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  1. e36 is clearly a different chassis generation than e46
  2. You needed the extra horsepower...I acknowledged your extra 100 bald eagles with the "number one" sign... Nice build @mcoppola to bad Rodger couldn't use all the potential like your other drivers. Maybe with his new fancy RV he will sleep better and drive faster!
  3. "get out of the way, 1.6 liters of fury coming thru!"
  4. We don't run a fan(s), you likely have something blocking flow to your rad if you are still on factory setup. We had this happen at Charlotte that cost us a win. Upper factory ducting had broken loose from previous tire wall contact and started to hang down in the bumper opening diverting air away from rad. Check that first.
  5. and you let him drive your car...
  6. Keep ABS! Remember we race in ALL conditions! Keep build simple until you get some laps on it. Manual brakes done right should be a nice improvement in braking performance as you always have a consistent pedal (especially for left foot brakers) and you can truly bias the brakes versus work around the OEM biasing. Tilton only recommends some very pricey brake masters with ABS, something about seal "nibble" from pressure oscillation or fluid hammer.
  7. I think you would have a good petition argument for vpi reduction...
  8. Wrong, i know jay and ray have been discussing the filler neck issue for a long time. i will admit this was likely not the best way to "solve" the filler neck dilemma but can you honestly say the teams that picked a car knowing it was fuel limited would have purchased a cell regardless? Is safety of our participants above all else the most important aspect here?
  9. Titanium, iconel, etc. should be banned for use in Champcar. Besides Grant there are some rather fast P-Cars running titanium exhausts that I am aware of.
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