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  1. Mazda is offering contingency. I think @Bill Strong was part of that!?!?
  2. I just recall them being much faster on the straights at Road Atlanta where at WGI they didn't seem to pull us as much on the straights. I also noticed extreme torque steer at Road Atlanta which I assume was due to them putting down more power, I didn't see any of that at WGI. All of that said, race gas or not, I believe they won that race straight up through strategy and great driving given everything I saw. WGI: Road Atlanta:
  3. They were fast on the straights, but they seemed slower than Road Atlanta, and equal to the BMWs. They were very fast in the corners and I don't think that was due to race gas.
  4. I've provided all documentation to members of the board, Mike Chisek, and Jay. I've proven that the JDM rated power is within 3% and this has been accepted as a legal swap. Whats more I am required to run the JDM manifolds and cams or take points. I've also been told we can rebuild the engine to factory service limits by tech. I am just doing what they tell me I can do. Whats more, I am publishing my power numbers and you can see they are not out of line. If I were in the 160's (what ecotech hit from the junkyard) I could see some concern. No doubt we are fast, but as many people found out at WGI and some of the other races, we struggle on the straights versus all of the other top 10 cars.
  5. This creates a huge issue, especially when someone is towing 14hrs each way. Whatever the rules are they need to be clear with objective interpretation.
  6. Dude knows how to build a car, run a team and drive. No offense taken on this end. If only we could pick his brain...
  7. Tech might have a different idea per emails I've sent and received and how the other wing was treated at WGI.
  8. I've got a thing for wings, what can I say. We have two drivers with one alternate. Laps are within 1-2 seconds on all tracks, except Sebring, it was both our first time at the track ever and we only got a few laps in. My eventual plan is to add so many wings that we don't even need a motor. I really think wind power is the future of racing, so stay tuned. Our wing dev is well over $4K at this point, FYI. If you didn't point us by I would bring you two doors and a fender, but since you pointed us by I think its worthy of a right headlight cover. Stop by my trailer and I will hand it to you personally.
  9. I'm try trying to go as fast as possible within the rules. You can always race Spec Miata if you don't like development. Its important to also note that I am making 100% of our developments public so others don't have to incur the substantial dev costs.
  10. 36 offset on 15x9 and 25 offset on 15x10, but we recently added a 5mm spacer. Too much rubbing near the shock tower.
  11. We run both 10s and 9s with the 245. The 225 has a tread width 0.9" narrower than the 245 so I'd assume it's similar comparison for an 8 vs. 9. The 9s for us are more durable but maybe just slightly slower. The 10s just a hair faster but we've had alot of rims crack. We have had better luck with Koenig vs. Jongblode rims. If you ever want to go with the 245 you'll need the 9" rims, so that would tip my decision if I were you.
  12. Its obviously not distilled, but he states what Champcar is, what its there to do, and where it wants to go.
  13. Mike stated it perfectly at the annual streamed board meeting, but that's the first time I heard it.
  14. I do not believe the clarity of the vision is consistent within the organization. I think all the individuals are terrific but sometimes the organization seems like it's heading different directions depending on who you talk to. How EC is treated as a perfect example of this.
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