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  1. I haven't done the math but the back of napkin answer is that in a 160 lap race it takes a ~1.9 second average lap time to account for each additional fuel stop. We would stop at 2:00, 4:05 and 6:10. The GBU car would stop at 1:00, 2:05, 3:10, 4:15, 5:20, 6:25 and 7:30. They'd need a 7.6 second/lap average advantage to counter the additional fuel stops. I have no idea what their mean lap data is but suspect they are faster than they are showing. None of this accounts for FCY, weather, etc. which is huge in strategy and winning a race.
  2. I missed the races that we win by 5 laps. We already take 2 extra pit stops in a 14 hour race, which is already at least a 4-lap penalty. But I think message being sent it pretty clear and we hear it, especially when after being targeted for the past 2 years we are the only Mustang that gets an increase. Of course, there can't be other cars on the podium. Must maintain the status quo, and it's been getting shaken up lately so time to restore it.
  3. lololol...I guess TAC's calculator only figured that the '94-'95 Cobra needed to be raised. Not any other Mustangs. And of course the only SN95 Mustang to ever be on the podium in the series. Ever. That's a pretty transparent statement and message heard loud and clear, BOD and TAC.
  4. I really don't care about the performance advantage of a starter somebody uses to start their race car. And as I stated, a pound or two isn't a concern to me. I would rather see people use a better starter to avoid 3 guys trying to bump start a car out of the box on a busy pit road.
  5. I don't know where you got 14# but the stock starter on all '92 and up 5.0's is an 8.5# OE mini-starter. Maybe if you're talking about old, '80's and earlier SBC's, but I don't think many starters over the last 20+ years weighed 20#. Again, I don't see a starter as an issue. An alternator has a number of benefits including a different pulley, so IMO that should be points. Clearly there is a reason to get out the pitchforks with the nonsense that's occurred over the last few months, but IMO this isn't one of those issues.
  6. I don't really have a problem with the starters, as they don't offer any performance advantage whatsoever aside from a little bit of weight savings. And weight reduction is free, sooo....
  7. Just so everybody is aware of this provision of the BCCR, which we used in 2018. 5.2.3. Appeals: The Technical Inspector’s ruling may be appealed to the Event Director. The Event Director’s ruling is final for that event. You may appeal for future races to the ChampCar Board of Directors at Board@champcar.org.
  8. Wasn't it you that told your tale of hard work and learning in over FIFTY RACES before you won a race? So you spent YEARS, and thousands of hours building your car, racing it, revising it and learning "just to win a bit of metal and no money". And now you're lecturing people to stop taking it so seriously. Pot, meet kettle.
  9. We stuck a chiminea in the trailer for this weekend. That's about as good as Floridians can do. EDIT: does anybody know where we can buy firewood in Wisconsin? Here in Florida we buy it at the grocery store.
  10. This really isn't much of a challenge unless you'd agree to eat a piece of somebody else's shorts. Change your terms and we'll consider firing up the backyard foundry.
  11. Yeah, the wording for this rule appears to screw a lot of teams who had reasonable solutions for a radiator and now they are going to have to change what really shouldn't have needed to be changed. But the BMWs sure do benefit.
  12. Here's my thoughts... I agree that if you are completely fabricating a part on the FV list, it should be points. But if you are using material to improve or modify and existing part, within reason, it should be either materials or repurposed. I don't see a problem with using repurposed materials for fender flares or canards. I see a big problem with using repurposed materials to make a 10 point wing or splitter. To me, there is a sort of line in the sand. And I was pretty surprised that although that language was removed last year, it's being allowed in the series.
  13. But they'll often do a booth review and/or multiple officials on the field will confer. In the case of a PUY, it's a single corner worker who could make a mistake. It doesn't require multiple corner workers to see it.
  14. I sure hope it doesn't rain. We've had a bad run. Sebring: Rain. It rained day 1 and day 2, less on day 2 but enough to slow us down. Road Atlanta: Everybody knows. It snowed. Then it got foggy. And it was slick and foggy and at the end of the race I thought I might die. COTA: All clear, great weekend. Daytona: My hint should have been when I couldn't get into the track on Friday for 2 hours because they closed the gates due to lightning. PBIR: Sudden downpour on Day 1. @Snake almost took out a slow moving car on the back straight at 120+ mph. @Bill Strong was
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