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  1. Mudflap

    Looking to purchase Race car

    Glad to hear you picked up a good car. Starting off with a reliable, and the most important, safe car to begin with is a great start. Like us, we were way down the list on our inaugural season, but we continue to improve by leaps and bounds, wrenching and figuring out how to make things better is, I find, the most fun to preparing for race day. Sounds like you had great success and had a lot of fun. Good on you and your team, congratulations.
  2. Area 27 still has to get some work done before they can host races. Two things need to be completed for safety. One is a guard rail to prevent cars going down into a ravine and the second is the control tower. From what Sal stated, Area 27 is planning on having these completed before the November 2018 target date. So, we should be hearing something soon that this work is either completed and they are ready, or the runway to host the event has run out. People have to prepare, etc so at least a 60 day lead time seems appropriate for my team. Which translates to sometime in early September we have to hear they are ready to host a race. Sooner is definitely better than later as the saying goes.
  3. Mudflap

    Looking to purchase Race car

    Did you find a car?
  4. Number counts were way down. 9 teams returned from last year and 4 new entries. Only 13 and from a numbers perspective is very disappointing. ChumpCar Canada cannot afford to take huge loses like this. Lots of people are looking to help Wendy and Sal grow this out here. New tracks are coming online. Area 27 is on the map for hosting us as well. CTV Sports in Edmonton did a sport profiling ChumpCar and have posted the video on their website. It's called Real Cheap Cars hit the track. Adam Cook did the story and its pretty good. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1449452&binId=1.1203434&playlistPageNum=1 From a racing perspective, it was great fun again. Lots of drama and close racing. Weather was perfect for once. I really enjoy this racing series and I'd love to see it grow. We need to help get more cars on the grid next year folks.
  5. I heard a rumour that Area 27 may host a ChumpCar Canada event this November 2018? Is this true? I'm booking my vacation now just to be ready. https://www.area27.ca/
  6. Well? After the successful Portland race, are you going to come up the way to Castrol now?
  7. You'll be missed Ron_e. Good luck in Utah. Let us know how it goes for you there. Any news on the Calgary/Airdrie Track being ready for next season?
  8. Mudflap

    Fire Supression re-fill/re-cert

    I know I'm late to the discussion, but I have the exact same setup in my car, and I just shipped it to the folks at Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies in New Berlin, WI. Shipping is not an issue, it just has to go via ground. It does cost a bit $45 for shipping, if memory serves me correctly and I'm way out in Edmonton too. So I felt it was worthwhile. They turned my refill around within a business day. We did have one hiccup though. They forgot to put the new certificate sticker on the bottle. But they just mailed me a new one and I put it on myself. The cost to refill, certify the bottle and including shipping, taxes, etc was $185USD, plus an additional UPS Brokerage fee of $18.09CDN. I originally purchased the fire suppression system from them in 2016.
  9. Hey Teams, just doing a quick poll to find out who's coming out to race July 28th - 29th in Edmonton? Registration is now open. Wendy and Sal have pushed the race up a week to accommodate all those who wanted the race off of the August long weekend. Round 3 : Oil Town Double Double Sat, Jul 28, 2018 9:00 AM Sun, Jul 29, 2018 9:00 PM Castrol Raceway (map) Double 12 Tech and Registration Friday July 27th 9am - 9pm Saturday July 28th 9am - 9pm Sunday July 29th Castrol Raceway, formerly known as "Capital City Raceway Park", "Capital Raceway", "Labatt Raceway", and "Budweiser Motorsports Park", is a multi-track auto racing facility located just south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Located on land leased from the Edmonton International Airport, the clay oval opened in 1991 and the dragstrip opened in 1992. The facility went into receivership at the end of the 1997 season. It was purchased by Rob Reeves and ten other local racers and businessmen; it re-opened in 1998. Several of the investors have opted out since 2000 but do remain on as advertising sponsors of the facility. The track is nowhttps://www.motorsportreg.com/events/round-3-oil-towns-double-castrol-raceway-chumpcar-canada-136275 owned by Rob Reeves and Ron Hodgson. TO BECOME A MEMBER PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION PLEASE CLICK HERE
  10. I got the official answer back and I am not surprised. I like to double check to make sure and copywriting is always a stickler. The official answer is: "The ccc logo is copyrighted etc so at this point it cannot be used by anyone other than ccc." Good news is, there is a however. New updates are forthcoming for next season. Excited anticipation is now upon us. "What could this new stuff for next season be about?"
  11. I will. I like to give Wendy time to answer. She's very busy. Plus, I figured the forum would like to know as well. I'll ask her directly and post the results here for clarity. I agree that there shouldn't be an issue. Just need the official answer. I've caused issues with other sports organizations in the past due to rules about apparel by making ass-umptions.
  12. Are we allowed to use the ChumpCar Canada logo on our team apparel? What I mean is, I would like to create some team Shirts, and I would like to add the ChumpCar Canada logo on them. Are there any rules associated with leveraging the logo on our Team Shirts?
  13. Mudflap

    Castrol Laptimes

    Missed you at Castrol Brent. Just doesn't seem right with out you there. Will you be there next year? ST Racing continues to improve and was our best weekend too. We had zero issues with the car and our novice drivers are picking up their pace and improving consistency. We were able to keep the car on the track the whole time. Now we need to figure out the fuel starvation issues. We get 1.5 hours a tank. The surge tank just didn't make it onto the to do list as we ran out of time as well. I think we are starting to become competitive now. 7th place this year. Will we make it to top 5 next year? We had a great time again. Super folks at the track, Wendy and Sal provide a great venue to race. As a side note and depending upon how you look at it, Team Slovo handed us 1st in C class by deciding to take on the tire wall and lost. Glad nobody got hurt, they went in hard. Never know what may happen.
  14. ChumpTruck, Has your question been answered yet?
  15. Mudflap

    2017 Schedule - ChumpCar Canada

    I've read, but figured that I'd just call it out specifically.