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  1. Yeah, so the sunroof is free, either by welding the steel cover in place or by removing it and using a piece of metal to cover the opening. But you can't then take the OE steel and fashion it into something else for free. And 100% what I'm saying about the OE bulkhead. You can't remove the OE bulkhead, fashion a "free" bulkhead (required by rules) out of different material, then take the OE material and make something.
  2. So I'm pretty sure covering the sunroof should be zero points. We put a metal roof on our first car (300ZX) to cover the T-tops and it was zero points. But if I read right, you took metal out of the rear bulkhead to use for a skidplate, then put FREE metal in the rear bulkhead to separate the driver's compartment from the fuel tank, lines, etc.?
  3. 5.2.3. Appeals: The Technical Inspector's ruling may be appealed to the Event Director. The Event Director's ruling is final for the event. You may appeal for future races to the ChampCar Board of Directors at Board@Champcar.org In the past, we directly appealed to the Event Director at a race because we vehemently disagreed with Tech's ruling in Annual Tech. Thankfully this provision exists, because it does put checks and balances in place at least for that event.
  4. This is why I will suggest in a petition that the member voting tallies should be considered as a BOD vote. For example: a petition to limit widgets is submitted, and 75% of the membership votes "Yes" during the petition feedback process. During the BOD voting that petition automatically gets a "Yes" vote. Right now, from what I have seen of this process over the last 5 years, membership voting means absolutely nothing. Don't ask the membership to give feedback on petitions, vote "yes" or "no" on them, then completely disregard that voting and input. The argument to this will be "well this would be eight votes, which could result in a tie". In the US Senate, how are tie votes handled? In the event of a split vote, the CEO would then cast a vote on the petition. This also filters out the "vocal minority", who seem to make a lot of noise about certain topics but don't necessarily represent the majority of the membership. If I make 100 posts complaining about tires and write 10 petitions about it, that doesn't mean it's supported by a majority of members. It just means I'm making a lot of noise. Either the membership will support it, and they'll get a "yes" vote on their petition, or it'll be shot down by membership and possibly the BOD.
  5. I'll be happy to write that petition if you don't...but how about this...we BOTH don't write a petition since it would be completely redundant and speak to exactly the issue we both have with the process.
  6. How long does it take most people to read and digest the 100+ petitions that are submitted? Quite honestly, it's ridiculous. Two years ago, somebody very vocal on the forum who never actually built and raced a car in the series submitted ~35 petitions. Some people submit the same damn petitions every year hoping to get a different result. I get the people who are putting effort into well thought out and articulated petitions and appreciate it. But a very large portion of them...just ugh...
  7. At the risk of going off topic in this ridiculous conversation... I think the petition process needs to be seriously reconsidered. The fact that there are 100 petitions, many of the them duplicates and over 100 pages for people to read through and comment upon is likely why there is only 1.15% of the club commenting. These should be culled down to a reasonable number, OR, we should limit the number of petitions that a member can file. I 100% know you submit like 50 petitions a year but I think this needs to be reigned in to make this process more friendly for the members in general. Then maybe you'll get more than 51 members out of thousands participating. Further, it's pretty well documented that...quite frankly...member votes don't mean dick. I've seen the BOD completely disregard member feedback on wildly popular petitions. My own opinion...start making the member votes for a petition actually mean something. Use the member vote as an additional BOD vote. I'll submit petitions for these two for 2022 review.
  8. Have you considered speaking with an attorney? Because it seems like you're taking this far more seriously that I think I've ever seen anybody take it. Geez.
  9. That's a good choice, because nothing is going to happen with tires for at least 18 months.
  10. There are a number of dangerous areas on this track if it's run in the opposite direction. If a car goes off, at the end of the front straight, it's very likely to go straight through the grass and come out on the track on the other side. No thanks.
  11. I hate to be the one to say it, but...read the rule book. https://champcar.org/web/pdf/2021bccr/BCCR-2021v300.pdf There are 1000 things you need to know, and asking people how to modify your car and what you need to bring on a race weekend are really things you need to figure out after you know...you understand the rules. Just IMO...
  12. Because building, then racing TWO racecars is simple, easy and cheap.
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