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  1. We still have this car available. Sitting there wating for someone to race it. Price is absolutely negotiable.!
  2. I never gave a point-by signal at anytime to 902 car
  3. Brett, I appreciate you stopping by and saying that it was all your fault. Looking at the video, I can't blame you 100%. It looks like there may have been room to initiate the pass. What I was actually trying to do is give you enough room to back off before we both ran out of track. It's a very dangerous part of the track and I did not think that anyone with matching power would try to go 2 wide. In the end I chalk it up to a racing incident and I do not harbor any ill feelings, especially after the way you handled it. Very classy. We can both learn from it. I am just glad that I walked away from it.
  4. We at BBY Racing just completed another successful event at Road Atlanta taking 3rd place trophy. Video and full story coming soon to our FB page. Also started the build for 2019 ChampCar season. It should be a very competitive car. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the track, and hopefully post race impound :). 1st planned event is Watkins Glen, but the goal is VIR24. Feel free to stop by and say hello. Who knows, you may even get one of our BBY Racing t-shirts. In the meantime we will be at Summit Point with AER in 2 weeks looking to take the overall win. Like I said, Don't believe everything you read.
  5. Do not believe everything you read. There is A LOT MORE to this than what's in the statement. In the mean time attached file, and the WRL rule book is a good read. Rowdy.docx Rowdy Truck Engine 1. The main differences between a Mustang engine and a Truck engine are the Intake Manifold and Compression Ratio (10.5: vs 11:1) 2. Factory rated horsepower for a 2014 F150 is 360HP 3. Modifiers should be taken on Intake Manifold for a Cobra Jet Intake and Exhaust Headers ( Here an arbitrary “Modifier” number is assigned which does not relate to actual power gain) 4. Engine bore over >.060 is allowed by the rules 5. Tune is Free as per rulebook BPM. Consideration: a stock F150 is tuned for 87 octane. Tuned to 100 octane with increased timing, in addition to other tune variables, further improve HP since you do not have to worry about EPA ratings or detonation with race gas. 6. Free flowing exhaust is allowed past the headers in BPM. F150 comes with 2” stock. Further HP is gained by 3” unruffled set up. 7. BPM states that Throttle Body size could be changed. So going from 80mm round in the F150 to a Twin 65mm to fit the Cobra jet intake increases the area from 5026 to 6636 sq mm Important Considerations: - In late 2014 Ford ran out of 2011-14 cylinder heads and started using 2015+ style heads on late model 20014 F150 trucks making 2015+ heads legal on all years. These heads have better flow than Boss 302 Mustang heads and therefore increase HP greatly. - In the link below, you can see how the intake manifolds effect Horsepower. Keep in mind that this is using an Auto Trans, with F150 larger heavier wheels/tires and drivetrain, so the loss is greater than that of a Mustang. The tune in this article is for 93 octane as well instead of race gas. https://www.svtperformance.com/forums/threads/coyote-f-150-intake-test.1110961/ For reference: http://www.racewrl.com/pdfs/2018_rules_0101.pdf Of Particular interest: Page 11 B.1.a-bPage 12 2.bPage 13 D.1 a-p, 2, 3, 4Page 14Page 15
  6. I am looking for a deli that can deliver a sandwich platter to the track at VIR this weekend. Before I start the search, wanted to see if anyone has a recommendation.
  7. I just started this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1890975657893183/ It would be a good resource to find drivers, open seats, wrenchers and more. Non series specific.
  8. This is our 1st race car car, last raced in 2016 NJMP LeMons race. Automatic Trans just rebuilt by Level10 in NJ. One of the best automatic trans performance shops on the East Coast. Newly installed Engine with 1 hr race time on it. This is a complete, well sorted race car window net, removable steering wheel, cooling for trans, 3.73 rear gears, CoolShirt Box, and other components that make this car a great deal. Original build cost was over 10K. Cage is professionally built and made to protect my son who was 16 years old at the time we started. It is super strong and safe. Suspension is Custom Police H&R spring set-up that was only made by them for special order Highway Interceptors. 2 sets of 17" wheels included(no tires). 1 set of brand new Rivals on a spare set of Mustang Cobra wheels available for $700. This is a FAST fun and SAFE car which is ready to compete. 3rd in 24 Hr Chumcar race in 2015, and several top 10 finishes in LeMons. Frontrunner with a chance to win every race. Very dependable. Car only ran 5 races since it was built. More pictures posted on our FaceBook Page www.facebook.com/BBYRacing/ just click on pictures and scroll down to find this car. This car has never head any contact that required more than a new bumper. completely straight and solid. Love to race it again but we have many other cars, and can't really find time to bring out the Vic. Car is stored in Brooklyn, so let me know if you would like to take a look at it and I will give you the address of the shop. Can deliver for a small fee. $3950 Make me an offer, you never know. 732-241-8885 https://www.facebook.com/BBYRacing/phot … 45/?type=3 Make me an offer, you never know.
  9. Just wondering if any one has a waiver/release form for their pit crew. I will be bringing help to the next race, and in years past drivers helped with pit duties. They signed driver releases which included workonthe car, so it was never an issue before.
  10. I have a full set up you will need for a race team. All you will need is a PTT Button. These are 1 year old, and served us well. Radios and charges all work perfectly. They are programmed with 16 unique frequencies which have private an unique settings to eliminate crosstalk and interference. You will only hear your race team communications and no one else. In addition, it is virtually impossible for other teams to listen in on your conversation. These radios have a very long battery life, and powerful signal that makes communication possible even on the largest of tracks like VIR. You also get a car wiring harness that goes to PTT Button on the steering wheel, helmet connection(IMSA), and a jumper to connect radio to the harness. New Lapel Mic and Ear Piece are also included with each radio. All you will need is the PTT Button. here are the links to what I have for sale: http://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=296_35_1023&products_id=1274 http://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=61&products_id=148 http://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=100 Total package new with programming is over $500. I am selling everything for $295 plus $20 Shipping. Call or text 732-241-8885
  11. Fluid was leaking out of transmission from his earlier off-road expedition. He drove it till it was totally depleted, and gunned it to get it into paddock and garage. If he pulled over at 1st sign of troubles it would not have been totally fried. We would have repaired the leak, topped it off, and saved 2k. BTW the cat is an automatic.
  12. No, It's a brand new build. We had a 325 BMW 525 engine swap, but every time something needed replacement at the track, parts were never available locally. So I sold it and replaced with Mustang I thought the 325 and 525 shared the same M50 or M52 motor. You could be right. Not sure. Bought the car already swapped, and did not really care what exactly was swapped for what. My mechanic serviced it as it was. We only ran it for 1 season in LeMons and Chump.
  13. No, It's a brand new build. We had a 325 BMW 525 engine swap, but every time something needed replacement at the track, parts were never available locally. So I sold it and replaced with Mustang.
  14. We are looking for drivers based in NJ/NY/Phil area for our 2 car team. We have a new build 1986 Fox Body Mustang with a 3v engine, and a 2004 Crown Vic mostly stock(automatic). Crown Vic took 3rd in class at 24hr VIR race in Aug. Looking to build up our list of available drivers who want to race with us. In addition to Chump we also do AER where we use S-197 Boss 302R Spec Coyote Mustang. Our team is sponsored by CoolShirts, CorteX Racing, Twisted Mudding, Fully Torqued Racing, Blow Fish Racing, and some others coming on board this season. We bring 3-5 drivers per car depending on event, and what people are willing to pay to get more seat time. Charge range - $1500-$2500 per race depending on duration, distance from home, number of drivers, and sanctioning body fee. Your payment includes everything that has to do with the race, cars, garage rentals, drinks(including beer), BBQ food at the race, fuel, transport of cars and equipment... You are responsible for your own transportation to the event, lodging, your safety gear, and race license/credentials. You are also encouraged to help with pit stops, set up/brake down, but it's up to you. Arrive and drive is fine too. We do meticulous prep work, and the cars show up ready to race with all new wearable's every race. 2 Garages, and Golf Cart are always rented(if available). We do not skimp on anything, and run a fun professional team. If you think you want to be a part of it or have questions, shoot me a text, or feel free to call. Alex 732-241-8885
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