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  1. Okay, I can appreciate that. I didn't intend to post a bad pic of the IROC headers, just was the best I found. Also, AFAIK, Ram's horn manifolds never came on a 3rd Gen F-body. They won't clear the stock K-member. Here's a little better pic of those 3rd gen manifolds. Not many nice pics out there because they were so notoriously crappy I guess.
  2. So where was this outlook when you were 100% adamant on giving us 48-points for a fiberglass hood that replaced our stock plastic composite hood? It added zero performance (which you conceded). It weighed the same as a gutted stock hood. It was just a different design and still a composite/fiberglass/plastic material. Two points for Ram's horn manifolds sure seems pretty interesting when headers are valued at 25-points. These are stock '87 V8 Camaro exhaust manifolds: These are not:
  3. We couldn't get RS4's. They're out of stock. We have a set we've been holding for Road Atlanta but for Sebring we didn't have much choice so we tried the A052's and were happy with them. I was VERY happy with how they worked in the rain. My stint on Sunday was the only rain we had and it rained for probably 70% of my stint somewhere on the track if not everywhere. During that time we were the fastest car on the track and moved from P9 to P1 in about 45 minutes. The Yokos seem to work pretty darn well in the wet. But I don't expect we'll run them much and will be sticking with RS4's as long as we can get them.
  4. Are you trying to swap a VTEC head onto the engine swap and get the intake, cams, exhaust manifolds, etc. for FREE? I'm pretty sure they closed that loophole.
  5. Similar contact happened at Sebring few years ago. A Miata tried to slip under a BMW approaching T10. Both probably at fault, but the BMW was far right on the racing surface and completely moved into the Miata. And this was on a straightaway. I'm always very careful and very deliberate when passing under cars in T3. We're faster than a lot of cars in that segment (T1-T3) and if I can't take the far right line, I'll set up to get well into view of the car I'm passing on the left.
  6. There was only one other Boxster besides the Sahlens cars. It was silver with stock wheels on it.
  7. Not sure but it did not appear to be nearly as well prepared as the Sahlens cars from what I saw in the pit/paddock.
  8. DamSon won day 2 last year in an E36. The field was faster this year.
  9. What? Both Boxsters put up faster lap times than the Altima. Maybe build and race a car, run substantially faster than :33's at Sebring then call those cars "not that fast".
  10. Was a pretty decent weekend for us. Racing in the rain on Saturday sure isn't fun in a heavy, RWD V8 car but we did okay. A few things didn't quite go well for us but we managed a 5th overall and 1st in class in the Cobra. Renters brought our Mazda in for 1st in class and 18th overall. We managed to avoid any on-track incidents in both cars and brought them back just really dirty and ready for Sunday. I started the race on Saturday and was sad to see the multiple crashes. As has been said, the burnout boxes on the front straight were like ice. I hit one on Saturday morning a few laps into the race knowing this, but the car still almost went sideways. Hopefully the less fortunate teams will get their cars back out and their drivers are all okay. Sunday was better for the Cobra, worse for the Mazda. During the 1st stint for the Mazda our driver reported a loss of 3rd gear which led to @MoparBoyy and crew doing a trans swap in the 626 in the garage. For the next few hours, the car was fine, but as the temps increased, the car started to stumble and die. The first time it happened, we found a sketchy surge tank pump wire and fixed it. The car finished the stint and the next driver went out on track. Twice the car was flat towed back to the pit. In the paddock it started, revved, ran and seemed fine. Back out again and 20 minutes later it would happen again. We never solved it but think that it's related to under-hood heat. A renter crashed at Sebring in Sept and we replaced much of the body including the hood and did not vent it. The Cobra ran strong and during the one rain stint we ran hard on a wet track and were able to work back into P1. Alas, we missed a very short FCY around lap 83 (single paced lap). Next time we'll be more prepared for these. @MoparBoyy had a great stint racing with the Good, Bad, Ugly Camaro and @Snake finished off the race with us in P3. I had a great time out there running with the Altima, Tuttle and Danger Racing for a chunk of my stint. Some nice clean racing and fun as hell. Overall another race weekend in the books and we are getting ready for Road Atlanta.
  11. We'll have more of an update in a day or two but great meeting and racing with you out there.
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