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  1. We've never planned on Barber or VIR North and we certainly won't do it on some laughable challenge, lol.
  2. I get it. But a few things to remember...teams in the series are essentially "customers". And IMO, nothing good comes of publicly announcing actions like this. To me, it's akin to a witch hunt. The series can make a generic announcement with just enough specifics for people to know what it's about and who is involved.
  3. And we thought our sponsorship by the local Import Pick-N-Pull was a big deal.
  4. Many, many cars don't have speedos. We do, but I equate "pace" the effort with which I'm driving the car, not necessarily a lap time or speed. I do think the corner workers, watching thousands and thousands of laps by dozens of cars realize when you're running the car hard and when you're loafing. Agree 100% that the emphasis should be on catching the field and being very careful around EV's as well.
  5. You're welcome to disagree. I just don't think a "wall of shame" for teams or drivers that have been penalized up to and including suspension from the series is a good look for the series. This doesn't compare to professional series where sponsorship dollars are at stake and much more is involved. Everybody is going to find out what the BOD's decision was through paddock chatter anyway.
  6. Yeah, that too. That thread has since been deleted but two BOD members posted.
  7. What update is there to give? They're gone. IMO it's not a good look to make statements on punishments/suspensions/etc. doled out to teams or drivers.
  8. If you work as hard on going faster as you do on excuses maybe someday you'll break out of finishing in the 20's (out of 30 cars).
  9. Work for what, another back-marker finish? I wouldn't go around bragging about running in other series/events, you're just as much of a failure there as you are in this one (BTW...we've all gone :46/:47 at Road Atlanta in our Mazda 626, you couldn't even beat that car).
  10. Ahhh...I missed that. So it's the same value as a coilover, which makes sense. But can you run a coilover on the rear of a Cobalt?
  11. I'm surprised you're getting the spring and the perch for 10 points. They are separate items on the Tech Sheet and FV list lists "Suspension springs, non-OE coil springs" and "Adjustable spring perches...giving ride height adjustability". However, I agree that the combo should be 10 points total. As others have said, ditch the adjustable shocks, save the points for where they are more valuable.
  12. I don't think it's a linear translation. Meaning 50% doesn't equate to doubling the lap time. The pace car is deliberately slow to bunch up the field. If you're running at 50-75%, you should be catching the field behind the pace car. At 75% I am cruising around in 4th and 5th running 3:00-3:30+ laps to catch the field, completely safely and under control. A "fast" Champ car at Sebring is running an 87+ mph average lap. A "slow" Champ car is about 10 mph slower average lap speed. Again, nearly all of the complaints are about cars cruising around and completely ignorant to how a FCY works. I am talking about cars driving 30-40 mph around the track.
  13. I love it. In the 5-6 years we've been in the series, I'm not sure I've ever seen a team who has finished 20th and 29th in their first two races talk smack. 🤣 Looking forward to your podium finish at VIR.
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