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  1. Folks, i have a question regarding this rule. We drive a 1997 Mazda MX6 and would like to install a fuel cell. We want to plumb with AN fittings, bulk head the tank and hoses, and steel braided lines to and from the engine as per the rules, however the final connection to the fuel rail is causing a challenge. We can purchase a fuel rail supply banjo with AN fitting, but there are no aftermarket parts to convert the Mazda OEM return fuel hose barb to an AN fitting. We can purchase a barb to AN fitting that will allow us to say, connect a 2-3" of fuel line hose with clamps, OEM method, to the AN return line close to the fuel rail. Is this allowed? Per the rule book: Fuel Cell Installation: If you decide to install a fuel cell, it must be securely mounted in a professional manner and must be installed in a safe location. All aftermarket fuel components must use threaded fittings and appropriate hose types, and include all appropriate racecar- quality vents, valves, and other features. Fuel cell installation will be judged on overall execution and apparent safety.
  2. Think it would be better to move over to personal messaging, rather than forum board posting. 


    I am thinking Mosport next year.   April 2017 for our first race.   Then Castrol for July.   Trying to figure out the third.   I'd like to do three.   Hoping for Laguna Seca or Las Vegas.   You?

    1. Ron_e


      The forum is fine, many conversations go on there.


      Wow, Mosport is a long haul.  Laguna is OK, famous for the corkscrew - cool but there are better tracks I think.  The Ridge is a real challenge with every corner being different.  Same for Thunderhill, 5 mile is a real challenge.  Sonoma is awesome too.  Vegas is surprisingly fun for lacking elevation changes.


      We are doing Vegas again this year.  We are thinking about ORP with Lucky Dog or maybe Spokane, both in September.  We usually do four races per year so we will see what the schedule brings.


      You will find a higher level of competition down south.  Same courtesy and levels of driving as Castrol but a higher percentage of cars at the level of the top 4-5 cars that were at Castrol.

    2. Mudflap


      Cool.   Four races is alot of racing in one year.   That's awesome.   I can't quite afford that just yet.   I blew the budget getting the car ready and logistics sorted out.   I hope we can ramp up to four.   I'm thinking 3 will be alot for us next season.


      Mosport, yeah its a long haul, but my nephew, Chris, is there and he is our ringer who came out here for us at Castrol.   Mosport is an awesome track and would be a great bucket list track to hit.   So it only makes sense to go there first next year.   I am leaning to Laguna Seca as I used to live in San Jose, CA and played golf at Monterrey quite a bit.   It's a famous track and on my bucket list tracks to hit.   I agree that Thunderhill or Sonoma would be better, and we will get there too.


      I see you are already registered for Vegas, good luck there.   If the wife dumps me then Vegas will make for the 4th race for next season.  Hahaha.


      I really want our team to get better and I am finding the ChumpCar community is awesome for learning.   Competitive, yes, but I haven't come across any donkey-holes yet.   I know there are some, but overall, it has been an amazing support experience so far.


      I realize that top 10's are not easy, we got beginners luck at Castrol, and I knew our car would be middle of the pack speedwise.  But I did do a lot of preparations to make sure we were not completely looking stupid and naive, and our lead mechanic did an amazing job with the car.  We have more logistics to sort out, but overall we were well prepared thanks to many folks.   Next race we will get our pit times down to better numbers. 


      I have sorted out our fuel consumption issue, we were only getting 2/3 of a tank before getting fuel starvation.  I am going with the holley hydramat and will get us to the full 2 hour window now.   We got 1 hour and 40 minutes out of the tank, leaving 5 gallons out of 15.


      For our first experience at Castrol, I had drivers in the seat for only 30 minutes on Saturday.   With the unknown longevity regarding the car, making sure everyone got seat time was first priority.   After everyone got their time in at 30 minutes, we then moved to 1 hour stints for rest of Saturday and Sunday.   With Sunday figuring out our fuel consumption rates.


      Lots of learning to do, lots of more fun to have, and more people to get to know.

  3. We too went with Frozen Rotors and gave Mark our specs. Loved the brake pads he recommended, great setup and no issues. He goes the extra mile to make sure you're setup properly. Highly recommended. We went with Porter Fields with R-4 compound on the front and Hawks HP Plus N compound on the rear.
  4. Mudflap

    1997 Mazda MX6 Build

    Follow along as the ST Racing Team builds their ChumpCar.
  5. Mudflap


    Ingres and egress is fine. For an old guy like me, I can wiggle in with no issues, plus the bend gives a wider mouth into the cockpit. The car itself is pretty tall and lots of room to get in.
  6. Mudflap


    Passenger side. This is to keep those who like to dive inside on the passenger side of the cars from coming through the door when they lock up their brakes.
  7. Mudflap


    Derek, the fabricator, added in this cross piece to the roof line to provide another piece of structure to protect us if we end up on the roof with the landing gear on the wrong side of the horizon.
  8. Mudflap

    IMG 0815

    I am not sure if the Ford 3.0 or 3.5 fit as we are putting in a stock 2.5L V6 from a donor car.
  9. Mudflap

    DSC 5073

    Thanks. We are looking forward to getting it out on the track this upcoming season.
  10. Hey Tink, I'm planning on starting a team next season, and in researching, came across your ad here. Is the car still available? I'm up here in Canada eh, so that may be an issue getting the car across the border. But for starting a team up, having a decent car already setup would save me a lot of headaches. Thank you.
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