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  1. Yes, we've talked extensively about it, he wants to give it a go this year, so I submitted a nomination for him to be on the ballot.
  2. FYI, I'm not running again this year either...I believe there are members that are better suited for the position and that have more time. I'm backing Rodger Coan, team captain of BurningHam to take my seat. He is highly capable, very passionate, been an active member of the TAC, an overall nice guy to work with in a collaborative effort, and he's been racing Champcar for many years.
  3. So my plan thus far, will be to have a local restaurant The Little Donkey ( southern Mexican food, taco, burrito bowls, and nachos) bring there food truck out Friday night. I will need an idea of how many, to secure the food truck. It's super close and one of the few places we can gather as a group, lots of restaurants are limiting groups to 6 or max 8 per party. We have over 8k sq warehouse we can spread out in. I think this should work well. Everyone bring their bag chairs, cooler of beverages and I'll get the food truck to be there from 6-8p then no one is cooking or cleaning we can use a
  4. We are doing a full show, minus the professionalism that Paulie brings. Yes, Paulie's driving but me, Bill, and Doc will be doing a show.
  5. What exactly are you all referring to as Champcar 2.0 , just for clarification purposes?
  6. Wow that was a great race! Awesome to see everyone and be back at a race track!! Hope you all enjoyed the show.
  7. I was skeptical of this system at first, but, after talking to Ballenger, and watching the testing at Rd Atlanta this spring. I feel much more comfortable with this project continuing to be developed. However, when it will be mandatory, will need to be adjusted per the development. I agree with many of you, we need to really know what how this interfaces with everything that goes on at a race, a solid picture, before requiring it.There will always be odd situations that we will have to work through as a club, but, I think they will be completely solvable stuff; especially since the developer
  8. Ok I added Mac and Cheese to the list, unless someone would prefer something else....nevermind...that's too wide open for you all... I'll see you all with a large pan of very cheesy Mac and Cheese
  9. I'm down for bringing a side, like maybe a huge tray of mac and cheese?
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