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  1. I have a bin of all the bad stock miata calipers we've accumulated, maybe 12 total. We had stock rears fail twice and I am very happy we moved the rears to Wilwoods as well. I just can't trust an OEM caliper. Wilwoods are lighter, easier pad changes, seemingly more reliable. Wilwoods are just a better option for us. I have a 2x front and rear kit if you are interested. www.ruggedbadger.com in the morning I'm installing a new kit using the power lite radial caliper, which will work with 90-93, 94+, Sport rotors, and Wilwood 2pcs on my street miata for testing.
  2. We ran 15x9s and 15x10s and there was no noticable performance difference, but the 15x9s and seemed more reliable, And the koenig brand was the most reliable. We had a set of 15x9 6ULs from 949 which wernt great, then 15x10 Jongblodes which were garbage. Then we got 15x10 Koenig Dekagrams and really liked them. When these came out they were $139 or $149 so we got a set: https://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/61-2552.html I think we have about 10 rims left that are not bent, 8 koenig, 1 6UL and 1 Jongblode. The Freeforms are the best so far but we might move to the Aventi storm if we change tire sizes because they are so light.
  3. I did daily drive my only car/spec miata in 2004/2005. I got pulled over alot. It was fun driving the racecar to the track past all the big rigs. You never know.
  4. Come by and see the car sometime. We trimmed a lot, but we retained the seatbelt towers and we wanted to keep the important parts of the car stiff. We could likely shave another 100lbs if we went crazy.
  5. You could tie front diffuser flaps to the tie rods with hardware.
  6. Wiper motor! Forgot one.
  7. Power windows Headlights VICs Solenoid Power Locks Retractable Antenna Lots of options!
  8. https://champcar.org/tech/knowledgebase.php?article=105 Giving me something to kill the time during COVID-19 lockdown. PartsBadger car is going to look like:
  9. How so? so long as exit pressure allows for flow through the throat, then more area should equal lower pressure over a larger area. I would be curious to hear why that thought process might be wrong. I am still waiting on a ruling from tech regarding how many added points splitter diffusers are. (Its not free)
  10. I need lots of repairs and the off track point things. Novice simmers want to have fun too, it's ChampCar right!?!?
  11. Can you make it two hours?
  12. How do driver changes happen? Is this digital or do they physically need to at the same PC? I am interested, worst case I will just drive the whole thing, I suck anyway.
  13. Weight: 1925lbs? Power: 145rwhp = 13.27
  14. Is CCES prepared for a year long shutdown? Given the steps that have already been taken, some of the suppression modeling and the economic impact vs. efficacy of cancelling large gatherings I'd have to think it's more likely that the season would be cancelled than say running the WGI race. I just wanted to see if something that extreme is being accounted for in CCES response planning?
  15. I don't know of any miatas that make it two hours. I do however have a dream of a skyactiv swap with a cell maybe it could happen.
  16. If you've got a pile of money, we've been considering opening up our team to customer cars. We would have a paid mechanic and crew chief. We've spent gobs of money on development but since its development we can build second and third cars for a fraction of the price. We are located in Cedarburg, WI.
  17. Here is my next stab at it: I Just Want To: Wrench Drive Learn Win $10,000 British VW Golf Miata Miata (Small Tracks) $20,000 Miata Civic/CRX Miata E30 Swap $40,000 2nd Gen Camaro Altima Miata SC300 $80,000 MR2 Fiesta ST Miata Boxster $120,000 Avalon Miata 944 More Miata 2nd Gen Camaro
  18. I got it started with my choices: I Just Want To: Wrench Drive Learn Win $10,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $20,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $40,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $80,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata $120,000 Miata Miata Miata Miata More Miata Miata Miata Miata The link is the editable matrix: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KQHd1WTrxdDfvWJKWlI391OHzDJ4AZxMugBW-V1Xl3w/edit?usp=sharing Who wants to make their own?
  19. @MoparBoyy @Snake - They run a Cobra of that generation I believe. What are your goals? - Do you like wrenching and being creative? - Do you just want to drive? - Do you want to win? - Do you want to learn how to drive? Whats your annual budget? $10,000 $20,000 $40,000 $80,000 $120,000 More I'm sure I could turn that into a fun matrix/car selector.
  20. Got some new canvas's delivered at the office today commemorating our Road Atlanta Win, one of the people remaining was kind enough to send me some pictures.
  21. I gave them to C&J Racing for their Camaro. I was going to race with them at Road America but they had some car trouble. I got some time in on the test day so i figured it was a fair trade.
  22. I wanted to run the 285/30-18s RE71rs on an NC. Since it so much tire I think they would last a couple races and the diameter is roughly stock. I actually bought a set of the 285 RS4s to test on our NA, but we didn't have time to make 5 lug hubs yet to fit 18" rims.
  23. The series is certainly trying to find its "center" trying to accommodate and correct the ghosts of rulings past. Its hard for active teams to keep up. I feel bad for the teams that take two years to build a car, some teams don't have the build pace to keep up with the rule changes. It will be interesting to see what happens with the recession. I remember 2008 when the motorsports market disappeared overnight. Champcar has an interested demographic atleast from what SCCA used to be.
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