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  1. That's sort of what I understand, but not certain. And not clear how they are going to tech cars. Are National Championship contenders going to re-tech at RA according to 2020 rules if they have a 2021 Tech sticker?
  2. Can somebody explain at least somewhat officially how this works for the National Championship? Specifically, I'm trying to understand what this means: So the car can't be touched from the 2020 ruleset and has to sit exactly as it did in 2020? Or, if the car is compliant with 2021 and built to the revised ruleset, is it considered the "same car"? If something was points in 2020, and is not points in 2021, and it's added to the car for 2021, does it now have to be removed just for this one race? To me, and just IMO, the "same car" means the same car that was raced and is no
  3. The cart that I linked has steerable front wheels. I think most of those yard carts do unless you buy the very small ones.
  4. I would also suggest a pit cart. This is a very popular model and it has a few benefits include a relatively high weight limit, large tires and it can be folded flat to pull larger items. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/groundwork-1-000-lb-capacity-heavy-duty-steel-utility-cart?cm_vc=-10005 Organize your pit stall items into storage bins or totes and size those so that you can fit 2-3 in the cart for easy transport to the pit. We use the clear bins or totes so that you can see what's inside of them. Another little item you might want is a small dry-erase board and a
  5. Not that it would work for you, but we kept the dash pod clock in our Cobra. It resets when the car is powered off for fueling, then starts at 12:00 when we power it up and start it to leave the pit box. So we know exactly what our stint time is.
  6. It's a surprisingly more technical track than it seems. The back straight is nice, but leads to one of the slowest sectors on the track.
  7. We wore through the heavy bed liner paint on the floor of the Cobra. We now have a sheet of diamond plate.
  8. They could change the rankings to reflect Top 5 finish totals instead of top 2 since there is a five race minimum. I wonder if that would change the rankings.
  9. That was, as I understand, the reasoning behind ditching the 2x rule. Some of the older cars really didn't have the ability to do anything since the replacement costs were so low. Meanwhile, new cars coming into the series such as the S2000 and Boxsters could spend a ridiculous amount on brakes using the 2x rule. While some don't agree, at least the revised rule lets everybody buy good brakes.
  10. The series doesn't want variety. IMO, that's very clear.
  11. Just to be clear, they're free for everybody. Teams like yours have been running Wilwood race brakes for years. Now they're zero points. While the series may have given the ability to spend more on these parts, it didn't discriminate who can do it.
  12. That seems like a helluva lot more than I interpret a "Tubular front sub-frame/K-member (bolt on only)" to be. That's part of a $6000 TCI IFS setup and I'm pretty sure that it doesn't "bolt on" to the chassis.
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