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  1. On the topic of funds, safety gear is ~$500 to start. And a race weekend to rent a seat from a team is anywhere from $750-1500 for two 2hr stints on a car that may/not run the whole weekend. results can vary widely! As a car owner, a race weekend costs the team 3-5k depending on the race. We are a top 20 team.
  2. Worked on rebuilding the car all weekend. Played hooky on Monday and worked 10hrs straight with liquid lunch. Engine fired on first crank, that felt good. Shake down @ Summit Point this weekend, then work out the kinks before NCM! Also saw Tire Rack has 245/15 Falkens in stock! My teammate @ChrisG got these for his e36, tread blocks are super fat. Will be curious to see how these work for endurance. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Falken&tireModel=Azenis+RT660&partnum=44WR5RT660&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes
  3. Double thank you....although this page (https://www.rbracing-rsr.com/eatshit.htm) on his website is
  4. Any teams looking to coordinate pit buddies? We usually shoot for the break in pit-lane We've got a garage for the weekend. Running an m20 powered e30.
  5. I purchased this last fall with the intention of installing into the e30, but the build is taking a different direction. $1250 purchase price. For sale for $1100/shipped. https://www.diyautotune.com/product/ms3pro-evo-standalone-engine-management-system/
  6. As far as I understand, they will not list the tires at all when they are not in stock. I've yet to call TR direct to get feedback on timing of the 2021 stock. I snagged 2sets in October last year before they disappeared...
  7. Cosmetic fixes for NCM after Pitt damage. Waiting on rebuilt trans for final assy. Track day shake down at Summit Point March 6/7. NCM race two weeks after. Get pumped!
  8. I don't have the info you seek. Someone more detailed or fighting for the last 1% of speed can come and chime in... I've run both on a non-aero m20 e30; here are my comments based on running at NCM / Watkins / Pitt / Nelson / Summit Point (Main/Shenandoah): 373: low shifs/lap, some tracks I never dip into 5th. Unless you have upped the RPM peak, the 3-4 shift puts you outside the power band briefly and puts you in a low torque point. the benefit really is less distraction during a race and better focus on steering / braking. With 245/40/15, rev cut @ 6250 , the pe
  9. I source all of my stuff from DelCity. TXL wire. Combined with McMaster when needed. When I rewired my entire racecar I just went ahead and purchased 100' of 8 colors. Have tons left over. I used to have a link of dual colored TXL wire, but can't find it at the moment.
  10. Thanks. I understand not wanting to share the channel to prevent dumb-dumbs from adding to the chatter. But it would be helpful also to reduce load on the Champcar volunteers when teams ask "what is going on?" when yellow flags come about. I look forward to what you have proposed. Is there a target date this could be available? br//mp
  11. Hi, I'd like to purchase a second radio and/or program the radios we have now to monitor the race control traffic at races. I vaguely remember seeing the channel frequency noted before but can't find it again (maybe in old SUPPS). I've been to races where I notice other teams monitoring this traffic. Is this channel the same for all races or does it vary? Do any of the races broadcast this onto an AM channel? Any other info is appreciated! Thanks // mp
  12. I'm 15mi south of you. What sort of experience do you have? Any in-car video to share? I should be slotting in the engine and trans here in the coming weeks ahead of the Summit Point SCCA opening March 6-7. -Mike
  13. I reserved my judgement, but then watch the video starting @ 53.00....holy balls, he is not a nice person.
  14. Cartek Isolator Link: do not touch my hooters! ...ok i'm done...byebye
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