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  1. 5 min pit was on at Willow Springs.
  2. We just finished the LDRL Willow Springs race and ran INDE with them in March; both were great events. My team completed our car build and moved the car to AZ at about the same time so what was originally begun as a Champcar build ended up being run first in LDRL as the tracks they schedule are conveniently close to us here in Yuma, AZ. Here are some perspectives from a team/car owner with limited experience compared to most people on this forum, no podium finishes, strong desire to run more races no matter the series. 1. With LDRL my team felt every bit like we were racing but we felt they classed us wrong our first race; corrected this last weekend. 2. My team feels like Champcar rules are overly complex although despite this def will run Champcar again if the proximity to track or our schedule can make it happen; we will prob build without too much regard for the Champcar VPI system at this point. 3. Only reason we aren’t running Willow again in June with Champcar is because of personal scheduling conflicts. 4. Really not excited about having to flare out more fender to run our first Champcar race with this car. Absolutely not going to a narrower tire. 5. That 100k LDRL build may have been a Porsche at INDE that was benched for a long effing time on Sunday that weekend. 6. We were average 10s ish slower than the LDRL fastest do not exceed pace (1:34) at Willow Springs and we are a mid-pack C class E30. Our fastest lap was just under 1:42.
  3. @Crank Yankers Racing Smaller Guibo? I am not familiar.
  4. Any E30 teams had there drive shaft rebuilt? Either to repair it or have it refreshed? How prone is it to issues? We are replacing our guibo for the build but not sure we want to invest in sending the drive shaft to be rebuilt.
  5. $300 OBO. Lexan windshield custom fit for a first gen RX7. Raced once last year at Daytona and still in great condition. Some minor cracking around where the fasteners were. New Bern, NC, 28562
  6. Def don't agree with this practice of rejecting protests and not taking the $50 fee... Sounds like an informal way to throw a protest and see if it floats. Just bring the $50 and let it ride IMHO. Otherwise no balls.
  7. I just finished re-installing the stock expansion tank and replaced all the intermediate fuel lines that connect it to the vent lines. I retained the two stock plastic vent lines (after cleaning them up) that route through the "culvert" to the tank. I also replaced the larger vent hose (the one with the braided fabric sleeve) with a piece of 7/16" ID rubber fuel hose, which is a slightly smaller ID than that stock one so took a little effort to connect. All three fed through the culvert with about 5min of work. I tossed the metal cover (rust) and right now have the vent lines held against the tire well with zip ties. I am going to terminate the charcoal line on the driver side of the fuel tank and put a small filter on the end.
  8. Don't forget caster...or tow even... Oh wait those could already be adjustable on certain stock suspensions soooo.... 0 pts for any of those. We'll have an allignment rack at tech, and they get to setup our cars.
  9. Hmmm... There is a definite mental stretch to get there. For me, the term "plates/apparatus" in the rule implies that fabrication of material not organic to the stock tower has been done and said material has now been added to the shock tower. I get some interpretation of things that aren't on the Fixed Point Value list. But it says plain as day "plates/apparatus". The point of the FPV list is to draw hard lines. Now, tech is coming up with their own definitions of terms? Should be up to the club membership whether or not "plates/apparatus" is defined as "nothing."
  10. More uncertainty? Given the amount of possible aftermarket mods that are absent from the Fixed Point Value list I think we are already max'd out on the uncertainty scale. Thus the continued emergence of threads like this one.
  11. Sounds like your basically channeling the body? Pretty sure many teams have modified floor pans in order to accomodate some seat configurations but not on the scale of 2'x3'....a lot of area. Lo gauge sheet metal and Dzus fasteners probably aren't the answer.
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