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  1. Snorman

    Daytona 2020

    Yes it could... VIR is downright comfy in August compared to Florida in July.
  2. I want a Teksid block 4.6 from a '96-'99 Cobra. Cast in Italy, the strongest blocks for the 4.6's other than the iron '03-'04 Cobras.
  3. Nice! I want to build a 7500 rpm 4.6 DOHC powered Fox-body!
  4. It should be. And teams should be required to present valid (and not BS) documentation of costs to Tech. We all know that S2 engines aren't less than $1500. 944 S2 engines are listed on eBay for $3-5k.
  5. Snorman

    Daytona 2020

    Not only will it be hot, with high Florida-summer humidity, but the chances of thundershowers are far greater in July than they are in early April. There is a reason many of the groups running DE's down here go to one day events and cut way back during the summer.
  6. Good point. Not knowing what actually happened, this could be drumming outrage against somebody who did nothing.
  7. I was leaving to get lunch for the team around 11:20 on race day and saw the Corvette Summer Miata on the trailer leaving the track. They were pulled off into the grass just before Gate 40. I have to imagine somebody did something really shitty. Is it possible this was a person or persons involved with the USCA event?
  8. Thanks, David. It was a pleasure meeting you and Richard and look forward to having you back with us at Sebring.
  9. Yes. Dana said in the drivers' meeting that he'ldbuy the claim that a car was using the apron for a pass because there was nowhere else to go, but on a very limited basis. If the red car in question was doing that repeatedly, my understanding is that it would be black flagged. I'm also not entirely sure how visible that area of the track is for corner workers.
  10. We're talking about that picture in our team FB chat. We can't see how that's real. 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Sounds like a Mustang out there doing Mustang things...
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