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  1. I'm pretty sure that violates some state health and safety regulations, even for a private venue. Guess they won't mind when I'm unloading a bucket full of doo doo into Lake Lloyd.
  2. So the bottom line is this: IMSA is going to suck all the fun out of our weekend and impose restrictions on pooping for those of us camping in the infield?
  3. Didn't they mention earlier that we would be the only spectators? I imagine this won't change since we are competitors the following day and some of us will be camping out at the track. I fully expected NASCAR/IMSA to turn this into a shitshow like they do with everything else.
  4. I agree with this; however, there would need to be a standard in place for all manufacturers of similar products to follow in order for seamless integration. I haven't seen any kind of guidance from any sanctioning body on the topic....I also haven't looked that hard. @vtjballeng have you tested the unit with a SMA extension cable? I know you have to comply with FCC standards; however, an unofficial "Yes it will likely work that way based on unofficial testing" assessment would be appreciated.
  5. Team Name: FatCrack Racing Car Number: 969 Class: Undecided Drivers: Dustin Besch, William Ward6, TBD
  6. I can wheel and wrench and tow if needed (I can even manage a grill!). I do run my own team out of Florida but I'm stuck out here in SoCal for CY2020 (w/o my car) and would enjoy to get some seat time at the tracks out here while the gettins good. @Mazmarc might possibly vouch for me.
  7. I had a blast again. Trying to wake up on the west coast to partake in these events is tough, especially when you spend all night on the beach watching bio-luminescent plankton lighting up the pipeline of waves crashing in. Can't wait for the next event and hopefully we'll have some better luck. I actually had a second driver show up this time, which was a huge plus.
  8. Team Name: FatCrack Racing Car Number: 969 Class: Mustang Drivers: Dustin Besch, William Ward6, TBD
  9. Team Name: FatCrack Racing Car Number: 969 Class: Cayman Driver 1: Dustin Besch Driver 2: Rob Crocker2 pending license Driver 3: William Ward6 pending license
  10. @Rapido Late notice but we listed the switch in the other thread to the Cayman. Can you send invites to the members below? Team Name: Fat Crack Racing Number: 969 Car Porsche GT4 Driver 1: Dustin Besch Driver 2: Rob Crocker2 Driver 3: William Ward6
  11. In the current state of Idiocracy, driver 2 is unsure if he'll be able to make it back home in time to race, he's running low on electrolytes.
  12. Team Name: Fatcrack Racing Number: 969 Class: Cayman GT4 Driver 1: Dustin Besch Driver 2: W Christian Ward Driver 3: Rob Crocker Reserve: Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
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