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  1. Re: 30pt radiators. Im having a hard time understanding what this rule is trying to accomplish. A few free items were just added that have a more significant impact on overall pace, and the direction is to clamp down on engine cooling? Really?
  2. What parts are unspoken for?
  3. Appreciate it. I'll let you know in a few how this works out...
  4. When you say eta guts into the i housing. Do you mean only the front half or the entire case? depending on next race, I’m close to calling Walter. I’m probably 2 failures behind you for various reasons. when I doubt, do it once and do it correctly, right... ? Ha.
  5. Not the AnitGravity brand, but similar. Zero issues, 100% stock alternator wiring. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JVL1HFN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Digging this back up as we have now lost 2 transmissions due to loss of 4th gear. 1st was 4th gear shift fork wearleading to synchro damage. 2nd (from pitt this weekend) lost 4th gear again (I believe it's the shift fork again, but TBD) What do you mean re: clutch failure? for the front crank bolt, did you just have it under-torque? How did you trace the root cause to that part? I'll be doing similar to what you recomended re: buying + rebuilding with a cobble of parts. thanks for info...//mp
  7. I have an extra, unused set of 225/45/15 RS4s. never mounted. Dated Code feb 2019. I can bring to PittRace. TireRack currently lists @ 130/pc => will sell for $400 and a beer! I also have a single rims 4x100 bolt pattern 15x8 that I used for mock up last year. 15x8 et20 is a TR motorsports (https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?autoMake=BMW&autoModel=325&autoYear=1987&autoModClar=&target=runWheelSearch&wheelMake=TRMotorsport&wheelModel=C1&wheelFinish=Black+Painted) 15x8 (matte black) = $100 RS4s = $400
  8. Thanks for the links + info. I'll digest and come back with info... i will I'll be running a smartycam 2.1 With RCP mk3. Eventually I'm shifting to RCP + MS3Pro + Smartycam. But that's the winter project....
  9. RCP spoof. I'm not sure if I have to rename channels or just get the CAN addresses sorted.
  10. Resinstall air dam / window banner / rear windshield / general inspection. Wiring in new(used) AIM smarty cam+ Tieing it into the racecapture CAN network <= anybody done this before? Sample lua scripting to share maybe?
  11. When I say distorted, I mean off by like a few [mm]. So the frame needed to be massaged to get it to drop it correctly along with the locking strip. You can't make out the crack in this pic, but it's there. If if it were mangled, then lexan all the way! Nomenclature differences i guess lol If I went this route, lexan with margard 2 all the way. I want nothing to do with scratches or rags on sticks. The distraction level for the driver to deal with rags in sticks is too high. My ADHD brain can only handle so much at racepace. id bet that
  12. If the glass cracks more during a normal track day...I'll be springing for it. I'd buy the 2'x4' version and rebuild the window frame. Today the e30 frame is roughly 26"x50". And the cost of a 4'x8' sheet of this is insane.
  13. Forgot to open ask....do you have in air being blown across the windshield for rain races?
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