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  1. That's really a pretty stunning number. Two cars completely destroyed by reckless and negligent if not outright vengeful driving.
  2. We were told bumpsteer kits (2 heims plus the washers) are 20 points last year at Road America.
  3. A 6' filler tube out of .125" wall tubing would hold 1.851 gallons. 3" OD with .125" wall thickness = 2.75" ID where r=1.375" v=πr^2h v=π * 1.375^2 * 72 = 427.65 427.65 cubic inches = 1.851 gallons
  4. We haven't put jugs on the wall for years. We were told about it a long time ago and we don't do it. Simple.
  5. I love that it's well known that OE tanks can be manipulated to hold more fuel due to various issues from the OE (evap control, venting, etc.) but people literally want to eliminate the +2 gallons for fuel cells because it's not fair. So teams running fuel cells will just rip them out and go to OE tanks that they know they can manipulate to hold more than fuel cells. That sounds like a splendid idea. Way to think it through...
  6. Non-OE or non-OE equivalent pistons are not free. They are one of myriad items covered by the following:
  7. I have zero issue with people squeaking out more compression by decking heads or blocks and using stock castings and parts. I have a major issue with people doing it using forged, domed racing pistons and other racy parts. That's why, to me, throwing a bore scope in a cylinder on occasion to compare to stock pistons is probably more effective than testing octane. For example, the OE pistons in the 5.0 Mustangs are flat top, 4-relief/browed forged or hypereutectic units. You won't find a standard bore block, much less stock standard bore pistons for these engines in 2021. But the re
  8. Okay. That's not in the BCCR either, lol. Seems there are lots of things in the BCCR that were supposedly rules.
  9. Can you point out exactly where in the rule book it says that?
  10. Is zero-decking a block and decking heads for increased compression now illegal? Because if it's not, is there really a need to eliminate race fuel? To me, two years after Snake submitted that petition, this seems like a moot point if the series is doing borescopes and inspecting engines for domed, high compression racing pistons (non-OE/OE-spec).
  11. I'm sure there are lab-quality pieces of equipment out there that cost lab-quality prices and require lab-quality calibration and maintenance.
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