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  1. Curious, is your car an automatic EC for disqualifing modification? Do you have any intentions of coming into compliance with Champ rules? @Jer thank-you as always!
  2. If you have an automatic EC disqualifier then add 100 Laps, greater than 1000pts=100laps, 500-1000=appropriate Laps with no option to "just be EC". Additionally, eliminate EC class win. @Jer, why is this still an issue? Sorry to single you out but you are the best about being transparent in a member owned organization.
  3. Great meeting and racing with you guys. Make that car legal even if you have to carry some penalty Laps!
  4. Good to finally meet you, wasnt hard to spot you!
  5. This discussion is fundamentally the same as pts based classes. To me that makes inherently more sense than engine size based classes. But I am a strong "no" as well. John
  6. Like has been said, good to hear only the car is damaged!
  7. Dude I already had my shirt picked out!
  8. That was me, still learning the car and trying different lines. I luckily have a lot of time on the sim @charlotte and knew from experience on there that trying to catch a spin on the oval is highly dangerous. The Huggy 246 is tricky to drive but honestly a complete blast. It was so interesting to contrast the 2 Huggy machines. The 246 rotates so easily, if you can manage that then you can really lower the laptimes, but you have to really think ahead (almost Mr2 Like) so you don't get her to "rotated". The 146 car is a lot like the Danger Racing SC300 with more front end grip. It will basically let you get away with very bad technique and save you from yourself. I honestly prefer the 246, maybe because of the challenge, could be the way the car accelerates off the corner, but I came out of that car super energized even though I had two spins early in the stint. The 146 just put down laps with no drama, even with traffic laptimes were very close. Both cars I was still finding more grip even as the session ended. Totally understand why guys love the e30 now!
  9. I haven't broken a transmission yet. Engines and transmissions are getting much harder to find at what I consider a reasonable price. Rod bolt let go on one motor and a tuning error (mine), most likely killed our 2nd motor in as many races.
  10. I could run the bottom flat in the morning with 246. Don't get me wrong, it took me half the stint. Add a good tow and... Full commitment!
  11. Every time by there... Glad I wasn't the only one thrown off... Flagging on the roval was definitely a bit confusing as the EV was on the apron often with all the lights still green.
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