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  1. Clive reporting in from Visceral Racing Group car #918: Wanted to say thanks again to Champ and the AMP staff for another great racing weekend. This was my first time to AMP and it has quickly become one of my favorite places, you don't get to rest! Thank God for the practice day in the rain which allowed me to learn at rain pace and point all the drivers by. Also need to thank the car owner @Ronh911 for preparing a car that can be driven with full confidence because it was needed for T10 and T16! I went out first stint both days and had some great battles, especially on Sunday with the Castrol Perfect Racing (sc300) group. Nice hard clean racing, which help me run my fastest time. The track really has a lot of grip in the wet which I think added to the clean racing on Saturday. Next year I need to remember sunglasses for the start of the race! My first time being apart of an overall win on Saturday to follow it up with a 2nd place on Sunday starting 1 lap down. Congrats to Cone Crushers for the Sunday win. I can't ask for a better weekend first time out to any track.
  2. Can you send me more pictures to clive.bogle@gmail.com?
  3. Clive from Ztek Racing: Again would like to say thank you to Champcar and all the track workers for another great weekend. Weather was perfect and everyone went home so it was a great weekend. We were finally able to put together a solid day on Sunday without axle failure and took the win for B class and finished 8th overall. I was first stint out Saturday and Sunday for the team. We believe we had another axle boot failure Saturday from me running over some debris which resulted to an axle change and then we had a throttle cable failure. The rest of Saturday was used as practice for Sunday as we know we would be starting from the rear. That ended up being 55th for Sunday and I had a great time chasing the Mopar 4 Life guys for that stint. I apologize for forgetting the drivers name as we did talk after that stint (Mike?). Overall we were excited to finish top 10 and look forward to the 2020 season with this car (95 Accord). My next race will be AMP with car #918. Here is the first 15 mins of the race from Sunday:
  4. Congrats to all that finished this weekend and of course to the overall winner! Thanks again Champcar and all the track workers who put on a great race during a blistering 90+ degree weekend. Had a great time this past weekend though not the outcome we were looking for, Visceral Racing Group. My first time at Nelson and first time driving with Ron and his team. I was in during 2:10pm - 4:10pm stint and again the 2:20am - 4:20am stint. I found the racing very clean and no major issues during my 4 hours on track. it was fun trying to keep up with the faster drivers and learning my comfort level in Ron's 944. Mostmint's driver and I some fun out there while battling I believe for P2 or P3. My night stint was very interesting since my only night stint before was at VIR 24 last year in the rain so didn't know what to expect with a dry night track. FOG and I loved it. It took a solid 30 mins to grow a pair and was able to break into the 1:19 mark which was faster than any of my day time laps....go figure. Was looking forward to the last 4 hours to see who everything would play out but it wasn't meant to be. I will let Ron comment on any further details. Looking forward to the next event.
  5. Ztek racing car #53 white Honda Accord had an interesting two days. Downs and ups! Saturday was just one of those days when you lose two axles and brake pressure = 2+ hours off the track! I believe we were able to run a 2:12 during the 6 hours on track and was pretty down that we were off pace and only 3 seconds faster than the previous year with the stock 1.8 Nissan Sentra. Long day, so we packed it in - headed out to dinner and talk about race lines and what the car was doing. I personally had not driven Saturday and was looking forward to my one stint on Sunday. Sunday..... I am put into the car second stint, first leg was able to run a 2:12 like the previous day. This is my first time in my 3 years of doing chump that I head out on track with no communication and no working tablet. Not sure why the radio wasn't working and we believe the gps unit stopped charging, so no lap counter. Didn't I tell you it was one of those weekends. So I go out hoping to see one of the top 10 cars quickly to see if I can follow them around for a few corners and pick up a line or two. Very clean racing going on during my stint so it was easy to race hard and watch a few lines. At the end of my stint and I hand the car over to the next driver - my teammates ask me what time do I think I ran? I replied, "at least a 2:11" because I was able to keep the lead cars within eye shot for a lap, lol! Was excited to hear I ran a 2:08 ~ with only 1 stint for the weekend and nothing to gauge lap times besides playing follow the leaders. Was an even better feeling knowing my 2 teammates that went in the car after me both ran 2:07s! Not bad for the Accord coupe! 10th overall, 8th if you remove the EC cars and second in class B was a great finish for us! Congrats to all the weekend winners and good racing out there. Thanks again to the Chump staff and track workers for another great event. **Would like to see event t-shirts for these smaller events** ~ I think we all do?
  6. Looking for complete radio systems suggestions. What have you guys liked and no so much liked about different brands/systems? New car and team so starting from scratch. All drivers will have IMSA style communications in their helmets. I know digital is the way to go but does the shark fin antenna work "better" than the traditional style? We would like to have full coverage at tracks like Watkins Glen and VIR which would be the two biggest tracks we will run. Thanks in advance guys!
  7. Hello Chumps! Wanted to get some feedback regarding RaceChrono vs Pro version if anyone has used it. I am trying to setup data logging for my new team and I am completely new to the entire deal. The car is a 2005 so it is OBD-II. We have a few Go pro cams and figure we should go this route so we can review our races and share with others. I see the pro is $18 which isn't bad. We would really like to be able to run data over video as the app says you should be able to do. If you guys find any app better also let me know. The plan is to buy an older tablet to and have it mounted in the car. Thanks, Clive
  8. Thanks everyone - a car was bought and will be built this winter!
  9. Yeah we had some bodywork to do! Nice to e-meet you and see you at Pitt! We can share a beer there.......well not the same one!
  10. I was out from noon to 2pm. Lol @ sad little Laser!
  11. I was out for the 3rd stint in the Accord and had a great time with whoever was driving! We battled maybe for 15 mins and while watching a few lines from your car I was able to knock my personal time down to a 1:27. Good times! Same car/team that was down at VIR last year in Dec? So a quick recap for me and team ZTEK racing - Practice started later than scheduled but Thompson staff was able to move the practice hours back so we all were able to get the full 4 hours. As said before practice was a little crazy but I assume because their were lots of people doing exactly what it was called - practice. I went out and spun opening lap and 2 major slides as we were trying a new setup on the car. After a quick adjustment and tire change, we were down to the lap times we wanted to achieve in a practice setting. Race day - Weather was cool in the morning and perfect to start a race. I believe we started around 18th or 19th place. A few class B cars had issues so by 6 hours in, we were first in class and 4th overall including the EC car leading the race. We as a team was pretty excited that we may podium for the first time. Thompson was good to us last year with a 5th overall in the old race car (Nissan Sentra) that Never Start Racing team now owns. They did well too! About 20 mins after our 3rd driver change, I believe a yellow Miata spun coming out of the bridge turn 5 and collected our car at the same time. Our driver got pulled into the paddock and the car didn't look good! We had some spare parts and said we are going Nascar style! We removed the hood, cut the from bumper off with supports, used a truck and tow straps to "fix" the rad support and core support, sawzall some metal away, zip tie in a used radiator, change alternator, replace driver axle and made sure the car drove and stopped straight. 1 hour and 54 mins later, we are back on track and leading class be by 7 laps!! Our last 2 drivers were able to put together really good stints, even setting fast time of day right before darkness fell over the track! We ended up finishing 18th overall and Class B winner which was a great finish for us since the car had been wrecked earlier that day. So you go from highs to lows to highs again. Isn't what racing is about?! Thanks again to Chump staff for another great weekend and Thompson staff and volunteers! Another great event for all the Chump teams and look forward to being back here next year. Now on to Pitt next month!
  12. I was tasked to find a race ready car by two friends local to me who would like to give Chump racing a try. So what are they looking for? A "clean" racecar that has not been wrecked or badly rusted. Spare parts and Chump legal is a plus. So let me know what's out there. We are located in NJ - NYC. Budget is $10k Thanks, Clive
  13. Many many first this weekend for me! First want to start off thanking Chump once again for a great event and congrats to the winners!! Where to begin? This was my first time renting with a team and lapping in a car I have never been in. I was with Never Start Racing #234 Neon and Jon the owner is a great car owner and crew chief. The car was well prepared and he had hauled the car and all the spares, food, tent, lights, fridge, pit cool-shirt box and so much more. There wasn't a thing I needed that wasn't already taken care of. With that said, I had told him I never ran VIR full and never drove at night. Renting from him would check off those boxes for me as I am looking to gain more experience. During my first stint - I was driver number for to go out, I was chasing a lap set by our first driver of 2:31. At the very end of my stint I was able to click off a 2:28. I was very excited about that! I did have a few times where I had to avoid some contact as drivers at times seemed to be very locked in to the car ahead of them and not see the car overtaking them. I see lots of back and forth here about passing and who is at fault. Since I am a renter, I really try to avoid contact. To be honest in my 3 years of chumpcar this event was the first time I have ever made contact with another car - ironically I was hit at the end of the esses when the other driver either ran out of talent or grip. I was more disappointed that team didn't come over to our team to discuss the contact. Neither one of us lost much time and wasn't black flagged so we carried on. Fast forward to my request of doing a night stint, another first! Well now make that a night stint with heavy rain, fog, blinding lights and constant thoughts of "just stay on the island, if you miss a turn - no one will find you!" lol. Had a blast running in the rain for nearly 2 hours! I think you other cars who were really moving around the track are nuts!! I have new goals! We held on to second in class B for a long time and proud to be second to Simon Says as they pitted two stalls down from us and we watched how hard they worked and ran to get back in the game. Few hours left and a driver change coming back to me, we lose our second axle and 4th gear. Not sure which MOPAR neon team helped Jon out with a spare axle (thank you) but we were back out! I was told to try to hold 3rd place in class with nearly 3 hours left. I would do a stint and the car owner would bring it home. Another first here - driving with a gear missing while out on track. I took this as a challenge to really work to keep my corner speeds up because I knew with no 4th gear, there would be 3 places on track that I would get walked. I worked my butt off in that car and was able to pull out a 2:30 right before the trans had enough and went boom! I was bummed that the car wouldn't make the full 24 hours but nearly 23 hours with 4 new drivers isn't a complete lost at all! I enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people and other teams. I was finally able to cross a few items off the track bucket list which is always a good thing. I have new goals when I get back to VIR! On to Thompson in September.......see you guys there!
  14. I have two buddies who are looking to get a taste of Chump and possibly build a car this winter. They are both looking for 1 stint at least each for the Thompson race. Any rentals out there?
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