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  1. I have an S2000 sitting around and I've been toying with the idea of turning it into a Champcar. It's a 2005 and the VPi is 520 in stock form. F20Cs are quite pricey mills to replace and maintain, K24s of all shapes and sizes are cheap and plentiful. The most potent K24s are the Z3 and Z7 from the TSX and 9th gen Si respectively and putting out 205hp. Putting this info into the swap calculator returned some interesting results. Just curious if this is truly how the swap would turn out in terms of points.
  2. I haven't made it to page 30 of this thread yet, just started diving into this today; but, can you please read your rules and then re-read this? Why are there different classes if CC isn't "class racing?" Why are there trophies handed out to each "class winner?" Why does T&S have the option to view class standings (in RaceHero)? Why do I have to run my car with the class letter assignment from every viewing angle? Etc If CC truly isn't about class racing then why not just make the race a "run whatcha brung" and let it be a free-for-all to the finish? No classes, no points, no -100 laps, and so on. That would solve this whole EC issue and just have one massive field vying for the overall victory. The class option is what drew us into CC 6 years ago. We could build a cheap to run/maintain car and try (emphasis on try) to compete for a class victory even though our only goal is to go out and have fun. It's what keeps us coming back to CC even when you scraped class trophies for a while. I'm not sure what demographic you're pulling this statistic that "no one cares about class racing from" but it's pretty far from the truth. I'm pretty sure HPD cares about class wins with their incentive program. I'm sure Mazda cares about class wins for their marketing. and so on. I understand your main focus is about the overall victor and top 5 finishers but if you're not about class racing then you guys might want to re-address your rule book.
  3. Bill, I reached out to them via e-mail and got a response within an hour. I can PM you the contact info you if you would like.
  4. I'm impressed you were able to articulate an insult, you should add that to your signature block. We've run two 7s and a 14 with the VR-1s. They are subpar in comparrison to the RS-3s which we had prior. They wear much faster and also get pretty "greasy" after a few hours of run time. We could get a solid 40 hours of race time out of the RS-3s with rotating them periodically. The VR-1s stamina is nowhere near as close.
  5. We got slammed pretty hard by a red Miata as well. I wasn't in the car and haven't gotten the full story yet; but, here's a picture of the battle scars
  6. Any package deals to get all images of a team?
  7. Yes, the Mazda, B Class.....hopefully you have a rental agreement for liability of damages. You run a Cobra too? Didn't see it....sorry not sorry 🤷‍♂️
  8. Hated to see you guys and the RSX drop out around 160 lap mark for B class. You guys were our rabbits for the race and doing our best to stay within a lap of y'all (969 Accord). I'm still in shock we won B because our only objective is to go out and finish the race while having fun. It's a big reunion for friends/family any time we race so it was just awesome that we were able to pull that out. We only had a few minor hiccups outside of the AFR being at 10 and bogging the car down most of the race. Made a fuel pressure adjustment halfway through and it seemed to help but def need to get the car re-tuned. - Super rad to see the Embry Riddle crew pass tech and get out on track - WTF BMW - close to halfway point, turn 13.....WTF? - Was cool to see Cletus McFarland out there with KSR - Solstice team - had some great racing with you guys! - White Miata with blue racing stripes - same as above.
  9. Man we were having a great battle for 1, 2, & 3 in B class with the RSX as well. Sucked to see you guys go down.
  10. Looking for one stint on Saturday at MSR Houston. I've got 4 years of experience as a team owner and driver in Chump/Champ mainly running at Daytona, Sebring, and Road Atlanta. Plus autox and track days for the 14 years of driving prior to that. Pretty decent mechanic as well. Willing to help with anything and everything as well. Also if I can't find a ride and you need a crew member or two, I'd be more than happy to come help. Being stuck in Texas for work this year and not being able to run with my own team is giving me withdrawals
  11. After reading all 20 pages of this all I can really say is: holy crap I am happy I'm not that uptight. It's a month later; but, the fatcrack accord team had a blast. We got our first class podium which is totally rad. We always hope for the best as we typically just go out to have fun, earning something like a podium makes it that much cooler. My dad who is typically the slowest out of all our drivers hit his fastest lap ever at Sebring by over 9 seconds. We only had one issue and that was someone didn't secure the master cylinder all the way so in the first stint, I lost some brake fluid, and then lost the pedal when racing with the e30 that had post and the buddy hendrix car. Easy fix and we were back in action. I was also happy to see the Eclipses actually get close to the finish despite all the other shenanigans. I know the frustration of blowing an engine or having little gremlins bite you in the ass. Anyone know why the TWOth 92 Civic Ran A class all year then switched to B? Those dudes were blazing fast
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