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  1. If anyone has a seat open for NCM send me a message, the team I was hoping to be with is not going to make it.
  2. It wasn't required for purchase at VIR, but all teams were provided a flagtronics box to use during the race. Good R & D will help us make sure that we have the bugs worked out as best as possible. The feedback I've gotten back was very positive.
  3. Thanks to all that came out! It was so nice to put faces to names and meet a few new Champs! Also, thanks to Rodger @Burningham for helping organize a fun night! So nice to have a little normal-ish fun.
  4. I included info and pics to help find us on Friday night. 1) When you are almost there, the road looks like it dead ends; it's just a sharp right. Warehouse 25 is the first warehouse on the right past Guzzler Manufacturing (they have a sign, we don't) 2) there is additional parking at the next warehouse on the right past ours (it is not in use) FYI we have a few address, so google will take you next door some times. I'll try my best to remember to put my light-up Santa out front, so you know you're in the right place.
  5. Were going to spread out well! I'm making 2 large pans of mac and cheese too, probably one gouda, one pepper jack. Also, I would suggest bringing bag chairs we have about 20 but I'm anticipating more people than that. The warehouse does have a few heat source so we shouldn't freeze lol. I've got several warming catering trays to keep food warm. Which team are you with, I've got a tally running, trying to make sure I don't double count a team All Champs are welcome, feel free to shoot me a text if you have additions, any questions, last minute change ect. 205-908-5501
  6. I do not recall voting on the VPI adjustment of the Cobra. However, I do think VPI adjustment reasoning should be made public.
  7. The argument of reliability versus performance is a never ending pandora's box. I would like cars to be more reliable, and it seems like free reliability parts would be the way to do this but its not a simple solution. Free reliability items opens up the interpretation of what is and is not a reliability item; is a more reliable car not a better performing car too.... All the discussions about doing this have ended with, racing costing more money, which we are trying to avoid. If you have the points to spare add the reliability items you need. Finishing the race is better than turning the fas
  8. Thanks so much Dan! I love the idea of helping our "rookie" drivers excel in the craft. I also feel that helping our newcomers is a benefit to us all. It allows us all to have better laps, especially if other drivers are more predictable and understand the expectations better. Most importantly it makes the race track a safer place. There are many things we can do to aid new comers without reinventing the wheel. The HPDE world is already doing it, so it wouldn't be hard to adopt a few practices that help our novices.
  9. Sorry for the delayed response this week took a nose dive lol ++I am in favor of continuing to focus on the overall win as the main objectives, as we currently do. However I'd like to look at what an adjustment to the classes based on points would look like for our membership. We have not purposed the break points that delineate classes, we want this to make sense, so we are currently collecting data this year to look through. I am interested to see how many points the majority of the field has. Are most team maxed out? Or are there a lot of team running vastly under 500pts. These will
  10. 1) I believe any rulebook reviews and petitions should be first vetted through the TAC and Tech & CEO. Then the Board reviews , makes suggestions and can approves the items. Big picture focus. 2)I wish I knew a way to make racing cheaper, it can be an expensive endeavor even at the grassroots level. However, I think as a Board we can cap some of the cost, by capping the advantages that big money teams can get with their wallet. 3) We've come a long way all ready, but regularly planned Board Meetings monthly, and possibly a quarterly meeting between, Tech, Tac, CEO and BOD could h
  11. 1) not really, speed and costs have continued to increase. I would like to see us move more in the grassroots direction, and be easier for people to get involved and be competitive. I am against this moving toward deep pockets win races. 2) I voted against making clutches, flywheels, or most anything else free points. 3) I'd really like to see more trophies and winnings for more class wins, and top 5, especially if we assign classes by points. I'd like to see more comradery and less conflict. It needs to be good quality competition, but also fun. I want to see teams reminded to be
  12. He's got mine too ! I've known Rodger for many years, and he's a stellar individual. At first, I wasn't going to run for re-election because I wanted to support Rodger, but there are 3 seats open, so hopefully we'll both get elected. He is very knowledgeable, level-headed, and very team minded. I think he could bring some great attributes to the Board that would be quite useful.
  13. I agree with Tyler; it is a joint responsibility between CEO, Board of Directors, & member feedback . (My opinion only, not a statement from the BOD)
  14. There was a break down in communication, that bios were going to be used from the forum and not sent to member like we've done before. I've posted mine now.
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