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  2. State order is 25% capacity and that was just upheld in court. Stay safe friends!
  3. Do we have to re re-rulings on all the tech-desk items then for 2021? I have at least 30. Is there some kind of process where they can just get re-approved or rejected by tech? IE: I have some about alternators and others about the width of a Miata. Alternators would get rejected and miata width would be the same (I hope).
  4. I applaud the clarity. Continuous improvement is a process not an event and this is a step in the right direction. The 2020 rules in effect for the championship mucks things up a bit, but I like the direction. A recommendation however is that the vision and mission are added prominently to the start of the BCCR. All rules should be interpreted through the lens of that vision and mission. If there is an interpretation that can go one way or another, the one that best aligns with the vision and mission should be used. I also wished some more of the fix th
  5. Who is that? I started a couple threads recomending an optional school but I never saw anyone advocating a mandatory school.
  6. Yeah! You just have to start buying blocks and hoping you don't get a dud. We bought 4 until we got one that was clean and passed magnaflux. God-speed sir.
  7. RAm1 - 9 mins RAm2 - 282mins SB1 - 110mins *SB2 - 194mins RAtl - 840mins *VIRS - 248mins *RAm3 - 96mins RAm4 - 54mins WGI1 - 420mins *WGI2 - 247mins VIR24 - 499mins *RAm5 - 480mins *RAtl - 470mins *GM1 - 151mins *GM2 - 420mins 15 Races 10 Events 4,520 total minutes = 75 hours I drove about half that time. Maybe 10 SCCA sprints prior and rented a couple stints with Black Perl.
  8. RVShare and Outdoorsy. No need to worry about maintenance, tires, brakes, generator, tow vehicle, plates, insurance, hotel ect. Plus its a relaxing drive and people can nap on the long hauls. Sleeps like 7-8 people (4-5 comfortably) Its about $1200-$1600 for 3-4 day trips with towing. Its worth avoiding all the other BS to me.
  9. Wow, We can hardly even fit everything for the car in our 24 footer. We rent an RV and use it to tow the trailer. Works great!
  10. Funny how extreme the rules have to get when all we need is the Race Director to start throwing black flags at the offenders. The board already said its the race directors responsibility to enforce this via black flag. They just need to do it.
  11. It happens every race, at least a couple times a race. Gingerman had an odd one where the lead car went full throttle as the pace car turned his lights off and try to get away. I am all for a black flag "reminder" for teams to instruct new drivers on how it works. They cover this in the novice school, right?
  12. I'm getting very excited about the 2021 BCCR. Any additional waiting is well worth it for additional clarity that will make the series more fair and save teams a lot of money. A big thank you to everyone on the board, TAC, Tech, Chris and Bill for taking your time and making sure to get it right!
  13. That was the idea, but it didn't catch the pending transmission syncro failure, so IDK how well this "idea" will work in practice.
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