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  1. BMW 335I, no mods because the F30 handles like dog crap. Very disappointed in the handling compared to the E90, but that's another story and I will be going in a different direction soon. Hopefully very soon, lol.
  2. Just bought my second set of four after squeaking out 12 months and 21k miles. (Usually in the past I get about 16-17k out of the top tier Michelins, but I am driving more miles and mostly highway). The PS4S are the best road tire I have ever driven on. Compliant, great in the rain, with some awesome traction. I highly recommend these tires. I know they are not cheap but, they are worth it. When I bought the first set to replace Run Flats, I could immediately notice the difference, and they maintained much of their performance at the wear bars. I am a non-paid/non-spokesperson. Just my $0.02
  3. As the others have said, it wasn't Summit Point that made that call. I ran a Toyota Prius with PCA a while back to get ready for an event at Summit. Summit didn't care, now some of the instructors with PCA did care, but that was taken care of when I passed my first few cars on point bys, lol. Loved seeing a point by from a Cayman or Boxster in the Prius, great fun. Later I heard that the corner workers were calling in my passes. Great weekend. Take your friend karting if you can't seem to find a group to run with on your timeline. I bet you could tell a lot from that.
  4. My brother calls it his tractor fund. He wants to buy a tractor and so he squirrels away money here and there. Eventually it adds up to a decent chunk of change and then the wife doesn't freak out about the cost of X or Y. Inevitably he gets caught, just like the rest of us, LOL
  5. Here's another thought. When I first raced, I couldn't believe I was finally going to do what I have dreamt of doing for so long. For years I had watched almost any form of racing I could, and now suddenly, I had the unbelievable opportunity to race a car, around a real racetrack, against other like-minded guys/gals for a relatively low cost. You couldn't break my smile for weeks after, and I just yearned for more and more. I didn't race with a really competitive team. Most of the time, the team was just happy to be out there, trying to keep the shiny side up, trying not to hurt ourselves or others, and praying the car would make it to the end. While I have great memories of battling a few like cars and learning along the way, I realized that in endurance racing with dissimilar cars, I was racing my fellow teammates for the FTD, trying to be competitive in our class, and trying really hard to bring the car home (as fast as it would let me). And, I loved every minute of it. I recently read that only 1% of the members of Champ are active on the Forum. Those 1% are constantly debating the merits of this or that, scrutinizing cars, tracks, and drivers, or just enjoying the camaraderie. But those 1% are the stewards of all of our endeavors, and the endeavors of those, like all of us, who have the passion. Let's all be aware and cognizant that decisions being affected or made through the medium of this forum are affecting the 99%, AND those out there that have yet to have their first race. I think that Champcar is at a crossroads, I just hope that the future guy/gal who has been watching for too long, can have the same life changing opportunity that I had. Ken
  6. Have to agree with the want for EC cars to be on the VPI list.
  7. This is what I was talking about on page 1 or 2. The Rusty Wallace racing experience instructors warned everyone not to try to save it. But also like I said in that post, it is nearly impossible to unlearn the attempt to correct it.
  8. LOL Ask a dumb question....get a dumb answer, lol Or in this case the real answer.
  9. SWEET, thanks. Nice quality video too!!!!
  10. OK, VIDEOS, OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN Since I have to live vicariously through all of you who have more time and money than me, please post up the videos asap!!!!!!!! Sounded like a lot of fun and it bugs me to no end that I just missed another CMS Champcar race when I am only 30 minutes away 😣
  11. A long time ago my wife bought me one of those Rusty Wallace NASCAR experiences at CMS. During the driver briefing one of the instructors said that if for some reason you lose it on the banking, NEVER try to save it. If you do you will just re-hook up and end up in the wall hard. He went on to say that just keeping the wheel straight or slightly left and you will just have a long downhill spin. When i raced there with Chump a few years ago I kept telling myself that, but we all know that we can't suddenly unlearn to countersteer. The third video made me think of this and I bet we will see another video of the same. Those walls look hard, SAFER barriers or not. Good to hear that the only serious damage was to the cars and not the drivers.
  12. Absolutely love the name of your team. Assume it's named after that none talked about but very important muscle, lol.
  13. Did your front camber have anything to do with that? I thought it looked a little aggressive :-) Also, your car sounded so bad a$$ coming out of Turn 4, especially after half the cars had tanked in that crazy heat.
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