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  1. Yes...excellent. I found a 2011 sedan in Tampa, but about 2 hours away. It's a manual too. May try to get over there this weekend.
  2. While my oldest might have done that, at the time it was important for him to have a dependable car to get to work. His younger brothers are not really into cars. I'm not sure I can get them to be passionate about something in which they aren't interested, but very much appreciate that it's a great idea.
  3. Almost every manual trans 3.5 Altima SE-R I've seen for sale has huge miles on it and appears beat. I've found a few decent Maximas but all auto/CVT.
  4. I have four sons. My oldest was treated to a '14 Focus ST before his senior year in HS. I searched until I found the right car, low miles, great shape, CPO. He amassed a number of speeding tickets and wrecked it twice. The next one in line isn't as interested in cars or speed. I think he'll be happy with something more mundane. I'd really like to get him into a manual for a first car, but that REALLY narrows the choices. Would like it to be a 4-door, no more than 75k miles, $5-7k, common for parts availability. I've been shopping various Altimas (various models, manual are TOUGH to find), Sentras ('13-'14, have found a few manuals), Ford Fusions (no manuals), Maximas, Accords, Civics and a few other options. Seems like the Nissans offer a more for the $$$. Hondas seem overpriced for older cars. Any advice or suggestions?
  5. I agree 100%. Well built, competitive cars today will remain competitive as those teams further develop the car and their racecraft. Apologies if I didn't exactly convey that.
  6. Agreed. There are a few newer cars I'd love to build when the Cobra is put out to pasture. And when newer cars get built, the field will inevitably get faster and people who want to continue running 8+ year old builds that were never really competitive in the first place will continue to complain. Because, you know, we should be stuck in time. 😆
  7. My concern is, people may interpret "differential" to include the entire rear axle assembly. The differential, ring and pinion, axles, axle tubes, etc. all for 25 points. This gives the ability to upgrade to much stronger hardware, including axles, for a modest points hit.
  8. And IMO that is absolute and total bull cookies. For 25 points, you shouldn't get the diff, the carrier, the housing, the axles and everything in between. But I'm pretty sure that's what's happening in RWD cars. Claim 25 points for a diff that doesn't fit your make/model, so you get the entire assembly to make it work. Meaning, you can put a fully-built Ford 9" or GM 12-bolt in just about any RWD car for 25 points.
  9. Does the 25 points for a differential include axles? Also for a RWD application, would an entire rear axle assembly be included in 25 points for a differential?
  10. Is this part of the "make life harder" initiative for certain teams when they "come to Tech"?
  11. No problem. It's all good. Since it's all "the same platform" (and the same V8 VPI) you can run whatever trans was available in that platform with whatever engine was available in that platform for zero points.
  12. Are there any LS vehicles on the VPI list?
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