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  1. That's interesting. They ran a :42 at Road Atlanta, which we (and I believe you) also ran.
  2. Why does it seem like every year somebody has this great new idea to completely change the classing/VPI system? Last year it was points-based classes...
  3. Maybe I'm mistaken, but...it sure seems to me like you have been trying to run 16.5 gallons all along.
  4. EC doesn't "win" overall. They're not presented as the OA winner. Ever. They 1st place EC car would win an EC class trophy. That's it.
  5. We run Sparco Circuit 2's in both of our cars. https://www.sparcousa.com/circuit-ii
  6. You left one out... 2016: FOCK Racing 300ZX crashed 2017: FOCK Racing 300ZX 6 OA 2018: InActiv 626 broken Holley hydramat fitting resulting in fuel starvation and a ventilated block 2019: As described above...
  7. It didn't. That's the point. It's also what a number of other people have complained about re: OA positions. We won the race, but weren't even mentioned in the article. Heck, there wasn't even a picture of our car, lol.
  8. You build a class legal car. Win the race. And publications like Sports Car Illustrated not only say the EC car won, but don't even have a picture of the class car that actually won the race. https://sportscarillustrated.com/news_18/g/news18g_0678_champcar_sebring.html 😄
  9. The Miata is off throttle before the BMW moved in front of him and the Miata and the BMW's rate of deceleration was still greater. And yeah...58 laps into the Saturday race and both cars are crashed out.
  10. Great thread. Wood subscribe. 🙄
  11. Yes, this happens when you pull in front of another car in a braking zone instead of staying on your line. That's some poor judgement and it crashed out another team. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this appears to be deliberate.
  12. Not to digress, but I'm a little confused... So not sure why Tech would allow a car to run in A-class with a C-class car's tank whether it had displacement blocks/balls in it or not. Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't seem right. The rules are pretty clear. Not trying to hijack the thread, but if I posted "we put a Fox-body T-bird fuel tank in our car, what's everybody using for fuel displacement?"...you know, to displace a 21-gallon tank to 15.4 gallons, people would lose their poop. 😄
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