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  1. I don't know if its weight or power (it could be both, but my bet is power). The K24 is objectively faster than any other 500pt BMW I had raced against and the times confirm this. I will do a deeper dive tomorrow on the times.
  2. No doubt the business side is critically important and I've been pushing for more direction there in particular in vision/mission in addition to reaching out to Dana directly to provide some strategic planning tools that I received as a CEO and found very useful in managing a high growth business. I was ghosted then offered them up to Bill directly to pass to Dana, no word back on that. The series is a product that is an ontrack experience and rules. What's interesting about CCES is that it levers a tremendous amount of spending and the rules that are created have a 4-10x impact on the spend of teams vs. actual revenue from the series. That makes the rules all the more important. I don't think Dana or CCES employees should be involved in rule creation, but the board certainly should be. The K24 E30 is a huge issue because it either gets corrected now, or other teams follow and it will be too late. Its a significant creep in speed.
  3. "hey look over there" isn't a valid argument. CCES has a lot to improve on that doesn't detract from this issue.
  4. Calling a spade a spade, as a board member do you believe the K24 E30 is a performance advantage over the M50 or M54?
  5. 2:46.9 at Road America. That in of itself is a compelling argument. I've raced against your cars A LOT and consider them to be some of the best in the series, that said the Premium Dudes K24 E30 is simply on another level, its a game changer. I'll work to gather the swap information from those who are willing to share . At the end of the day I am trying to highlight an issue with a loophole that was created by the series in an effort to better the series and maintain parity.
  6. Then what swap is that? There is no point in being coy.
  7. I will, but that shouldn't prevent me from debating this openly and making my arguments known and allowing others to challenge them openly.
  8. K24 E30 swap is an outlier. I hope that you are not too idealistic to think the only two levers you have are VPI and SPV. Fixing SPV for the E30 while allowing the M50 as an exception maintains the status quo. To my knowledge there is one car with a K-swap E30. If this isn't corrected soon there will be a lot more and it will be too late to close the loophole. It wouldn't be a big deal, but its substantially faster than the M50 swap and will harm parity.
  9. A 500pt M50 E30 is slower than a 500pt K24 E30, ALOT slower. The intent of the fudged weight was to allow an M50 swap specifically. Change the swap weight to accurately match the methodology of the series and add a written exemption that an M50 swapped E30 is 500pts. Its important to note that the series has already APPROVED AND IMPLIMENTED this exemption, but the deployment of this exemption has allowed an unintended consequence of substantially faster swaps.
  10. How do the Maxima's do at the other tracks vs. the least technical highest HP ones?
  11. The most popular and winningest chassis just got 1-3 seconds faster using a loophole. I just think this deserves some attention as, in my mind, it sets a new bar. Frankly its the reason I've given up on the BP4W in our car.
  12. They won overall on Sunday at the National Championship, then 4th and 1st in this race. I also know they had a first overall at Gingerman. When they don't do well, they were blowing up, atleast at the start. A benchmark is the point of reference. I assume the M50 E30 is a benchmark for the series.
  13. 2:46.9 yesterday. Next closest BMW was in the 2:50s. Since the first time I've raced against it my mind was blown, especially because it has so much fuel, there are a significant number of tracks it should still be able to make it 2 hours. It's significantly faster than the other BMWs.
  14. That's an externality of the problem IMO. The actual problem is that someone in power wanted M50 E30 to be 500 points, so they used the swap weight to get there rather than implementing a more robust and specific solution. A K swap is just one way to gain an advantage from the poor implementation. I'm not sure how many points that swap would be if the E30 BMW was treated like other cars, but I suspect it's a decent amount more than 500.
  15. The reason would be that, as stated by the former CEO, the intent of the fudged swap weight was to allow the M50 E30 as a 500 point car. It appears that a k24 swapped E30 is about a second faster at gingerman than the next E30(Even the stroked one) and several seconds faster at Road America at 500pts. I don't know exactly what engine they have, I asked once and heard it was a foreign variant but never got an engine code. IMHO this being allowed was an unintentional loophole from the artificially high swap weight. I will submit a request.
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