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  1. To be sure, a cage to deal with the rock wall would be pretty impossible. Although, it does suggest that anyone doing an engine swap might need to consider the implications of either moving or putting in a new firewall. I can think of one SHO motor shoe-horned into a 2nd Gen RX-7 at TWS that I saw run. Good luck kids, it's a brave new world.
  2. Start on eBay, find Roush/Yates Racing used racing parts and buy a brake hose blower,........run hose in and out of cooler......well you know the rest.
  3. It was mentioned earlier about X-bars and the reason they're used in Rally Cars, etc,.etc. I would ask those that either have chosen, (or considering), a cage type........... to go on to YouTube and do a search on Georg Plas. Georg was one of the better hillclimb competitors in Europe, who took a Judd V-8 engine and mated it to a BMW 3-series 'what ever you want to call it'. (Those are my words BTW). OMG, the sound of it was just beautiful. Anyway, there is a few videos up of his fatal crash where he missed the apex of a right hand turn and went straight off into what amounted to ROCK. If you are quesy about watching this kind of thing,........then don't. I look briefly and have yet to discover the real cause of the accident. After seeing the video, I tend to think a complete brake failure was the culprit. The fact remains that neither an X-brace or NASCAR BARS would have saved him. What's important I think, is the bracing to the wheel well floor from the A pillar bar. I've been thinking to add a couple of short pieces from the dash bar to the firewall in order to help support it in a straight in crash. Georg's front OE firewall had been modified a great deal and a good portion of it replaced by just flat sheet metal. I'm not about to enter into a discussion to try to change someone's opinion or way of thinking on door bars. We're adults, and we possess the God given ability of free will. However, I am encouraged by the exchange of ideas and thoughtfulness put forward. I think the information exchange alone has been but a small piece of gold, and given me a few ideas on how I can make things better for my car.
  4. I've got a full NASCAR cage in my car, with extended bars out in to the door on both the driver and passenger sides. Montana, I really like your lastest version of wrapping around the sill, etc. We've done similar plates at the sill, just not around and on top of the door sill. As the adage, goes there's always room for improvement and you're taken that to the next level. Although, I did have 1/8th plates welded to the outside of the door bars and down to the door sill on the drivers side, and almost the same on the passenger side. ' Nonetheless, I really wish a NASCAR-type cage was the rule in our cars rather than the exception. I know I may catch a bunch of flak for it. But, nothing would make me feel worse than one of my team members getting hurt in the car because I was too cheap or lazy when it came to safety. We may not win a race, but at least everyone goes home at the end of the weekend.
  5. Personally, I like the mesh much better. For whatever it's worth, I can see the driver's side mirror a whole lot better with the mesh version than the ribbon type.
  6. Just curious, when the belts go around the roll bar tubing.......do you have them going back through the buckle a couple of times? Definitely lose the zip ties though.....makes it confusing to see in the pix. Personally, I would worry about having to run a seat with all that bracing. If it was me, I would have some serious reservations about the safety of that seat. It seems that the better option to consider would be another seat that is more substantial. Another consideration for tall/short drivers is companies like I/O port and Sparco sell seat adjusters to move the seat fore/aft and accomodate different size drivers. Although a pain to get to fit your particular application, I think you'll find that it'll be a great option when you get to the track. Good Luck.
  7. I have to say, I can really relate to the guys that do the real 24 hours of LeMans. I've been tired for a week, but at the same time....I've been walking on cloud 9 since we did manage to finish. I can't say enough how much fun it was running with the Chumps, and then not having to worry about going thru 2 sets of inspections. What a relief!!!
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