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  1. I run my ignition coil power on through one of them. The others are for cool suit (low amps) and rad fan (on a relay). I'll snap a pic of the dash later tonight.
  2. I will buy most of my electrics from https://www.delcity.net/ I use the heavy duty toggle switches => https://www.delcity.net/store/Heavy!Duty-Toggles/p_788974. I still go back and forth on using spade connectors vs. screw on terminals...
  3. Rule 24 Marine Rule 360 Marine... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000O8D8QG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share been running it for 3 years. No complaints. I have it hooked to a livewell timer but I never ever use . It’s always on 100% of the time.
  4. Really user friendly! Do you ever have issues with moisture / water having everything exposed? That would be my main concern.
  5. momentum and cornering speed is a hell of a drug!
  6. After coming OUT of the carousel at Summit Point, hitting a jersey barrier and then getting a new corner grafted on...the racecar finally has a face again!
  7. An e30 never gets out of 4th gear. Two high speed right handers that would suit the aero you got. Bring that beast!
  8. How will the test day be handled with respect to tech inspection? If a car does not have a Champcar tech sticker, will it be allowed to participate in the morning test session? thanks for info!
  9. So I opened up the ATL unit a while back and while both balls are very ping-pong in nature. The bottom one is heavier/more dense. When the unit is flipped upside down it acts as a rollover valve as well and did not let any fuel out.
  10. General comment: Bigger fuel vent ID = faster fuel can go in. Answering the Q: This particular valve prevents fuel escape if you find yourself upside down. It “discriminates” between air and liquid.
  11. I know you’re joking, but for new people on the forum, only fuel lines within the driver compartment must be metal/encased by metal. If it’s behind a bulkhead separating the driver compartment it’s legal. If it’s visible during fueling it helps the fueler to not make a big spill. i run the ATL valve. It’s a big boy and I used some fittings from McMaster to scale it down to 3/4” (https://www.mcmaster.com/5372K168)
  12. Nothing happened on the racecar with lots to do. 7 weeks til NCM.
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