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  1. That's an argument they'd have to make with Tech or the series to try and get a multi-carb/TB setup to be valued as a single carb/TB. But from what WE were told, these items are all going to be individually valued going forward in 2020. So the value of a setup like that INCREASES substantially even though an intake/carb OR TB stays the same (50 points). Note that I also think 25 points is probably a better value for a single intake component. At least in our world with a V8 SBF.
  2. If you did all three carbs it would be 100 points...if you've got the points...lol.
  3. Yes, I can see people falling all over themselves to swap to slant/straight-6's, then swap intakes and go to triple Webers for an additional 100 points in 2020 and beyond. Let's step back...shall we? Until now, we were told that Champcar valued all intake components (intake, TB and carb) as the single value shown on the Tech Sheet In 2020, Champcar will be valuing these items individually, although they will lower the individual component value So please explain to me, using your examples, how exactly that promotes speed creep assuming that Champcar values each individual carb or TB at 25 points in addition to the intake value. Because the V8 intake you posted would be valued at 125 points in 2020 vs. 50 points in 2019. 🤣
  4. Now you just look like a fool. Nowhere did I say I agreed or disagreed with how they were valuing intakes, carbs and TB's. I laughed at your typical efforts to create an argument by using an very unusual combo or example.
  5. But could you still be under 500 points if you Frankenstein'd an old school Pontiac Tri-Power setup onto your car?
  6. Who is running those on the west coast? The one, single 280Z that raced in west coast events in 2019? Oh yeah...we were going to swap our SBF for a straight-6 out of a '66 Mustang and put triple carbs on it, but we don't want to take 100 points. Dude...the point is you're just trying to pick an extreme to try and create an argument. 😄
  7. Why are we talking about old-school, multi-carb Weber setups that nobody runs? I think we're focused on actual combos raced today. I mean, why even bring up ridiculous examples except to create more drama and debate?
  8. Well...it's better than it was up until 2019. I was told directly by Champcar staff that "you get everything on that line for the assigned value". Meaning, (for 2019) for "Carburation/throttlebody or intake manifold, non-OE", you get the intake manifold AND the throttlebody or carburetor for 50 points instead of 100 points (as I always understood was the case). As mentioned, it's changing for 2020. But my understanding from Champcar staff is that items will NOT be able to be "bundled" for one value. So...the same final points if you're bundling an intake and a TB or carb, but less points if you're only running one of those items.
  9. I was simply making a statement. It appeared that the Miata tracked out and contacted the 935. That's all I'm saying. Clearly there was no major damage.
  10. Yeah, the Neon drifted right into the 935 car.
  11. From a good friend of mine who regularly rents a seat in our #626 Mazda.
  12. While I don't agree with manipulating the weights, I think NOT following 4.5.6 is a crock as well. 4.5.6. Vehicles must use the highest valued model from its generation (i.e., – E30s would use the 325i as the starting point).
  13. Well that's interesting. Hopefully the Sebring December event stays or only moves slightly. That's a beautiful race weekend every year. There is near zero chance of rain here in late-December and the temps are awesome. For those that haven't made this race, you don't know what you're missing.
  14. It's becoming apparent that attendance at the "big" east coast races dropped this year...pretty substantially. And with Champ deciding to run Indy next year in September just two weeks before Sebring, I would guess that Sebring will be even lower than the 71 cars that were there last weekend. See my post above. IMO, it's going to sink the Sebring race in September in 2020.
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