest time in the car on the Roval. I'm not an Arrive and Drive kind of guy, I always do my share setting up and packing up, and most importantly take care of the car on the track. It won't be as hot which will be nice, really nice. Man it gets hot there. I have comms set up in my helmet and a HANS for sharing. Call/text 704-785-7403 or email terryken@hotmail.com Ken
  6. Agree that it looks like the steering correction to tighten the line when maybe he should have tracked out under throttle could have been the culprit. Also, what is the track like at that point? Does it have a domed surface, wrong camber, or just a good bump? Looks like surface camber not helping him out, combined with the steering correction. I haven't been there but the video, as with most videos, doesn't show the whole picture. Glad he was ok, that was a hell of a hit.
  7. I think the new name/logo reflects what is happening in the series. While I worry about the speed creep, I think it reflects the level of craftsmanship, dedication, and race craft you find at every race. Can't wait!!
  8. Champcar....I like it. The logo would make a GOOD LOOKIN mancave light. It's already making me thirsty :-).
  9. Mr. Smith, I'm disappointed, I was hoping you needed help naming the team. The guys on here would come up with some doozies, lol. Such a waste of good popcorn.
  10. Lots of good points. It seems that the consensus would be that the novice's temperament/mentality/maturity, or whatever you want to call it, is supreme. I was an outsider looking at a team with wins in EVERY Lemons class, who fields 2-4 cars per weekend, and with drivers who are very good. I was just surprised and it made me think, and I wanted to see what everyone thought. I say it really depends on the individual, but it still surprised me.
  11. Oh yeah, I'm all for the new teams coming in and having a blast. It is truly the best thing you can do with your clothes on!!!
  12. I get that, but that was not the case here. I don't know, I just want some experienced person in the car when the field is still thick, and drivers are trying to win the race in the first dozen laps or so.
  13. I was just at a Lemons race two weekends ago and a well established team let a w2w novice start the race. I thought it to be less than wise and inquired (they were paddocked next to us). Their response was that he had a lot of track time (HPDE) and autocross experience. Hmmmm. To me not the same as w2w, and here are a few reasons why I think that way. Are they going to recognize the performance difference between cars and be more realistic about their own performance and not get caught up in trying to keep up? Have they ever gone into Turn 1 with 3 wide? If so, will they maintain/recognize their lines and space? There car is completely surrounded, do they even check mirrors/brakes/corner workers flags/gauges/etc? And ETC...... Just wanted to get some viewpoints. Different strokes..... ps, before the end of his stint (stint 1 of the race for them), he came in with a broken axle and two bent rims on the flatbed. He had been running some respectable times though.
  14. I would also like to see a CTS on track. But know this..............BUILD IT, AND THEY WILL COMEplain. Have fun, learn, and have more fun!!
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