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  1. I’m gonna ask a stupid/maybe sensitive question... Can this system interact with the “other guys flagger” system or is it two separate ecosystems? we might slum it in AER (because summit point) and I was just curious.
  2. Yea, I wished I was listening live to ask that very question. I get the feeling there might be a small chance that they could add it to the product line up for 2022. Using the RS4 as a benchmark is a good move (for endurance peeps). As someone who runs 9” rims, I’d be curious to see the actual tread width and how it drives to the 245. I found the comment of “black listing” tires interesting.
  3. I assume the majority of us get Hagerty emails. But for those who don’t, there was a recent tire talk / marketing thingy from continental. I signed up but spaced on it today and missed it. But some generally good info after listening to it. https://community.hagerty.com/t5/motorsportreg-tech-sessions/bd-p/motorsportreg-tech-sessions
  4. Is it gonna be crab walking on the straights?! haha The ambition alone shown with the build is awesome! I hope this thread will not deter you moving forward! The build quality looks really good, but your skills are not the same as others that would have the same opportunity to create such a machine.
  5. That’s a really good point. While the above example appears pretty solid, my mind just kept thinking “wow, all that done without checking it on a frame machine / jigging table?” To change (cut out/ replace) a fundamental thing (frame / unibody) intrinsic in a cars overall OE design from the factory would not fly in any other series. If it were me in charge of tech, I would stop it, purely in the name of safety. Like you said, there is not a clear distinction today where they line is drawn other than “no tube chassis”. With all that being said, I think don’t think a build like this would deter me from joining at the start. It might even provide inspiration and enthusiasm at the big playground possible (whether I actually do anything that ambitious is another thing).
  6. The fact it is allowed is what makes champcar unique: a builders series above all else. Points balance makes an attempt to cover the chaos you mention. That balancing act is something I do not envy on behalf of champcar rules makers. The crash structure and safety aspect is a point of contention. I personally love this car. It identifies as racecar (truck?) These are my opinions.
  7. Same question....but dare I ask if y’all plan to be at Nelson Ledges?
  8. Call yourself a rookie? But build a S10 to within an inch of it's life!? That thing is awesome and looks like some solid craftsmanship! Tech articles vs rule book is a giant can-of-worms discussion that you are about to open. I agree with the confusion and difficulty from someone coming into this series. But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, you all seem like a fine group of builders who would do well here. I think the mistake was building the maximum right out of the gate without consulting tech (as you said). I hope to see y'all out to some races eventually, where are you located?
  9. I wouldn’t go swapping yet unless you are willing to open the trans. But you might have some accelerated fork wear. Make sure all shifter stuff is fresh and tell the drivers to grandma shift.
  10. Once or twice....are any of your gears getting difficult to engage? The shift forks are aluminum.
  11. During post NCM race inspection, we found many loose fasteners! 1. the front sway bar loose (mechanical lock nuts), about to fall off. 2. the drive shaft center support bearing mount - bolts gone with the driveshaft flapping away. 3. 2/5 gas tank fasteners coming loose. I will always press drivers to stay off gators whenever possible now. it's just not worth it in the long run for many reasons!
  12. I’m sorry.....how does one break both the front + rear subframes?!?
  13. Did the car have OE quick-connect style fittings that failed or was this an aftermarket solution? Just curious as some modern cars DO have what I would consider quick connect (hose clamp-less) connections.
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