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  1. Is this a joke? Because I recall both Pinkies cars were 1&2 at a the VIR 24hr, I am sure that makes them fully qualified vs. how many cars they competed against or not. Not to mention the fact that as you get closer and closer to the pointy end the competition for those positions really begins to tighten up and a team not only needs to have fast cars but smart drivers, great pitstops and strategy to stay ahead. So maybe you finished ahead of more cars than Premium Dudes or Pinkies, but you also didn't beat the higher caliber competition that they did to finish where they did so your arg
  2. Update: wheels showed up earlier than I expected and communication from Good-Win-Racing was excellent! No complaints at all!
  3. It was my motor...although we have changed a motor the night before the race for Rodger as well!
  4. It still hurts too much to discuss...but yeah, what Roger said...
  5. Hit the dyno to break in new engine build...didn't break, and few extra ponies showed up to the party with a more conservative tune. Just a few items left to do this weekend, test on Monday and park her in the trailer for our debut at Daytona. This is a true Dangers OUT effort (Danger Racing Group and Pinkies Out) as @Chris Huggins has been a huge help in helping to resurrect the Danger Racing Group Lexus after engine failure at Sebring. Even @Burningham sent a few of his hard to find spares to help in prepping for our Daytona event! I feel truly grateful
  6. You better be right..I just ordered a back up set of wheels from them for Daytona! Great Price on Enkei BTW!
  7. @Chris Huggins did it, but i am pretty sure he is still regretting it!
  8. @chip knows exactly how to motivate me with positivity and encouragement! Ha, he basically told me to quit being a bitch!
  9. Please, enforce what we have now... Would rather the effort be put in to some required training, Zoom, Power Point, etc. on an annual basis (when you pay that membership fee) covering some of the basic on-track rules. It would help the very new of us, and the older, ahem, more seasoned of us that still make the same mistakes as most readily apparent from the season opener. Even this new rule that WRL has created has many on here guessing as to intent. Which means it is either to broad or to difficult a rule for people that constantly lose 10mm sockets to fully compreh
  10. Kerry, That brings clarity to some of the on track decisions Andy made during the race. Blue flags matter, please discuss with him and yes he did suffer some abuse in the online chat in iracing that could have been avoided if more drivers were made aware of his rookie status. Also, if you haven't already please join the discord group as a lot of great information is shared there including tips on shift points, braking and turn in point etc. The goal of the Iracing Series is to introduce drivers to Champcar and eventually getting them involved in the actual physical series.
  11. https://www.rbracing-rsr.com/wiring_ecu.html You are welcome...
  12. Really appreciate all the effort you are putting into this! Just having to coordinate with @Bill Strong is enough of a hassle...
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