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  1. Mine was around 3" off the ground. Stock sways, but 1000lb springs in the front of a light miata to keep it off the ground enough. We have splitter blocks that scrap in a couple corners/brake zones. If your car isn't that stiff, I'd recommend higher.
  2. I think that change is inherent in this type of rule set but when you look at how many different makes, models and generations are in the top 10 at the end of the season, its mind-blowing how well the series works. To my knowledge CCES is also the most successful. Bracket racing literally regulates competition out of their rules. In my opinion its pseudo-racing. PWR racing is more appealing, but they don't seem to go to as many fun tracks and now they are moving up market. I would agree that this is an issue: - Brakes are free - shocks are now free - wheels are now fr
  3. I honestly think that was mistyped. I have to have tickets that say the opposite. Ticket 806 - You can't reuse the drivers seat because its been replaced.
  4. It wasn't my intent for this to get so far off the rails. What really spurred this was the fact that I was removing duct tape that was used in place of a panel that was destroyed. I am adding a new panel(door card) back in and removed the duct tape since the rule shouldn't really allow that duct tape in. I also received the ruling about JB Weld, another fastener that would make wraps illegal. I too am using tape(as a wrap) to smooth out areas of my car. Right now, what is clear is that the rule doesn't match what is currently being done. I don't necessarily want to change what is b
  5. You should see some pictures of the early cars before the 60% rule. Without changes in the last couple years you'd see cars with multiple wings which extend out 5-10" beyond the OE body line, way more multi-disk clutches, more cars missing chunks of frames, and I suspect you'd be seeing a lot more C3 corvettes putting down massive power. I also think there was atleast one J-swapped miata before, ballooned fuel tanks. The rules get made by CCES, then pushed by competitors, then they need to be adjusted to keep the series on the rails.
  6. The ruleset needs to be both proactive and reactive. If the rule set was fixed you would get extremely perverse results as people take advantage of the open ruleset which is far from perfect. I do however think any rule change needs to be in 100% alignment with the vision and mission of ChampCar. Every decision should be a progression towards the vision.
  7. $1149 vs. $0 all based on an arbitrary rule that was made before the series was as fast as it is today to allow more options for those that wanted a cell.
  8. Per the rule as its written and enforced with other fasteners, yes. But I have an email from tech pre-tech - desk saying the opposite. Your car and my car also are the enforcement counterpoint to the written rule.
  9. Any instance where duct tape isn't used to attach things to other things per 4.7.2. Laminating a panel, filing in a panel/hole, covering a swiss cheesed car. It was illegal to use JB weld to smooth a throttle plate shaft, then why wouldn't it be illegal to use another fastener to smooth a body panel? *Note we have panels that are laminated with tape as well.
  10. I have one point - The 2+ gallon rule is trading dollars for a significant on track advantage. CCES should work to minimize rules like this. No matter how you slice it, fuel cells are expensive, at the low end, about the same cost as an event entry when you include all of the odds and ends that a fuel cell requires. How is this self serving? What team would be impacted greater than we will?
  11. To my knowledge I am the only competitive Miata which now has a fuel cell. I have the most to gain from the 2+ gallon fuel cell rule (2.55 seconds a lap at Road America on the 8hr day). I've long avoided it because the miata fuel system is awesome and its a massive effort to get a cell in the Miata. If my petition passes, I will have lost most all of the advantage I just paid $4K $5K for. To my knowledge GBU is focused on other professional series which is why they've dropped out of the recent races, none the less, I gain more than they do from the 2+ gallon rule. I do want
  12. I want to ban those expensive tires too and filed a petition as such. A set of RS4s will last least three weekends. And yes I also want to ban what was done to the C3, they've already raised the VPI and I would like to see how that shakes out. Disallowing the extra 2 gallons will slow them down a bit as well.
  13. That's not the point. The point is duct tape is currently being used outside of the way the rule is written. I submitted a petition to correct this, and I just submitted a tech desk ticket as well. I've already been told in a tech desk ticket that other fasteners cannot be used for anything other than fastening something to something else. It would follow that duct tape will be treated the same way, especially when the literal text of the rule states that.
  14. Everyone that can afford it is allowed to do it. This is supposed to be affordable, right?
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