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  1. nice thank you! Rob, How does the 2x rule work with NLA OEM equipment? I take it you are referring to the B6 Sport on those Bilsteins? <800$ T, Miguel
  2. Got my start in racing back in 2011 at a Chump race at Nelson Ledges. Been around a while with different teams but have yet to build my own car. Looking to put something together with an ex-scca RX7 FC (s4). It currently has some old tired koni adjustable dampers. Looking on the tech sheet, adjustable dampers gets 75 points per corner. At 4 corners that is pretty hefty. I maybe wrong but from my research the FC came from the factory with adjustable dampers. Does this mean the 75 points rule does not apply to the RX7? From wiki: Mazda also introduced Auto Adjusting Suspension (AAS) in the 2nd generation RX-7. The system changed damping characteristics according to the road and driving conditions. The system compensated for camber changes and provided anti-dive and anti-squat effects. I can rebuild this Koni for cheaper than OEM replacements but if it means 300 points I would have to consider the OEM parts... looking for rule guidance on the rules.
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