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  1. I've never seen a shirt or system that didn't have quick-disconnects. All of the various coolsuit boxes use them on their lines. Heck, I even built a pit coolbox and bought the same quick-disconnects from McMaster Carr. So not sure what's being said here. It would be insane to even consider requiring teams to enclose coolsuit tubes in steel shielding. What's next...we have to enclose the lines for drink bottles? And yeah...when you're running a coolsuit, it's usually hot. So any water spilled in the pit box dries pretty quickly. I get not dumping a 19 quart box in the pit box, but a quart or two of water isn't going to hurt anything. We run 3 boxes for 2 cars and load them up behind the pit wall before stops so works well.
  2. This is sage advice. We don't skimp on fasteners, fluids, replacement parts, etc.. When we assembled the long block, we used ARP fasteners on everything. @MoparBoyy uses all good fluids/filters, etc.. FWIW...this is our SBF. See you at Sebring!!! 😜
  3. What does this mean? Are you saying that Coolsuit quick disconnect fittings are recommended to be shielded? Or are you saying that quick disconnects are recommended? I haven't seen a Coolsuit setup that did NOT have quick disconnects. I have to be misinterpreting this.
  4. Generally, fuel spills are unintentional and often not even a result of negligence. It's common knowledge that the float balls in some fuel cell discriminator valves sometimes stick because the material is somewhat soft (so that, you know, it can float). This causes the valve to not work properly. Subsequently, fuel can "burp" out of the filler neck. Likewise, the modified vents on some cars with stock tanks will result in burping as the tank and neck fill. So yeah, let's penalize teams for this. Don't be ridiculous.
  5. Hey John...sorry, didn't see this. Feel free to send me a PM and we can talk more. Thanks!
  6. The biggest difference, and what I think prevents more car-to-car contact in WRL, is the passing rules. In WRL, a car is considered to have position if they are at your rear axle and the car being passed is required to give racing room. I noticed fewer instances of racers closing the door on an obviously faster car and fewer instances of dive-bombing. That being said, it was only two races and maybe not representative of the series as a whole. But from my experience with WRL I appreciated the clean driving. There were no racers on-track during my stints that appeared unskilled or dangerous. Sooo... During the Day 1 race, the race was red flagged for lightning and there was pretty heavy rain. We were all gridded until the lightning passed and the field was released onto a wet track with intermittent showers. We had about 45 minutes left in the race and I was in our car (#625 Cobra). The heavy rains left several areas of ponding and runoff on the track and the field was in bunches. There were two runoff streams coming down the hill from T11 just at the entrance to T12. One was near the apex and the other further our toward the outside curbing. Each time I'd hit the stream near apex, the car would slide/hydroplane slightly into the "just wet" area in between but was very catchable. About 4-5 laps after we went green, I was in a group and following a Cayman down the hill. I had previously picked a pretty good point where the car wouldn't move too much, but the car in front disrupted the runoff stream. Though I hit the same spot, the the Cobra hydoplaned hard across the track and hit the outside stream. The rear immediately began to rotate to the driver's side. Rather than fight it into the wet grass at track left, I let the car rotate and lose energy. I ended up backwards rolling down the front straight facing traffic. Probably 4-5 cars went around me on each side. When it was clear, I pulled a Rockford turn, already had the car in 1st and took off down the front straight. In the rain, with cars all around us, coming down the hill into T12, and nobody came close to our car. Nobody else even went off track. To me, that was telling that everybody around me was closely watching and careful in those conditions. Annnd that was a serious pucker moment. My biggest fear was not me controlling the car, it was whether or not I was going to get hit.
  7. We ran 7 hours at Sebring in December. We might have gotten another hour out of them but that's about all. I think that was the first day when we placed P1. Second day we ran RS4's (and similar lap times) and placed P3.
  8. Oh, on the Cobra. A set of RS4's lasts us half the season on the 626, lol.
  9. Yeah, I'm sure that's happening. But we're not doing it. We won't run a tire that won't last a 14-hour/24-hour race and we'll only run the RE71's or A052's if they'll last for a 7/7, 8/7, etc.. We know we can run a 7 on the RE71's.
  10. We are planning on running these for a 7-hour at Sebring in December. From what we are told, they wear better than the RE71R and are faster. But Advan tread depth of 7/32" doesn't compare well with RE71R at 8/32" and RS4 at 8.9/32".
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