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  1. Your thoughts and feeling are not going unnoticed and are being addressed. None of us are perfect, but we do have excellent leadership advocating for the grassroots racers.
  2. That guy was a total jerk, he was also saying, "that's how y'all win races", and "stop looking over the fence". I heard him say both at least twice, if not 3 times and some other distasteful tidbits.This type of behavior is unnecessary, and inappropriate.
  3. What's the team name? Have you guys raced at NCM before , it's one of my top 3 favorites!
  4. The thing about Road Atlanta is....you have to go through Atlanta, ugh, which can be a nightmare. I'm in Bham and I can typically get to NCM faster than both the GA tracks, as long as I hit Nashville at the right time, prior to 3pm after that it's like a smaller version of Atlanta traffic.
  5. tiffanyr.alexander@gmail.com Sorry it left the r out when I posted my email
  6. Hi Cassandra! Welcome to ChampCar!! It's a ton of fun! Ron and his wife at Discovery parts are a ton of help, and in Dawsonville, GA for trying on stuff, I don't believe they rent gear though. Also, most suit manufacturer have a size chart with measurements for chest, waist, and stride, (I believe) probably find these on the suit websites, and it's a good idea to know your measurements. I personally like Alpinestars they make a great suit and they even make the Stella suit which is cut for a women's body, especially if you have curves. The race suit rental website is http://racesuitrental.com/ If you have any other questions I'd be happy to be a resource, email me at Tiffany.alexander@gmail.com
  7. Interested, if seat still available email me at Tiffanyr.alexander@gmail.com
  8. Anyone know if there are plenty of RV spots ? We went a few years ago and the RV parking was rather limited. Just want to make sure we reserve a spot if we need to.
  9. That's the way Jack always points me by
  10. You are speaking my language this race is my bday weekend, and special in others ways that is a longer story... But if we make it I've got to check out the state park and all the wineries
  11. I also live in the East and live on a budget. Every year we try to get to at least one new track, while hitting most of our local favorites. I've had several tracks on my bucket list for a long time, there's just only so much time and money. Obviously, I'm open to racing full time and going to all the races but, I'm going to need a better sponsor than my check book. If anybody has any good leads on sponsors I'm open for interviews
  12. Actually, This just gives me even more excuse and reason to venture further out. I've been wanting to try out some new tracks!!
  13. We love racing, we like to have fun, and even better when we can have those 2 goals occur in the same space....to me this is the spirit of Chump, fun and competitive racing and a group of people uniting over a common interest.
  14. I'm totally not offended! My smile or accent have nothing to do with my qualifications to be a board members but, I will take the compliment just the same and appreciate that someone took the time listen to the chumpcast I don't think the compliment was meant to take away from my qualifications. I believe being smart, being involved in the series for many years, and being passionate about chumpcar are good enough qualification. However, if I can be a friendly, smiling, likeable person on top of those qualifications, well that's just the cherry on the top right??
  15. My log book is a little bare, since my car blew up @ NCM 2016, I bought a whole new donor car. I paid a shop to swap the motor and trans,but it just hasn't been right since. I lost teammate that was the main mechanic His wife had a baby so he has some other priorities, understandable. So since then I've been doing track stuff with my Boxster outside of Chump, and rented seats or helped crew @ Chump. And this past weekend at the AMP race I got to help out with the Chumpcast, that was fun, maybe you heard me. FYI if you know anyone in the Birmingham area with stellar mechanical skills, that's looking for a team, send them my way, right now all the wiring for the car is out, it was in the process of being completely rewired to a new wiring harness. I'll be around at the races whether Ive got a ride or not, usually helping with whatever. Any day at the race track is better than a day at the office right
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