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  1. Maybe these work better on RWD vehicles. On our FWD car they made the car feel like they were plowing through gravel at Daytona and Sebring and maybe good for one 14 hour race.
  2. You know what stinks? 50 cars allowed in race 1, 34 in race 2. Got off work late and missed out :(
  3. Yes! Listening to the broadcast brought back memories of him calling ALMS, Grand-Am, IMSA, and Le Mans....also can't forget Speedvision and SPEED channel broadcasts.
  4. Live relatively close in San Antonio at the moment, have a team I run in Florida as well. Lots of W2W experience and can wrench as well.
  5. Also interested! Live in San Antonio as well so if you need help with anything I've got lots of tools too.
  6. Lucky pups and the 24 minutes of Citrus have a stronghold out west and citrus in the NE. Not sure why, there seems to be plenty of folks out there willing to race. AAA Speedway will be going to the wayside for events like ours with their restructuring I would love to run at Homestead, when I was stationed there I went to my first Chumpcar event and immediately started planning to build a car for this series. That was the last event there LOL.
  7. I've been a parking lot princess autoxing since I was in high school over 18 years ago. Hundreds if not thousands of events in every different kind of engine and drive configuration you can imagine. I moved on to HPDEs about 12 years ago after doing a few GRM $20xx challenges and realizing I wanted to get into W2W action vs. time attacks. I did countless SCCA PDXs, and when I was finally able to build a car in 2014 went actual wheel to wheel racing with Champcar at the Daytona race in 2015. @BeastZ06was a huge part of helping us get on track before he decided to get his own car. I think I've got 12-13 total events in and one class victory and pretty happy with that. My team has many more events under their belt, Uncle Sam likes to send me away at the most inopportune times when it comes to racing.
  8. What about when I'm bathing in the troughs in the men's latrine?
  9. I've got over 200 circle track races. 250 road races. Of course that's just in iRacing.
  10. I've gone through the same issue with Walmart and amazon bargain units. We actually snagged a tri-camera setup from a garbage truck with a nice monitor that we're working on. I'll get you some more details on that.
  11. NASCAR has the lease on the track, it's their sandbox for now and their rules. If you've been privy enough to see the new rules for camping, parking, and ticketing for the 12 hour race--you'll know that the track manager could have been a great good idea LT in the military. And coming from California this won't be much of a change with the masks. If you go outside without a mask on, you'll be shamed, some cities will even try to cite you with their "environmental health & safety" cronies. Maybe Champcar could reach out to Manhattan Beach, CA for ideas on enforcement.
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