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  1. Yes, the JDM header is a Tri-Y style with a flange between the 4 to 2 and the 2 to 1 collector. This is the only BCCR definition: 4.7.4. Exhaust systems downstream of the header/exhaust manifold (from the collector back) are open and do not count towards total points So which collector? Attached is write up I as asked to send tech-desk about the header. When does the header stop and become the exhaust (IE: No points to add/modify)?Can I remove material and weld the header as its defined above for no points, so long as I don't add material?I've attached an image with the following parts.1A = Collector for 1-41B = Collector for 2-32 = O2 Sensor Collector3 = Upper Exit Flange4 = Lower Entry Flange5 = 2 to 1 Collector6 = Lower Exit FlangeBased on this image can you identify at which point its considered the header, and which point its considered the exhaust?
  2. No hospital trip or stitches, but it was a gnarly gash indeed. As I stated I do support the "rule", I just don't know why there is so much hesitance to add three letters to the rule book which completely changes the interpretation(IE the dimensions that are actually being enforced).
  3. I'd agree but the rulebook is purposefully short, too short, so much so that a formal tech system had to be implemented to handle a deficient rule book. If making the rulebook short and hard to change was done so that rules are simple and consistent and then systems are implemented to completely undercut that, what the point? Just make the rule book a few pages longer. The one that gets me is: 4.3.2: Aerodynamic devices not to exceed width of bodywork (fenders, bumpers, doors) when viewed from above. Then: The maximum width of a wing or splitter is determined by the OE body shape and not by any bodywork added to the car that makes it appear wider. In your case, you cannot include the new fender flares in your measurement and instead must measure from the OE steel fender dimensions.I had two staff members get hit by wide wings in 2019 and we will not see a 3rd get hit.Michael ChisekCEO Why not just add "OEM" to the rulebook ?!?!? This was an issue in 2019, so its not like this is a new interpretation. For us, the rules made us widen our fenders for the 10-2 rule. Now our bodywork, fenders in particular, is wider when viewed from above. We spend several hundred dollars on a new wider wing. Then we are told to cut it back down to the size of the other one. I agree with safety and the new ruling, but PLEASE add it to the rulebook.
  4. Redundant. We don't want a $30 switch costing us a $8,000+ weekend. If one fails, we just move the key over to the second one. We also have two independent light circuits. If one circuit goes down we are still legal.
  5. Adding a second tablet (pit communication) and a "GO FASSTTTAR" switch.
  6. Do your lights turn on ever time you shift into 5th?
  7. We are literally sending pictures and descriptions to tech asking for an official ruling, then doing exactly what was approved. Does that deserve to get "smacked down"?
  8. What engine is that from? That looks different than mine which has an O2 sensor in the circled section. I am waiting on a formal ruling on where the "header" stops and the free exhaust starts. Then we will start cutting.
  9. "aero device"? Really? We aren't talking about re-purposing it as a spoiler or splitter. Its a rear window that had the rear pitch moved up a few inches in nearly the exact position as if I took the OEM hardtop and lifted the back 4". The rear window is still the rear window, so please don't twist this into something its not.
  10. So long as you have all the documentation to prove it came with your JDM motor, then the JDM header is free.
  11. I THINK we can get the same HP from a SKUNK2 manifold as we can with our Racing Beat header. If we go to the JDM header, we can trade the points for the intake manifold and we should be even on HP.
  12. Racing is just really expensive compared to most other hobbies, but CCES is the best value your going to get. When I was 18, broke, I put a cage in my daily driver so I could drive to the track and race Spec Miata. That was the cheapest w2w option at the time and it was still over $750 an hour of track time. I would have killed for the opportunity of volunteer credits. If you don't have the cash, volunteer to build up credits and trade them for stints.
  13. Has the Yi been replaced by Mi? I am trying to get another one. We just got ours streaming (Don't have the camera in rotate mode, lol).
  14. Not meant to be secrets, I just wait until its more proven before posting it here as a knowledge base for other teams. Right now our flat floor has more questions than answers and I still have questions waiting for tech desk until we modify our OEM header. Then we need to dyno it to see if we just screwed ourselves, lol.
  15. I'm trying to move the good-stuff to https://ruggedbadger.com/the-car-build/ SEO and what not.
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