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  1. For sure, I raced a couple on dirt more than a few years back. I think if I were ever to build a convention chump, as opposed to a chump model, I might would play with the idea of of a metric GM with a 4.3 V6. Seems like it could be a simple, well balanced (weight wise) car with no electronic fuel injection. This old stock car guy is a lot more comfortable with carburetors than efi.
  2. As a heavy V8 circle track guy looking to make the switch to road racing, I approve of this message.
  3. Read it and wondered if maybe he had an unisolated pressure guage. Sounded like a lot of fuel was sprayed on the guy.
  4. I sent an email to one of the suits at Chump and he told me they are set to run Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen, and VIR. Road Atlanta's going to come a little too quick for us and Watkins Glen is a little too far (based in Charlotte), but VIR is hopefully a definite. He did also say there will be more dates announced before January 1, so fingers crossed for Charlotte Motor Speedway. My car and I last ran in July of '12 when a turn 4 wall and I had a difference of opinion and I have been slowly getting it put back together. Job changes and adding a kid slowed the racing down a bit. The car is a 2004 AE with 2012 LTO front and rear clips. Still debating on running a 603 crate or my built engine. Whats yours?
  5. Yeah, would have liked to commiserate with somebody else attempting this series. VIR is on my schedule for '16 for sure. About to take the chassis to get blasted and painted, really thinking road racing a late model could be a border-line illegal level of fun.
  6. 27 is in the shop getting ready too. If nothing else, I am glad this series is getting fired up so I have a reason to get this thing back assembled and ready to race or sell if the schedule doesn't work out.
  7. Going to be helping out with a normal chump, but looking into running a chump model in 2016 and I was curious if anybody else in the same boat is going to be at VIR this weekend. Am new to road racing but not late models and would like to see what other people are thinking as it pertains to turning these things to the right.
  8. Has the Chump Model Schedule yet been figured out? Thanks.
  9. I hope it didn't come off as me complaining about the differences between those types of cars. With comparable brakes and engines, I don't know why a touring series car would be much quicker than late model, but I am no expert. The brakes are a radical difference, but I don't think anybody would plan to road race a LMSC without upgrading the brakes at least a little. I have read the rules, seems like a great start to me. My car isn't really for sale, I ran it for 3 years, had a moderately serious crash (killed front and rear clip), fixed it, had a kid, did some other stuff and figure now is the time to get it put back together completely and do something with it. I either need to sell it or short track it again. From the cheap seats, road racing seems more fun than NASCAR short track racing and a heck of a lot more laid back atmosphere. Besides that, not sure I can afford short track racing anymore. However, if it were, I would say I would need about $10k for the roller. These cars are cheap for what they are, but they are not cheap. It was every bit of $25k to buy this car and get it race ready. And, I am 15 miles northwest of Charlotte.
  10. Also, MY $.02 on the difference between a late model and a KN car- Apples to apples, meaning both cars are as raced on an oval, the KN car has 200 more hp, much larger "real" racing brakes and a taller, higher downforce body. The chassis really aren't materially different. Both are truck arm rear, but the KN car is a big spring (all 4 shocks outside the spring) and the late model would most likely be a coil-over (but could be a big spring too). The brakes on a late model are stock size and configuration for GM calipers, the rotors allowed to be larger, but the actual caliper is a tiny little single piston deal. From what I can tell, the Chumpmodel rules are pretty open, so I am working on figuring out what I need to get to retrofit my beater with some beefed up brakes.
  11. I have a late model stock sitting in my garage and am also looking for people planning on running a Chumpmodel. Went to the see the chumps at Charlotte and came up for the Continental race this Saturday and any lingering doubts about going road racing are now gone. I have got to either a) get this late model turning right or get it sold and get my hands on a more conventional chump car.
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