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  1. The Cobra is not dead. It was pulled apart this morning. No unibody or subframe damage. It appears to be cosmetic with a bent knuckle (which is easily fixed).
  2. So what you're saying is on Sunday we just need to go ahead and send it.
  3. And IMO "season rank" should be based on the finishing position of the qualifying races (not just the top 2 finishes). So if it's 4...5...whatever, it should be the lowest sum of those races is the "season rank".
  4. What exactly are you talking about? When did I a.) mention the RE71R specifically, or b.) limit the discussion to a single tire size?
  5. That's funny, I only know of a team or two that's planning on trying them. And that's just trying them. And this is several teams that are regularly on the podium. Your mileage may vary, but I think it's hardly "the most desirable tire in the series", lol.
  6. Yes, the series should tell the title sponsor (you know...Tire Rack) to "go screw" and encourage teams to buy tires directly from Hankook for 4-5 months out of the year. This is a wonderful idea.
  7. Some of these proposals will have adverse effects on teams that are NOT running fast tires, but frequently change tires to get the most use out of them. They're going to be happy with the penalties they are getting by trying to keep their racing costs low. Some of these proposals would create an impossible situation for the series to monitor (pit marshals calling in one versus two versus no tire changes, cars speeding in paddock, etc.). Some of these proposals will cause an issue with availability of tires. Right now we can't get RS4s for ~4 months out of the year. That won't get a
  8. FYI...KSR built that car. Perhaps to the owner's specs, but it was built by Kevin.
  9. The differential swap language was changed for the 2021 BCCR and is different than the language in the 2017-18 BCCRs and 2019-20 BCCRs. 2019-20: 2017-18: The axles on the GBU car were not stock axles. And it wasn't the stock housing (or the stock anything).
  10. Oh, according to Tech it was a "compliant use" even though no 350 F-body ever came with a manual transmission.
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